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Name: Eight Death Style
Classification: Martial Arts
Owner: Shin
A fighting style perfected by the eight death clan. Those who have mastered this style receives the Spider Slay Rune as a token for their accomplishment. The style is said to be practiced somewhere in the southlands, but otherwise the eight death clan is a myetry.

Name: Eightfold Rune
Classification: One of the 27 True Runes
Owner: Yuber
One of the 27 True Runes. Not much is known about this rune other than the fact that it is owned by Yuber. The Eight Devil Rune is a lower tier version of this rune.

Name: Elevator
Classification: Mechanical Device
Owner: Sergei, Adlai, Shizu
An invention of Sergai and Adlai that consists of an elevating chamber which can be used to carry people or things vertically. Sergei's elevator uses water power, while Adlai's uses human power.

Name: Elves
Classification: Race
Owner: Kirkis, Sylvina, Stallion, Rubi, Roland, Chief of Elves
A race of humanoids with more or less human feature other than their long years and colorful hair. They mostly live within the Great Forest on the ancient tree of Lukiae Ende Towayo. Elves are extremely haughty and xenophobic, their pride rooted in their affinity with runes and longer life. However, once every 60 years when Likiae Ende Towayo sheds all its leaves, elves are forced to wander within the Great Forest, surviving within the harsh wilderness.

It is rare for elves to venture beyond their domain, but a few venture beyond the Forest of Illusion to seek fortune elsewhere.

Name: Emblem
Classification: Ornament
Owner: Camus, Miklotov, Gorudo
An emblem given to Matilda Knights as a symbol of their loyalty towards the Knighthood and its code.

Name: Empress
Classification: Weapon
Owner: Rina
A card from the tarot deck used by Rina as a weapon. This weapon require great skill to use with any effectiveness.

Name: Engine
Classification: Mechanical Device
Owner: Kamandohl
A machine invented by Kamadohl based on his research to create a machine that moves by burning oil. He used alchemical principles he learned from the works of the Sindar engineer Dennis Taurer, and managed to complete his work. The Toran Liberation Army required this invention to create a ship with the power to navigate through the Dunan Rapids.