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A vast expanse of grassy plains that extend from the western edge of Jowstone and Harmonia all the way to the eastern edges of Zexen. The land is claimed by no single nation, and is instead inhabited by the Six Clans and other groups. It is naturally a haven for bandits and other lawless swashbucklers, and the fact that it is a major trade route makes the bandit trade all the more attractive.

Grassland has a legend of the "Flame Champion" (aka Fire Hero), who is said to have led the "Fire Bringer" and united the clans to fight against Harmonian aggression around the year IS 425. It is said that he even stole the True Fire Rune from Crystal Valley, only to disappear from history. Since then, many bandit groups have called themselves "Fire Bringer," but they have all turned out to be fakes. Because of this, most people consider the Flame Champion legend a mere fairytale.

Grassland has no centralized government, but the Six Clans have a loose alliance based on personal trust between the chiefs. This is somewhat necessary due to constant aggression from the Tinto Republic, the Zexen Federation, and Harmonia. During the Dunan Unification War, the Karaya Clan became an ally of the Highland Army in exchange for lost territory in Greenhill and Matilda, but such alliances between Grassland tribes and non-grasslanders remains to be a historical anomaly.

Kamaro is a small nation governed by the Free Knights of Kamaro. They have a healthy relationship with the Matilda Knights, and often send their young members to Matilda for extra training. Kamaro maintains an interesting position within Grassland due to its lack of relations to the Six Clans. Kamaro is considered by many to be more "civilized" than the members of the Six Clans. The nation of Kamaro is said to be located far north of Grassland, near the Nameless Lands. Free Knights of Kamaro can be identified by their green and orange colored tabard, which they wear at all times. Members of the Free Knights are sometimes seen traveling in far lands to complete their "Saga," which seems to be a requirement for their knighthood (not an entry requirement, but it seems to be one of their purposes).

Vextor's Comment: Not a name of a coffee liqueur brand, this is where Camus is from. It is uncertain whether the Ebony Moon Knights that Georg Prime was a member of is some sort of subdivision of this group.

The Karaya Clan
The Karaya Clan is one of the more combative clans within Grassland. They participated in the Dunan Unification War as an ally of Highland, and since then have engaged in numerous conflicts against the Tinto Republic. Their culture was very much nomadic, but following the Dunan Liberation War they became agrarian. Some Karaya clan members are able to communicate with the elements. Unfortunately, their village was burnt to the ground by Zexen Knights during the Fire Bringer Wars.

Vextor's Comment: They seem to be modeled after the American Indians with a mix of blade-using bad-ass nomads that appear in various films... However, their clothing is based on traditional Bulgarian costumes. [Picture: The Karaya Village]

Chisha Clan
The Chisha Clan is one of the more peaceful clans within the Six Clans. The village is known for it's vast underground network and stone houses. The village produces a lot of wine, and its high quality is well-known throughout the lands. Due to the fact that they are located far away from most other clans (besides Safir), visitors are rare, and usually require guides and guards to pass through the vicious Kuput Forest.

Vextor's Comment: Based on their clothing, they seem to be modeled after Mongolian tribes. [Picture: The Chisha Village seen from the top of a hill]

Duck Clan
The Duck Clan is one of the more combative clans among the Six Clans. They possess a hardy military, and are known as being extremely tenacious in combat. They have a sophisticated culture with advanced architecture as well as social infrastructure, so much so that they have no real "chief" like the other clan--they only have a "mayor" who moreso acts as a representative than as a government executive. They are in a close alliance with the Karaya Clan. The village itself is known to become submerged at times, and the ducks seem to be able to control it somehow.

