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Name: Abizboah
Origin: Tinto
Position: Navy
Abizboah is a kraken that lives in the depths of the Tinto mines. He possesses a unique rune, the Blue Drop Rune. Abizboah was recruited by Riou during the Dunan Unification War using a listening rune given to him by Badeaux. His wife is Rulodia, during their time in Riou's army his wife gives birth to a son named Chuchara. During the war he spends most of his time at the docks of the castle with his family. After the Dunan Unification War Abizboah can still be seen swimming around the castle.
This entry written by Neclord.

Name: Ace
Origin: Zexen
Position: 12th Harmonian Border Guards
Ace is actually not his real name--his true name is unknown. However, Ace was born in Vinay Del Zexay, and later on joined Gilbert's mercenary group. Under Gilbert's leadership, he participated in the Dunan Unification War as a soldier, and accumulated experience as a veteran soldier. No one knows when, but Ace left the mercenaries and joined Harmonia's Border Guards, joining Geddoe's unit as their accountant and liaison with the headquarters. He participates in the Second Fire Bringers War as a result of Geddoe's past involvement with the Flame Champion.

Name: Achilles
Origin: Gregminster
Position: Aristocrat
Odessa Silverberg's ex-fianc who was arrested by Kraze Miles for harboring rebels. He was sentenced to death, but Odessa pressed him to use his "last wish clause"-- a clause that states that a dying man can have one wish granted. Odessa asked Achilles to marry him before he is executed, and Achilles agreed grudgingly. During the wedding ceremony, Odessa uses a magical ring to blind all onlookers and then fights her way out of the ceremony with Achilles. The two escape, but Achilles was already mortally wounded due to arrow wounds. His last words to Odessa were to "Defeat the Empire!"

Name: Addie
Origin: Goya
Position: Dragon Knight 4th Tier
Addie is a dragon knight who served under Joshua Levenheit before the Succession War. She was a hot-tempered, haughty knight who took great pride in her silver dragon, Sterling. While on a scouting mission, she was shot down by arrows by some guards at the Northern Checkpoint who mistook Sterling as a monster. She died immediately from her wounds, and Sterling carried her into a cavern, then turning into a zombie dragon from grief.

Name: Adlai
Origin: South Window
Position: Inventor
Adlai is a very eccentric inventor who resides in South Window. He bothers his neighbors with the loud racket he makes. During the Dunan Unification War he asked Riou to bring him three items. A wooden shield, a sacrificial Buddha, and a wind crystal. He pretends he did not ask for any of them annoying Riou. When Riou throws the wind crystal at Adlai, he has an epiphany and invents the "elevator," which he voluntarily installs into North Window Castle. The elevator is powered by four "Elevator Barbarians" who raise the elevator with their massive strength. The Barbarians train in a forest near the City of Greenhill. Adlai also has an apprentice named Shizu who helps repair one of his elevators in Budehuc Castle During the Second Fire Bringer War. After the Dunan wars he returns to his home in South Window continuing with his inventions and bothering his neighbors.
This entry written by Neclord.

Name: Adrienne
Origin: Middleport
Position: Blacksmith
This young happy woman loves to work on improving weapons and is quite pleased to receive new hammers for her work. She left her shop in Middleport because she loves to travel. She traveled to Obel in the worst time possible, when it was under attack by Kooluk forces. Luckily for her, Hero4 invited her onboard his ship where she opened a new shop for tempering weapons. After a war, she opened yet another shop, this time in the Kingdom of Obel, where her business was very successful.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Aegia
South Window
Position: Citizen
Aegia is a member of a wealthy family in South Window. She was abducted by Neclord and turned into a vampire. She wandered the forests of Banner, feasting on travelers who wandered into the forest. She is discovered by her son, Roy, and tries to convince him that she is not a vampire; but Foryyn interferes. With the help of Viktor, and the Star Dragon Sword, Aegia is finally laid to rest.

Name: Agares Blight
Origin: Highland
Position: King of Highland
The King of the Highlands is a troubled soul. Having lost his wife Sara shortly after Jillia's birth, he was definitely not a good father to Luca. Luca never was able to forgive his father for what happened to his mother, and perhaps that causes all the madness in him. Many people think that he is incompetent. In the end he is killed by Jowy and Luca.

