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Name: Death
Classification: Weapon
Owner: Kirke, Lorelai
The name of a weapon used by Kirke and Lorelai. Kirke used this during the Gate Rune Wars, but decided to quit fighting after the war. Lorelai asked Kirke if she can have his weapon, and thus she was seen using this during the Dunan Unification War.

It seems like Loralai made extensive modifications to this weapon in the three years between these wars, as the weapon has changed from type "two-handed sword" to an "axe." Under Kirke, the weapon looked like a Bardiche, which is sort of a cross between a sword and an axe, but under Lorelai, the weapon changed into a Halberd--a versatile weapon fitting for an adventurer such as Lorelai.

Name: Demi-Magic
Classification: Magic
Owner: N/A
Dami magic is a class of magic that can be used from runes that are outside the five elements. The runes that grant demi-magic are: Darkness Rune, Resurrection Rune, and Blue Gate Rune. Demi magic is considered very rare compared to the mainstream five element spells.

Name: Denta
Classification: Weapon
Owner: Kreutz, Genshu, Duke
Swords with the same name used by a few different fighters in the Suikoden series, Denta likely refers to the name of the smith who forged these swords. In fact, in Japanese history, "Daidenta" was a noted smith who made katanas during the Muromachi-era.
In Suikoden, Kreutz and Duke's sword look similar enough--a simple two-handed sword. However, Genshu's sword is distinctively a katana, making it impossible for all three of these swords to be the same.

Name: Dialogues of Wind and Earth
Classification: Writing
Owner: Dennis Taurer
Also know as "Conversa Pneuma et Terrae," Dialogues of Wind and Earth is a book written by the Sindar engineer Dennis Taurer. The book explains elementary alchemical theories and principles that describe non-runic sources of power and other physical/empirical principles. Kamandohl's Engine was one invention based on principles described in this book.

Name: Doppleganger Secret
Classification: Magic
Owner: Neclord
A magical method used by Neclord, which allows its user to create a duplicate of oneself--a duplicate that is under total control of its creator.
Using this, Neclord created a duplicate of himself to terrorize the Lorimar region. When attacked by the Star Dragon Sword, he was able to save himself by having his duplicate destroyed instead of himself.

Name: Doujikiri
Classification: Weapon
Owner: Rikimaru
An extremely huge sword used by Rikimaru, doujikiri literally means "douji-slayer." A "douji" is a Japanese word for a leader of "oni," huge ogre-like humanoids with vast magical powers. In Japanese history, Doujikiri is the sword used by Minamoto no Yasutsuna to slay Shuten-douji who was terrorizing Kyoto during the Heian period.

Name: Dragon Incense
Classification: Magic Item
Owner: N/A
An incense burner in the shape of a dragon. This is considered to be an extremely expensive work of art, and was only used by people of high rank. In Suikoden, it is a staple item which provides healing to all party members and can be used infinately.

Name: Dragon Knight
Classification: Profession
Owner: Joshua Levenheit, Milia, Futch, Sharon, Addie, Anos
Dragon Knights are rare knights who use dragons as their steed instead of horses. They are all trained from youth, and unless a knight can bond with a dragon by age 5, they are taken out of the pool of possible knighthood. Those who are able to bond with a dragon would grow up with the dragon and strengthen their bond until they reach an age when they can be inducted as an apprentice. After that, a dragon knight would continue his or her profession until either the knight or the dragon dies. A dragon knight who loses his dragon in battle is cast out of the knights until he or she can find a new dragon.

Dragon Knights only exist within the Dragon's Den, which has maintained autonomy from the Scarlet Moon Empire due to their military power.

Also the the title for Dragon Knights of the 7th Tier.

Name: Dragon Knight Apprentice
Classification: Rank
Owner: Futch, Sharon
The lowest rank within the Dragon Knight higherarchy. Also called "9th Tier Dragon Knight."

Name: Dragon Knight Captain
Classification: Rank
Owner: Joshua Levenheit, Milia
The second highest rank within the Dragon Knights. However, the highest title, "Father of Dragons," normally remains vacant, and thus this rank is the highest rank most of the time. The Knight with this title is also required to become the bearer of the Dragon Rune, which grants its bearer power over all dragons as well as eternal life.

Due to the fact that the death of the Dragon Rune's bearer would result in the death of all dragons, it is customary for the Knight Captain to stay within the Dragon's Den at all times. Seldom would a captain join in an attack due to the huge risk.

Name: Dragon Knight Platoon Commander
Classification: Rank
Owner: Futch
The fifth highest rank within the Dragon Knights. Also known as 4th Tier Dragon Knight.

Name: Dragon Knight Regiment Commander
Classification: Rank
Owner: Addie
The fourth highest rank within the Dragon Knights. Also known as 3rd Tier Dragon Knight.

Name: Dragon Knight Squad Leader
Classification: Rank
Owner: N/A
The sixth highest rank within the Dragon Knights. Also known as 5th Tier Dragon Knight.

