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Name: Hai Yo
Origin: Black Dragon Island
Position: Chef
Hai Yo is a chef who has been trained by the Black Dragon Clan. He was actually one of the four master chefs in the clan, and escaped the clan along with the coveted "Blue Moon Bird Recipe." Due to this, he was pursued by chefs of the Black Dragon Clan. However, he defeated them all and made the Clan Leader, Jinkai, realize that fighting over a recipe is nonsense.

Name: Hallec
Origin: Nameless Lands
Position: Warrior
Born in the Nameless Lands, Hallec wields double axes with unrivaled skill. From his appearance, one can conclude that his tribe is probably barbaric in nature. He is very big in size and addresses anyone physically smaller than him as son, regardless of the persons age. Hallec travels south to seek out the Flame Champion in order to get him to save his village, which has been struck by a plague. He ends up journeying with Mua and later joins up with Hugo and the Fire Bringers. After the 2nd Fire Bringer War, Tuta follows Hallec back to his village to treat the villagers illness.
This entry written by Kobold

Name: Han Cunningham
Origin: L'Renouille
Position: General
Han Cunningham is considered the hero of the Jowston-Highland Wars which happened about 20 years before the Dunan Unification War. Han led the Highland Army against the forces of Muse, and defeated them easily. However, after Genkaku rose as the leader of the Jowston forces, he was forced into a stalemate. Due to King Agares Blight's suggestion, he had to fight a duel with Genkaku. However, Genkaku did not lift his sword at all, and Han won the duel, making Jowston lose Kyaro to Highland. Since then he has been the General of Highland's 4th army, protecting the capital. During the Dunan Unification War, he fought a duel with Genkaku's son and lost his life.

Name: Hanna
Origin: Nameless Lands
Position: Warrior
Hanna is a warrior form the Nameless Lands. Not much is known about her other than the fact that she likes to eat meat and that she likes children. She joined the Hero during the Dunan Unifciation War after Toto was sacked by Luca Blight's White Wolf Army.

Name: Hans
Origin: Zexen
Position: Merchant
Hans is a merchant who specializes in selling armor, though his physical appearance might imply otherwise. Desperate to find a place to start his own shop, he is thrilled when given permission to open a shop in North Window Castle. Apparently, he is rather rich, capable of raising any amount of money requested by Riou as fee for opening his shop.

Name: Hanzo
Origin: Rokkaku
Position: Head Ninja
Hanzo is the head ninja at the hidden village of Rokkaku. Hanzo has lead his ninjas during the Succession War, but since then has distanced himself from the Scarlet Moon Empire. During the Gate Rune Wars, he lead his ninjas and foight against Barbarossa in the north, but this led to Rokkaku getting devastated by Teo McDohl's forces, leading him to the decision to join forces with the Toran Liberation Army. Due to the involvement of the Vice-Chief Ninja, Kasumi, in the Dunan Unification War, Hanzo orders some of his ninjas to help out the Hero's forces.

Name: Haruto
Origin: Unknown
Position: Navigator
Haruto is the navigator onboard Lino En Kuldes ship. Always deep in thought, he talks very calmly and slowly. After the war ends, he starts designing a secret ship with Tov.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Hauser
Origin: Muse
Position: General
Hauser is the General of the Muse Army. He is the archetypal soldier, and follows orders dogmatically. He is a powerful warrior, and helped the Hero's forces win by participating in many battles against the Highland Army during the Gate Rune War.

Name: Helen
Origin: Northwindow
Position: None
Helen was the mother of Viktor. Before Northwindow was destroyed, she slipped and injured her back, which prompted Viktor to go to Southwindow to buy some medicine. While he was out buying the medicine, Neclord sacked Northwindow, so unless she slipped and fell, Viktor may have died!

Name: Hellion
Origin: Antei
Position: Seer
Hellion is a powerful magic user who holds the mother earth rune. She was the one who gave the Blinking Mirror to McDohl, which was passed onto Lepant and then from Lepant to Genkaku's son. After the Gate Rune Wars, she took Leknaat's place as Seer for the Toran Republic.

