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Suikoden Geograhy
  • Creation - ??
    The Suikoden world is formed by unknown forces. Mythology states that the world was created during the battles between the sons of "Darkness," Sword and Shield. However, the truth is still uncertain and is shrouded in speculation. Although some say the world is quite young (1000 years old at the point of Suikoden 3), this is likely an approximation, or can be entirely false.

  • Solar Year - 390: Sierra Mikain is Born
    Documented history of Suikoden starts with the birth of Sierra. It is unknown if Sierra was born in a noble family or if she received her last name due to her eventual status as the Coven Mistress.

  • Solar Year - 375: Sierra Becomes the "Original Vampire"
    Very little is known on what actually happened, but Sierra somehow came in contact with the Blue Moon Rune and became a vampire. In her initial years, she had no control over her bloodlust. Because she did not want to hurt anyone, she withdrew into a forest, where she lived for a long time. She eventually came upon a young knight at death's door due to his liege having been ambushed. She saved him (Rean Penenberg) by turning him into a vampire, which eventually led to the founding of the Village of the Blue Moon.

  • Solar Year - 250: Queendom of Falena Founded
    Legend says that the Queendom of Falena was founded this year when the first queen arrived at Lunas with the Sun Rune.

  • Solar Year - 2: Holy Kingdom of Harmonia Founded
    Hikusaak defeated the Kingdom of Aronia and established the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia. Hikusaak was therefore referred to as "the only hero."

  • Solar Year 0: Harmonian Theocracy and the Solis Calendar
    Hikusaak became High Priest (Head Bishop in Suikoden 3) and began his theocratic rule. The Solar Year was adopted.

  • Solar Year 20: Warrior's Village Founded
    The Paladin Klift defended the Lorimar region from Harmonian invasion. He founded the Warrior's Village to train warriors, starting the "Warrior's Philosophy," which has been carried on ever since. Harmonia and Klift eventually formed a truce, granting autonomy to Warrior's Village.

  • Solar Year 58: Neclord is Born
    The man who would later be known as Neclord was born in the world at this time. He later lost all faith in life and wandered into a forest, seeking to end his life. What he found instead was not only the gift of eternal life, but also an insatiable lust for power.

  • Solar Year 70: Destruction of the Gate Rune Clan
    Seeking the Gate Rune, Harmonian soldiers massacred the Gate Rune Clan. Windy and Leknaat managed to escape and divided the Gate rune. Leknaat lost her sight in the process, but Windy and Leknaat were able to escape in separate directions to hide from Harmonia.

  • Solar Year 78: Blue Moon Rune Stolen
    The vampire Neclord stole the Blue Moon Rune and fled from the Village of the Blue Moon. This resulted in "compassion" being robbed from all vampires, causing bloodlust within the denizens. Some vampires fled, but many remained to accept their own destruction instead of taking other lives. Sierra Mikain was the sole survivor, due to being the original vampire, and set out to find Neclord and other renegade vampires in order to destroy them.

  • Solar Year 80: The Great Contract
    "The Great Contract" was issued between Kobolds, Dwarves, and Elves in the Great Forest to set boundaries between each group. Following this, the "Six Wise Men of the Forest" cast a spell on the Forest of Moran, creating the Forest of Illusion to keep the Great Forest protected from the outside world.

  • Solar Year 110: Kingdom of Dunan
    King Bernand established the Kingdom of Dunan with South Window as its capital. The areas of Muse, Two River, Greenhill, and Matilda were all initially part of this kingdom.

  • Solar Year 140: Halad Starts Ishvaak Campaign
    The Ishvaak Clan leader Halad raises troops to subdue and unite the various factions in the eastern side of the southern continent. Wishing to see stability in that reason, the Queendom of Falena assists Halad.

  • Solar Year 150: Windy Attacks the Village of the Hidden Rune
    Windy, along with her minions Neclord and Yuber, attacked the Village of the Hidden Rune in search of the Rune of Life and Death. Ted's Grandpa passed the rune onto his grandson, Ted, and forced him to escape. The village was destroyed by Yuber.

  • Solar Year 154: New Armes Kingdom Founded
    Halad successfully defeats other clans in his campaigns and becomes king of he "New Armes Kingdom." However, the name of his new kingdom is met with disapproval from Falena, leading to tense relations between the two nations.

  • Solar Year 160: The First Vampire Slayer
    Wilder, a rural noble living in the Nameless Lands, became the first human to slay a vampire.

  • Solar Year 185: Founding of Muse
    The City of Muse broke away from the Kingdom of Dunan. The Muse Principality included the present day Greenhill and Matilda areas as well. The government of the principality was entrusted to an elected mayor. The first mayor was Revier.

