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Island Nations Federation

The Island Nations Federation (often simply referred to as "Island Nations") is a political and military alliance of the small island countries that lie south of the Toran Republic and north of the Falena Queendom which is a seperate landmass. The people here are said to be great sailors, and voyage far to trade various goods. Suikoden IV takes place within the Island Nations.

The Island Nations in the past played the role of a battleground between the nations of Gaien and Kooluk but by the year 304, Gaien interest in the region had decreased while the Kooluk military presence increased forcing the small Island states to band together against the expansionistic regime of Kooluk. After the defeat of the Kooluk fleet at El Eal, the Island Nations Federation was formed to allow the region to grow without interference from either Gaien or Kooluk. The first chairman of the Island Nations Federation is Lino En Kuldes, who is also the King of Obel.

Dukedom of Gaien

The Dukedom of Gaien is not a member of the Island Nations Federation but had a noteable presence in the region. Prior to the year IS 300, Gaien had a sizeable interest in the region, establishing colonies on Razril and Middleport. However, by the year IS 300 Middleport declared independence after Kooluk said they would leave the city if the declared independence. After suffering a catasthropic defeat at El Eal, Gaien interest in the region faded to the point of not even defending the island of Razril from Kooluk attack in IS 305. Shortly afterwards, Razril declared independence from the Dukedom and became a founding member of the Federation.

Razril was the first colony founded by Gaien in the region. Razril was used as a military center, it was used to train a branch of the Knights of Gaien, and as a source of iron. It's architecture represents it's formerly lofty postion in the eyes of Gaien, it's town and military academy shielded by large walls.

However, Razril declined in importance as Gaien interest in the region waned. Coupled with a shortage of iron and agricultural produce, Razril's two main exports, Gaien's indifference was full revealed when they sent no force to fight off the Kooluk invasion of the island.

The Gaien appointed governor of Razril was one Vincent Vingerhut. His son, Snowe, was appointed Commander of the Gaien Knights following the death of former Commander, Glen Cott. During the Kooluk attack on Razril, Snowe Vingerhut surrendered unconditionally before a defense could be mounted. Following the liberation of the island, both Vincent and Snowe Vingerhut were forced to abandon the island.

After Razril was liberated from Kooluk occupation, the island fought against the Kooluk occupation of other islands and following the conclusion of these battles, declared its independence from the Gaien Dukedom.

Razril continues to train military units, although their names were changed to the Knights of Razril.

SARSadmin's Comment: A wonderful town where former governors return to claim his land with a grand total of two soldiers, which he throws against dozens of highly-trained pirates and ex-cons with full confidence. Also known for the immortal words, " arm!!".

The island of Middleport was the second Gaien colony. In the year 298, however, a Kooluk invasion on the region led to the island's occupation. In the end, Kooluk agreed to withdraw from the island on the provision that Middleport declare its independence from Gaien. The reason behind this was to allow continued development of Rune Cannons on the island, which was home to an expert on the subject, Warlock.

Independent from Gaien, Middleport, under the lordship of Reinbach II, was free to trade with both Gaien and Kooluk through Orark Maritime Trade while supplying the Imperial side with Rune Cannon ammunition via Cray Trading Company.

However, the Middleport fleet itself became corrupt, resulting in the successful development of the El Eal rune cannon and the subsequent destruction of Iluya.

Following the Kooluk withdrawl from Razril, the resistance movement against Kooluk tried to gain Middleport's support for their cause. However, Middleport's ties with Kooluk via Cray Trading Company were still too strong for the island to move against Kooluk militarily, although they promised non-intervention.

After the Kooluk defeat at El Eal caused the removal of all Kooluk influence in the region, Middleport became a founding member of the Island Nations Federation, bringing it's prosperous trading to the fold.

SARSadmin's Comment: Considering how nations tend to either be on the enemy's side or on your side, Middleport was pretty interesting in their stance. They were not really neutral either because they continued to supply Kooluk with their weapons. This shows the political skill of Schtolteheim Reinbach II.

Kingdom of Obel

The Kingdom of Obel is the largest member-nation of the Federation and so has considerable infulence. It's territory includes the island of Obel as well as smaller islands such as Mordo and Donut Island. The Kingodm of Obel was attacked in the year 290 by the Kooluk Empire. During this war the Kooluk Navy ambushed Obel's Royal Entourage. The Queen of Obel uses the power of the Rune of Punishment to stop the Kooluk Navy from destroying the entourage; she scarificed her life to the rune in the process.

