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Name: Rachel
Origin: Unknown
Position: Mercenary/Tax Collector
Rachel is a warrior that was hired by the innkeeper in Obel to track down the eat-and-run fugitive, Cedric. She luckily ran into him in Obel, alongside Hero4, who agreed to pay for his meals. She specializes in collecting money from fugitives and even after the war starts chasing after Cedric for all his skipped meals.

Name: Rainie
Origin: Tworiver
Position: None
Rainie is the second son of Susu and father of Chaco. He is also the younger brother of Forbo. He is slated to become the next leader of the Winghordes after Susu, and has a wife called Marnie.

Name: Rakgi
Origin: Na-Nal Island, Island Nations Federation
Position: Fisherman
Originally from Na-Nal, this boy keeps his spirits up for his mothers sake. While searching for clues about his fathers whereabouts, he and his mother Rikie ended up in Obel. One day, Rakgi encountered Hero4 at the ruins and gave him a tour. Rakgi eventually learned that Hero4 was the new bearer of the Rune of Punishment, which meant that Rakgis father, a previous bearer, was already dead. After joining Hero4s army, Rakgi became friends with Nalleo and was often seen eating with him. After the war, he decided to become a fisherman like his late father.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Ramada
Origin: Unknown
Position: Spy
A spy hired by Cray Trading Company, who planned on attacking Razril. He works alongside two ninjas, Akaghi and Mizuki, both of whom are completely loyal to him. He also has a unique bird that helps him on his spying missions. After he discovered that Graham Cray was just using him to get the Rune of Punishment and did not care for his life, he switched sides, vowing allegiance to protect the Rune of Punishment getting into the wrong hands. He uncovered the secrets of the Rune Cannon at Fort El-Eal, going alone on the mission and knowing it could be his end. He survived the mission and later established a trading company in the Kingdom of Obel.

Name: Raura
Origin: Unknown
Position: Runemistress
Raura is a runemistress who's age, past, and origin are all but a mystery. She is a long time friend of Jeane, and is a highly skilled Runemistress, specializing in making runes into scrolls. However, she has a terrible sense of direction, and when she was looking for Jeane and traveling towards Two River, she ended up getting lost in the forests of Greenhill. With the help of a kind stranger (Nash), she headed towards Two River, but went too far and ended up in Tinto. There, she was also helped by a kind stranger (Hero) and finally ended up in the Headquarters where Jeane was. After the war, "she heads north to the Toran Republic."

Name: Rean Penenberg
Origin: Village of the Blue Moon
Position: Vampire/Knight
Rean Penenberg was a knight serving under some kingdom centuries ago. He was ambushed by monsters, and was mortally wounded. However, he managed to drag himself to a cottage in the forest where Sierra hid in solitude. Out of loneliness and envy for being able to die (which Sierra wished for), Sierra sucked his blood and allowed him to suck her blood to make him her brethren. Rean left for a while after that to seek revenge, but returned, and lived with Sierra for centuries, researching the powers of vampires with Sierra. Sooner or later, the number of brethrens increased--people who were ready to give up their lives and die silently in the forest. Rean helped Sierra govern the Village of the Blue Moon, and was a good supporter of Sierra. However, after the Moon Rune was stolen by Neclord, Rean was one of the few vampires who refused to die, and chose the life of the predator.
He fled the Village of the Blue Moon and lived in various lands, until he settled in a manor between Highland and Muse. There he preyed upon innocent travelers, making his victims into his slaves. He continued this for centuries, until Sierra, along with Nash, visited his manor. Rean tried to gain Sierra's power by sucking Sierra's blood when she tried to destroy him, but due to Nash's generous donation of his own blood, Sierra regained her power, and chanted the "Song of Evanescence," which destroyed him.

Name: Reed
Origin: Tinto
Position: Bodyguard
Reed is Lilly Pendragon's bodyguard and servant. He is officially a soldier of Tinto Republic's army, but has been assigned by minister Marlowe Cody to serve directly under the first daughter. Reed himself is a skilled swordsman despite the fact that he can never stand up for himself against Lilly's whims and tantrums. Although he has to put up with all of the demands of Lilly, he is extremely loyal to her, and would do whatever he can to protect her from harm, often together with Samus. He joins the Fire Bringers during the Second Fire Bringer War when the Tinto Army officially joins their battle against Harmonian invasion. After the war, he escorted Lilly to Harmonia where she attended school.

