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Name: Tablet of Promise
Classification: Magic Item
Owner: Leknaat
A stone tablet listing ine 36 stars of heaven and the 72 stars of earth. In the Shui Hu Zhuan, the Heavenly Maiden of Nine Illusions gives this to Song Jiang upon the gathering of the 108 stars of destiny in Liang Shan Po. Similarly, in Suikoden, Leknaat gives this to the hero's of Suikoden 1 and 2 upon the establishemnt of their respective headquarters. In Suikoden 3, the tablet is simply placed in the middle of a field, and it is altogether missing from 4.

Name: Talgrund
Classification: Weapon
Owner: Zaj
A special gun belonging to the Howling Voice Guild, meaning "bottom of the gorge" in German. The gun is unique in that it outwardly looks like a sword. The gun is placed at the hilt, and the bullet is launched through the tip of the blade. Zaj of the Black Moon used this weapon to confront Nash Latkje during their duel at Crystal Valley.

Name: Temple Guards
Classification: Military Organization
Owner: Lena Suphina, Nash Latkje
An elite unit within the Harmonian military that is assigned to serve the temple. They are under the command of Priest-Generals (Bishops) and often act alone to accomplish their assignments. Most of the time, membership is limited to first-class citizens. Nash Latkje was a member of the Temple Guards at one point, and Lena Suphina is a member as well, serving under Sasarai as a vice-captain.

Name: Tengaar
Classification: Weapon
Owner: Hix
The name Hix gave to his sword, after his girlfriend, Tengaar. The sword itself can almost be classfied as a short sword, but has cross-guards that are oversized for its length. This makes the sword seem off-balance and possibly difficult to use. Perhaps Hix's lack of skill stems from his poorly crafted sword.

Name: Tinto Church
Classification: Landmark
Owner: Tinto
A church located at the top of Tinto City. The church is based on the Harmonian religion, and its priest is sent from Harmonia. The church was erected with the hope that it would protect miners from accidents, but the citizens of Tinto seldom visit the church. Instead, it became occuplied by the vampire Neclord during the Dunan Unification War. Thankfully, he was destroyed with the combined might of Viktor, Sierra Mikain, Kahn Marlet, and the Star Dragon Sword.

Name: Toran Liberation Army
Classification: Military Organization
Owner: Odessa Silverberg, Tir McDohl
Often refered to as the "Liberation Army," the Toran Liberation Army started out as an underground organization with no clear leader. However, after the death of one of it's main supporters, Achilles, his fiancee, Odessa Silverberg, took its reigns and became its leader. However, the movement still remained hidden from public view while enduring SCarlet Moon's Imperial Army's repeated pursuits. During a raid, Odessa was killed, and Tir McDohl became its new leader with th ehelp of Mathiu Silverberg. Since then, the movement grew, and proved itself as a regional force after defeating Kwanda Rossman's army at the battle of Pannu Yakuta. Successfully defeating generals after generals, the Toran Liberation Army succeeded in putting an end to the Scarlet Moon Empire in the year 457.

Name: Tower
Classification: Weapon
Owner: Kirke, Lorelai
A name given to Kirke and Lorelai's weapon, much like "Death" and "Judgement."

Name: Tricksters
Classification: Profession
Owner: Juppo, Meg, Belle
A rare profession within the Suikoden world involving the creation of mechanical contraptions. Their knowledge is passed on from master to apprentice, but is originally derived from Sindar alchemy. Their skill is typically beyond their times, which can be seen by the fact that Juppo has been able to create combat robots and global positioning systems (which Gadget is equiped with)--which means that there must be a satellite in orbit to aid with the GPS. Even Meg was able to create a mechanical bird that can follow a target and explode upon contact--which is in itself quite formidable.

Name: Triumvirate
Classification: Organization
Owner: Tworiver
The governing body of Two River Principality, represented by the human, kobold, and winghorde factions. Because each house technically has equal say, their chief diplomat--the Plenipotentiary--tends to be the greatest infulence within Two River's government.

Name: True Earth Rune
Classification: One of the 27 True Runes
Owner: Sasarai
One of the 27 True Runes representing the power of Earth. This rune has belonged to Harmonia as long as history has been recorded--owned by the Priest General Sasarai since his birth. The rune has both protective and destructive powers, symbolizing both the nurturing and unyileding aspects of the earth element.

Name: True Fire Rune
Classification: One of the 27 True Runes
Owner: Flame Champion, Hugo One of the 27 True Runes representing the power of fire. Although this rune has been under the protection of Harmonia, it was stolen by the Flame Champion as he escaped Harmonia following his imprisonment. At the end of the Firest Fire Bringer War, the Flame Champion unleashed the full power of the True Fire Rune, destroying the Harmonian Regional Army and portions of the Grassland Army. Since then, the Flame Champion sealed the rune using ancient Sindar secrets.

The rune was awakened during the Second Fire Bringer War, once again becoming the symbol of unity for the Grasslanders.

Name: True Lightning Rune
Classification: One of the 27 True Runes
Owner: Geddoe
One of the 27 True Runes, representing the power of lightning. This rune sypposedly belonged to a nation, but the nation was destroyed by Harmonia. Geddoe was the last survivor of that nation, and escaped with the True Lightning Rune. Since then he has had this rune sealed in his right hand to prevent detection by Harmonia. However, during the Second Fire Bringer War, Geddoe unleashes his True Lightning Rune in order to counter the power of Luc's True Wind Rune.

Name: True Water Rune
Classification: One of the 27 True Runes
Owner: Wyatt Lightfellow, Chris Lightfellow
One of the 27 True Runes, representing the power of water. The history of the rune is largely unknown until Wyatt Lightfellow became its bearer. After the Firest Fire Bringer War, Wyatt sealed half of this rune within a Sindar Ruin with the help of Alma Kinan shamans. Under the Alma Kinan protection, the True Water Rune still granted Wyatt his agelessness, while keeping him undetectable as a true rune bearer.

During the Second Fire Bringer War, Wyatt tried to unseal the other half of his True Water Rune due to the fear that the Destroyers may get to it first. Although he encountered the Destroyers at the Sindar Ruins, he managed to force them into retreating by dealing a stunning blow to Luc--however, he lost his life in the process. Already ready to be unsealed, the True Water Rune chose Chris Lightfellow as its next bearer.

Name: True Wind Rune
Classification: One of the 27 True RUnes
Owner: Luc
One of the 27 True Runes representing the power of wind. It was under the protection of Harmonia as long as history knows, but escaped its grasp after Leknaat rescued its bearer, Luc, from the Circle Palace. Luc was a clone created as a "vessel" to harness the True Wind Rune, but due to an error, the rune has become imbedded into his soul, making it impossible to extract from his body.

Cursing his fate, Luc sets out on a journey to destroy his True Rune, triggering the Second Fire Briner War. Luc ultimately fails and dies, and with him the True Wind Rune vanished elsewhere.