Obel is the core of the Obel Kingdom. Obel mainly focuses on it's fishing industry as well as carrying out regular anti-pirate sweeps of its waters. Obel is the seat of the king of Obel, who in 305 is one Lino En Kuldes. Obel operates an "open palace" policy whereby all citizens are free to enter the palace.

The Island of Obel is a home to many ancient ruins that are Sindarin in origin. These ruins were apparantly designed to ward off looters and also to ensnare those foolish enough to enter. The ruin held the Rune of Punishment until the Queen liberated the rune around the year 290.

During the Kooluk Expansion in the year 305, Obel rescued the new Punishment Rune host, Hero IV. Obel was attacked by Kooluk's 3rd Fleet during his stay there. While King Lino En Kuldes was out defending Obel Hero IV unleashed the power of the rune on the Kooluk ships. Obel could not withstand another attack so Lino ordered Hero IV to round up people and escape the Island on the secret ship Lino ordered Tov to build. Leaving Princess Flare and Setsu behind, the ship escaped Obel. Later, they returned to take the island after rallying support from other islands.

SARSadmin's Comment: A nation that is loosely Egyptian themed. Lino En Kuldes and Flare's weapons are named after Egyptian deities, and soldiers wear hats similar to Engyptian soldiers from the ancient times. Of course, Egypt was never a major naval power, so the analogy only goes so far.

Mordo is a small island under the rule of the Kingdom of Obel lying to the north-west of Obel Island. A small island, it's main attraction is its hot springs which make it a popular tourist attraction for weary Obel citizens. It also holds a small trading outpost for those who wish to buy some curiosities.

The attraction of Mordo has caused con-men and gamblers to set up shops in the hope of making some money off some unprepared travellers. Mordo has also been known to be home to some buried treasure in it's rocky regions.

SARSadmin's Comment: They may want to consider having their hot springs and trading center located more inland, instead of having both of them right on the pier.

Donut Island
Donut Island is a small island shaped like a donut hense the name Donut Island. In a archipelago east of Obel, Donut Island contains several buried treasures to those willing to dig for them.

SARSadmin's Comment: Great name for an island... shaped like a donut. Way to go Konami!

Deserted Island
An island that lies roughly in the center of the entire region and just outside the scope of Obel's borders, this island is deserted save for mermaids which live deep within one of the islands caves.

The islands mermaid inhabitants was once terrorised by a large Boss Crab and after this menace was defeated, the men of Cray Trading Company apparantly arrived on the island to hunt down mermaids. Those that managed to escape sought refuge with the resistance movement against Kooluk growing in the region.

SARSadmin's Comment: An island where the hero is marooned on for a period of time, and where Chiepoo somehow hides an infinite amount of merchandise.

Southern Islands

The Southern Islands are a collection of islands not claimed by any nation. As such this area of the Island Nations proved to be a popular hideout for pirates and other undesirables. Government ships rarely pursue pirate ships as far as this area.

Pirate's Nest
The Pirate's Nest is the hideout of the largest pirate group in the region. The Pirate's Nest contains a large natural cavern which was successfully converted into a tavern and barracks for the various pirates working under the command of Lady Kika.

King of Obel, Lino En Kuldes was on warm relations with Lady Kika, allowing the remnants of the Obel Royal Fleet to flee to Pirate's Nest.

SARSadmin's Comment: The place has a nice ambience, especially Kika's gorgeous bed. Man, that is a really frickin' nice looking bed (especially with Kika in it...).

Elenor's Hermitage
A very small island just to the north-west of the Pirate's Nest. This small island became the home of Elenor Silverberg after her exile from the Scarlet Moon Empire. This island holds a derelict house where Elenor set up home as well as a small cave which she uses in later years to hold items such as her Green Bottle and Crest.

SARSadmin's Comment: The most sophisticated strategist recruiting event ever! Wade into a dungeon that goes about as deep as the tip of your pinky!

