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Name: Salome Harras
Origin: Zexen Confederacy
Position: Strategist
One of the Six Mighty Knights of Zexen, he is their trusted friend and strategist. He is in charge of other official Zexen matters as well, such as assigning guards in certain areas. He also has connections with Geddoe of the HSFDF.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Samus
Origin: Unknown
Position: Bodyguard
Samus comes from a place near the southern seas, though he is sometimes mistaken for a Karayan. He and Reed work for the president of Tinto and are given the tiresome task of being Lilly Pendragon's bodyguards. Samus is highly irritated by Lilly's personality, but he finds himself unable to stand up to her. He is also the accountant of the group due to Lilly's extravagant nature.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Sana
Origin: Chisha Village, Grasslands
Position: Chief
Chief of Chisha village and widow of the previous Flame Champion. Her people are known to the most civil and controversial of all Grassland Clans. She is the only one who knows the resting place of the Flame Champion, where she later waits for the new Flame Champion to appear and succeed her husband.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Sanae Yamamoto
Origin: Radat
Position: None
Sanae Yamamoto is the daughter of Freed and Yoshino Yamamoto. She grew up in Radat under the strict yet compassionate education of Freed and Yoshino. This made her into a serious, disciplined child. Upon becoming a teenager, her parents sent her out on a journey to train herself, and she has been traveling since. During the Second Fire Bringer War, she was recruited by the Flame Champion at the duck village, and fought with the Fire Bringer to the end of the war. After the war she returned to the Dunan Republic.

Name: Sanchez
Origin: Unknown
Position: Financial Officer/Spy
Sanchez served in the Succession War and in the Imperial Army after that as a financial officer, and is renown for his wide knowledge and good memory. He was one of the original members of the Toran Liberation Army from the time they were only known as the Anti-Imperial Movement. He served as a financial officer, taking care of finances and budgetary matters within the Liberation Army.
He was a hard worker, but secretly he was a spy for the Scarlet Moon Empire, and his leaking of information led to the death of Odessa and Mathiu Silverberg. After the war, Lepant pardoned Sanchez for his crimes due to the fact that punishing him in any way would be a shock to great for the new republic to handle. Sanchez was forced to swear that he would associate with none of the officials of the Toran Republic in the future. He then entered Qlon temple.

Name: Sancho
Origin: Unknown
Position: Squire
Sancho is a squire under Maximillian's service. During the Gate Rune Wars, he fought alongside Maximillian, but during the Dunan Unification War, he was visiting relatives in his home country and was unable to help his master.

Name: Sansuke
Origin: Unknown
Position: Bath maker
Sansuke is a bath maker from the Great Forest Village. He is an easy-going man with a passion for making baths. His help during the Gate Rune Wars greatly aided the hygiene within the Toran Liberation Army (definitely better than living in the Lenankamp sewers!)

Name: Santos
Origin: Unknown
Position: Merchant
A Merchant who happened to be staying at Radat when Milan Fiori was attacked by a mysterious assailant. Santos was questioned by Richmond, but was cleared immediately because he had an alibi.

Name: Sara Blight
Origin: Harmonia
Position: Queen of Highland
Sara was the wife of Agares Blight, and the mother of Luca and Jillia Blight. Shortly after marrying Agares, she gave birth to Luca. However, it happened that once, while the Blight family was out with the royal entourage, they were attacked by ruffians hired by Darel, the mayor of Muse. Sara and Luca were captured while Agares fled in fear. Sara was then violated by the ruffians, right in front of Luca. This greatly traumatized the young child and darkened his soul. Han Cunningham eventually arrived to rescue the two, but it was too late. Sara lost her senses after the ordeal and later gave birth to Jillia, who was fathered during the rape. Sara passed away shortly after her daughters birth.
This entry written by Kobold

Name: Sarah (Suikoden 1)
Origin: Kirov
Position: Maid
Sarah is a maid who lived in Kirov at the time of the Gate Rune Wars. She looks like a gentle girl, but she speaks brashly, which often surprised people who don't know her.
After the Gate Rune Wars, she was hired by Marie to work at her inn. She hates bed-making, but it is said that her cooking has improved drastically. Also, during the Dunan Unification War, she donates a Cyclone rune to the Unification Army. She says that someone gave it to her, but it isn't certain who gave it to her.