Name: Age
Position: Street Urchin
A street urchin from Gregminster; his father was an ex-mercenary who owned a weapon shop, but he was killed along with Age's mother when bandits raided Gregminster following Geil Rugner's sacking of the city. Age is a very agile boy who has been taught how to fight by his father. He helps Gremio escape from imperial soldiers and helps him rescue Tir McDohl through his street sense. With the help of Ronnetts, the two manage to rescue Tir. After that Age rides on a horse alone to deliver the news of Tir's rescue to Teo McDohl just in time for his last battle against Geil Rugner's forces.

Name: Agnes
Origin: Unknown
Position: Vice-Strategist
Agnes is the apprentice of Elenor Silverberg and served as the vice-strategist for the forces fighting against Kooluk during the war. She looks up to Elenor Silverberg and also serves her. After the appearance of Tanya, another young woman who also wants to study under Elenor, she becomes competitive. After the death of Elenor Silverberg, she cleans up her hermitage and travels to the Scarlet Moon Empire to learn strategy under someone else.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Aila
Origin: Karaya Village
Position: Warrior
Aila is a young warrior of the Karaya Tribe. Her grandmother is a Karayan witchdoctor, and thus she has the ability to speak with the elements. During the Second Fire Bringer War, Aila meets Geddoe and his mercenary group shortly before Karaya Village is burned down by Zexen forces. Because of this, Aila decides to travel with Geddoe's group henceforth. During her travels, she is exposed to different cultures, often perplexed by the sophisticated and often contradictory situations experienced by those outside her tribe. She especially takes a liking to "soda" when she is introduced to the beverage in Caleria. After the war is over, she joins Geddoe's group.

Name: Ain Gide
Origin: Scarlet Moon
Position: General
A loyal general to Barbarossa, he is known to have let the son of Teo McDohl pass the Kwaba Fortress out of compassion. He is a fiercely loyal and just general, never resorting to underhanded tactics. In the end, he died an honorable death at Gregminster.

Name: Aisha
Position: Maid
Aisha is one of the kitchen staff who works at the military barracks at Caleria. She is very shy and doesn't quite fit with the battle-beaten veterans of the Harmonian Border Guards. However, she has a crush on Nash, which actually made her sick from being too worried after she heard that he was to be executed by the new commander, Parge. She regains health when Nash visits her during his escape and promises that he will come back after he escapes.

Name: Akaghi
Origin: Unknown
Position: Assassin
This assassin worked under Ramada alongside Mizuki for Cray Trading Company. This ninja was sent in to assassinate Hero4 so they may take the Rune of Punishment to Graham Cray. After losing to Ramada asks Akaghi to lend his services to Hero4. He is extremely loyal to Ramada and will do anything Ramada asks him to do. After the war, he becomes Lino En Kuldes' personal bodyguard alongside Mizuki.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Alanis
Origin: Nameless Lands
Position: Merchant's Daughter
Alanis is a daughter of a trader, and for that reason she has rarely stayed in one location for an extended amount of time. Because of this, she never really had friends until she met Melville and Eliot. The three formed the "Saint Loa Knights," a child's play version of the Zexen Knights, and Alanis called herself the "Silver Maiden," after Chris Lightfellow. During the Second Fire Bringer War, she with her family relocated from Vinay Del Zexay but they were captured by the Lizard clan. She was treated well by the lizards, and even befriended some of them. However, after hearing that her friends Melville and Eliot joined the Fire Bringers, she also joined.

Name: Alberto
Origin: Unknown
Position: Musician/Armorer
Alberto is the leader of a band of musicians who include Pico and Annalee. During the Dunan Unification War he was separated from Pico and Annalee during the Highland invasion of Muse. He escaped to Tinto where he worked for the local armorer to pay for his room and board. There he learned the skills of the armorer. He joins Riou when he hears Annalee is at the Dunan army castle. After the war he travels with his band but still continues to sharpen his armorer skills.
This entry written by Neclord.

Name: Albert Silverberg
Origin: Gregminster
Position: Strategist
The grandson of Leon Silverberg and son of George Silverberg, Albert was raised since his youth to be a military strategist. He was always the best student, and had top marks in the academy in Crystal Valley. He has met with Leon Silverberg a few times, and agreed with his grandfather's strategist paradigm. However, Albert also wanted to make a name of himself, and actively sought ways to promote himself.

