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Name: Gate Rune
Classification: One of the 27 True Runes
Owner: Leknaat, Windy
One of the 27 True Runes that has the power to open gates to other worlds. The rune can be used to summon powerful beings from parallel dimensions and thus was protected by the Gate Rune Clan to avoid it from falling into the wrong hands. However, Harmonia raided the Gate Rune Clan to take the Gate Rune. Clan members Windy and Leknaat took the Gate Rune and split it into two, taking each piece with them to escape from Harmonian forces. Since then, this rune has been split, and remains that way at the current time.

Name: Gate Rune Clan
Classification: Organization
Owner: Leknaat, Windy
A clan that kept the Gate Rune hidden and protected. They were raided and destroyed by Harmonia in the year 70.

Name: Genkaku's Vase
Classification: Antique
Owner: Nanami, Genkaku
A vase made by Genkaku. Compared to Riou or Nanami's vase, Genkaku's vase stands out in quality, and shows that Genkaku was not just a skilled warrior, but also a skilled artist.

Name: Goddess Loa
Classification: Mythology
Owner: Zexen Confederacy
A goddess worshipped by citizens of Zexen. The knights and the council swears upon her name when making statements, showing their loyalty towards their deity.

Name: Goddess Sadie
Classification: Mythology
Owner: Iksay
A goddess of fertility worshipped in Zexen, particularly in the village of Iksay. The annual harvest festival at Iksay is dedicated to the goddess Sadie.

Name: Golden Goddess Statue
Classification: National Treasure
Owner: Basil, Gregminster
A golden statue that stands in the center of Gregminster. The statue was comissioned by Barbarossa to the artist Basil, and is said to be modeled after empress Claudia. The statue was damaged during the Gate Rune Wars, but was repaird, retaining its spelndor as the symbol of Gregminster's prosperity.

Name: Golden Hammer
Classification: Tool
Owner: Tessai, Peggi
A powerful hammer which can be used by blacksmiths to sharpen weapons to perfection. Although it is named "golden hammer" it is likely not made of gold because gold is a soft metal.

Name: Gordon Merchant Guild
Classification: Organization
Owner: Gordon
A merchant guild created by Gordon, a merchant based in Gregminster. The guild was created when Gordon was recruited by the New Allied Army of Dunan and set up a trade center at the North Window Castle. Since then, his shop in Gregmintster has been entrusted to his son Coates.

Name: Great Contract
Classification: Political Agreement
Owner: Great Forest, Elves, Dwarves, Kobolds
A contract made between the races of the Great Forst among the mythical "Six Wise Men." The contract assured that each race would live separately within the Great Forest, ensuring that each would have their own space and territory. After that, the wise men cast a spell on the Forest of Moran to protect the Great Forest from outsiders, resulting in the firest being called the "Forest of Illusion."

Name: Grosser Fluss
Classification: Weapon
Owner: Nash Latkje
Refer to Dual Snake Sword Grosser Fluss. A shorter name for the Dual Snake Sword Grosser Fluss.

Name: Guardian Statue
Classification: National Treasure
Owner: North Window
A statue created by the Greenhill artist Jude based on blueprints assembled by the New Allied Army. The statue was placed at the center of the North Window Castle's entrance foyer, and it is said that the statue granted a gift to the leader of the army.

Name: Gul-Horses
Classification: Animal
Owner: Teo Mcdohl, Armored Cavalry
Gul-horses are not actually horses, but a type of lizard which can be trained as mounts. The Scarlet Moon Empire used these as mounts for their iron cavalry, but the iron cavalry was not particularly favored by the Imperial Army due to their lack of endurance. However, Teo McDohl reinvented their usage, and turned them into a formidable force. The gul-horses were known for their fast speed and strength, but lacks stamina, meaning the iron cavalry can only attack a few times before they can no longer be used. The gul-horses seem to be native to Toran, as they are never seen elsewhere.

Name: Gunners
Classification: Profession
Owner: Howling Voice Guild, Clive, Elza, Kelly, Sauro, Zaj
A rare profession of bodyguards/assassins who are trained to use guns. Guns are extremely rare in the Suikoden world, and are the monopoly of the Howling Voice Guild. They are unknown by the average person, and seldom show their weapon in public. All gunners grow up within the "Tower," the Howling Voice Guild's headquarters, and go through intense training. Many children die in the process of the training and only the best survive to receive their own gun.