Name: Reinhold
Origin: Unknown
Position: Professional Trainer
This vicious-looking man is the trainer and manager of Mitsuba. Alongside her, he tricked many people into thinking that Mitsuba beat him up and lured people into fighting her under the conditions that they lose, they owe her 10,000 potch. After tricking Hero4 into fighting and defeating her, he takes responsibility for her loss and joined his army, where he established a dojo to train the soldiers of the army. Although in terms of strength, he is stronger than Mitsuba, she wears his weakness around her hips, the loincloth. He continues to work under Mitsuba after the war.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Rene
Origin: Unknown
Position: Treasure Hunter
Rene is a treasure hunter who is skilled with dowsing rods. She is not a greedy person and she shares her findings with others who help her. After the war, she leaves towards the subterranean water channels in hopes of finding more treasure.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Retso
Origin: Black Dragon Island
Position: Chef
A member of the Black Dragon Clan and one of the Four Master Chefs along with Hai Yo, Gyokuran, and Jinkai. In his cook-off against Hai Yo, he uses a special trick to mesmerize people into giving him high scores. After he is exposed, Retso has a rematch with Hai Yo without using the mesmerizing technique, and thus, he loses to the great chef.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Revier
Origin: Muse
Position: Mayor
The first mayor of Muse after the Kingdom of Dunan was chased off from the region by rebels.

Name: Rhett
Origin: Duck Village
Position: Warrior
Rhett is a reluctant duck warrior who loves to eat. He has a very mellow personality. Because of that, although he is older than Wilder he is treated like a younger brother. He respects Jordie very much, but is not interested in living the life of a soldier. Instead, he makes a living as a guide, protecting people who want to cross the Grassland. He ends up joining the Second Fire Bringer War reluctantly after being scolded by Jordie. After the war, he joins Ernie in her excavation of ancient civilizations within the Zexen region.

Name: Richmond
Origin: Unknown
Position: Private Investigator
Richmond is a private investigator. No one knows where he is from, or what his past is. However, his skill as an investigator is unequaled. With a small fee, he could pretty much find out anything about your allies. He helps the Unification Movement by helping the Hero recruit Shu. He then joins the movement after the Hero beats him in a "coin flipping" bet (where Richmond used a weighted coin).

Name: Rico
Origin: Toran
Position: Squire
Rico is the daughter of Sancho. Like her dad, she is the squire, but in her case she is the squire of Fred Maximillian. Although Fred tends to be extremely serious yet haphazard in his approach to finding the "root of evil," Rico believes him with absolute loyalty. She treasures the knighthood badge given to her by Fred. During the Second Fire Bringer War, she accompanies Fred in his search for the "root of evil," which led them to the Destroyers. Naturally, they both joined the Fire Bringer to aid them in their battle against the Destroyers. After the war, Rico continued to support Fred in his quest to vanquish evil.

Name: Ridley Wizen
Origin: Two River
Position: General
Ridley is kobold nobility, and is the General of the Two River Army as well as the leader of the kobold section of Two River. He is highly respected by kobolds in Dunan, and is an extremely fierce general in combat. He was one of the few leaders in the Jowston Alliance who was preparing his soldiers for war, and thus his addition to the Unification Army drastically increased the quality of soldiers. He is somewhat untrusting of humans due to the constant conflicts between the different races within Two River. However, after Two River is attacked by Kiba's 3rd army, he agrees to fight together to protect Two River.
Later on, he participates in a few tactics by the suggestion of Shu. Once he acts like he retreats due to disagreement with how Shu has placed the kobold forces towards the front, but in the next battle, he suddenly attacks the enemy from the rear, which totally surprises Kiba and Klaus. Later on, he is sent for reconnaissance by Shu, but is ambushed by Highland and Harmonian armies. He escapes or is captured by the Highland army and then is set free by Leon Silverberg.
Later on, he may die during the attack on Tinto, and could be replaced by his son,
Boris. However, if he survives, he continues to serve in the Unification Army, and serves in the newly formed Dunan Republic.