  • Solar Year 212: Two River Independence
    A Senate and Congress was formed at Two River and started to govern the surrounding area, thus breaking away from the Kingdom of Dunan.

  • Solar Year 212: Queendom of Falena Moves Capital
    The Queendom of Falena moves its capital from Stormfist to Sol Falena by the order of Queen Khorshed.

  • Solar Year 230: Harmonian Civil War & Secession
    Following rumors of Hikusaak's death, civil war erupted within the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia. A powerful Harmonian noble, Kranach Rugner, known as the "Scarlet Moon Knight," led a coup in the Toran region during the confusion. With the help of military strategist Julian Silverberg, the coup was bloodless and successful. Subsequently, Kranach proclaimed the establishment of the Scarlet Moon Empire, renaming the Holy City of Rupanda to Gregminster and set it as the empire's capital. The Sovereign Rune, previously under Harmonian control, became the heirloom of the Rugners. During the uprising, Lorimar joined under the banner of Rugner.

  • Solar Year 234: Warlock was born.

  • Solar Year 237: Harmonian Civil War Ends, Highland Secedes
    After years of internal conflict, the Harmonian noble Maroux Blight, crushed the internal rebellion within Harmonia and was granted his own land. He was given the title of "Defender of the Faith," and rewarded the Platinum Spear, a Harmonian national treasure. He then founded the Highland Kingdom in the border area between Harmonia and Dunan.

  • Solar Year 238: Keen was born.

  • Solar Year 239: Bang was born.

  • Solar Year 240: Governor (of El-Eal) was born.

  • Solar Year 243: Joshua Levenheit is Born
    Joshua Levenheit, who later became the captain of the Dragon Knights, was born.

  • Solar Year 242: Deborah and Schtolteheim Reinbach II were born.

  • Solar Year 244: Vincent Vingerhut and Colton were born.

  • Solar Year 246: Konrad was born.

  • Solar Year 247: Elenor Silverberg was born.

  • Solar Year 259: Glen Cott was born.

  • Solar Year 252: Kingdom of Dunan Ends
    Following the secession of Muse and Two River, the Kingdom of Dunan continued to lose its power due to weak leadership. Tired of incompetence, the people of South Window rebelled and defeated the kingdom, establishing self-rule with an elected mayor. The Highland Kingdom invaded eastern South Window (present-day eastern Muse) during this confusion. Izak and Setsu were born.

  • Solar Year 255: Gary was born.

  • Solar Year 256: Jango was born.

  • Solar Year 257: Pecola, Graham Cray and Gareth were born.

  • Solar Year 258: Ema, Igor and Lino En Kuldes were born.

  • Solar Year 259: Charlemagne was born.

  • Solar Year 260: Oskar and Ornan were born.

  • Solar Year 261: Gau was born.

  • Solar Year 262: Gunter and Oleg were born.

  • Solar Year 263: Brec was born.

  • Solar Year 264: Manu was born.

  • Solar Year 265: Reinhold was born.

  • Solar Year 268: Shiramine was born.

  • Solar Year 269: Kevin and Dario were born.

  • Solar Year 270: Pam, Nabokov, and Karl were born.

  • Solar Year 271: Taisuke and Lo Seng were born.

  • Solar Year 272: Bartholomew, Helga and Phil were born.

  • Solar Year 273: Selma, Troy and Ugetsu were born.

  • Solar Year 274: Desmond, Katarina Cott , Mao, Nao and Schtolteheim Reinbach III were born.

  • Solar Year 275: Lilon and Micky were born.

  • Solar Year 276: Kate, Ramada , Rikie and Yu were born.

  • Solar Year 277: Frederica, Helmut, Jeremy and Tov were born.

  • Solar Year 278: Axel and Haruto were born.

  • Solar Year 279: Gretchen, Hervey, Maxine, Sigurd and Trishtan were born.

  • Solar Year 280: Matilda Knights Formed
    To counter Highland's military strength, the Matilda Knights were formed with the financial support of Muse. Knights in surrounding areas joined this force and took up residence in northern Muse Principality. Lo Fong and Aldo were born.

  • Solar Year 281: Perrault was born.

  • Solar Year 282: Akaghi, Etienne , Lilen, Pablo and Travis were born.

  • Solar Year 283: Adrienne, Ameria , Chadli and Tal were born.

  • Solar Year 284: Carrie, Cedric, Funghi, Flare En Kuldes and Rachel were born.

  • Solar Year 285: Chiepoo, Mizuki, Nataly, Nico and Snowe Vingerhut were born.

