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Name: Edgar
Origin: Island Nations
Position: Pirate King
Edgar the "Pirate King" was a notirious and charismatic pirate who ruled the seas of what later becomes the Island Nations. He had powerful friends such as Kika and Brandeau (and was Kika's lover). However, one day he encounters an enemy pirate who had the Rune of Punishment. Edgar was killed by this pirate, which results in Brandeau getting the Rune of Punishment.

Name: Edge
Origin: Unknown
Position: Vampire Hunter
Edge grew up in a small village with his older sister. Once day, a vampire attacked thie village, taking his sister away. It was then that Viktor and Flik came by the village by chance. Upon hearing the plight of the village, Flik and Viktor agreed to help. Edge insisted that he would go with them, and Viktor and Flik agreed to take him. It was then that Viktor allowed Edge to wield the Star Dragon Sword, and Edge successfully dispatched the vampire using it, saving his sister. Viktor and Flik wandered away, saying Edge can borrow the Star Dragon Sword. Since then, Edge has been travelling the world in search of other vampires.

During the Second Fire Bringer War, Edge runs out of money at Lu Buque and decides to make money by challenging people to duels. Unfortunatelly he meets his match, and is forced to enter the Fire Bringers. He participates in the war until its end, and then continues on with his travels.

Name: Eike
Origin: Unknown
Position: Librarian
Eike is an eccentric librarian living at Budehuc Castle. No one is quite sure how long he has lived at Budeduc, and some think he is not human. He is extremely silent, and prefers to spend his time alone in the dungeon reading books. He is highly educated however, and is a living almanac. To other denizens of the castle he is a pure mystery.

Name: Eikei
Origin: Antei
Position: Mercenary
A highly powerful fighter. Combined with other bare-fisted fighters like Pahn, he could unleash some hellish attacks. He is also the bearer of the rare "Lion Cub Rune" that allows its user to summon monsters within a designated area. Eikei uses this rune to train himself and anyone else who wishes to prove their skill.

Name: Eileen
Origin: Rikon
Position: First Lady
She is the mother of Sheena and wife of Lepant. She was once kidnapped by Captain Kraze of Scarlet Moon, but thanks to Lepant and McDohl, she was saved. Some say she has the real power in Toran because Lepant can not talk back to her.

Name: Eilie
Origin: Grasslands
Position: Knife Thrower
She is the younger sister of Rina. She has traveled very much and her skill with her knife is quite astounding. She is no match with her sister in the love department though, because although she seems to like Riou she is unable to express her feelings.

Name: Elaine
Origin: Unknown
Position: 14th Harmonian Border Guard
A member of the 14th Harmonian Border Guard who has had an on-off relatinship with Duke. Elaine has been a member of the border guards for a while, and has had some episodes with Ace of the 12th Border Guards. She also considers Queen to be a rival, and causes a scene every time she encounters the 12th unit. She is the healer/wizard of the group, but she is also adept with a sword, making her an extremely versatile fighter. She participates in the Second Fire Bringer War for a while, and after the war she ends up marrying Duke.

Name: Elenor Silverberg
Origin: Scarlet Moon Empire
Position: Strategist
Elenor Silverberg was the former strategist of the Scarlet Moon Empire with Graham Cray as her subordinate. She tried to warn the Empire of the attacks the Imperials posing as Kooluk soldiers were committing, but was instead ridiculed and banished from the empire. She retreated to a small island where she spent the rest of her days with her new apprentice, Agnes and also had some connections with the pirate Kika. Kika asked Elenor to meet with Hero4, and she did as a favor. She tested Hero4 to see how determined and strong he was and decided to join him and offer her strategies to his cause. She later decided to remain in Fort El-Eal as it came down, killing her and Graham Cray.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Eliza Windamier
Origin: L'Renouille
Position: General's Wife
She is the wife of Kiba and mother of Klaus. She hails from a powerful family within the Highland Kingdom. Due to that fact, she was not executed when Kiba and Klaus betrayed Highland. Eliza is very frail and is often bedridden, and it is said that Klaus's looks comes from her.

Name: Ellie
Origin: Banner
Position: Innkeeper
Ellie is an innkeeper at Banner and takes care of Kou. She is known to have taken care of McDohl when he was visiting Banner.

Name: Eliot
Origin: Vinay Del Zexay
Position: Child
A boy from Vinay Del Zexay who is a member of the child's role-play St. Loa's Knights along with Alanis and Melville. Although he is chubby and slow, he has a keen sense of smell, which he can use to find treasure. He joins the Fire Bringer along with Melville and Alanis after his mother decides to move to Budehuc Castle.

Name: Elza
Origin: Sajah
Position: Knight Class Gunner
Elza was born in Sajah, but her parents were poor and thus she was sold when she was five years old. Agents of the Howling Voice Guild spotter her on sale and saw that she had talent, thus she was bought by them. Having entered the HVG, she endured unimaginable training. She was among the only three childeren who lived to see the "day of adulthood" which happens when HVG members turn 15 years old. The other two were Clive and Kelly. The three of them were best friends, but unlike Elza, Clive and Kelly were born in "The Tower" (HVG) and raised there. She sometimes envied them for not having to remember the warmth of family. The three got along very well even though death was all around them. Most HVG members tend to go insane or become silent due to the intense and never-ending training. The three of them yet remained good friends, and lovers.

