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Name: Wakaba
Origin: Southlands
Position: Martial Arts Apprentice
Wakaba is a martial arts apprentice from the Southlands. She grew up in a small village, but one day Long Chan Chan visited her village. Wakaba fell in love with martial arts since she saw Long Chan Chan displaying his skill, and immediately asked him to taker her in as an apprentice. Long Chan Chan realized that she has talent and allowed her to accompany him, and since then Wakaba has been living a life filled with training. She is extremely cheerful and loves to train herself. At times, she trains until she faints from exhaust. This happened once when she was training in the Greenhill Forest. Thankfully Nash found her lying on the ground and helped her get closer to Tinto. However, she got lost and ended up at Forest Village, where she was recruited into the Allied Forces. Shortly after she is reunited with her master, and together they became an almost unbeatable pair in combat.

Name: Wang
Origin: Unknown
Position: 12th Harmonian Border Guards
Wang is a martial artist who is also skilled in magic. He attacks with his fist, which are hardened by holding iron balls in his palm.

Wang currently serves in the 12th Border Guards under the alias of Joker. Prior to this, he was an acquaintance of Nash Latkje. He was considered to be Nashs senior and often forced the young man to drink with him. When Nash was arrested at Caleria, Wang was instructed by Parge to guard Nashs equipment. Nash then escaped and encountered Wang, who was simply doing his job. After challenging Wang to a fight, Nash realized that there was no way he could defeat Wang without any equipment. Wang, however, abruptly stopped fighting and left (he apparently had been ordered to take on another mission in the Grasslands), allowing Nash to retrieve his equipment. Nash found his gunpowder replenished and his blades sharpened, both obviously due to the work of Wang.

After joining the 12th Border Guards, Wang took on the alias of Joker and served mainly as the magic user in the team. He continued to be a useful ally during the 2nd Fire Bringer War. After the war, Wang left with Geddoe and continued working as a mercenary with the Border Guards.
This entry written by Kobold

Name: Wan Fu
Origin: Unknown
Position: Polearm Fighter
He ran away from his debts, causing a few people financial ruin. He has a tattoo of a phoenix on his back, which he got as a vow of revenge on the person who killed his friend. This tattoo is the last work of a famous tattoo artist.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Warlock
Origin: Middleport, Island Nations
Warlock was the legendary sorcerer who designed the Rune Cannons. He was disgusted with all the destruction his invention was causing, so he isolated himself in the caverns underneath Middleport until Hero4 appeared before him and asked him to join. He was later executed by a militant faction who insisted on punishing him for his creations.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Watari
Origin: Unknown
Position: Ninja
The solitary ninja was once part of an organization known as Black Wind, or Kage. His former comrades are now tracking him down to kill him. While he no longer works with them, he still wears their uniform and works as a mercenary for anybody willing to hire him. After defeating a former comrade, Ayame, he has her join the Fire Bringer. After the war, however, he runs away again.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Waurenhyte
Origin: Unknown
Position: Parrot
A parrot that apparently can talk on its own. Waurenhyte also became Scotts first successful trade when Scott exchanged a candle for the parrot in a southern country.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Warren
Origin: Unknown
Position: Noble
Warren was a nobleman within the Scarlet Moon Empire. He is extremely rich but also very generous, and his manor has become a free lodging facility for travelers. For this reason he is well known as a kind and just man, and people such as Viktor often stayed at his manor. However, due to his popularity and his hidden connections with the Toran Liberation Army, he was imprisoned by Kasim Hazil during the Gate Rune Wars. He escaped with the help of the Liberation Army though, and after the war, became the Chairman of the Toran Republic Senate.

Name: Tov
Origin: Unknown
Position: Lookout
Wendel is a fan of Nico and wants nothing more than to be just like him--a great lookout. She insists to Hero4 on letting her onboard so that she may learn under Nico as his apprentice. In hopes of proving herself better than Nico, she starts studying non-stop after the war.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Wilbourn
Origin: Unknown
Position: Thief
A major thief who had thousands of underlings. He was thrown into Soniere Prison, but broke out with the help of about a thousand of his underlings. However, he was caught and executed.

Name: Wilder
Origin: Nameless Lands
Position: Vampire Hunter
Listed in the "Nameless Land Records," which is one of the oldest piece of recorded history from about 300 years ago in the Nameless Lands. He is the first known person to kill a vampire.

