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Name: Badeaux
Origin: Unknown
Position: Beast Master
Badeaux is a quiet solitary man who trusts animals more than humans, and has been known to frequent the forest path between Greenhill and the Matilda. Badeaux is the owner of the unique Howling Rune, and has the extraordinary gift of being able to train and understand animals. During the Dunan Unification War he gives Riou two mysterious Listening Runes that enabled Riou to understand animals. After the war ends he remains in the army as a beastmaster. It is also rumored that he has a good friend-- a bear who lives near Greenhill.
This entry written by Neclord.

Name: Bang
Origin: Island Nations
Position: Lottery Vendor
This old man lived among the Nay-Kobolds in the Nay-Kobold settlement, owning his own lottery store. He appeared to be allergic to the Nay-kobold and also his business was not doing as well as he had hoped and so he asks Hero4 if he may open a store onboard his ship. When his request is accepted, he did not waste any time in opening the store. He is often seen staring at Jeane, who has a store across from his (because he thinks she must be very cold wearing so little clothes). After the war, he decided to open a new store in Nay, this time among the humans.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Barbara
Origin: North Window
Position: Quartermaster
Along with Viktor, she is one of the few who survived Neclord's massacre of North Window. Interestingly she has the history of having been divorced, wonder what that was all about? She helped Viktor after he was nearly killed by Neclord following the destruction of North Window.

Name: Barbarossa Rugner
Origin: Gregminster
Position: Emperor
Nicknamed the "Golden Emperor," Barbarossa Rugner rose to power during the Succession War with the help of his generals Kasim Hazil, Milich Oppenheimer, Kwanda Rossman, Kilawher Shulen, Teo McDohl, Georg Prime, and strategist Leon Silverberg. Barbarossa's wife Claudia died while escaping Geil Rugner's forces during this time. He later met Windy, a court magician, and it was rumored that he was in love with her, but only for her resemblance to his late wife. Using this to her advantage, Windy corrupted the Scarlet Moon Empire and soon Barbarossa lost the faith of his subordinates including the very men who fought to put him in power. His empire was soon conquered by the Liberation Army formed by Odessa Silverberg and later led by Tir McDohl. During the final battle against Tir, Barbarossa used his true rune-- the Sovereign Rune-- to transform himself into a three headed golden dragon. He was ultimately defeated and leapt from the Hanging Gardens of Gregminster palace with the court magician Windy and has not been seen since. His current whereabouts are unknown, although it is assumed that he has perished.
This entry written by Neclord.

Name: Bartholomew
Origin: Unknown
Position: Fugitive
This fugitive is on the run from Kooluk forces because he attacked one of their ships near Iluya and now has a reward of 100,000 potch on his head. He claims he has bad luck and tends to avoid people so his luck does not have an effect on them. He went into hiding in the Nay-Kobold settlement until Hero4 found him and persuaded him to join. He is an animal lover and also loves carving birds and animals out of spare wood. After the war, he decides to journey to the Queendom of Falena in search for battle.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Bartz
Origin: Iksay
Position: Farmer
A young farmer with undying passion for growing good tomatoes, Bartz loses his crops when Grasslanders attack and torch his fields. However, he held no grudge and happily offered to help the Fire Bringers, provided much-needed foodstuff for the army at Budehuc Castle. He truly loves his crops, and is sometimes seen talking to them. Due to his good looks, he is popular with some of the girls in the Fire Bringers.

Name: Bashok
Origin: Unknown
Position: Chef
The father of Mamie, he is Hai Yo's friend. However, to get the money he needs to buy Mamie's medicine, he has sided with Gyokuran. He was later defeated by Hai Yo and repented, deciding to raise money for his daughter through hard work instead of aiding the treachery of Gyokuran.

Name: Basil
Origin: Unknown
Position: Sculptor
The sculptor who created the golden goddess statue in Gregminster. The statue was designed with Empress Claudia as the model.

Name: Basil
Origin: Razril
Position: Gambler
This young gambler is one of Hero4E#060;/a>'s friends on Razril. After Razril was liberated from Kooluk, he decided to join his friend on his ship and gamble with the people onboard the ship. After staying a while on Nay Island, he became a merchant.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Bazba
Origin: Great Hollow
Position: Lizard Fighter
Bazba is a lizard fighter who served the Lizard Clan chief along with Shiba. He is said to be the most handsome Lizard in the Great Hollow, whom many female lizards are after. Being smaller in stature, Bazba tends to be less bulky than his fellow lizard counterparts, and thus focuses less on the raw power that most lizards tend to develop to. Yet, this does not compromise his ability with the Gride as a competent Lizard fighter. He even possesses a fair amount of runic magic, which is something most lizards shun. Owning a rare Cyclone rune, Bazbas skills with magic can prove to be useful along with his warrior skills in battle.
This entry written by Kobold

