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Name: Vampires
Classification: Race
Owner: Sierra Mikain, Rean Penenberg, Neclord, Aegia, Ayana, Butler
A type of undead with incredible physical and magical power. Vampires in Suikoden all exist due to the Blue Moon Rune, which represents bloodlust and compassion.

Suikoden vampires are different from vampires commonly known in folklore due to their existence being governed by a True Rune. Vampires created directly by the power of a True Rune is called a "Runic Vampire," which have greater powers than other vampires created through the sucking of blood. Runic vampires are immune to sunlight, and are also probably immune to attacks with holy artifatcs (although holy weapons tend to do more damage to them). They also tend to possess immense magical powers, and are able to turn into bats at will.

Perhaps one of the greatest differences between Suikoden vampires and vampires from folklore is that they are not immortal. Even though vampires will live long, they will eventually die, including runic vampires. The sole exception is the "Original Vampire," who would be Sierra Mikain (also called the Coven Mistress), because she was the first vampire created by the Blue Moon Rune.

Because she is the first vampire, Sierra has the ability to destroy any other vampire with relative ease through a mysthical verse called the Song of Evanescence, even runic vampires who have amassed great power.

Normal vampires are physically stronger and magically adept comapred to humans, but are highly vulnerable to sunlight and holy artifacts. Nash Latkje successfully destroyed Ayana by attacking her with a holy kobold figurine, for example.