Name: Riguel
Origin: Unknown
Position: Mercenary Captain
Riguel is the captain of a mercenary force hired by the Highland Kingdom to invade and capture a border village between Highland and Matilda. He is a wily fellow and a skilled swordsman, who led his low-morale, poorly trained mercenary force with good leadership. When Miklotov confronted him, Riguel laughed at Miklotov, saying that the Matilda Knights were a joke, and Gorudo's policies have ruined the border villages--and that it was better for them to be under Highland rule. Riguel countered Miklotov's attacks with great skill, dodging all of his attacks while delivering powerful blows that Miklotov was barely able to defect. He was disarmed by Miklotov in the end, but managed to escape after Camus used his Rage rune.

Name: Rikie
Origin: Na-Nal Island, Island Nations Federation
Position: Civilian
A woman who lost her husband to the life-consuming Rune of Punishment, Rikie was determined to do anything to ensure that the Rune did not claim another life. She moved to Obel with her son, Rakgi, and became the guardian of the Runes resting place. After meeting Hero4, she decided to stay close to him and joined his ship with Rakgi. After the war, she and Rakgi moved back to their home of Na-Nal.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Rikimaru
Origin: Kaku
Position: Swordsman
Rikimaru is a swordsman in search of vengeance. Someone who was dear to him was killed by someone, and he is looking for the killer. However, he runs out of money and ends up starving at Ryube. He is helped by the Hero, and then joins Viktor's mercenary to keep himself fed. He continues to serve in the Unification Army, and was often seen at Hai Yo's restaurant. After the war, he returns to Kaku.

Name: Ril
Origin: Ralsus Village
Position: Inn maid
Ril is an inn maid in Radat who was born in a small village in southern South Window called Ralsus. Five years before she came to Radat, her village was attacked by Scarlet Moon forces and destroyed. Ril lost all her family during the attack, and vowed revenge to the leader of the forces--a tall man with the "Seven Gem Dragon Sword"--and the soldier who killed her parents--a man with a blue birthmark on his face. By chance, the soldier turns up at the inn in Radat as well as the tall man with the sword--the same sword she recalled from Ralsus. She attacks the tall man--Milan Fiori--and severely wounds him. However, in the end she realizes her wrongs and repents, leaving Radat for good.

Name: Rina
Origin: Grasslands
Position: Fortune Teller
Rina is a fortune teller from the Grasslands, and is the sister of Eilie. Their parents died when she was young, so Rina had to raise Eilie, and thus she has become quite mature for her age. She has been traveling with Eilie as an entertainer for years, and met Bolgan at a circus in Zexen where she and Eilie were guests. Because Bolgan was treated so badly at that circus, she helped him escape, and they have been traveling together since. She joins the Unification Army by coincidence. First, they end up traveling to Kyaro with the Hero and Jowy Atreides when they escape from Victor's mercenaries. After that they travel to Highland through the Tenzan pass, but due to lack of business, they head back towards South Window. At Coronet, her party gets stuck due to Highland's ban on ships from leaving port. There she runs into the Hero, and gets a ride across Lake Dunan. They travel together to South Window, but after South Window is also defeated by the Highland Army, she joins the Unification Army along with Eilie and Bolgan.

Name: Rita
Origin: Unknown
Position: Trickster
Rita is the ancestor of Juppo, Meg, and Belle. She is the creator of the game she named after herself, Ritapon. She loves playing the game with others. She forms a bond with Noah and Rene onboard Hero4s ship and together with them makes a wooden amulet for him. She later started designing a new game to make her even more money.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Rock
Origin: Unknown
Position: Warehouse Keeper
Rock managed the warehouse at Lepant's mansion in Kouan, but when Lepant joined the Liberation Army, he became the Warehouse keeper of the Liberation Army. His dream was to own a huge warehouse and to manage it, and his dream comes true after the war, when he is appointed to manage the inventory of the Toran Republic.

Name: Rody
Origin: Unknown
Position: Sorcerer
Rody is a sorcerer-in-training under Estella. He has excellent talent in many forms of magic, but is incredibly naive, falling prey to his master's pranks at all times. He can be seen doing all sorts of odd activities, such as burying himself in the ground (to increase his affinity with the earth element), as he believes what Estella says is true. He joins the Fire Bringer along with Estella during the Second Fire Bringer War.