One day he comes across Luc in one of the numerous libraries within Crystal Valley. Albert convinces Luc to become a Bishop to manipulate Harmonia into helping him gain the other elemental true runes. Luc agrees, and Albert uses the method he learned from Leon to summon Yuber. Together (and joined by Sarah, they start manipulating events behind the scene to cause great chaos within the Grasslands. Albert manages to cause a war between Harmonia, Grasslands, Zexen, and the Tinto Republic, but in the end betrays Luc by informing the Fire Bringers where Luc will be conducting his final ritual to destroy the True Wind Rune. After the end of the Second Fire Bringer War, Albert is said to have received a good job in some nation as a strategist.

Name: Aldo
Origin: Unknown
Position: Archer
He had mysteriously ended up in Elenor Silverbergs hermitage island. For days he had to remain without human contact until Hero4 revisited the island and rescued him. He felt like he was indebted to him so decided to help him. Later when Ted also joined their forces, Aldo was determined to become his confidant. He tried all he could to become friends with Ted, with little success. It is unknown whether he and Ted actually became friends but he may have died because of the Soul Eater's curse.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Alec Wisemail
Origin: Greenhill
Position: Mayor
Alec Wisemail is the father of Teresa. He was a part of a plot to kill the Karaya Chief Kianu (Lucia's father), and he succeeded with the help of Gorudo. Alec dies early on during the Dunan Unification War while his daughter was Acting Mayor.

Name: Alen
Origin: Toran Republic
Position: Co-Captain of the Royal Guards
A former subject of Teo McDohl, he switched sides and served Teo's son by Teo's dying wish along with Grenseal. His Rage rune is pretty powerful, and he has a powerful attack when together with Flik and Grenseal.

Name: Alen Wisemail
Origin: Greenhill
Position: Mayor
The first Mayor of Greenhill and the man who established the Greenleaf Academy.

Name: Alex
Origin: Unknown
Position: Treasure Hunter
Alex is an obsessed treasure hunter who studies the secrets of the Ancient Sindar. He dreams of finding artifacts, gold and jewels to make a better life for his wife Hilda and son Pete. Alex finds the "healing herbs" in Sindar ruins behind the White Deer Inn with the help of Riou, Jowy, and Nanami. Disappointed at not finding treasure he tosses them away, only to realize the value of them later as it cured his ailing wife. He joins Riou after losing a bet with Hilda that Riou is the new leader of the army. He is later confronted by Killey at the item shop who also seeks the secrets of the Sindar, where he tells Killey that his treasure is his family. After the war he returns to the White Deer Inn with his family, but never loses his "treasure hunting bug".
This entry written by Neclord.

Name: Amada
Origin: Island Nations
Position: Navy
Amada is an accomplished fisherman and is in charge of the sluice gates in Radat. He hails from the Island Nations far to the south and thus is an excellent sailor. He initially refuses to close the sluice gates for Apple so she may search for a coin Shu tosses into the water, but when he sees Riou's determination, he challenges him to a duel. Amada loses the duel and agrees to close the gate but only for one night. Later, he joins up with Riou after he is defeated in once again another duel-- citing Riou as the decisive victor. After the Dunan War he commandeers a ship and returns to the Island Nations.
This entry written by Neclord.

Name: Ameria
Origin: Unknown
Position: Mercenary
This make-up wearing beauty is actually a very experienced mercenary and bodyguard. She was hired by the inhabitants of Razril to help protect them from the Kooluk forces. After Razril was liberated, Hero4 offered her to join them but she refused because her contract with the civilians of Razril was not yet over. Regardless, the people of Razril encouraged her to go along with Hero4 and help him in his journey against Kooluk. She decided to stop wearing make-up after the war, and nobody could recognize her.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Anabelle
Position: Mayor
Anabelle was the daughter of Darel and the mayor of Muse. She was in a near-romantic relationship with Viktor, whom admired her determination and hard work to keep Jowston intact. After the eastern Muse area was pillaged by the Highland Army, she forced City-State members to supply troops for the approaching attack on the capitol. However, she was assassinated by Jowy Atreides before most could arrive.
This entry written by Lebenengel.

Name: Anastasia
Origin: Border Village between Highland and Matilda
Position: None
Having been born in the border village between Matilda and Highland, Anastasia witnessed many battles and saw her village destroyed many times due to the numerous conflicts. When she was young, the village was overrun by Highland, but one Matilda Knight continued to protect the village. She along with other villagers helped him with whatever weapons they can find, but Highland defeated them. When Highland tried to execute the villagers who resisted, the knight volunteered to take their place. Instead of killing him, the Highlanders cut off his sword arm so that he can live out his life in shame. Anastasia tells this story to Camus and Miklotov when they secretly visit the village to witness the situation. Later on when Gorudo sends his army and torches the village, Anastasia tries to save Camus and Miklotov's uniform (which they had to remove to blend in), but dies after her house collapses.

