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Name: Yam Koo
Origin: Unknown
Position: Fisherman
Yam Koo is an extremely mild-mannered fisherman. He is Tai Ho's "oath brother." This happened a long time ago when the two met during a fishing expedition. The two hit it on very well and made an oath to become brothers, and since then have worked together at all times. Yam Koo constantly worries about Tai Ho's tendency to "let things happen." When Kimberley forcibly married Tai Ho, Yam Koo had to do whatever he can to make sure Tai Ho is safe from the "crazy woman." Thankfully the two get a job from Kun To and is able to flee to Jowston, where they participate in the Dunan Unification War.

Name: Yasu
Origin: Tigermouth
Position: Tomato Grower
Yasu is a Tomato Grower at Tigermouth Village. He is an expert at growing tomatoes in the unforgiving climate and soil of Tinto's barren-lands. He takes joy in giving away tomato seeds to other people.

Name: Yen Qin
Origin: Black Dragon Clan
Position: Chef
Yen Qin was one of the most skilled chefs in the Black Dragon Clan besides the four grand master chefs. He was extremely serious about his cooking, and the order of grand master Jinkai was law to him.

When Shunmin took the Blue Moon Bird Recipe and ran away, Yen Qin was ordered to chase after her. Yen Qin cornered her at the docks, where Shunmin leapt into the sea with the recipe. However, the truth was the Shunmin has given the true recipe to Hai Yo, and died with a fake recipe.

Hoping that Hai Yo may have the recipe memorized, Yen Qin challenged Hai Yo to a cook-off. He didn't tell Hai Yo what happened to Shunmin, and told him he has abducted her and that he would give her back if Hai Yo won. Although he proved to be an extremely tough opponent, but Hai Yo ultimately triumphed. Yen Qin died as a result, but told Hai Yo the truth about Shunmin's fate before his last breath, asking for Hai Yo's forgiveness.

Name: Yoshino Yamamoto
Origin: Radat
Position: None
Yoshino is a daughter of a wealthy family in Radat. Her family has been involved with South Window politics, and for that reason she meets Freed. After years of barely talking to each other, she starts to have feelings for Freed, and finally with the help of Granmeyer, the two get married. Yoshino likes to do the laundry, but she is also very adept with the use of the Naginata, and is more formidable in battle than her husband.
During the Dunan Unification War, Yoshino makes Freed agree to stay in Radat after the war, and Freed willfully agrees to this--withdrawing from South Window politics after the war to spend quality time with his wife.

Name: Tov
Origin: Unknown
Position: Doctor
This man was the finest doctor in the Island Nations and attracted a lot of clients, despite his very expensive fees. After Kooluk invaded Obel, he was instructed by the king to come onboard and help treat the wounded. One of his regular patients was Trishtan, a man who often believed he was very sick. Yu also had a close bond with his assistant, Carrie. After the war, he established an infirmary in Obel and did not charge his patients.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Yuber
Origin: Unknown
Position: Mercenary
Yuber is a complete mystery. He is known as "The Black Knight," but otherwise, no one really knows who or "what" he is. As a matter of fact, it is unconfirmed whether Yuber is a he or a she. All that is known about him is that he owns a True Rune, the Hachifusa Rune (Rune of Eight Strands/Married Hound--many ways this could be translated), which has unknown powers. Yuber himself possesses powers that are clearly beyond that of a human being.

Yuber seems to harbor a great hatred towards the Bright Shield Rune, but the reason for this is unknown as well. Only Pesmerga supposedly knows more about Yuber, but Pesmerga him/herself is no less a mystery.

Yuber is often seen in the midst of conflicts, such as during the Gate Rune Wars and the Dunan Unification War. He was a subordinate of Windys for centuries, helping her to find True Runes and destroying countless lives in the process. Then, during the Dunan Unification War, he was summoned by Highland strategist Leon Silverberg through some method. Yuber was then hired as a general for the Highland Army and placed in charge of Greenhill. Toward the end of the war, Yuber helped defend LRenouille, but he ran away as the Allied forces approached.