Name: Beachum
Origin: Karaya
Position: Unknown
A member of the Karaya Clan who has been a close confidant of chief Lucia for decades. During the Dunan Unification War, he stayed behind so Lucia can retreat during the Allied Army's siege on Highland-occupied Muse. Because Lucia's son, Hugo, had no father, Beachum became his surrogate father figure (although he has his own family). Despite his old age, he is an effective warrior due to his experience--his battle scars are a testament to that fact. During the Second Fire Bringer War, Beachum was always at Lucia's side, fighting furiously against those who harm his clan.

Name: Belle
Origin: Unknown
Position: Trickster
The daughter of Meg who followed in her mother's footsteps and became a Trickster. She has been living on her own since Meg dashed off with a new trick idea after being struck by lightning. She has been searching for her mother since then with Gadget Z. During the Second Fire Bringer War, Gadget Z broke down at Brass Castle due to a missing bolt. A member of the Fire Bringers found the bolt for her, leading her to join the Fire Bringers. She develops a crush for Hugo while at Budehuc Castle.

Name: Beril
Origin: Kingdom of Dunan
Position: Monarch
The 3rd King of the Monarchy of Dunan. Under his guidance, the Monarchy of Dunan came to full bloom.

Name: Bergen
Position: General
Bergen was a general in the Scarlet Moon Empire. During the Succession War, he sided with Geil Rugner and protected the fortress of Kwaba. In the final battle of the war, he led his cavalry and helped Schmidt fight Teo, but he lost and died in battle.

Name: Bernand
Origin: Kingdom of Dunan
Position: King
Bernand was the first Lord of the Monarchy of Dunan.

Name: Bianca
Origin: Radat
Position: Cat
A cat owned by Richmond. Because she looked so ugly, her owner threw her away, and Richmond took her in.

Name: Black
Dragon's Den
Position: Dragon
A dragon who was bonded with Futch. He was very close to Futch, but when Futch went on a reckless mission to Barbarossa's hanging gardens, Black was struck by Windy's magic. Black fell from the sky and acted as a cushion to keep Futch alive, but Black himself died from the fall. His liver was then used to cure the rest of the dragons of Windy's sleeping sickness.

Name: Blackman
Origin: Kalekka
Position: Farmer
He is a farmer from Kalekka. His ability to grow crops, along with Zen, helped the Toran Liberation army's ability to be self-sufficient.

Name: Bob
Origin: Grasslands
Position: Werewolf
Bob originated from the Village of Lycanthropes located in the Grassland. However, his village was mercilessly destroyed by the Sorceress Windy. Bob was (possibly) the only survivor. It is not clearly known if there are any more Lycanthropes around. Contrary to popular belief, his Rabid Fang Rune does not allow him to take his werewolf form. Instead, it works the opposite way by helping him maintain his human looks. When the power of the rune weakens, or when he wishes for it to be, he will resume his true form as a werewolf, gaining formidable physical prowess. After his village was destroyed, Bob had always wished to be part of a community. He often watches people having fun from behind trees and walls. During the Dunan Unification Wars, he stayed together with the Kobolds in Two River and finally joined Riou after he felt that he could place his trust in Riou as many others have.
This entry written by Kobold

Name: Bolgan
Origin: Zexen
Position: Fire-Breather
He was a member of a circus and was involved in fire breathing acts. Bolgan was sold to the circus to pay of debts, and was treated badly. Rina and Eilie met him in the circus, and urged him to escape. But being the honest and true person that he was, Bolgan wanted to repay his debts. Eventually, he did leave the circus and travelled with Eilie and Rina as travelling performers. Eilie and Rina calls him big brother although he isnt really older than them. Although he may seem to be slightly mentally challenged, Bolgan enjoys studying, and is seen spending a lot of time in the Library in Northwindow Castle during the Dunan Unification Wars. After the war, Bolgan enrolled in the Greenhill academy while Eilie and Rina continued travelling.
This entry written by Kobold

Name: Bonaparte
Position: Pet
Bonaparte is a strange, eight-eyed creature that is kept as a pet by Millie. Virtually everything about it is unknown, including where it was found, why it can change size, and why it can suddenly become hostile. Bonaparte's relationship with Millie is even stranger, as she is often seen sleeping inside of its mouth.
This entry written by Lebenengel.

Name: Bora Atkins
Origin: Sindar
Position: Alchemist
The person who invented the study of Alchemy. It is said that he was a Sindar engineer.