Name: Sarah
Origin: Harmonia
Position: Sorceress
Sarah was born in a rural village in Harmonia. She was born with a flowing rune attached to her body. That fact along with her innate skills with runes became feared by her fellow villagers, and she became known as a "witch." Her reputation reached as far as Crystal Valley, peaking the interest of The Temple. She was shortly summoned the capital, where her powers were used by various people for their own ambition. However, it did not take long for them to fear her power, and thus she was abandoned in confinement within the Circle Palace.
One day, Luc broke into the palace, interested in finding out more about the "witch." He found Sarah--still a small girl--and taking pity on her, he took her with him to Leknaat's place. There she was mentored in sorcery and summoning by both Leknaat and Luc. In fact, her skill surpassed Luc. She also had an innate understanding of the Sindar language, allowing her to utilize ancient Sindarin technologies. When Luc attempted to realize his ambition to destroy his True Wind Rune, her Sindarin knowledge helped in creating the True Rune Crystals.
In her early years, she thought of Luc as a father figure, but her feelings gradually changed to that of love. She gladly joined Luc's attempt at destroying the True Wind Rune, and used every single power she possessed to aid him in his quest for absolution. For example, she used illusions to make Yuber appear as a lizard clan member so he can assassinate chief Zepon, and made it appear like the Zexen knights attacked the Lizard clan. She also created a magical ward at the Karaya Village that caused people in the area to become enraged with bloodlust. This lead to a massacre at the Karaya Village, causing lasting enmity between Zexen and the clans.
Sarah also aided Luc in his effort to collect the other elemental true runes. Due to her exceptional skill and Sindarin knowledge, she was able to use True Runes through the True Rune Crystals. However, during the Second Fire Bringer War, she overextends her magical powers as she summoned troves of beings from the World of Emptiness to protect Luc from the Fire Bringer's forces. After taking a last stand to retain the True Water Rune, Sarah used her last strength to comfort a defeated Luc, and passed away.

Name: Sasarai
Origin: Harmonia
Position: Bishop
Sasarai is a Bishop within Harmonia, and also the bearer of the True Earth Rune. Despite his looks, he has lived for decades.
During the Dunan Unification War, Sasarai was sent as a general when Highland requested military aid from Harmonia. Sasarai led Harmonian troops to aid Highland. However, during the battle in the forests of South Window, his army was literally blown away by the power of Luc's True Wind Rune. Although Sasarai quickly teleported away with the power of his True Earth Rune, he was forced to retreat to Harmonia. The Highland Army was defeated in this battle, which resulted in the death of Prince Luca Blight.
Sasarai's origin is a tight-kept mystery, but he is actually a life-form created by Hikusaak in order to be a vessel for True Runes. He was also taught from his youth to be a Bishop, and holds considerable political power within Harmonia. He himself has been raised oblivious to his upbringing, but Luc revealed his origin in a confrontation. Sasarai was disgusted by the thought that he was a mere assembly of body parts created to host a True Rune, just like Luc. In that respect, Sasarai and Luc are twin brothers, as they were basically clones of Hikusaak.
Unlike his brother, Sasarai has a mild demeanor and is not very particular about details. However, his mild exterior hides a cunning mind that has allowed him to survive the venomous politics of Harmonia.
During the Second Fire Bringer War, Sasarai leads his troops to attack the Grasslands in search if the Flame Champion. He quickly defeated the Safir Clan and attacked the Chisha Clan, where he met some initial resistance. However, his forces pushed through the Grassland clans' defenses and ploughed through the Duck Clan, forcing the clans to ally with Zexen. Sasarai's forces are defeated at Brass Castle by the united forces of the Grasslands, Zexen, Kamaro, and Tinto. Although Sasarai was prepared to strike once again, he learns that the "Masked Bishop" is hatching a sinister plan. In order to counter this threat, he joins the Fire Bringer. After the war, he returns to Harmonia to continue his role as Bishop, while he wonders about the nature of his existence.

Name: Sasuke
Origin: Rokkaku
Position: Ninja
A young ninja from Rokkaku. He was taught the ways of the ninja from Mondo along with Kasumi. He has just entered his adolescence and has a crush on Kasumi, which makes him act strangely in Kasumi's presence.

