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Name: Nameless Urn
Classification: Antique
Owner: Various
An urn made by an anonymous master. Although its quality can not be disputed, no appraiser has been able to identify its nature due to the master potter's total anonymity. During the Gate RUne Wars, Jabba promised he would join the Toran Liberation Army if Tir McDohl brought him something he can not appraise. Tir brought Jabba this nameless urn, which Jabba was unable to appraise, resulting in his recruitment.

Name: Nanami's Vase
Classification: Antique
Owner: Nanami
A vase made by Nanami, which doesn't quite look like a vase. When sold to the item shop, it fetches a hefty 1 potch. This displays Nanami's total lack of artistic talent.

Name: Narcissists
Classification: Race (?)
Owner: Milich Oppenheimer, Vincent Du Boule, Esmeralda, Simone Verdricci, Augustine Nabor, Gordon
A group of individuals known for their dilettante, bon vivant lifestyle in the Suikoden world. They can often be identified by their flambouyant clothing or dramatic gestures. Most of the time they are members of the nobility, living off of their estate and indulging in their hobbies. They have a very unique sense of friendship, and once a person is accepted as a "bosom friend," they will go to lengths to be at their aid.

Name: Necre
Classification: Tradition
Owner: Winghordes
Necre is a liquid applied by Winghordes on their wings to repel insects. Without this, their fleshy wings tend to get eaten by parasites. Although Winghordes are used to it, Necre has a very strong smell due to it being made from fish-heads. This liquid is also known as "wing water."

Name: Newleaf Academy
Classification: Academy
Owner: Greenhill City, Alen Wisemail, Alec Wisemail, Teresa Wisemail
A school located in the city of Greenhill. It is known for providing excellent education in many disciplines, such as rune mastery, black smithing, appraisals, etc. Students come from beyond DUnan to attend this academy.

The school was created as the Grandleaf Academy in the year ****YEAR**** by Alen Wisemail as a part of the Muse Principality. Eventually, the academy insisted that the school should be separated from the state and thus Greenhill gained independence from Muse. Eventually it became its own principality, joining the Jowston Alliance as an independent city-state. At the same time, the name of the academy was changed to Newleaf Academy.

Name: Night Rune
Classification: One of the 27 True Runes
Owner: Star Dragon Sword, Viktor, Edge
One of the 27 true runes which allows "creatures of the night" to exist. ""Creatures of the night" refer to the unded, such as skeletons, zombies, ghouls, ghosts, and vampires. Due to the fact that this rune allows their existence, it also has the power to destroy them without a trace. Konami has stated both that the Night Rune takes the form of the Star Dragon Sword AND that the Night Rune is attached to the holt of the sword. There has never been a very clear statement concerning the nature of the Night Rune.

Name: Ninja
Classification: Profession
Owner: hanzo, Hien, Mondo, Kasumi, Fuma, Kage, Sasuke, Ayame, Watari
A group of professional warriors known for their stealth, speed, and skill. In the Suikoden world, ninjas generally come from either Rokkaku or from the Kage clan. The ninjas in Rokkaku are known as being indepenent from other nations, sheltered in a hidden village bewteen Dunan and Toran. Their group has a strict caste system, where ninjas are born into lower, middle, or higher ninja families. Although older ninjas tend to be respected regardless of caste, lower or middle ninjas can never become a leader within the Rokkaku community. For example, although Sasuke is from a high caste, he is still inferior to Mondo, a middle caste ninja, due to the age difference. However, Sasuke would one day have greater status than Mondo due to his caste.

In contrast, the Kage group was directly employed by the Highland Kingdom. Although they served the kingdom, the relation was dry, based purly on money. In the kage clan, money was the only reason for loyalty, and it was considered foolish to have any other reason to swear loyalty. At times, clan members ventured beyond the Highland Kingdom for work, accepting employment as long as they were paid. After the Highland Kingdom was defeated, the Kage clan simply shifted its employer to the Dunan Republic. Watari was a rare sample of a ninja who remained loyal to the Highland throne, and thus became a fugitive.

In rare cases, there are ninjas who are not affiliated with both Rokkaku and the Kage, such as Fuma. Fuma, however, was later accepted into Rokkaku after the Gate Rune Wars.