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Name: Feather
Origin: Valley of the Winds
Position: Griffon
This griffon is quite powerful, for he carries a special rune all of its own. He is very strong as well, and could hold out for quite some time in battle. During the Dunan Unification War, however, he was being attacked by local griffons. Outnumbered, he ended up flying into the Forest Village. Not understanding the situation, the villagers thought griffons were attacking them. Only through the defiant action of Ayda, Feather was not killed by the villagers, and soon joins the New Allied Army along with Ayda.

Name: Fitcher
Origin: Muse
Position: Mayor
He acts like a fool, but that is only an act to deceive others into underestimating him. In reality, he is a pretty sharp guy, and he also has an interesting ability to sleep with his eyes open. He was a diplomat in the City of Muse in the onset of the Dunan Unification War, but after the war, he became the mayor of the city.

Name: The Flame Champion
Origin: Grassland
Position: Leader of the original Fire Bringer
The Flame Champion's real name is still unknown. He was the hero who saved Grasslands from Harmonia's conquering ambitions during the first Fire Bringer War. Initially, it was apparent that the Grasslands would fall to Harmonia in no time, due to the attacks from powerful Harmonian battalions. However, one hero stood out. Known as the Flame Champion, this man led a group called the Fire Bringer. Starting with small attacks, they eventually united the entire Grasslands against the Harmonian forces. The Flame Champion possessed the True Fire Rune. Rumor has it that he stole this very True Rune from the Harmonians themselves in Crystal Valley.

The Flame Champion led the Fire Bringers and the Grassland forces through countless victories against the Harmonians. Soon, his name was spread far and wide. However, in one particular battle, the Flame Champion's True Fire Rune went out of control, resulting in a tremendous explosion. Many perished in the blast, including both Grassland and Harmonian forces. Thereafter, it is said that Harmonia signed a secret agreement with the Flame Champion, which stated that Harmonia would not invade Grasslands for the next 50 years.

After the First Fire Bringer War, the Flame Champion apparently disappeared. The only ones that knew his whereabouts were his wife Sana, Chief of the Chisha Clan and his two friends, Wyatt Lightfellow and Geddoe. The Flame Champion was believed to have chosen to live a normal life with his beloved Sana and thus sealed his True Fire Rune using a secret Sindar technique.
This entry written by Kobold

Name: Flare En Kuldes
Origin: Kingdom of Obel, Island Nations Federation
Position: Princess
Daughter of Lino En Kuldes, this brave princess patrolled the high seas for bandits. Her mother was once the bearer of the Rune of Punishment and perished because of it. The only memento Flare had of her mother was a music box. When the Kooluk forces invaded the kingdom, Flare decided to stay behind to give her people hope while her father fled to the seas. With the help of Setsu, Gary, and his wife Ema, she managed to keep her people out of harms way. When Lino En Kuldes tried to reclaim his kingdom, Flare followed orders in a letter from Elenor Silverberg and took over a Kooluk Ship.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Flik
Origin: Warrior's Village
Position: Mercenary
Flik was born in the Warrior's Village in the Lorimar region of Toran. Following the tradition of the village, he was raised to become a warrior. Thus, he trained his skills in both sword and magic, showing talent in both disciplines. However, he has always felt restricted by the customs of the village, and upon venturing out for his "Trial of Manhood," he has left the village for good.

Since then, Flik has lived as a mercenary, going from one conflict to another--honing his skills. During his travels, he meets Odessa Silverberg by chance and rescues her from imperial soldiers using his lightning rune--along with his blue attired, this ends up being the reason why he became known as "Blue Lightning Flik." He falls in love with Odessa immediately and joins her struggle, being one of the first members of the Toran Liberation Army.

Soon he becomes the vice-commander as well as the boyfriend of Odessa, helping her run thr group but at the same time hindering the progress of the movement through his hot temper and insecurity. This showed in his reluctance to accept Viktor and Tir McDohl as members of the Toran Liberation Army.

After the rebel's hideout was raided and Odessa killed in the process, Flik wandered Toran not knowing of Odessa's death. He collected dispersed rebel soldiers and lead them to the Toran Lake Castle. There he learns of Odessa's death and the fact that Tir is the new leader. Angered by loss and change in leadership, Flik leaves with his soldiers, but reconsiders after speaking with Tir. After joining forces, however, his hot temper makes him strong-arm an attack onto Scarleticia Castle belonging to Milich Oppenheimer. The attack lead to a dismal defeat for the Toran Liberation Army.

Later on, Flik starts to mature, realizing he still has much to learn. He supports Tir McDohl in all ways and becomes an important member of the Toran Liberation Army. In the final battle, he shields Tir from an arrow, using his body as a shield. He then fights off soldiers with Viktor until Tir runs away. Everyone thought Flik and Viktor perished after the palace crumbled, but in actuality, they escaped alive, gathering rebel soldiers and organizing a new mercenary force. With this new force, Flik and Viktor moved to Dunan by the invitation of Muse Mayor, Anabelle.

There they are asked to protect eastern Muse, which remained fairly unprotected from Highland attacks. Thus, Flik and Viktor built a fortress in the area to protect surrounding villages. The fort managed to be a deterrence against a Highland invasion for a few years, and the peace accord initiated by Agares Blight seemed to make the fort obsolete.