  • Solar Year 286: Agnes, Liloon, Lo Hak , Keneth and Nalkul were born.

  • Solar Year 287: Basil, Champo, Paula, Tanya and Wendel were born.

  • Solar Year 288: Eugene, Jewel and Millay were born.

  • Solar Year 289: Lilin and Mitsuba were born.

  • Solar Year 290: Kooluk-Obel War
    Kooluk naval forces attack Obel, and ambushes their royal entourage. The Queen of Obel uses the power of her Rune of Punishment, demoloshing the Kooluk fleet by sacrificing her life to the rune. The crown prince of Obel was lost during this battle. Lilan, Nalleo, and Rene were born.

  • Solar Year 291: Sigfried is Born
    The unicorn Sigfried was born as a member of the White Clan. Cray's Son and Rita was born.

  • Solar Year 292: Noah was born.

  • Solar Year 294: Matilda Knights Gain Independence
    The Matilda Knights gained independence from Muse rule so that they could create the Matilda Knightdom. Land Reform was issued to equalize the cost of land in the Matilda Knight's land and the land that belonged to the knights in Muse.

  • Solar Year 295: Rakgi was born.

  • Solar Year 298: Gaien-Kooluk War
    A decisive naval battle was fought between forces of Gaien and Kooluk resulting in a complete victory by Kooluk, mostly due to the tactical genius of Troy. the defeat results in the independence of Middleport from the Dukedom of Gaien.

  • Solar Year 301: Scarlet Moon Nobles Massacred
    Nobles who participated in the "Human Hunts" that was against the Kooluk Empire is massacred by the power of the Rune of Punishment unleashed by Graham Cray's Son. As a result, Graham Cray flees, and Elenor Silverberg's title of Chief Strategist is revoked due to Graham Cray being her subordinate.

  • Solar Year 303: Rune of Punishment Surfaces
    The Rune of Punishment surfaces, this time choosing Rakgi's Dad as it's new host. Fearing that harm can spread to his family, Rakgi's Dad leaves Na-Nal, never to return.

  • Solar Year 304: Pirate King Edgar Killed
    The notorious "pirate king" Edgar is killed while fighting an enemy pirate. The pirate Brandeau avenges his death during the same battle, resulting in his inheritance of the Rune of Punishment from the enemy pirate.

  • Solar Year 305: Island Nations Established
    In response to rapid southward aggression and the annihilation of Iluya by the hands of the Kooluk Empire, forces from Razril, Kingdom of Obel, and other surrounding islands including pirates band together. After numerous battles, the Kooluk naval forces are destroyed, resulting in kooluk abandoning its southward ambitions. The islands that banded together for the struggle against Kooluk form the Island Nations Federation. At the same time, Rune Cannons are abandoned for naval warfare purposes due to it being considered "too dangerous."

  • Solar Year 306: Kooluk-Scarlet Moon War
    The Scarlet Moon Empire starts invading Kooluk after they are infomed of Kooluk's ambitions against them. The declaration of this war forced Kooluk to abandon its southward ambitions. The war was actually orchestrated by Elenor Silverberg who served the Island Nations forces.

  • Solar Year 314: Creation of Jowstone Alliance
    Muse, South Window, Two River, and Matilda formed the Jowstone alliance. The name was chosen based on Mayor Jowstone, who defended an attack by the Highland Kingdom on a hill north of Muse, which later became known as Jowstone Hill. However, the Matilda Knights disagreed with the naming of the alliance due to their insistence that they defended Muse during the attack by the Highland Kingdom. However, they conceded when the naming was amended to represent the hill instead of the person.

  • Solar Year 340: Crowley vs. Mazus
    The magician Mazus challenged his teacher, Crowley, to a magical duel. The fight took place in what is currently known as Northern Senan, and lasted many days, disintegrating three mountains and a lake in the process. In the end, both Mazus and Crowley were killed from the fury of their own magic. The Senan Badlands and the Karakas Desert were created as a result of this duel.

  • Solar Year 345: Crowley is Born
    Five years after his death, the ancient wizard Crowley was said to have been reborn. Historians are uncertain how this is possible, but some suspect this to be the work of arcane wizardry. Take a look at the Reincarnation of Crowley and Mazus for more information.

  • Solar Year 347: Soniere Prison Completed
    In order to replace the aging and worn-down Gaya Prison, Soniere Prison was built in the Kunan Region. The prison was built to hold the most violent of criminals.

  • Solar Year 353: Chief of Dwarf Village is born.