Name: Roland Lazarus
Origin: Lukiae Ende Towayo
Position: Knight
Roland Lazarus is one of Zexen's Six Mighty Knights. He is an elf originally from Lukiae Ende Towayo, but has largely forfeited his old ways and is dogmatically immersed into his role as a knight. He has a cold, methodical personality which is in huge contrast with a lot of the other knights. Due to his upbringing, he uses a bow as his main weapon--a rare choice for a knight--and uses lighter armor than other knights.

Name: Ronnie Bell
Origin: Unknown
Position: Soldier
Ronnie Bell was one of the original members of the Toran Liberation Army. She worked under Mose, and helped the Liberation Army prepare the Fire Spears in time for Teo McDohl's attack. She is often referred to as the "giant woman," due to her height. She is also the bearer of the Hate (Flame rune would be a better translation) Rune, and is a powerful warrior as well.

Name: Rosa Atreides
Origin: Unknown
Position: Aristocrat
Rosa Atreides is Jowy Atreides' mother. She is the only blood-relative of Jowy due to the fact that Rosa's current husband, Marcel, is her second husband. She took good care of Jowy, but when Jowy was expelled from the Atreides household by Marcel, she was unable to see him for the last time. After Jowy became the King of Highland, she fled to Harmonia with Marcel.

Name: Rose Fiori
Origin: Gregminster
Position: Aristocrat
Rose Fiori is the wife of Milan Fiori, a noted Scarlet Moon Empire aristocrat. She married into the Fiori family during their prime, but has suffered greatly after the empire's defeat as a result of the Gate Rune Wars. Since then, she has been traveling with her husband through the Dunan Republic to repay all the suffering he has caused during the empire's wars against the Jowston City States. During her travels, Milan is nearly killed by a mysterious attacker. After an investigation by Richmond, it is revealed that, Ril, a young inn maid, was the culprit.

Name: Rosh
Origin: Unknown
Position: Guard
A soldier of the former Scarlet Moon Empire, he was stationed at the Fortress of Kwaba under Ain Gide. When Tir, Gremio, Viktor and Cleo attempted to sneak through the fortress disguised as merchants, Rosh thought he recognized Tir as the fugitive McDohl. However, before Rosh could get a good look, Gremio pretended to be angry at Tir, prompting Ain Gide to address the situation and convince Rosh that Tir was not a fugitive. Under orders of his commander, Rosh allowed the party to pass.
This entry written by TheNeclord.

Name: Roundier Haia
Origin: Kanakan
Position: Sword Master
Master of Falcon Style Fencing and teacher of Anita and Valeria. He gives Falcon runes to all graduates of his fencing school.

Name: Rowd
Origin: Unknown
Position: Captain
Rowd was the captain of the Unicorn Brigade stationed at Kyaro. He has a sister who is blind, and has been trying to take her to a doctor in Toran, but didn't have enough money. To make the necessary money, he tried hard to get promoted, and thus agreed with Luca Blight's plan to destroy the Unicorn Brigade to validate his war. Due to his participation, he was promoted, and during Highland's initial attack on Greenhill, he was chosen as the acting commander for Highland's 2nd Army. However, his siege on Greenhill is defeated by Greenhill's army composed of volunteers and a "fake strategist" (Nash). After Kiba joins the Unification Army, Rowd becomes the commander of what is left of the 3rd army, but doesn't help much in battle. After the war, it is said that he ran south.

Name: Rubi
Origin: Lukiae Ende Towayo
Position: Renegade Archer
Rubi is a renegade elf who left the Elven Village at Lukiae Ende Towayo due to his disgust with the elven ways. After the destruction of the village, he refuses Kirkis' invitation to join the Liberation Army. However, after he realizes how Kirkis has grown to be a fine warrior, he joins the Liberation Army.

Name: Ruby
Origin: Lu Buque
Position: Mantor
Ruby is a mantor owned by Franz. It likes Nash Latkje and is often seen chasing him.

Name: Rulodia
Origin: Tinto Mines
Position: Navy
A kraken who happens to be Abizboah's wife. After joining she will soon have a baby called Chuchara.

Name: Ryuki
Origin: Black Dragon Island
Position: Chef
Ryuki is a member of the Black Dragon Clan. He is ordered to challenge Hai Yo in a cooking match, but he is defeated and kills himself by poison.

Name: Ryuko
Origin: Black Dragon Island
Position: Chef
Ryuki's brother who is also a member of the Black Dragon Clan. He challenges Hai Yo to avenge his brother's death, but he is defeated and also kills himself by poison.