However, when it became time for them to take the trial for becoming "Knight Class Gunners," they all passed. This shocked the guild elders, because it was rare that even one gunner enter the Knight Class/year, and this time there were three, and all of the gunners that passed the trial were apprentices under Master Sauro, who was one of the elders. The elders, afraid of affecting the balance of power, appointed Kelly as the Guildmaster... It was custom in the guild to appoint a new Knight Class Gunner as guild master and later accept them into the ranks of the Elders. The Elders chose Kelly because he probably seemed the easiest to manipulate, and indeed he changed. Clive and Elza became increasingly weary of the changes happening to Kelly as he turned into a powermonger.

One day Kelly called Elza to the deepest chambers within the Tower. Elza was taken to the guild's holy of holies. There Kelly told Elza to hold a long barreled "gun" (Sturm) and pull the trigger. Elza did this with no trouble, and Elza recalles the sad face Kelly made when she did this.
A few days later Elza was asked by Kelly for a duel. This was apparently set up by the elders. Although Kelly was the Guild Master, the guild's coveted gun, Sturm, refused him, but allowed Elza to hold it. Thus, the two had to fight a duel. Mond and Stern were brought forth, and Kelly chose Mond and Elza chose Stern.
After the ritual prayers of dueling were said by both of us, shots were exchanged... or actually only Elza's un was fired. Kelly's gun, Mond was loaded wth blanks.
Elza immediately rushed to Kelly. He said, "I loved you and Clive from the botton of my heart." and died. Elza took both guns and escaped because she figured out what the enders were up to. They were planning to blame her for tampering with Mond and "purge" her. As she ran away, she realized that all doors were unlocked, even the main gate from the tower was opened. Apparently Kelly ordered his men to keep the doors unlocked. "He knew what was going to happen." Elza says.

Since then, Elza has been running away, but she lives in comfort knowing that Clive will always be a certainty in her life. He will someday end her life for her, she says. In fact, that became a reality during the Dunan Unification War. Clive joins the Allied Forces and was able to trace Elza with the help of Hero 2. In the end, Elza chooses to use Mond in the duel, and the rest is history.

Name: Ema
Origin: Unknown
Position: Traveler
This kind woman travels around the world with her husband, Gary. While the two were sightseeing in the Kingdom of Obel, Kooluk invaded. Lino and Hero4 escaped on the Obel ship, but Ema and Gary stayed behind on the island so that they could help Princess Flare to rally her people against the Kooluk forces. After the war, Ema journeyed to the Scarlet Moon Empire with her husband.
This entry writtem by Gaara.

Name: Emilia
Origin: Greenhill
Position: Librarian
She is well studied and her mind is highly analytical. Thus, she is able to spot the strength and weaknesses of enemies at a glance. Pretty useful in wars.

Name: Emily
Origin: Toran Republic
Position: Martial Artist
A wandering martial artist, Emily is the daughter of Ronnie Bell who participated in the Gate Rune Wars. She has been looking for strong people to train with, and meets her match with the Fire Bringers at Chisya Village. Since then, she has supported the Fire Bringers with her incredible strength and skill. After the war, she set off to another journey.

Name: Ernie
Origin: Vinay Del Zexay
Position: Scholar
Ernie is a scholar wirking with the Zexen Confederacy, specializing in history and archaeology. She has been researching into the connection between Sindar and ancient Zexen, and continues her reserach after being recruited by the Fire Bringer as their tutor. After the Second Fire Bringer War, she manages to unearth the "Secret Tablet of Zexen," with the help of the Zexen Archaeological Assoication.

Name: Esmeralda
Origin: Toran
Position: Burgeoise
She really never contributed much during the Liberation Wars, but she was a part of the "Narcissist Regiment" along with Milich Oppenheimer and Vincent Du Boule.

Name: Estella
Origin: Unknown
Position: Sorceress
Estella is a powerful sorceress who claims to be a student of Crowley.Besides her magical prowess, she is known for her risque clothing and tall tales which she spins constantly. She has a student called Rody who believes every word she says with total faith. She is one of the few sorcerers using a magical ring as a weapon, allowing her to blast magical power at her enemies.
During the Second Fire Bringer War, she attempts to trick the future Flame Champion at the Alma Kinan village by telling him/her that there is a village called Gordias which is populated by males only. However, her lies are seen through by the Flame Champion, and Estella agrees to lend her power to the Fire Bringers.

Name: Etienne
Origin: Middleport, Island Nations Federation
Position: Meistersinger
This talented young musician works for Schtolteheim Reinbach III and appreciates his good taste in music. He performs his work in order to soothe peoples souls. After the war, he continues to serve Reinbach III, performing music for him and others.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Eugene
Origin: Unknown
Position: Warrior
Eugene lacks courage, but his mother dreams that he will one day become a great warrior. Eugenes mother attempts to leave him under the care of the Na-Nal chief, but later asks Hero4 to turn her son into a real man. Eugene joins Hero4s ship and thrives to become as strong as Lino En Kuldes. He finally gains the courage of a warrior, and after the war, he returns home.
This entry written by Gaara