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Name: Scarlet Moon Inn
Classification: Inn
Owner: Marie
An inn run by Marie in Gregminster. Dring the early states of the Gate Rune Wars, the fugitive Tir McDohl took shelter in this inn while Imperial soldiers searched for him within the city walls.

Name: Scarlet Moon knight
Classification: Title
Owner: Kranach Rugner
A title given to Kranach Rugner by Harmonia due to his service and exceptional skill as a knight. This title was later adapted to the name of the nation Kranach founded--the Scarlet Moon Empire.

Name: Sealed Shrine
Classification: Landmark
Owner: Toto, Marx
A shrine located in Toto Village, used by Han Cunningham and Genkaku to seal their Black Sword and Bright Shield Runes. The shrine is later visited by Riou and Jowy, who acquire the runes with the aid of Leknaat.

Name: Shwartz
Classification: Weapon
Owner: Nash Latkje
One of the pair of Nash Latkje's Dual Snake Swords. It can be distinguished by its black hilt as opposed to Weiss' white hilt.

Name: Silver Armor
Classification: Armor
Owner: Milian Armorer Guild, Melia, Georg Prime
A dragon armor woven with magical silver threads that have the power to ward off powers originating from the dark elements. It is a very rare piece of armor, and is seldom seen in the world. The Milian Armorer Guild owned one set but kept it as their heirloom. However, after Highland sacrificed the citizens of Muse to the Beast Rune, including Milian, her surviving sister, Melia, donated this armor to the New Allied Army of Jowston.

Name: Silverberg Earrings
Classification: Ornament
Owner: Odessa Silverberg, Tir McDohl
A ruby earring belonging to the Silverberg family, which was owned by Odessa Silverberg during the Gate Rune Wars. Odessa gave this to Tir McDohl at the time of her death. She tells Tir to give the earrings to Mathiu Silverberg. Mathiu refuses to accept the earrings initially, but eventually accepted them and became the strategist fo rthe Toran Liberation Army. However, he gave the earrings to Tir, saying that Odessa's spirit should belong to him instead.

Name: Silver Feather
Classification: Magic Item
Owner: Dowango
An artifact manufactured by the Dwarven engineer Dowango that is said to be lighter than air.

Name: Sindar Ruins
Classification: Landmark
Owner: Sindars
Ruins built by the Sindars around the world. The fact that they exist ubiquitously shows the fact that the Sindars are cursed to rome from place-to-place. Notable cities in the Suikoden world are often based on Sindar ruins, such as Gregminster and Pannu Yakuta.

Name: Sindars
Classification: Race
Owner: N/A
A group of people known to have been technogically advanced and knowledgable in runes. Notable Sindars, such as the engineer Dennis Tauer and Bora Atkins created the discipline of alchemy, which led to other technical disciplines such as blacksmithing, trickmastery, and gun-power manufacturing. The Sindars are cursed by the Rune of Change, forcing them to move from place to place. They are commonly believed to have disappeared without a trace, but some say they have found their "Eternal City."

Name: Siindar Script
Classification: Writing
Owner: N/A
An alphabetused by the Sindar for written communication. They can be seen in many of their ruins.

Name: Six Great Generals
Classification: Title
Owner: Teo Mcdohl, Kwanda Rossman, Kasim Hazil, Kilawher Shulen, Milich Oppenheimer, Sonya Shulen, Georg Prime, Camille, Kai, Valeria
A rank given to the most highly esteemed generals of the Scarlet Moon Empire, and later in the Toran Republic. Most of them were named after the Succession War by Barbarossa Rugner, but the more recent additions were named by President Lepant. Due to their prestige, they often double as the magistrate of a region.

Name: Six Wise Men of the Forest
Classification: Title
Owner: Great Forest, Great Contract
Six men known in history as the onws who brought peace to the Great Forest after centuries of fighting between the four races.They also cast a spell on the Forest of Moran, making it difficult to penetrate for most outsiders. Thus, the forest became known as the Forest of Illusion.

Name: Soap of Kirov
Classification: Trade Commodity
Owner: Sarah
A commodity that Sarah was looking for in Kirov. Tir McDohl had to trade various odds and ends in order to finally find a bar of soap--allowing him to recruit Sarah into his army.

Name: Song of Evanescence
Classification: Magic
Owner: Sierra Mikain
A mystical verse that can only be chanted by a master or mistress of a vampire coven to destroy its member. Sierra uses this to destroy Rean Penenberg,a renegade vampire who ran away from the Village of the Blue Moon to feast upon human( and kobold?) blood. She did not use this power on Neclord because she wanted to let Viktor achieve his revenge.

Name: Sonya's Diary
Classification: Writing
Owner: Sonya Shulen
A diary kept by Sonya Shulen and readable by everyone who enters her house in Gregminster. It is filled with her feelings for Teo McDohl.

Name: Souleater
Classification: One of the 27 True Runes
Owner: Ted's Grandpa, Ted, Tir McDohl
Another name by which the Rune of Life of Death is called.