  • Solar Year 362: The Grand Leaf Academy Opened
    The Principality of Muse created an academy in the Greenhill region. Named the Grand Leaf Academy, the school was built to educate children in Jowstone. Alen Wisemail was its first principal.

  • Solar Year 364: Geddoe is born.

  • Solar Year 365: L'Renouille Palace Completed
    To prove the power of the Blight Family as the "defenders of the faith," the Highland Kingdom built L'Renouille Palace. The Palace was built in the center of L'Renouille and became the permanent residence for the Blight Family. Chief of the Elven Village was born.

  • Solar Year 366: City-State of Tinto
    The mining town of Tinto became an independent city-state by using the Tinto Miner's Guild's core bureaucratic structure. Tinto promptly joined the Jowstone Alliance.

  • Solar Year 370: Scarleticia Castle Completed
    Scarleticia Castle was built in the Kunan Region as a frontline defense against invasions from Jowstone. The interior of this castle was later drastically modified, but the castle was initially built as an impenetrable fortress.

  • Solar Year 373: Greenhill Secedes from Muse
    Insisting upon the "independence of higher learning," Greenhill petitioned the alliance for independence. Uriah, the mayor of Muse, approved this, granting Greenhill its independence.

  • Solar Year 374: Mazus is Born
    Thirty-four years after his death and twenty-nine years after Crowley's return, Mazus was reborn. No one knows how this happened, but some think it involved the Resurrection of Crowley and Mazus.

  • Solar Year 378: Greenhill Enters Alliance
    After all bureaucratic structures were moved to Greehill, Greenhill was admitted entrance into the Jowstone Alliance, becoming a member state.

  • Solar Year 384: Wyatt Lightfellow was born.

  • Solar Year 385: Abizboah was born.

  • Solar Year 388: Hellion was born.

  • Solar Year 389: Taki was born.

  • Solar Year 392: Academic Reform in Greenhill
    Greenhill reformed its governing structure to a democratic system. The position of principal was no longer the hereditary right of the Wisemail family but was instead changed to a democratic election system. With this reform, the name of the academy was changed to New Leaf Academy.

  • Solar Year 393: Roladia was born.

  • Solar Year 394: Tenkou was born.

  • Solar Year 395: Fukien was born.

  • Solar Year 396: Han Cunningham and Maximillian were born.

  • Solar Year 398: Jabba and Mace were born.

  • Solar Year 401: Kun To was born.

  • Solar Year 403: Onil and Kamandohl were born.

  • Solar Year 406: Barbarossa Rugner was born.

  • Solar Year 407: Moravia Castle Completed
    In order to increase defenses against attacks from Jowstone, Emperor Karnach Rugner ordered the construction of Moravia Castle. The satellite fortresses of Rakan and Duha were also completed, making the Senan Region virtually impenetrable to Jowstone forces. The castle was designed solely for defense and thus had high walls and little aesthetic value.

  • Solar Year 407: Flame Champion Starts Guerilla Warfare
    In an attempt to free Grassland from Harmonian rule a man known as the Flame Champion started attacking Harmonian convoys with a band of fighters called the "Fire Bringer. Their struggle continued and escalated for the next ten years, becoming what is known as the First Fire Bringer War.

  • Solar Year 408: Agares Blight and Kai were born.

  • Solar Year 409: Granmeyer and Zorak were born.

  • Solar Year 411: Martha was born.

  • Solar Year 412: Warren, Sanchez, and Leon Silverberg were born.

  • Solar Year 414: Kiba Windamier, Gustav Pendragon, Piccolo, and Blackman were born.

  • Solar Year 415: Kasim Hazil, Teo McDohl, and Rubi were born.

  • Solar Year 416: Gantetsu, Kessler, Moose, and Lepant were born.

  • Solar Year 417: Flame Champion Captured, Grasslanders Subjugated
    In an attempt to free 5000 Grassland prisoners captured by Harmonia, the Flame Champion traded himself in exchange of the prisoners. This resulted in the Fire Bringers losing momentum, allowing Harmonia to capture many clans and villages that turned its back on Harmonia. This resulted in rampant persecution of the re-conquered people. Ain Gide was born.

  • Solar Year 418: Hauser was born.

  • Solar Year 419: Adlai, Stallion, Tetsu, Marie, and Lester were born.

  • Solar Year 420: Establishment of Zexen Confederacy
    Merchants at Vinay Del Zexay establish the Zexen Federation, decalring themselves as a sovereign nation separate from the Grasslands.Georg Prime, Milich Oppenheimer, and Ledon were born.