However, the peace accord shattered in the advent of the Dunan Unification War, forcing the mercenaries to act. They manage to hold out against the Highland Kingdom for a while, but they were crushed by the White Wolf Army lead by Luca Blight himself. Flik managed to escape, and regrouped with remnants of the mercenaries at Muse City, where the mercenaries held off against another attack by Highland general Solon Jhee. However, mercenary member Jowy Atreides betrays Muse and murders Anabelle, forcing Flik to retreat yet again--this time to South Window. While in South Window, the city is attacked and falls easily with a suddender by Granmeyer. Flik flees to the old Northwindow Ruins along with remnants of the mercenary forces and citizens who escaped South Window. There, with the heroic effort of Riou and the strategy of Shu, the rag-tag army manage to defeat Solon Jhee's army. Since then, Flik participated in many campaigns and quests for the New Allied Army, acting as an experienced member of the army's leadership.

After the war, it is said Flik traveled around with Viktor, fighting in wars such as the Higheast Rebellion, and saving Edge's sister from a vampire. His current status is unknown.

Name: Franz
Origin: Lu Bouqe
Position: Mantor Rider
A mantor rider captain from the village of Lu Buque, Franz is known for his hot temper and stone-headed will to have Harmonia grant second-class citizen status to Lu Buque. Due to the fact that he was raised in Crystal Valley as a part of Harmonia's social assimilation program, Franz has been taunted by fellow Lu Buqians constantly. However, he peresvered and became Lu Buque's best mantor rider. He also recieved the loving support of his girlfriend Iku, which pulled him through tough times.

During the Second Fire Bringer War, Franz led the mantor riders to fight against the Grasslanders at Chisya village. Although other mantor riders insisted that the Flame Champion would save them, Franz remained skeptical that anyone would save them. However, later on, the whole village of Lu Buque was kidnapped by Luc, and Franz flies alone to Budehuc castle to get help from the Fire Bringers. The Fire Bringer successfuly rescue the villagers, and Franz joins forces with the Fire Bringer. After the war, he returned to Lu Buque to work harder for second class citizen status.

Name: Frederica
Origin: Scarlet Moon Empire
Position: Archer
This serious woman appeared in Razril in search of Graham Cray. She originates from the vanished village which was once on the border of the Scarlet Moon Empire and Kooluk. She suspects that Graham Cray was behind the disappearance of the village and is set out to find him. Even after the demise of Graham Cray, she is unsatisfied because her homeland was still in a state of turmoil and so she returned there to try and resolve the tension between the two nations surrounding it.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Fred Maximillian
Origin: Toran Republic
Position: Knight Captain
Fred ie the capatain of the Maximillian Knights, which consists of himself and his squire, Rico. He inherited his name from his grandfather, Maximillian. During the Second Fire Bringer War, he wanders the Grasslands looking for "The root of evil." He gets involved with the war after being somehow sucked into the Grasslander's battle against the Harmonians at Chisha village, and remained with the Fire Bringer ever since. After the war, he continued on with his quest.

Name: Freed Yamamoto
Origin: South Window
Position: Aide to Granmayer
He is the husband of Yoshino and aide to Granmayer, mayor of South Window. He is very average in everything he does but he has a very serious personality. He takes his duty to the boot. Freed respected Granmeyer very much, and was devasteted upon hearing that he was executed. After the war, Freed refuses to become the mayor of South Window, and instead lives happily with his wife, Yoshino.

Name: Fubar
Origin: Unknown
Position: Griffin
Fubar was a baby when he was found with a caravan that was raided by the Karaya Tribe. He was brought to the Karaya Village, and became friends with Hugo. Although elders thought this would be dangerous, and tried to sell Fubar away, Fubar proved his worth by saving Hugo from a pack of wolves. Since then Hugo and Fubar became virtually inseperable, and was seen at Hugo's side during the entire Second Fire Bringer War, often serving as Hugo's mount.

Name: Fukien
Origin: Qlon
Position: Head Monk
He is the Head Monk of Qlon Temple. Back when he was in the Liberation Wars, he was the only person capable of using the Resurrection Rune, so he used to be quite useful, but now that rune is quite widely available. However, Fukien is quite wise, so he would be useful nevertless.

Name: Fuma
Origin: Unknown
Position: Ninja
He is a ninja unrelated to Rokkaku. No one knows why he was hiding behind the Dragon's Den, but he must have had a good reason to be standing behind that building for all that time. He is obviously useful in espionage, etc.

Name: Funghi
Origin: Razril, Island Nations Federation
Position: Cook
He was the cook in charge of Commander Glens meals. After the commanders death, he continued serving meals to the Knights of Gaien. After Razril was liberated, he joined his friend Hero4 onboard his ship and started cooking for the army. After the war, he returned to Razril and continued his cooking.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Fu Su Lu
Origin: Unknown
Position: Fighter
He wears a tiger's mask and wields two axes. He is a very powerful fighter, and he eats a lot as well!

Name: Fu Tan Chen
Origin: Unknown
Position: Host
The host of the cooking match between Hai Yo and his challenger. He makes some pretty smart comments about the judges--he must be pretty brave!

Name: Futch
Origin: Dragon's Den
Position: Ex-Dragon Knight Apprentice
He used to be among the ranks of the Dragon Knights but was banished due to the death of his dragon, Black. Since then he has been traveling with Humphrey, heading towards "the One Temple" in Crystal Valley. He is also the guardian of the baby dragon, Bright, that he found on Mt. Rakutei.
During the Second Fire Bringer War, Milia orders Futch to find and aid the Fire Bringer in their war against Harmonia. After briefly searching Caleria for Milia's daughter, Sharon, he officially joins the Fire Bringer. After the war, Futch is promoted to a dragon knight of the 3rd Rank.
This entry written by Lebenengel.