Name: Boris Wizen
Kobold District, Two River
Position: General
Boris Wizen is the son of Ridley Wizen, the commander of the Kobold district's armed forces in Two River City. He was training in the Nameless Lands when his father joined Riou's cause, but comes to the army's aid when Ridley is killed by zombies in Tinto. Compared to Ridley, Boris is reserved and collected.
This entry written by Lebenengel.

Name: Borons
Origin: Unknown
Position: Merchant
Borons is a merchant who happened to be at the "Lavender Village Inn" at Radat when Milan Fiori was attacked by an unknown assailant. Richmond investigates the case and finds out that Borons showed great interest in buying Milan's sword. However, Borons is quickly removed from the list of suspects after Richmond concludes that Borons wouldn't have had any reason to try and kill Milan.

Name: Borus Redrum
Origin: Vinay Del Zexay
Position: Knight
Born in a wealthy family, Borus was raised without anything lacking in his life. As a result, he grew up somewhat spoiled and naive. He is a very passionate fighter, and thus it was natural for him to become a Zexen Knight. After joining the knights, he became friends with Percival Fraulein and Leo Galan. He soon starts hearing about a powerful female knight called Chris Lightfellow, and once he meets her he develops a crush. When Captain Galahad fell in battle during a battle with the Lizard and Karaya Clans, Borus followed in Chris's lead, slaying many lizards. Due to this, he became one of the six honorable knights of Zexen.
During the Second Fire Bringer War, Borus is influenced by the sorceress Sarah's magic to be filled with hatred, causing him to go on a murderous rampage in the Karaya Village. He himself did not understand what has possessed him to act in such a way, but he was awakened from his blind fury by the help of Geddoe.Since then he is tormented by what he has done until the end of the war, but nevertheless continues to help Chris as a valuable asset to the Zexen forces.

Name: Brandeau
Origin: Unknown
Position: Pirate
A legendary pirate who was once associated with Kika under the banner of the Pirate King Edgar. However, Edgar was killed during a battle with the previous owner of the Rune of Punishment, and the rune chose Brandeau as its next host. After the Rune of Punishment chose Brandeau as its bearer, Brandeau started changing and later completely isolated himself with his previous clue. He attacked the Knights of Razril on several occasions and lost his life to the rune in one of the attempts.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Branky
Origin: Unknown
Position: Hand Puppet
Branky is a black, big-bad-wolf-like puppet Mel carries about with. He is loud mouthed, and says rude things in front of strangers. Mel often has to punish him for being rude by repeatedly smashing his face against a wall. Branky will than beg for forgiveness, but yet often resumes his rude talking the moment Mel stops wacking him. Since Mel claims to possess no ventriloquistic skills, Branky's true nature is a total mystery. His head is also probably very hard since it resists all of Mels violent wall smashing, and is even used by Mel as a weapon to pummel a variety of enemies in battle. Branky also has an amazing ability to spew forth flames when Mel uses a unique rune in battle.
This entry written by Kobold

Name: Brec
Origin: Unknown
Position: Pirate
Often seen alongside the pirate, Jango, this filthy pirate is rude and unwashed. Regardless, he was still a famous pirate on the seas of the Island Nations. He enjoys eating and loves the food on Hero4E#060;/a>'s ship. He is sometimes seen throwing a tantrum when his meal is not satisfactory. He continues being a pirate after the war, taking joy in mopping up remnants of the Cray Merchant Guild.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Bright
Origin: Mt. Rakutei
Position: Dragon
Bright is a rare white dragon born outside the Dragon's Den. It is traditionally very rare for dragons to be found outside the domain of the Dragon Knights, and when they do they become renegade dragons, terrifying surrounding villages. Bright was found by Futch and Humphrey Mintz just as he was hatching from his egg. Because of that, he never became a renegade dragon, and became the prime reason why Futch was allowed to rejoin the Dragon Knights following his loss of his previous dragon, Black. Since then, Bright has been with Futch, and was even seen participating in the Second Fire Bringer War.

Name: Brown
Position: Captain of the Guards
Brown was the captain of the Budehuc Castle guards. It is uncertain when he died, but it seems to have taken place a short while before his daughter, Cecile, officially took his place with the blessing of Salome Haras. His armor continues to be used by his daughter.

Name: Butz
Position: Innkeeper
Owner of an Inn in the Harmonian mountain village of Marid. He is the father of Jonah. When the village was attacked by a stray dragon, he led the men of the village to fight against the dragon. However, he was told by Humphrey and Nash to stay away. Later he discovered that his daughter was abducted by the dragon. He paid Nash, Humphrey, Sheena, Oulan, and Futch to rescue his daughter.