  • Solar Year 421: Flame Champion Escapes, War Flares
    In an daring attempt, the Fire Bringers broke into Harmonia and rescued the Flame Champion along with his True Fire Rune. This gave much needed momentum to the Grasslanders, and the war increased in intensity, leading to a critical battle where the Harmonian army was literally anihilated due to a mysterious explosion (which also resulted in huge casualties for the Grasslanders).
    Zen, Mose, Hanzo, and Lebrante were born.

  • Solar Year 422: Brass Castle Completed
    Brass Castle, which has been under construction since the establishment of the Zexen Confederacy, is completed as a frontline against the clans of the Grasslands. Antonio, Gijimu, Kirkis, Kwanda Rossman, Giovanni, and Kraze Miles were born.

  • Solar Year 423: Gaspar, Kreutz, Gordon, Sergei, Badeaux, and Mathiu Silverberg were born.

  • Solar Year 424: Grady, Genshu, Gorudo, Tai Ho, Tsai, Tessai, Dominic, and Varkas were born.

  • Solar Year 425: Fire Bringer War Ends
    Having fought for 18 years, Grassland and Harmonia sign a secret non-aggression treaty with a duration of 50 years. Lu Bouqe was not reclaimed by the Grasslands and was annexed to Harmonia, its citizens relegated to third-class citizen status.

    Alex, Kanak, Kanaan, Gilbert, Chandler, and Barbara were born.

  • Solar Year 426: Eileen, Kimberley, Chapman, Humphrey Mintz, Fu Su Lu, Mondo, and Richmond were born.

  • Solar Year 427: Annabelle, Vincent Du Boule, Eikei, Tesla, Huan, and Leonardo were born.

  • Solar Year 428: Jowstone/Highland War
    King Robert Blight ordered Han Cunningham, General of the Highland 1st Army, to attack Jowstone. The Highland forces scored victory after victory due to the enemy's poor leadership. Fearing capture, Darel, the Mayor of Muse, sought asylum in South Window. Genkaku led the remaining forces of Muse and launched guerilla tactics. However, Matilda and Greenhill soon fell under Han Cunningham's leadership. Ivanov, Hans, Hilda and Long Chan Chan were born.

  • Solar Year 429: Kahn Marley, Simone Verdricci, Pahn, Viktor, Fitcher, Meese, and Leona were born.

  • Solar Year 430: Alberto, Anji, Cleo, Solon Jhee, Fuma, Makai, Joker, Luce, and Ridley Wizen were born.

  • Solar Year 431: Killey, Griffith, Krin, Gremio, Sonya Shulen, Tagaart, Guillaume, Sebastian, Mua, and Rock were born.

  • Solar Year 432: The Great Offensive
    The Allied Forces, led by Genkaku, went on the "Great Offensive." Starting with a raid against Highland supply camps, Greenhill and Matilda were won back. This bought enough time for Jowstone forces to get organized against the Highland Army. While in Two River, Genkaku donated money to buy land in Two River for the Winghordes, who had lost their homes due to strip-mining in Tinto. Anita, Emilia, Odessa Silverberg, Kage, Kirke, Culgan, Gen, Zamza, Juppo, Valeria, Hanna, and Rowd were born.

  • Solar Year 433: Alen, Sancho, Georges, Sylvina, Flik, Yam Koo, Lo Wen, and Lorelai were born.

  • Solar Year 434: Jowstone/Highland War Ends
    Due to the skill of Genkaku and Han Cunningham, the war continued on a stalemate. Eventually, a friendship developed between the two, and following the death of Robert Blight and the ascension of Agares Blight, a pro-peace king, both sides proposed a truce. However, Darel disagreed with the status of Kyaro, insisting that it belonged to Jowstone. Agares proposed that the matter be settled by a duel between Genkaku and Han Cunningham. However, as Agares and Darel presented their swords to their respective heroes, Genkaku noticed his sword was poisoned, which would have killed Han with a mere scratch. Thus, Genkaku refused to fight, accepting defeat. Darel used this as an excuse to banish Genkaku, and Genkaku was subsequently cast out of Jowstone as a traitor. Window, Oulan, Camus, Clive, Grenseal, Sansuke, Shin, Teresa Wisemail, Hai Yo, Beechum, and Luca Blight were born.

  • Solar Year 435: Amada, Kasios, Seed, Shu, Jefferson, Twaikin, and Miklotov were born.

  • Solar Year 436: Esmeralda, Sydonia, Freed Yamamoto, Bob, Maas, and Rikimaru were born.

  • Solar Year 437: Jess, Shilo, Pico, Milia, Nicolas and Morgan were born.

  • Solar Year 438: Feather and Yoshino Yamamoto were born.

  • Solar Year 439: Jude, Sarah, Nash, Lucia, Leo, and Ronnie Bell were born.