Later on, Yuber was seen aiding Luc, Sarah, and Albert Silverberg in Luc's quest to destroy his True Wind Rune. Summoned by Albert, who acquired the method from his grandfather, Yuber aided the three in order to achieve the chaos that would have come from destroying the True Rune. During Lucs quest, Yuber discarded his bulky armor and instead opted for looser black clothing. He wielded twin swords bearing the same name as Pesmergas weapon, and he was capable of a special attack apparently derived from the power of his Eightfold Rune. At the end of the 2nd Fire Bringer War, he ran away again when it became apparent that he could not win.
This entry written by Kobold

Name: Yuili
Origin: Alma Kinan
Position: Clan Leader
Yuili is the leader of the Alma Kinan Clan. Although the clan technically has no official leaders, Yuili acts as a de facto leader due to her leadership skills. She is extremely serious and protective of her clan members. She believes in the ritual purpose of the Alma Kinan clan, and defends her tradition even if others may call it barbaric. During the Second Fire Bringer War, when Chris Lightfellow witnesses the ritual sacrifice of Yun, she calls them barbaric. Yuili sternly rejected Chris' viewpoint, saying that to her, Zexen's customs are barbaric.

After Harmonia started attacking the Grassland, Yuili led Alma Kinan archers to aid the Grassland/Zexen forces. She officially joined the Fire Bringer after Harmonia joined the Fire Bringer, sensing the danger that the Destroyers posed on all life in the Grassland.

Name: Yumi
Origin: Alma Kinan
Position: Warrior
Yumi is an Alma Kinan warrior and good friend of Yuili. Her personality is a stark contrast to Yuili--her mellow demeanor is a complimentary counter-balance to Yuili's no-nonsense style. She is also atypical for her clan due to her curiosity about the outside world.

Name: Yun
Origin: Alma Kinan
Position: Shamaness

Yun was a young shamaness born in the Alma Kinan clan. Since her youth, she was able to see visions of the future, and for that reason she has been destined to become a ritual sacrifice. She has accepted her purpose since her youth, and showed no fear in the face of her certain death.

While he grew up, she was visited a few times by Wyatt Lightfellow who routinely checked the integrity of the true water rune seal. Through these visits, she learned about his daughter Chris, who she grew to know very well due to Wyatt's many stories, and also from her visions.

During the Second Fire Bringer War, she warns the Chisha Clan of a calamity that would soon befall the Grassland. There she meets Chris Lightfellow for the first time, and invites her to the Alma Kinan Village. There she tells Chris about Wyatt, and how he is still alive. She then sacrifices herself in a ritual to open the seal of the True Water Rune.

Before the ritual, she talks with a reluctant Chris, and assures her that she does not fear the consequences of the ritual, and that she will continue to exist. She also assured Chris that Wyatt loves her very much, and that Wyatt's own fate is in jeopardy.

Name: Yuri
Origin: Two River
Position: Runemistress
Yuri is a runemistress who lives in Two River. After Jeane joins the Allied Forces she is asked to become the shopkeeper of the Rune shop in Two River, and she reluctantly agrees.

Name: Yuri
Origin: Greenhill
Position: Inn maid
Yuri is a inn maid who worked in Greenhill. She was there during the initial siege by Highland by Rowd. There she helped Nash Latkje defend Greenhill with Teresa. After Greenhill was captured by Jowy on the second wave of the attack, she helped Nash and Shin rescue Teresa from the hands of Muse soldiers. After that, no one knows what has happened to her.

Name: Yuzu
Origin: Unknown
Position: Farmer
Yuzu is a granddaughter of a farmer. She is herself very knowledgeable in animal husbandry, and took charge of that in the Allied Forces Headquarters. She was found lost in the Kobold Village, but agreed to join the Allied Forces until she found her grandpa. Although she is young, she understands the cruelty of her task, and has learned to completely objectify her livestock by branding her animals with names such as "hamburger" and "pork chops." Only "Taro" her favorite sheep, is not for eating, and she protects him with her life.

Name: Yu Kum
Origin: Unknown
Position: Chef
Yu Kum is a wandering chef who has nothing to do with the Black Dragon Clan. He challenges Hai Yo to a match after hearing his fame. After he is defeated, he gives Hai Yo the recipe for Tomato Soup.