Name: Anita
Origin: Unknown
Position: Swordmistress
Anita is a former pupil of Roundier Haia; under his guidance she studied his Falcon Style of fighting and for her efforts received a Falcon Rune. A lover of liquor, she was a frequent patron at the tavern in Muse and Banner Village. During the Dunan War she met Riou and asked him to perform various tasks, such as giving her antitoxin for a spider bite she suffered from, filling her drinking glass, and complimenting her looks. Entertained by him, she agrees to join his cause. Also, she has a long standing rivalry with another of Roundier Haia's pupils Valeria. She is always training to be the better swordmistress, but so far she has only won one duel against Valeria out of ten. After the war she travels to the Toran Republic to challenge Valeria.
This entry written by Neclord.< br>

Name: Anji
Origin: Lake Toran
Position: Lake Pirate
Anji was a Lake Pirate at Lake Toran for years, and was a hated enemy of Sonya Shulen during the Scarlet Moon Era. He often did things to intentionally anger Sonya. For example, he once pinned up a wedding dress onto the walls of Shasarazade in order to make fun of the fact that Sonya is unmarried.
After the Gate Rune wars has ended, he was supposed to have started a business with his friends Kanak and Leonardo, but who knows what happened with their business venture!

Name: Annalee
Origin: Harmonia
Position: Singer
Annalee is a wonderful singer. Her parents were killed in Harmonia under suspicious circumstances, which made her timid ever since. She is part of a band that includes Pico and Alberto, but becomes separated from them after the Highland invasion of Muse. She then escapes to South Window, where she offers to sing a song for food at the inn, however she is turned away by the innkeeper. Later, she sings a beautiful song for Riou and joins him and his allies when he asks to hear more. After the war she continues her travels with Pico and Alberto.
This entry written by Neclord.

Name: Anna Lightfellow
Origin: Vinay Del Zexay
Position: None
The mother of Chris Lightfellow and wife of Wyatt Lightfellow, Anna was a daughter of a rich family within Vinay Del Zexay. She met Wyatt (who was running away from the Howling Voice Guild and fell in love with him. The two married and soon had Chris. A few years later however, Wyatt left Anna and Chris due to Howling Voice Guild agents catching up with him. Anna died within a few years after that, leaving Chris alone.

Name: Anne
Origin: Karaya Village
Position: Bartender
Anne is a Karayan who worked very hard to open her own bar within the Karaya Village. Unfortunately, on the first day of her business, the village was burnt down by Zexen forces. Since then she fled with Lucia and ended up at Budehuc Castle where she worked as a bartender. After the Second Fire Bringer War was over, she rebuilt her bar in the burnt out Karaya village.

Name: Anos
Origin: Goya
Position: Dragon Knight 3rd Tier
Anos served under Joshua Levenheit before the Succession War as the Vice-Captain of the Dragon Knights. When Joshua Levenheit set out to dispatch the zombie dragon Sterling, he told Anos to become the Captain if Joshua is killed by Sterling. However, Joshua managed to defeat Sterling. Seeing that Milia became the Vice-Captain later on, Anos seems to have retired by the time the Gate Rune Wars started.

Name: Antonio
Origin: Seika
Position: Chef
Antonio is a chef that once worked at an inn in the village of Seika. He joins Tir and the Liberation Army when he hears that Marie is a member. During the Gate Rune War he cooked and served meals for the Liberation Army along with Lester. After the Gate Rune War he remained the cook at Marie's inn. During the Dunan Unification War he visits Hai Yo and challenges him to a friendly cook off to help prepare Hai Yo for his cook off with the Black Dragon Leader Retso.
This entry written by Neclord.

Name: Apple
Origin: Seika
Position: Vice-Strategist
Apple has been a student of Mathiu Silverberg since a tender age while studying at the school Mathiu set up in Seika. She joins the Liberation army when she learnt that her mentor Mathiu had became their strategist.