  • Solar Year 440: Harmonia invades Sanadia
    Harmonia invaded the Kingdom of Sanadia, a small kingdom located to the west of Harmonia. Sanadia initially resisted the attack, but Harmonia's vast army eventually overran their defenses, and Sanadia was absorbed into Harmonia. Due to the fact that Sanadia resisted Harmonia's attack, its citizens became third-class citizens, henceforth treated almost as slaves. Camille, Sid, Hallec, Billy, and Hugo were born.

  • Solar Year 441: Hix, Eike, Ace, Kenji, Gordon (S3), Dupa, and Wan Fu were born.

  • Solar Year 442: Kasumi, Quincey, Klaus Windamier, Kuromimi, Sheena, Tony, Augustine Nabor, and Marlowe Cody were born.

  • Solar Year 443: Highland Royals Ambushed
    The Blight family entourage was attacked by ruffians while marching close to the Jowstone border. It was said these ruffians were mere bandits, but due to their equipment and training, it was later found out that this was a plot planned by Darel. Agares Blight escaped safely, but Queen Sara and Prince Luca were taken hostage. Sara was violated by the ruffians during captivity and in the presence of Luca, engraving great hatred towards Jowstone within Luca's mind. Later on, Han Cunningham led a squad and defeated the ruffians, freeing Luca and Sara. Sara lost her sanity as a result of this incident and was sent to Kyaro to rest. Apple, Kinnison, Tengaar, Gon, Melodye, Rina, Duke, Toppo, and Lotte were born.

  • Solar Year 444: Revenge of Prince Luca
    Bitter from being captured by Jowstone ruffians, and to search for his mother, Prince Luca Blight set out on a journey. He came close to Kyaro and was tricked out of his money by some bandits. After realizing he had been tricked, Luca followed the bandits and overheard conversations involving a raid on the Highland royalty and lewd comments about his mother. Luca realized who they were and went on a rampage, killing all the ruffians. He then visited his mother but she did not recognize him. Broken, Luca set home. Eilie, Annallee, Ayda, Karen, Jowy Atreides, Boris Wizen, Mina, Elaine, and Salome Harras were born. Sasarai and Luc were created.

  • Solar Year 445: Koyu, Jillia Blight, Nanami, Nina, Hoi, Bolgan, Marco, Queen, and Meg were born.

  • Solar Year 446: The Succession War
    While the Crown Prince Barbarossa Rugner was in the Kunan Region to conduct the annual prayers of good harvest, his uncle, Geil Rugner, removed Barbarossa's right as heir to the throne through the "Abdication Trial." Due to previous work by Geil's right hand man, the Judiciary Assam, all generals of Barbarossa were away from Gregminster: Kasim Hazil was protecting the north, Milich Oppenheimer and Kwanda Rossman were protecting Barbarossa in Kunan, and Kilawher Shulen and Teo McDohl were fighting lake pirates hired by Geil Rugner. Due to this, Geil was able to defeat Barbarossa's forces with ease, at first with the help of Generals "Silver Armored" Schmidt, Kreutz, and Bergen. While escaping from Geil's forces, Barbarossa's wife, Claudia, died.
    Barbarossa's forces regrouped at Pannu Yakuta, which became the temporary headquarters for Barbarossa's forces. Here, Kasim Hazil's army strategist, Mathiu Silverberg, suggested that they should to recruit his uncle, Leon Silverberg. Barbarossa quickly recruited Leon, and his forces started to beat back Geil's forces with Leon's tactical genius.
    During the war, other notable warriors join Barbarossa's forces, such as Georg Prime, who was included within the Six Great Generals. Furthermore, Pahn, one of Geil's officers, dueled with Teo McDohl and lost; afterward, he joined Teo and Barbarossa. The Dragon Knights also helped Barbarossa's fight against Geil. Teo began his invasion toward Kwaba with his armored cavalry. With this unstoppable force heading straight for Gregminster, Assam came up with a scheme. He kidnapped Teo's son Tir and held him hostage; he demanded that Teo fight with the armor removed from his cavalry unit.
    Gremio was sent to rescue Tir so that Teo could use his armored cavalry. Gremio successfully rescued Tir, allowing Teo to fight at his best. The final battle of the War of Succession took place shortly after at Kwaba, where Geil's generals Schmidt and Bergen fought against Teo's armored cavalry, Ain Gide's cavalry, and Cleo's cavalry. Schmidt, pledging his loyalty to Geil, led a large army of cavalry, wearing his signature silver helmet and armor. However, he and Bergen were defeated and killed by Teo's forces at Kwaba. This concluded the War of Succession. Wakaba was born.