Limestone Shelves
An island lying to the far south-west of the region. A unique feature of this island is that it's entirely made-up of limestone shelves layered upon themselves hence the islands name. Encased with the limestone are several buried treasure hidden by those who assumed that no-one would visit such a remote island.

SARSadmin's Comment: The limestone shelves are pretty to look at, but it's too bad the only reason you'll ever have to visit this island is for treasure. Having some actual events would have been nice.

Northern Islands

The Northern Islands are a collection of islands that have relativly self-centered rule and as such do not expand beyond their own island. As such this area of the Island Nations has always been considered 'easy pickings' for Kooluk forces or has even been completely ignored by the Empire on occasion.

Nay is actually comprised of two islands linked together by the large Suspension Bridge. The larger of the two islands contain the human settlement of Nay as well as it's large hilltop inn and its open plains that lead to the Suspension Bridge. The Island is considered a boring Island to youngsters of Nay, who moved to Obel to get more action in thier lives.

The other island is the home of the only Nay-Kobold settlement known to the region. It is also home of Nay's trading post and its hot springs.

Nay was one of the first islands to find out about the destruction of Iluya and harboured several survivors who managed to wash up on the islands coast.

Nay, as a small peaceful island, has no standing region and as such could not hope to stand up to Kooluk aggression. Fearful of Kooluk reprisals, Nay decline to join the alliance dedicated to removing Kooluk forces from the region. However, Nay does agree to join the Island Nations Federation, gaining greater security.

SARSadmin's Comment: The Florida of the Suikoden world.

The island of Na-Nal is, like Nay, shared between two racial groups: Humans and Elves. However, unlike the peaceful co-operation of Nay, Na-Nal is strictly divided between the two races with the two not allowed to intermix in normal circumstances.

As the Elven community regards human matters as beneath it, the role of governence for the island has fallen upon the human side of the island. The citizens of Na Nal are known for the warrior prowess as well as their unique marking system where the colour and direction of the painted triangles on their forehead mark their position in Na-Nal society.

Na-Nal has no discernable industry but does hold a hot spring. Information on the Elven settlement of Na-Nal is limited save for the fact that their home is a Great Tree, much like the Elves native to Toran. The Na-Nal Elves also guard the Elven Remedy, which is said to bring immortality to those that drink it.

In IS 305, Na-Nal's human chieftain agreed to co-operation with Kooluk and so allowed Kooluk officers to freely land on the island. However, Kooluk quickly turned on Na-Nal when the chieftain of Na-Nal offered what he thought to be the Elven Remedy to Kooluk forces but was instead a poison concoted by the Elven side of Na-Nal. Following this incident, Na-Nal agreed to side with the liberation movement throughout the Island Nations and became a member of the Federation upon its foundation.

The Elven settlement of Na-Nal is connected to the human side via a large rocky gorge hidden in a deep fog.

SARSadmin's Comment: An island with a chief who lets foreign soldiers roam around and kill his people, while the Elven village with a population of two elves gives a suspicios vial of "something" as a gift to the humans (when th e humans know the elves hate them).

Iluya Island, the nearest settlement to Kooluk territory, was once known for it's gourmet food and it's beautiful flowered streets. That is, until the island was chosen by Kooluk as the first target of it's giant Rune Cannon at El Eal. The sheer power of the Rune Cannon completely decimated Iluya leaving nearly no survivors. Afterwards, a small Kooluk force is sent to secure the island. The affects of the Rune Cannon also caused a severe change in the climate there. Once bright and filled with sunshine, Illuya became dreary and overcast, suffering from heavy rainfall for a long time afterwards. This atrocity caused a large number of people to rise up against Kooluk and can be considered a factor in the success of the resistance movement in the region.

After the Kooluk presence is driven from the region, a small number of people resettle at Iluya, hoping to bring the island back to some semblence of its former beauty.

SARSadmin's Comment: This is a really strange place, because Kooluk apparently created their outpost after they blasted the island with their massive rune cannon. However, their outpost looks really old and deserted. What gives?

Mountain Mass Island
A small island lying far to the north-west of the region. Mountain Mass Island is unoccupied but is said to contain buried treasure, presumably placed there because of its isolated location. An old boat crashed on this island a long time ago.

SARSadmin's Comment: Another location like the Limestone Shelves that serves only as a place for finding treasures. However, it is less pretty compared to the Limestone Shelves.