Name: Wilder
Origin: Duck Clan
Position: Warrior/Guide
Wilder is a member of the Duck Clan known for his smarts. Because of this, he treats Rhett, who is older than him, like his younger brother. Like Rhett, he respects Jordie deeply, and does whatever he tells him to do.
Like Rhett, he joined Jordie in the Second Fire Bringer War, initially helping out as a guide, and later as a soldier. Besides fighting, Wilder's hobby is the play the saxophone.

Name: Window
Origin: Warrior's Village
Position: Window Maker
Window is a young man from the Warrior's Village. Although he was raised in the Warrior's Village, he hates fighting, and in that sense he is stubborn. Unknown to most others, he is a member of the secret Windowmakers Family, and possesses the talent necessary for being the holder of the Window Rune. He joins the Toran Liberation Army due to his talent as a windowmaker, and after the war, became a resident windowmaker for the Magicians Tower to fix the stained glass windows.

Name: Windy
Origin: Village of the Gate Rune Clan
Position: Court Magician
Windy was born in the Village of the Gate Rune Clan. However, her village was destroyed by Harmonia. Windy and Leknaat, who were "sisters" (all members of the village called each other "brothers" or "sisters"), separated the Gate Rune and fled.

This incident made Windy realize that power is the only thing that could bring justice, and starts to actively find ways to increase her power by acquiring other True Runes. Soon she gains two loyal subordinates, Yuber and Neclord--also owners of True Runes--and destroys the Village of the Hidden Rune and the Village of the Lycanthropes in the process but is unable to find True Runes during her search.

In the end, she is able to befriend Barbarossa Rugner due to Windy's resemblance to Barbarossa's former wife, Claudia. Windy manipulates Barbarossa in order to find and acquire True Runes. It is a mystery why she didn't try to take Barbarossa's Sovereign Rune, but perhaps that is due to the Sovereign Rune's anti-magic nature.

During the Gate Rune Wars, she is able to locate the Souleater on Ted, and tries to take it but is met with resistance. She is finally able to arrest Ted, but Ted has already given the Souleater to Hero McDohl. Since then, Windy tries whatever she can to gain the Souleater, but ultimately, even the Souleater rejects her. At the final confrontation after Barbarossa is defeated, Windy tries to flee, but Barbarossa uses his sovereign rune to null her magical powers. Barbarossa leaps from the balcony with Windy in his arms, and since then, she is said to have "died." However, the "Front Gate" rune still remains missing since.

Name: Wyatt Lightfellow
Origin: Zexen
Position: Ex-Knight Captain
Wyatt is said to be born in Zexen, but no one is truly certain of his origin. As a bearer of the True Water Rune, he has lived longer than most mortals, being more than 80 years old despite his 30-something exterior. He was involved with the First Fire Bringer War, and fought alongside Geddoe and the Flame Champion against Harmonia for 18 years. After the Flame Champion secured a truce with Harmonia, Wyatt went to Zexen--then a fledgling nation--and became their knight captain. After serving for many years, he established notoriety as the best knight. He married Anna Lightfellow (It is assumed he received his last name from her), and had a daughter, Chris Lightfellow.

His family years were peaceful and fulfilling, but five years after Chris' birth, he realized he was being monitored by members of the Howling Voice Guild--obviously after his True Water Rune. In order to protect his family from them, he disappeared from Zexen.

No one knows for certain when Wyatt arrived at the Karaya Clan, but it was there that he changed his name into Jimba, and requested Lucia for asylum. As Jimba, he sealed half of the powers of his True Water Rune to escape detection by Harmonian agents. He then became adopted by Luce, and became the "big brother" to many Karayans, such as Lulu and Hugo. It didn't take long for him to become one of the most trusted member of the Karaya Clan.

During the Second Fire Bringer War, Jimba sensed anomaly in political events across the Grasslands before the war actually started. He traveled far to conduct his own investigation, and realizes that someone is after the True Water Rune. In an attempt to protect the rune, he attempts to unseal the True Water Rune, but his attempt was interfered by the "Masked Bishop," Luc. Sustaining a mortal wound, he manages to deliver a deadly blow against Luc, forcing him to retreat. It was then that Chris Lightfellow finds him. Although the reunion of family was brief, Wyatt was able to pass his memories into Chris through his True Water Rune, including the deep love he had for her.