Name: Dragon Knight Squire
Classification: Rank
Owner: N/A
The second lowest rank within the Dragon Knight organization. Also known as 8th Tier Dragon Knight.

Name: Dragon Knight Vice-Captain
Classification: Rank
Owner: Anos, Milia
The third highest rank within the Dragon Knights. Because the captain typically does not join a battle, the vice-captain often leads the Dragon Knights when attacking enemies.

Name: Dragon King Sword
Classification: Weapon
Owner: Barbarossa Rugner
The family heirloom of the Rugner Family, the Dragon King sword has a tight-cept secret--one of the 27 True Runes, the Sovereign Rune, is attached to its hilt. Only Rugners know this fact, and for that reason the sword has been used as a symbol of the Emperor, always at his side.

The sword itself is not practical for combat due to its ornaments, but the Soverign Rune attached on its hilt provides its master protection against influence from other runes, and also allows its bearer to turn into a three-headed gold dragon. Barbarossa Rugner used these powers during the Gate Rune Wars.

Name: Dragon Life Project
Classification: Plan
Owner: Jinkai
A nefarious project devised by Jinkai to enslave the entire world with a recipe too enticing to resist. The "Blue Moon Bird Recipe" was created as a receipe so good that none who eats it would be able to resist, and it was so easy to prepare, that it required little skill on the chef's part. Sensing the danger that this recipe may cause, Shun Min, the daughter of Retso, stole the recipe and fled, only to be caught by the Black Dragon Chef Clan member, Yen Qin, and killed. However, she manages to give her recipe to Hai Yo before she was found by Yi Chen. Hai Yo fled the Black Dragon Island with the recipe, ending up joining the New Allied Army of Dunan. Black Dragon Chef Clan members kept challenging Hai Yo to cook-offs, but Hai Yo managed to defeat all of them, tearing the Blue Moon Bird Recipe apart after defeating Jinkai himself.

Name: Dragoon
Classification: Rank
Owner: N/A
The seventh highest rank within the Dragon Knights. Also known as 6th Tier Dragon Knight.

Name: Dragon Rune
Classification: One of the 27 True Runes
Owner: Joshua Levenheit, Milia
One of the 27 True Runes that allows dragons to exist in the world. This rune is traditionally given to the captain of the Dragon Knights, meaning the captain automatically remains ageless. This promises strong, consistent leadership for the Dragon Knights. However, due to the fact that the death of its bearer means all dragons would die, the captain rarely if ever leaves the Dragon's Den, making the Vice-Captain the actual leader for military actions.

Name: Dragon's Den Knights
Classification: Military Organization
Owner: Joshua Levenheit, Milia
The official name of the Dragon Knights.

Name: Dual Snake Sword Grosser Fluss
Classification: Weapon
Owner: Nash Latkje
An heirloom sword of the Latkje family, made of dozens of segments allowing the sword to be used much like a whip. The sword is used in pairs, and requires long training for effective use, but in the hands of a trained swordsman, the effect is truly devastating. The sword can extend in lenth or be used as a normal sword by manipulating fine wires crafted by the vest smiths of Harmonia. Not only that, poison can be released onto the blade by pressing a button on the hilt. The two swords are called "Weiss" (White) and "Shwartz" (Black) based on the color of the hilt.

Name: Ducks
Classification: Race
Owner: Jordie, Rhett, Wilder
A race of anthropomorphic ducks that are indigenous to the Grasslands. Curious and inquisitive, they can be seen in many cities and towns within the Grasslands, often taking up permanent residence outside their clan. Despite their exterior, all ducks are raised as warriors. Many of them make a living as guides or bodyguards through the dangerous terrain of the Grasslands, and at times of war, the duck clan are not afraid to bear arms and hold their own.

Name: Dunceney
Classification: Weapon
Owner: Miklotov
A longsword used by Miklotov. The name is based off the name of a knight in a Japanese novella called "Knight of Roses" which Suikoden creator Murayama happened to be reading. Murayama apparently does not recommend the book.

Name: Dwarves
Classification: Race
Owner: Dowango, Twaikin, Chief of Dwarves
A race of stocky humanoids who live far in the mountains beyond the Great Forest, known for their advanced technology. Dwarves are the only race who have retained the legacy of the Sindars, protecting and nurturing technology that has been forgotten. Due to their lack of affinity with runes, dwarves have specialized in advancing technology. Their weapons and armor are known for their exceptional quality, and thus the Scarlet Moon Empire bought all of their soldier's arms from the dwarves. The Dwarves also possess "forbidden" technology that they themselves do not fully comprehend. One such thing is the "Weapon that would bring the end of the world," which is hidden deep within the Dwarven Vault.

Dwarves seldom if ever venture beyond their domain, often looking down upon other races--especially elves. A few do venture out of their domain, but are considered as outcasts from their own ilk.