  • Solar Year 447: Tinto attacks Toran
    Tinto took advantage of the Scarlet Moon Empire's civil war and attacked. Granmeyer's South Window forces and North Window's 4th Division joined with Tinto. The Jowstone forces attacked in the Dana Region, taking Kalekka. Emperor Barbarossa, along with the Six Great Generals and Leon Silverberg, managed to beat them back. Viktor's father, who led the North Window 4th Division, died in this battle. Gengen, Chaco, Templeton, Tomo, Futch, Estella, Jordi (Sgt. Joe), Dios, Bazba, and Millie were born.

  • Solar Year 448: Kalekka Incident
    Emperor Barbarossa wished to rid Jowstone forces from Toran, but a huge majority of the citizens were against any more war; they were still afraid in the wake of the Succession War. Leon Silverberg suggested a plan to turn public opinion pro-war. The plan involved the massacre of Kalekka citizens and blaming Jowstone for the atrocities. Kilawher Shulen objected to the plan, but in the end Barbarossa and the other generals agreed. Thus, the elite guards were sent to Kalekka to conduct the mission, and they successfully completed it. As a result, the citizens of Toran became enraged against Jowstone and Barbarossa was able to launch attacks against Jowstone forces. Mathiu Silverberg, who helped orchestrate the attack, quit the military after this incident.Qlon, Yuili and Sasuke were born.

  • Solar Year 449: North Window Destroyed
    North Window was destroyed by the vampire Neclord. All villagers were turned into zombies after being killed. Only Viktor, who happened to be running errands in South Window, survived. Rumors that Two River attacked North Window spread, and tensions built between the two city-states. Annabelle, the vice-mayor of Muse, entered South Window with Viktor to investigate the incident. The two, with the help of Zamji, uncovered a plot by South Window weapons merchants to spread rumors to cause war. They captured the merchants, seized proof, and managed to stop Two River and South Window from entering war.Connell, Anne, Shiba, Mio, and Reed were born.

  • Solar Year 450: Gabocha, Gau, Samus, Percival Fraulein, Franz, Mike, Yumi, Roland Lazarus, and Tuta were born.

  • Solar Year 451: Yuzu, Ayame, Iku, and Borus Redrum were born.

  • Solar Year 452: Shiro, Albert Silverberg, and Peggi were born.

  • Solar Year 453: Toran Liberation Army
    Following the killing of her fiance Achilles, Odessa Silverberg formed the Toran Liberation Army, hatching numerous sabotaging plots against the Scarlet Moon Empire. Bartz, Fred Maximillian, and Watari were born.

  • Solar Year 454: Lilly Pendragon, Chris Lightfellow, Jacques, Muto, and Rhett were born.

  • Solar Year 455: Rebel Leader Killed
    Tipped off by an informant, the Imperial Royal Guards attacked the Toran Liberation Army's hideout in Lenankamp. Odessa Silverberg was killed in this incident, crippling the Toran Liberation Army. Remnants of the Liberation Army regrouped at the Toran Lake Fortress with Tir McDohl as their leader and counterattacked against the Imperial Army, starting the Gate Rune Wars. Pilika, Makumaku, Mikumiku, Mukumuku, Mokumoku, Mekumeku, Shizu, Landis, and Wilder were born.

  • Solar Year 456: Jowstone Attacks Moravia
    In order to defeat Kasim Hazil's forces in Moravia, Mathiu Silverberg sent a letter to the Jowstone Alliance, telling them the Scarlet Moon Empire was about to attack them. In response, Tinto and South Window sent their troops into Senan, diverting Kasim Hazil's forces toward them. Kasim Hazil soon surrendered to the Toran Liberation Army. However, Senan became occupied by Jowstone forces.

  • Solar Year 457: Gate Rune Wars Conclude
    Tir McDohl led the Toran Liberation Army to victory after conquering the fortress of Shasarazade and the capital, Gregminster. Emperor Barbarossa disappeared and the Scarlet Moon Empire ended. The Toran Republic was created with Lepant as its first president. Edge, Gorou, Juan, Scott, Sarah (S3), and Nei were born.

  • Solar Year 458: Toran/Jowstone War
    The Toran Republic started a campaign to regain the Senan Region, which had been occupied by the armies of Tinto and South Window for two years. Commander-in-Chief Kwanda Rossman along with Kasim Hazil, Sonya Shulen, and Valeria, participated in this campaign. Eventually, South Window's forces withdraw by the order of Granmeyer, and without their support, Tinto soon withdrew as well. This caused friction between Tinto and South Window. Seeing this, Highland increased military activity along Jowstone's border. Genkaku died of old age. Kathy was born. Gadget (Karakuri-maru) was created.