Apple was later involved in the sparking of the Dunan Unification War when she provided strategic aid to Viktors mercenaries against the Highland armys attack on eastern Muse. Although they achieved initial victory, due to her lack of experience and Luca Blight's sheer powerful army, the mercenary forces were still crushed. Later on, she served as vice-strategist to Shu whom she herself recruited. Shu was also a former pupil of Mathiu and Apple acknowledged his superiority in military strategist and admitted her inferiority.

After the Dunan Unification War, she began travelling and improved her skills while working on the journals on Mathiu Silverberg. Along the way, she met Caesar Silverberg, and travelled with him while serving as his tutor in his studies of military strategy. She later joins along with Caesar to aid the Fire bringers against the Destroyers as the eternal vice-strategist. Yet, it was apparent that her skills has improved over the years.
This entry written by Kobold

Name: Arthur
Origin: Unknown
Position: Journalist
Arthur is a young boy whose dream was to become a journalist. He was researching a story in Brass Castle where fugitives were said to have escaped mysteriously. With the help of some kind strangers, he found a secret route which led him into an underground tunnel under Brass Castle. Intrigued by the find, he joined the Fire Bringers top report the progress of the Second Fire Bringer War, while writing some tabloid-esque articles on the side.

Name: Ashino
Origin: Unknown
Position: Hunter
Ashino is a hunter living in the forest near Ryube who has withdrawn from society to live amongst beasts. He is the uncle of Kinnison and has taken care of him since the death of his parents. Ashino has made a living by hunting, and taught Kinnison all he needed to know to survive on his own. After he finished teaching Kinnison, he left on a journey, never to be seen again.

Name: Assam
Position: Judiciary
A judiciary who served under Geil Rugner; he came up with the plan to abduct Tir McDohl so that Teo would fight with the armor removed from his armored cavalry. He successfully abducted McDohl, but was thwarted by the valiant efforts of Gremio and Age.

Name: Augustine Nabor
Origin: Gregminster
Position: Aristocrat
Augustine Nabor is an aristocrat originally from Gregminster. A skilled swordsman with devastating skill, Augustine was also a recipient of an award at Vincent de Boule's beauty contest. During the Second Fire Bringer War, Augustine joined the Fire Bringers after they found a Rose Brooch he lost. Once a member of the Fire Bringers, his skill along with his Red Rose Rune proved to be an asset despite his odd personality.

Name: Axel
Position: Island Chief's Son
From the island of warriors, Na-Nal, he lives up to the peoples expectations as the strongest warrior on the island, even more so than his father. His father and he had formed an alliance with the Kooluk, but thanks to a misunderstanding caused by the elves on the island, the Kooluk forces turned on Na-Nal, leaving them no choice but to join forces with Kooluks enemy. His hatred for elves had faded once he joined Hero4s forces. He also likes to cuddle with Nay-kobolds because he thinks they feel warm. After the war, he succeeded his father as Island Chief.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Aya
Position: Student
Aya was a student of Mathiu Silverberg at his small school in Seika Village. She was already a student by the time Apple joined the school in the year 454, but was only six years old. She got sick one day from some sort of stomach ailment, which would have killed her if not for medicine that Apple made (with the help of Shu).

Name: Ayame
Origin: Highland
Position: Ninja
Ayame is a ninja who belongs to the Kage organization. During the Second Fire Bringer War, she hears that Watari, a deserter ninja, is helping the Fire Bringers. Ayame seeks him out to kill him due to their group's code. However, she is defeated by Watari and decides to join the Fire Bringers.

Name: Ayana
Origin: Penenberg Manor
Position: Maid
A maid that works under Rean Penenberg; she acts like she is shy but in reality she is an undead created by Rean. When Nash and Sierra attempt to kill Rean, she wields a katana and tries to kill Nash. She is a highly skilled swordsman and Nash is almost bested, but Nash impales her with a holy kobold figurine and destroys her.

Name: Ayda
Origin: Deep within the Greenhill Forest
Position: Protector of the Forest
Ayda is the Protector of the Forest as her father before her. A skilled archer and animal lover, she saves the wounded griffin Feather from the frightened villagers of the Forest Village by standing in front of the villagers and not allowing them to do any harm. Other griffins came to attack Feather and Ayda tries in vain to stop them. She joins Riou and his army when he defeats the griffins and saves Feather. During her stay at the castle she meets Kinnison a fellow nature lover and after the war he visits her occasionally at her home in the Deep Forest that she returns to once more to protect.
This entry written by Neclord.