Vextor's Comment: Anthropomorphic ducks are not anything new. In a TRPG called "Tunnels and Trolls," ducks are considered to be a playable race, and they really look like ducks! During one interview long before Suikoden 3 was released in Japan, Murayama said that the Duck Village will submerge under water at one time, but this never happened. [Picture: The entrance into the duck village]

The Great Hollow - Lizard Clan
The Lizard Clan is a clan of lizardmen and is the most combative clan within the Six Clans. Members of this clan are quick to anger and limited in patience. They are in constant conflict with the Zexen federation. The Great Hollow is a huge cavern, where lizards are able to rest on its cold stone floors. At times, this cavern can become an indomitable fortress.

Vextor's Comment: Man, Duck Clan, Lizard Clan... how original! [Picture: Entrance into the Great Hollow]

Alma Kinan Clan
One of the less combative clans among the Six Clans, the Alma Kinan Clan is very much attuned to nature, and has shamans who are able to communicate with the elements. The village is protected by magic wards, making it inaccessible to the rest of the world. Another mystery is the fact that only females live in the village, and the Alma Kinan method of reproduction is kept a strict secret.

Vextor's Comment: They seem to be based on the Ainus, an indigenous Japanese ethnic group.[Picture: Alma Kinan Village]

Safir Clan
One of the Six Clans of Grassland. They do not appear at all in the games, and the only time we hear of them is after Harmonian armies totally annihilate them.

Vextor's Comment: Never seen by the players at all, there is no information whatsoever about the Safir Clan.

Village of Werebeasts
A village inhabited by werebeasts which was destroyed by Windy.

Vextor's Comment: This is where Bob is from. Must suck to come from a destroyed village.

A village located between Tinto, Caleria, and Camaro. This village was preyed upon at one time by troops of the Allied Army of Dunan during the Dunan Unification War. Although these troops were acting against their own military code, the Allied Army's administration was not aware of the pillaging that went on in Grassland. Due to this fact, the people in this village are extremely skeptical of the goodness of the newly created nation of Dunan. However, due to the fact that they were rescued by bandits by the hands of Camus, Miklotov, and the Lampdragon Trio, they seem to have regained their trust in their new neighbors.

Vextor's Comment: I'd be surprised if this village existed in Suikoden 3. [Update:] Yep, I was right, it didn't exist and was not even mentioned.

Amur Plains
A vast plain that lies between the Karaya Clan and Vinay Del Zexay. Random rocks and bushes line the road, but otherwise there is very little to see. There is also a "Northern Amur Plain" but it's basically the same thing, but with more trees.

Vextor's Comment: A vast grassy plain, whoa... I mean, it's Grassland, what do you expect? [Picture: Hugo stands stoned in the Amur Plains]

Yaza Plains
A vast plain that lies between Budehuc, Brass Castle, and the Great Hollow. Random rocks and bushes line the road, but otherwise there is very little to see.

Vextor's Comment: An incredibly boring place that you are forced to walk through many, many times. Looks identical to the Amur Plains.

Mt. Hei-tou
A mountain covered with a forest which lies to the east of Budehuc Castle. Many monsters live here, such as wild boars. In the depths of the forest it is said a vicious monster lays waiting for its prey.

Vextor's Comment: How is this place a mountain?

Kuput Forest
An ancient forest that lies between the Duck Clan and Chisha Clan. Powerful monsters roam the depths of this dark forest as if protecting some ancient secret. In fact, the Alma Kinan village is hidden within this forest.

Vextor's Comment: A forest where many people will wander for ours in search of their beloved winger.

Mountain Pass
A mountain pass which crosses through a huge mountain, linking Grassland with Harmonian territories such as Caleria and Lu Bouqe. Powerful monsters roam the path (but they don't attack merchants).

Vextor's Comment: It is really painful to go through this long, stupid pass many times, especially if you get lost on one of its extremely lengthy dead-ends.

Ancient Highway
An ancient underground path that links the Duck Clan with the Lizard Clan. The Lizard Clan knows of its existence and uses it to conduct raids on Zexen forces. The highway was built by Sindars in ancient times, and links this place with a vast Sindarin maze. [Picture: The entrance into the Ancient Highway]

Vextor's Comment: Many hours are spent here by players who seek Fury Runes, or by those who want to defeat Yuber in their first encounter.