Name: Sound Rune
Classification: Rare Rune
Owner: melodye, Connell
A rune owned by Phonologists that allows them to use sound sets and do various other things phonologists do (such as help bards tune their instrument). This rune can also be used to attack people through extremely sharp noises, often stunning opponents. Connel uses his rune to help rescue Teresa from the clutches of Highland.

Name: Sparrow Manor
Classification: Academy
Owner: Sparrows
A building located within Rokkaku where all child ninjas live together and train up until they reach puberty. All ninjas who study and live within this manor are called "sparrows," and are trained by adult ninja (often mid-ranking "chu-nin"). While a "sparrow," ninjas ' heriditary rank do not come into play, and thus all children grow up oblivious to the strict hierarchy. Instead, the manor focuses on developing and honing these children's mitor skills as well as decision-making/critical thinking skills. When Sasuke joined Dunan's New Allied Army, he has only recently graduated from the Sparrow Manor.

Name: Sparrows
Classification: Organization
Owner: Rokkaku
Child Ninjas who live and train within the sparrw manor. They are typically never used as a combat force and are fiercely guarded by adult ninjas.

Name: Star Dragon Sword
Classification: Weapon
Owner: Viktor, Edge
A legendary sword that is a manifestation of the Night Rune. It is known to have a personality, and is able to communicate verbally (and it tends to have a bad temper). It is the only known weapon that can be used against a runic vampire, and is known to have detroyed the vampires Neclord and Aegia. During the Gate Rune Wars and the DUnan Unification War, it was owned by Viktor. During the Second Fire Bringer War, it was owned by Edge.

Name: Star Sword
Classification: Weapon
Owner: Valeria, Anita
A type of sword favored by swordsmen of the falcon syle. In appearance it looks like a rapier, but its blade is extremely sharp, allowing it to be swung. However, it is most effective when used for thrusting attacks in conjunction with the falcon style.

Name: Stern
Classification: Weapon
Owner: Elza
One of the pairs of dueling guns owned by the Howling Voice Guild, representing "justice." This gun has traditionally been used by the guild to settle scores or make decisions when a problem can not be resolved by other means. When the guildmaster's gun, Sturm, chose Elza as its bearer when the guild elders chose Kelly, a duel was fought between Elza and Kelly. The elders filled stern with real bullets, while filling the other pair, Mond, with blanks--the the elders told Kelly to choose Stern. However, Kelly chose Mond instead, knowing that he would die. The elders declared that Elza tampered with Mond, forcing her to flee. However, Elza took both guns with her as she fled. Years later, Clive killed her in a duel. After that, the gun was returned to the guild.

Name: Strategists
Classification: Profession
Owner: Soledt, Julian Silverberg, Joan, Leon Silverberg, Mathiu Silverberg, Shu, Apple, Klaus Windamier, Salome Harras, Dios, Albert Silverberg, Caesar Silverberg
Individuals who are highly educated in military science. In the Suikoden world, they are typically educated in Crystal Valley at the Soledt Academy of Military Science. They are typically knowledgeable in a wide variety of fields, and can easily double as historians, geologists, or natural scientists. For this reason, they often become tutors and form their own "strategist families." The most notable of these are the Silverberg family, who have not only passed their knowledge onto their own bloodline, but also helped educate others in their school of thought.

The importance of strategists depend largely on the nation employing them. For example, nations such as Harmonia and the Toran Republic rely heavily on their strategists. However, nations such as Highland and Grassland tend to have little respect for strategists due to their reliance on brute force.

Military strategists come in various skill levels. Some strategists are excellent in military tactics (Actual command of troops and planning on the battlefield, such as Shu), while others may excel in military strategy (Planing the actions of the entire army of a nation, such as Mathiu) or political strategy (Achieving objectives without battle, such as Leon). Some are more skilled as social engineers (motivating people or causing discord, such as Albert).

Name: Sturm
Classification: Weapon
Owner: Clive, Elza
The most important gun in the Howling Voice Guild. It is said that a spirit lives within the gun, and it does show some signs of sentience, such as when it refuses to be used by those who are not worthy. It is customary for Sturm to belong to the guild master, and typically it is the gun that chooses who is worthy. Sometimes, however, Sturm's choice does not jive with the elders, resulting in a duel. Even if the result of the duel is not in Sturm's favor, Sturm honors the result of the duel. Sturm also allows non-guild masters to use it when a gunner is assigned to pursue a defector. This is why Clive was able to use Sturm while he was pursuing Elza. However, when Clive did catch up with Elza, Sturm refused to fire due to Elza being more worthy than Clive.

Name: Suiko Map
Classification: Magic Item
Owner: Templeton
A map that Templeton is making which covers the local geographic area. The suiko map he gives to Tir McDohl during the Gate Rune Wars covers the Toran region, while the one he gives to Riou during the Dunan Unification War covers the Dunan region.

Name: Sunset Lake
Classification: Landmark
Owner: Lester
The name of Lester's resuatrant in Kirov.

Name: Sweet and Sour Pork
Classification: Recipe
Owner: Nanami Nanami is known as being an extremely terrible cook, but sweet and sour pork is supposedly her "best" dish. Riou actually likes it, but when Nash Latkje tried a spoonful of this, he immediately lost consciousness.