Name: Sauro
Origin: Unknown
Position: Council Elder of the Howling Voice Guild
Sauro is an Elder within the Howling Voice Guild's Council of Elders. He is a powerful member amongst the Elders, especially after his apprentices, Clive, Elza, and Kelly all became Knight Class Gunners at once. This, however, led to an internal political struggle within the ranks of the Elders. The result of this political turmoil was the duel between Elza and Kelly, which resulted in the death of Kelly, and the council blaming Elza for "rigging" the duel.
He was also a mentor to Nash Latkje, and helped him find out the true cause of death of his parents--a slow acting poison used only by the Howling Voice Guild.

Name: Schtolteheim Reinbach II
Origin: Middleport
Position: Lord of Middleport
The Lord of Middleport who governs his island with adept political skill, using his talent as a merchant to avoid conflict with powerful neighbors. He was a patron to Warlock, allowing the mass-production of rune cannons to take place, changing the nature of naval warfare. He is also known to have very eccentric tastes for pets.

Name: Schtolteheim Reinbach III
Origin: Middleport
Position: Aristocrat
The infamous Schtolteheim Reinbach was the son of the lord of Middleport, Schtolteheim Reinbach II. Grateful to Hero4 for eradicating the seas of his fathers hideous pet, Little Daisy, he declared him his friend. He still wanted to test Hero4 and see if he would be a dedicated friend as well and so he challenged him to bring him the Rose Crest that he wanted. After delivering the Rose Crest to Reinbach, Hero4 welcomed Reinbach and Micky onto his ship. He also has a weird habit of wearing his hat in the baths. After the destruction of Fort El-Eal, he succeeded his father as Lord of Middleport.

Name: Scott
Origin: Unknown
Position: Trader
A young merchant who loves trading and traveling, he runs the trade shop at Budehuc. Scotts very first business deal involved him trading a candle for the parrot Waurenhyte. He works for a big trading organization and hopes to have his own big store one day.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Sebastian
Origin: Unknown
Position: Butler
Sebastian is the butler of Budehuc Castle. An assistant to the master of Budehuc, he is in charge of the castles finances and also runs the inn for no apparent reason. Sebastian is a supporter of Thomas, who becomes the new master of the castle. One day, when Thomas is to be removed from his position by order of the Zexen Council, Sebastian works with the other residents in order to ensure that Thomas will stay. He remains at Budehuc with Thomas after the 2nd Fire Bringer War, still hard at work.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Seed
Origin: Highland
Position: General
Seed grew up as a peasant within the Highland Kingdom but with his exceptional skill with sword and rune. He quickly rose up in rank, and became a Captain under General Solon Jhee. After Solon Jhee's execution, he was promoted to Vice-General after Culgan was promoted to General, and after the defection of Kiba, he was promoted to General of the 3rd Army.
As a warrior, he is well known for his ruthlessness in battle, and is thus referred to as the "flaming general." However, he is skilled with the use of the Flowing Rune. Also, when he was pursuing the Harmonian spy, Nash Latkje, he was struck by Nash's poison-laden attack and was defeated. Thanks to Culgan, however, he was able to keep his life.
Following the invasion of Highland by the Allied Army, Seed fought alongside Culgan in a last stand within the Palace of L'Renouille. He was defeated in battle, but it is unknown whether he died or survived in the final confrontation.

Name: Selma
Origin: Na-Nal
Position: Elven Warrior
Selma is a great warrior from the Elven Tree in Na-Nal and can always be seen by her chiefs side. She helped the Elven Chief in deceiving the humans, which lead the Kooluk Forces and Na-Nal warriors to fight amongst themselves. She did the mistake of setting Axel and the other heroes free and was banished from her village for doing so. With nowhere left to turn, she decided to help Hero4 on his quest against Kooluk. She was later forgiven and returned to her village with Paula.

Name: Sergei
Origin: Kaku
Position: Inventor/Engineer
As an engineer, he participated in many battles as well, wrench in hand.
After the Gate Rune Wars, he became a millionaire with his patent on the "elevator."