Name: Helga
Origin: Unknown
Position: Warrior
A rather muscular woman who unintentionally thrashes up places. When she thrashed up the inn in Middleport, Hero4 and Charlemagne helped her out of the mess. She later tried to make up for it by becoming Hero4s bodyguard alongside Millay and Gretchen. Even when aboard the ship, she damaged it on several occasions unintentionally. She looks up to Karl and thrives to be like him. Lo Hak finds her cute.

Name: Helmut
Origin: Kooluk Empire
Position: Captain
Helmut was once a captain of the Kooluk forces. He was put in charge of Razril after it was taken over by Kooluk, though he had been against invading Razril as he believed Kooluk had no reason to occupy it. He was a true commander and offered his life and services to Hero4 in exchange for the freedom of his men. He helped Hero4 fight against Kooluk with only one regret--disappointing his father, Colton. After his father was captured, Helmut requested that he not be immediately disposed of. After the war, he disappeared with Colton.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: *Hero* (Tir) McDohl
Origin: Gregminster
Position: Leader/Wanderer
He is the son of Teo McDohl and was the leader of the Toran Liberation Army after the death of the original leader, Odessa Silverberg. After the Toran Liberation Army defeated the Scarlet Moon Empire, McDohl left without taking a position of leadership within the newly formed Toran Republic. He has been travelling with his servant, Gremio. He was briefly involved with the Dunan Unification War as well.

Name: *Hero* (Riou) Suikoden 2
Origin: Kyaro
Position: Leader/Wanderer
He is the adopted son of Genkaku, and step brother to Nanami. He joined the Unicorn Brigade of the Highland Army, where his skill in martial arts taught to him by Genkaku made him a formidable fighter. After the Highland Army massacred the Unicorn Brigade and blamed it on Jowston's army, he escaped and joined Viktor's mercenary. Eventually, he ended up becoming the leader of the Dunan Unification movement, and led them to victory. After the Dunan Unification War, he disappeared along with the former Highland King, Jowy Blight (Atreides) and his sister, Nanami.

Name: *Hero IV* (Lazlo En Kuldes)
Origin: Obel
Position: Knight
He mysteriously drifted into the shores of Razril, where he was taken in by Duke Vincent Vingerhut and was chosen as Snowes playmate. He did fairly well in the marines academy and surpassed everybodys expectations. After he was accused of murdering Commander Glen Cott, he was exiled to the seas. He eventually met Lino En Kuldes who helped him out and joined forces with him to push the Kooluk forces back to their own land. Bearing one of the 27 True Runes, he came to learn how to use it without having it consume his life and helped establish the Island Nations Federation.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Hervey
Origin: Unknown
Position: Pirate
The right-hand man of the notorious pirate Kika, and also inferior in rank to Dario--a relationship Hervey has grown to detest as of late. Hervey is best friends with Sigurd and can often be seen alongside him. The two are very dedicated to Kika and continue to support her after the war.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Hilda
Origin: Southwindow
Position: Innkeeper
Hilda is the wife of Alex, and is the innkeeper of the White Deer Inn and later the innkeeper of the inn at the Hero's Headquarters. Because of Alex's hobby of treasure hunting, she must take care of the family herself.

Name: Hikusaak
Origin: Kingdom of Aronia
Position: Head Bishop/High Priest
Hikusaak was the hero who led a group of people in a rebellion against the Kingdom of Armonia 400 years ago in "The Hero War". Being the holder of the Circle Rune, he has lived ever since as the Harmonian Head of State and Head Bishop. He has total power over Harmonia, but for the last few decades s/he has not been seen. Some suspect that he is no longer alive. Politics is handled by the Aristocrats after his "disappearance."

