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Name: Lake Pirates
Classification: Bandits
Owner:Anji, Kanak, Leonardo
A group of pirates led by Anji in Lake Toran. The group came into being after Anji gave up his trading business due to his disgust of the rediculous taxes imposed by the empire. He managed to create an effective pirate force, concentrating his piracy on imperial convoys. His force grew in size in proportion to the deterioration of the Scarlet Moon Empire, and managed to suqare-off against the Scarlet Moon Navy.

During the Gate Rune Wars, the lake pirates kept Sonya Shulen's forces occupied, and made it impossible for her to launch attacks in the Toran Liberation Army.

Name: Lion Banner
Classification: Banner
Owner: Mercenary's Fortress, Viktor
A banner made by Viktor for his mercenary force. It was used for only a short time though, and most of the mercenaries thought the "lion" on the banner was a bear.

Name: Lion's Tooth Inn
Classification: Landmark
Owner: South Window, Zamji
An inn in South Window run by Zamji. The name is named after the Black Lion Brigade, the elite South Window force Zamji used to be a member of.
After Northwindow was destroyed by Neclord, Viktor was hired to take care of odds and ends in the inn. It was then used as a regular meeting place for Viktor, Anabelle, and Zamji during their investigation of Northwindow's destruction.

Name: Listening Crystal
Classification: Rare Rune
Owner: Badeaux
A rune crystal that can be used to understand and communicate with beasts. This was used by Riou to communicate with Sigfried, Feather, and Abizboah (and possibly Rulodia) during the Dunan Unification War. The rune crystal is peculiar because it disintegrates once it is used.

Name: Litany of Evanescence
Classification: Magic
Owner: Sierra Mikain
A sacred verse uttered by the master or mistress of a vampire coven. This litany has the power of destroying another vampire from that coven. The power is inherent to the coven master/mistress, and none other are able to utter this with the desired effect. Sierra uttered this litany to destroy Rean Penenberg during their confrontation in southern Highland.

Name: Lizards
Classification: Race
Owner: Zepon, Dupa, Shiba, Bazuba
A race of lizardman known for their bloodlust. Their habitat is mainly in Grassland, although another group seems to exist in the south. In Grassland, they have formed one of the Six Clans, housed in the Great Hollow. They are known for their exceptional strength and quick temper. They also value honor and respect, making their society rife with protocol. Haughty and ruthless in battle, they are sometimes simple-minded and show little understanding of military tactics.

Name: Lycanthrope
Classification: Race
Owner: Bob
A group of humans with the power to shapeshift into an animal form. Lycanthropes are rare in the Suikoden world with the exception of Harmonia, where many lycanthropes live dismal lives in the "non-human" caste. They had a village located in Grassland, but it was annihilated by Windy.