Name: Setsu
Origin: Kingdom of Obel, Island Nations Federation
Position: Chief Advisor
The absolutely loyal chief advisor of the royal family of Obel, Setsu always complains about the way Lino En Kuldes dresses up and acts. Regardless, he is very attached to the royal family and serves them without question. He continues to serve the royal family until his dying days.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Sgt. Joe
Origin: Duck Village, Grasslands
Position: Sergeant
A legendary warrior from the Duck Village, he is considered to be very attractive by duck standards. He is assigned by Karayan Chief Lucia to be Hugos attendant and mentor. He stays by Hugos side throughout hard times and always protects him. Sgt. Joe has a family that he is separated from, but eventually, he is able to return to his loved ones.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Shabon
Origin: Unknown
Position: Traveling Performer
A traveling performer along with Nei and Toppo. The youngest of the three performers is also skilled in martial arts that does not help her though when Guillaume decides to pick on her. Although she loves both, she knows she has to make a choice between performing and martial arts.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Sharon
Origin: Dragon Knight's Den
Position: Dragon Knight apprentice
Sharon is the daughter of Milia, the current Captain of the Dragon Knights. She tagged along with Futch when he was sent by Milia to aid the Fire Bringers in the Second Fire Bringer War. Although still young and willful, she proved to be as competent a fighter as a Knight. She did not own a dragon during the Second Fire Bringer war but was constantly talking about wanting one. After the war, she was apparently granted with a Golden Dragon and officially became recognized as a Dragon Knight.
This entry written by Gaara and Kobold.

Name: Sheena
Origin: Kouan
Position: Vagabond
The son of Lepant and Eileen, Sheena received the gift of swordsmanship from his father and magical talent from his mother. He is also a flirt and is constantly chasing after young women.
He joined the Gate Rune Wars when he was found by Lepant, flirting with an inn maid in Seika. He then remained with the Toran Liberation Army until the end of the war. He then left his parents again to travel around the world to "improve himself."
Later, he ended up in Jowston. He wanted to cross Lake Toran from Coronet, but Tai Ho refused to help him. Later on, he suddenly appeared in the Hero's Headquarters and offered to introduce them to his father, who was the current President of the Toran Republic. He helped the Hero and his party forge an alliance with Toran, but in the process Lepant asked the Hero to put his son to a better use. Thus, Sheena served in the Allied Army until the end of the War. After the war, Sheena returned to his parents, only to be sent away by Lepant to study in Harmonia.

Name: Shiba
Origin: Great Hollow, Grasslands
Position: Warrior
Shiba is a first-class fighter of the Grasslands Lizard Clan, and he assists Chief Dupa along with Bazba. A heavy eater, he is self-conscious about his weight and asks Kenji for advice on dieting.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Shiki
Origin: Black Dragon Island
Position: Chef
Shiki was one of the chefs who challenged Hai Yo to a cooking match. He forced Hai Yo to fight by poisoning Barbara with a poison called "The eternally sleeping maiden," which he got from the Nameless Lands. He tells Hai Yo that if he wins he could get the antidote.
After Hai Yo beats him, he kills himself by ingesting poison.

Name: Shilo
Origin: Unknown
Position: Gambler
Shilo is a gambler who specializes in chinchirorin. He is exceptionally good at his trade, and rarely loses. He has perfected various methods of cheating, and even defeats Gaspar. He joins the Allied Army during the Dunan Unification War after being defeated by Riou in chinchirorin. Since then he lent his excellent skill to the Allied Army. After the war, he continued his trade in the new Northwind Castle.

Name: Shin
Origin: Southlands
Position: Bodyguard
Shin is a wandering swordsman from the Southlands. He has been raised within the Eight Death Clan, and is a master of the Eight Death Style. He was hired by Alec Wisemail as a bodyguard for his daughter, Teresa. After Teresa became Acting mayor following her father's illness, he continued as her bodyguard. However, due to the fact that everyone in Greenhill liked Teresa, Shin never had to protect her, and his skills were put to the test only after the 2nd Highland Army, led by Rowd, attacked Greenhill.
Shin doesn't talk very much, but he is very serious about his swordsmanship, and takes great pride in his sword, the "Ray Tarantula".

Name: Shiramine
Origin: Unknown
Position: Fisherman
A legendary fisherman who specializes in net casting. He joined Hero4s army when Ugetsu was fishing one day and accidentally fished up Shiramine. He later also caught one of Lilins sister in his nets. He looks up to Ugetsu as a very experienced fisherman and enjoyed his company onboard the ship. After the war, he decided to become a fishing instructor in Razril and taught Tal how to fish.

Name: Shiro
Origin: Unknown
Position: None
Shiro is a wolf-dog who is the trusted companion of the archer, Kinnison. Shiro has been together with Kinnison ever since he was a puppy, and is highly skilled at hunting.
He joined Viktor's Mercenaries after Kinnison joined their forces following an encounter with the Hero. After the war, he disappeared into the forests with Kinnison.