  • Solar Year - 459: Caesar Silverberg was born.

  • Solar Year 460: Dunan Unification War
    Luca Blight invaded Jowstone, starting the Dunan Unification Wars. Annabelle, the mayor of Muse was assassinated and Muse fell to Highland forces. Following that, South Window fell to Highland and Mayor Granmeyer was executed. Remnants of Muse and South Window banded together at the old North Window fortress with Riou as their leader, hoping to resist further invasion by the Highland Army. Greenhill soon fell to Highland forces under the superb leadership of Jowy Atreides. The Allied Army of Dunan resisted further attacks by Kiba Windamier and his son Klaus. During this, King Agares Blight was killed by Luca Blight and Jowy Atreides. However, with the help of Highland strategist Leon Silverberg, Allied Army strategist Shu was able to ambush Luca Blight, who was killed as a result. Jowy Atreides married Jillia Blight, proclaiming himself as the King of Highland. However, the Allied Forces started to reclaim lost territory, starting with Greenhill, Matilda, and then Muse. The Allied Army then attacked L'Renouille, defeating the last remnants of the Highland Kingdom. Highland was henceforth renamed Higheast Province and absorbed as a part of the Muse Principality. The Jowston Alliance was restructured into the Dunan Republic, with Teresa Wisemail as the acting president. Unwilling to join the new republic, Tinto broke off from the alliance, forming the Tinto Republic.

    Chuchara, Aila, Emily, Sharon, Thomas, and Bright were born.

  • Solar Year 461: Teresa Wisemail Elected President
    After a general election, Teresa Wisemail is elected as the President of the Dunan Republic. Seeing that Dunan now has a permanent leader, Shu resigns from his position as chief strategist and chancellor of the republic, handing the position to Klaus Windamier and retreating to Radat to continue his mercantile ventures. Hugo (S3), Arthur, Fubar, Hortez VII, Mamie, Mel, Louis Keeferson, and Rody were born.

  • Solar Year 462: Sanae Yamamoto and Rico were born.

  • Solar Year 463: Ernie, Cecile, Belle, and Yun were born.

  • Solar Year 464: Alanis, Eliot, Melville, Kidd, and Lulu were born.

  • Solar Year 465: Tinto-Grassland War
    Following its secession from the Dunan Republic, the Tinto Republic started to realize its age-old ambition to expand into the Grassland to secure a trade route and add more land for its people. Tinto invaded the Grasslands in 465 with its army led by Gijimu, initially to quell an uprising that occured within Tinto's newly acquired lands. The Grasslanders responded, specifically the forces of the Karaya, Lizard, and Duck clans. It is unknown how this war ended, but it is likely that Tinto gained some territory--enough to allow a border skirmish to occur between itself and Zexen in the future.

  • Solar Year 470: Zexen Confederacy 50 Years Celebration
    A banquet was held at Vinay Del Zexay celebrating the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Zexen Confederacy. Foreign dignitaries and notables within were invited. During the banquet, Chris Lightfellow and Lilly Pendragon got into a fight, throwing chairs at each other and causing s huge ruckus. The two quickly apologized though and became friends.Shabon was born.

  • Solar Year 471: Ruby was born.

  • Solar Year 472: Higheast Rebellion
    Harmonia invaded Dunan Republic's Higheast Province when Highland loyalists led a rebellion. President Teresa Wisemail fought against Harmonia with the aid of Shu and managed to defeat the rebellion and push back Harmonia.

  • Solar Year 474: Gadget Z (Karakuri-maru Z) was created. Koroku, Connie, Kogoro, Kosanji, and Koichi were born.

  • Solar Year 475: Second Fire Bringer War
    Zexen and the Six Clans of the Grasslands entered war after the Lizard Clan Chief Zepon was murdered. The two forcesunited after Harmonia's attack on the Safir Clan. With the aid of the forces of Tinto, the Free Knights of Kamaro, and other tribes of the Nameless Lands, the Fire Bringer force was created, and successfully pushed back Harmonia. However, powerful magicians leading a group called the "Destroyers" threatened the peace of the Grasslands, and Harmonia joined the Fire Bringer to fight against this menace. The Destroyers were defeated and peace was regained in the Grasslands.

  • Solar Year 478: Tinto-Zexen War
    Happening three years after the Second Fire Bringer War, the Zexen-Tinto War started with a border skirmish between Tinto and Zexen forces. The skirmish led to a war which gradually included the Grassland Clans, namely the Lizard Clan.