Name: Hix
Origin: Warrior's Village
Position: Warrior
Hix was born in the Warrior's Village, but he doesn't really like to fight. However, when her girlfriend, Tengaar, was kidnaped by Neclord, he stands up against Neclord and helps the Hero defeat him. Since then he has been travelling with Tengaar to complete his "trial of manhood." He helped the Dunan Unification Army and after that wandered off with Tengaar.

Name: Hoi
Origin: Kanakan
Position: Thief
Hoi is a thief, and stole money from others by impersonating the Hero. However, he was discovered and beaten up along with the Hero who was mistaken as an accomplice. That prompted him to join the Unification Army.

Name: Hortez VII
Origin: Unknown
Position: Scrollmaker
Hortez VII is a self-proclaimed royalty who comes from a far away land. He has an unexplainably bizarre sense of direction, which makes one think of it as intentional. He speaks haughtily, and regards others as his "subjects," and is devoid of common sense. However, he has the rare skill to make scrolls out of rune crystals, and lent his powers to the Fire Bringer during the Second Fire Bringer War.

Name: Huan
Origin: Rikon
Position: Doctor
Huan is a doctor that lives in Muse. He studied under Liukan, and opened his own practice in Muse. He has an apprentice called Tuta who is the son of a former patient. During the Dunan Unification War, he is faced with an attack by the Highland Army Muse. He is saved by Georg Prime during that attack, and flees to South Window under his protection. He then joins with the New Allied Army after hearing the news that they defeated Solon Jhee.

Name: Hudai
Origin: Unknown
Position: Herbalist
Hudai is a herbalist residing within the Mt. Seifu bandits. He is very timid and stutters when he speaks. He was forced by Gwen to make a poison so that Varkas could be killed. However, Varkas instead kills Gwen, and the rest of the bandits forces Hudai to make an antidote for Varkas.

Name: Hugo
Origin: Qlon
Position: Scholar
Hugo is a scholar who was studying at Qlon Temple. Upon receiving the "War Scroll" from the hero he joined the Toran Liberation Army as their librarian.

Name: Hugo (S3)
Origin: Karaya Village
Position: Warrior
The son of Karaya chief Lucia, the identity of Hugo's father is a mystery. Hugo grew up in the Karaya Village with Fubar and Lulu under the loving attention of Jimba, Luce, and Jordie. In the advent of the Second Fire Bringer War, he is sent to Vinay Del Zexay as a representative of the Karaya clan. However, upon return from his trip he finds Karaya in flames. Seeing Chris amongst the buring village, sword in hand, Lulu attacks her and is killed. Hugo swears his revenge and escapes to the Lizard Clan, where he regroups with Lucia.

Since then, Hugo faces many obstacles, and feels powerless in the face of change--not only Zexen is his enemy, but also Harmonia. His wish to become a "hero" increases upon each reference to the Flame Champion. At the Chisha Village, Sana--the wife of the late Flame Champion--tells Hugo where he can fine the Flame Champion. With this information Hugo manages to find the Flame Champion's hideaway, only to discover that the Flame Champion has already passed away. However, he decides to become the bearer of the True Fire Rune himself, and the rune does not reject him, making him the new Flame Champion.

With the legend that comes with his rune, Hugo manages to unite Zexen and Grasslands clans under one banner, the Fire Bringer, and successfully fends off Harmonia. However, the "Destroyers" emerge as a new threat, making Harmonia join under the Fire Bringer banner as well. With the help of all others, Hugo manages to defeat Luc at the ritial site. After the war, Hugo becomes the chief of the Karaya clan.

Name: Humphrey Mintz
Origin: Gregminster
Position: Ex-Lieutenant of the Elite Guards
Humphrey was a Lieutenant of Scarlet Moon Empire's Elite Guards. However, he quit after killing his superior during the Kalekka Incident and has been a fugitive ever since. He was one of the original members of the Toran Liberation Army. During the Gate Rune Wars, he is asked by Joshua Levenheit to take care of Futch, and he agrees. Since then, he has been travelling with Futch. He joined the Dunan Unification Army while travelling to the "One Temple" in Crystal Valley with Futch.