Ceremonial Site
A huge Sindar ruin that lies in northern Grassland. The ruin itself is a huge machine that can magnify the power of true runes in ways unimaginable. Some say the ruin is a method for powers of different True Runes to be focused on one individual in an attempt to gain superior power.

Vextor's Comment: A very simple dungeon with very little variation. The entrance area has a lot of detail though.

Flame Champion Hideout
A cavern on the side of a bare mountain that leads to a subterranean Sindarin structure, which can be used to extract True Runes from a person. The Flame Champion spent his last days here with his beloved.

Vextor's Comment: A very good place to spend time if you are looking for rare items!

Zexen Federation Also known as the Zexen Confederacy, the Zexen Federation is a group of states ruled by a council. Merchants have great power within the federation, which fosters trade within the nation and encourages trade with foreign countries. Zexen also has a powerful military, with the "mighty six knights" at the helm, fighting against the "barbarians" of Grassland.

Vextor's Comment: Sort of like the Spaniards vs. the Incas/Indians etc.

Vinay Del Zexay
The Capital of the Zexen Federation, this city is a lot more sophisticated than all the other Grassland villages. It is a port city, as it is located on the shores of the ocean. The council rules this city with an iron fist, and the huge Merchant Guild hall at the center of this city shows who has say within these walls. The city is always bustling with activity, with a lively market going on every day at the town square. Various artisans practice their trade in the downtown area, and late-night balls are often held to entertain foreign guests.

Vextor's Comment: A city that has a distinctly Spanish or Italian look. It is the biggest city accessible in Suikoden 3, and you do get to buy the best equipment here, too. [Picture: Downtown Vinay Del Zexay]

Brass Castle
A castle built at the border between Zexen and Grassland. The Zexen Knights stationed at this fortress to protect the interior from attacks. This castle is built on an "island" between two canyons, connected by two stone bridges. For this reason, this castle is an incredibly powerful defensive structure, especially with its high walls and powerful knights. During the Fire Bringer Wars, Grassland Forces and Zexen Knights who were defeated numerous times by Harmonians scored it's first victory at this Castle. The Castle is very old, and for that reason, it's current denizens don't quite understand the entire structure. Unbeknownst to them, an underground tunnel connects the castle to the outside wall, and an escape route from the castle's master bedroom leads outside via the sewer system.

Vextor's Comment: This is one badass fortress, but passing through the entire thing (four scenes!) is a real pain! [Picture: Brass Castle]

Budehuc Castle
An old castle that lies at the northern border of Zexen and Grassland. The Castle itself historically belongs to both Zexen and Grassland due to an old promise between the Flame Champion and his friends. The Castle itself has fallen to disrepair, and is dilapidated at best. However, this Castle becomes the headquarters for the Fire Bringer during the Fire Bringer Wars.

Vextor's Comment: The first headquarters in Suikoden history that never gets repaired! However, you can put pots and pictures up at certain places to make your castle look prettier. [Picture: Budehuc Castle courtyard]

Iksay Village
A small village close to Budehuc Castle which is known for its windmills. The village has annual harvest festivals which draws visitors from all around Zexen.

Vextor's Comment: Vinay Del Zexay, Iksay... pig Latin anyone? [Picture: Iksay Village during their annual harvest festival]

Zexen Forest
A small forest that lies between Vinay Del Zexay and Brass Castle. The vegetation is quite dense, but the path is well-trodden and travelers often use this mostly safe path.

Vextor's Comment: Often traveled by players, but it's not that much of a bother compared to all of the other in-between field dungeons.

Northern Cavern
A cave that exists north of Vinay Del Zexay. It is a hideout for thieves and other lawbreakers. It is said thieves keep all their treasure hidden within this cave, which treasure hunters keep searching for.

Vextor's Comment: A young boy and a well-armored girl are often seen inside here slaughtering defenseless monsters.