Name: Shizu
Origin: Unknown
Position: Elevator Girl
Shizu is an apprentice of Adlai. During the Second Fire Bringer War, Shizu comes to Budehuc and asks to install an elevator. After getting approval, she fixes the "broken" elevator and makes it functional. Unknown to most, the elevator is powered by human strength, and Shizu trains a team of "Elevator barbarians" who enjoy lifting weights. She keeps this fact a secret to everyone else.

Name: Shu
Origin: Unknown
Position: Army Strategist
Shu was a student under Mathiu Silverberg when he was a child. Under Mathiu, he learned everything about Military Strategy, and Mathiu saw great potential in this young pupil. However, Shu wished to use his knowledge for personal ambition, and was cast out from Mathiu's school. Since then, Shu has become a trader. With his uncanny grasp of the "movements in the world," he quickly became rich through trading.
During the Dunan Unification War, the Allied Forces asked Shu to join them. He initially refused, but with persistent "begging" by Apple and the Hero, he agreed, and quickly whipped the Allied Forces into shape by scoring an initial victory against the Highland Army, resulting in the execution of Solon Jhee.

He quickly devises cunning strategies to rally support from other city-states, and establishes an alliance with the Toran Republic. However, Leon Silverberg suddenly sides with the Highland Army and causes disruption to Shu's plans. However, Leon helps Shu defeat Luca Blight by informing him of a planned night raid, and Shu did not let that chance go by.
Throughout the war, Shu's attitude towards Military Strategy has transformed. Originally, his philosophy was identical to Leon Silverberg's philosophy, where soldiers were pawns and strategists were never supposed to risk themselves. However, with the influence of Apple and Nanami, he started to see that it is sometimes necessary to put himself on the line in order to truly win.
In the end, he leads the Allied Forces to victory after he defeats Leon Silverberg's army by relying on luck instead of logic (much to Shu's dismay, as it was a confession that he can not match Leon's skill). After the war, he becomes the Chancellor for the new Dunan Republic, but he resigned after a year and gave his position to Klaus Windamier, and returns to being a trader.

He returns to the spotlight during the Higheast Rebellion. When Highland Loyalists and Harmonia staged an uprising in the Higheast Province, Teresa Wisemail asked Shu for help. Shu agreed, and used his skill and knowledge to cause civil unrest within Harmonia, which lead to Harmonia pulling their troops out of Higheast. With his assistance, Dunan was able to suppress the rebellion.

Name: Shun Min
Origin: Black Dragon Island
Position: None
Shun Min was the daughter of Master Chef, Retso of the Black Dragon Clan. She was also the lover of Hai Yo, who thought the Black Dragon Clan was getting corrupt. Shun Min agreed with him, and stole the "Blue Moon Bird's Recipe." However, just as she delivered the recipe to Hai Yo, she was killed by a Black Dragon Clan member. Hai Yo escaped with the recipe, and after defeating Jinkai in a cooking match, he returned to visit her grave.

Name: Sid
Origin: Two River
Position: None
Sid is well known for his odd behavior. He was unanimously disliked in the Winger section of Two River due to his odd habits. He is known to bury the bones of fishes he has eaten to make graves, and scares the local children with his incredibly morbid tales.
He always made fun of Chaco, and in fact used him as a "toy." However, he became bored one day and decided to leave on a "journey." However, he only left to come back and live in the sewers, unnoticed by other wingers.
After Chaco joins the Allied Forces, Sid also joins to Chaco's dismay. He continued with his odd habits while in the Hero's Headquarters. After the war he continued to use Chaco as a "toy."

Name: Sierra Mikain
Origin: Unknown
Position: Vampire Elder
Not much is known about Sierra Mikain before she received the Moon Rune. No one knows how she came to possess it, but she came to possess it over 800 years ago.
After being "possessed" by the Moon Rune, Sierra seems to have taken the lives of many due to the Moon Rune's dark desire to draw blood. In order to escape from this curse, Sierra retreated deep into a forest, where she found an abandoned cottage.
She spent years, decades, and a few centuries living in that cottage until a young knight wandered to her cottage, mortally wounded. The knight uttered words of remorse for being unable to protect his liege as he slowly died. Sierra took pity on this young and handsome knight--Rean Penenberg--and gave him the curse of immortality.
Rean left Sierra for a while to avenge the death of his liege, but came back to spend centuries together with Sierra. The time spent with Rean was the best time in Sierra's life.
After a while, people who wandered into to the forest for similar reasons--to end their life--ended up in the merciful fangs of Sierra, and the vampiric village of the Blue Moon was soon founded.
The village prospered for centuries with the power of the Moon Rune radiating from a central altar, allowing vampires to live on without feasting on blood.
However, the Moon Rune was stolen by Neclord, a new member of the village. This led to the death of many of the villagers who have lost the protection of the Moon Rune. Some of the vampires, however, escaped to continue their existence while feasting on the living. Rean was one of them. Sierra was immune from this due to her being the original vampire, but was devastated by the death of her long-time friends. Yet, she was determined to stop the renegade vampires from causing suffering to others, and thus she became a vampire hunter.
After hundreds of years, she is asked by a Harmonian swordsman--Nash Latkje-- to help him find information on True Runes. She joins him for no particular reason, or so it may have seemed. She was actually trying to get to Rean Penenberg's manor near the Jowston-Highland border.
Once at the manor, she is allowed to enter, but Rean doesn't show himself at all. However, that night zombies attack Sierra and Nash, along with the butler and maid who were both vampires themselves, obviously created by Rean. Sierra let Nash defeat all of them while conserving her power for her confrontation with Rean.
During the confrontation with Rean, Rean subtly manipulates Sierra by acting like he is naive. Sierra takes pity in his "confusion" and gets close to him to stab him and cast the "Song of Evanescence." However, Rean was waiting for her to get close enough to allow him to suck her blood, which game him great power. Nash tries his best to fight against Rean, but it becomes quickly obvious that there is no chance he could win, so he allows Sierra to suck his blood to regain power. This gave Sierra enough power to destroy Rean outright.
After that, she abandons Nash and heads towards Tinto after sensing Neclord.
At Tinto, she sleeps in the Drakemouth Village Inn for a long time. However, she is visited by Kahn Marley and the Hero who were looking for her. She joins them to fight Neclord, and with the joined effort of Viktor, Kahn, and Sierra, Neclord is destroyed. After that, Sierra decides to stick with the Allied Forces a bit. However, even after the war, she stays and lives among the humans.

Name: Sigfried
Origin: Deep within the Kobold Forest
Position: None
Sigfried is a unicorn that has lived deep within the kobold forest for over 200 years. He has tested the bravery of many warriors in the past through a "trial," but no one has come to take the trial for a long time, long enough for even the oldest kobold in the village considered the trial a mere legend.
However, when Hix and Tengaar came for the trial, they were met by a surprise when Sigfried suddenly appeared and threatened Hix by telling him that he will be killed if he doesn't give Tengaar over. Hix stands his ground, however, and Sigfried simply disappears.
Later on, when the Hero visits the forest with a Listening Crystal, he appears, and with the aid of a maiden, he joins the Allied Forces.
After the war, he returns to the forest.

Name: Sigurd
Origin: Middleport, Island Nations Federation
Position: Pirate
This young pirate was once in the Middleport Fleet but betrayed them after finding out some shady secrets about them. Because of this, the Lord of Middleport wanted him dead and sent Keen after him. With nowhere else to go, Sigurd was taken in by Kika. To repay her, he served her alongside Hervey. After the war, Sigurd vowed to stay by Kikas side until the end of his days.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Simone Verdricci
Origin: Gregminster
Position: Aristocrat
Simone was a member of the aristocracy under the Scarlet Moon Empire. After the fall of the Empire, he still retained the family's wealth, and started traveling around the world. He is a good friend of Vincent de Boule.
He joined the Allied Forces after the Hero found the Rose Brooch that he lost and gave it to him. He then swore eternal loyalty and friendship to the Hero and joined the Allied Forces.

Name: Snowe Vingerhut
Origin: Razril
Position: Civilian
Son of Vincent Vingerhut, he was always pampered, even in the Razril Military. After making a very bad impression on his first important mission, the spotlight switched over to his best friend, Hero4. Witnessing the death of his commander, he panics and accuses his own best friend of murdering him. He later lent information about the whereabouts of the Rune of Punishment, in exchange for not harming the people of Razril. He joined the Kooluk forces and started hunting pirates. After losing a battle to Hero4 and being forced to flee, he became what he once hunted, a pirate. Still despising Hero4 for all that had transpired, he attacked and lost to him again. He was later betrayed by his own crew and abandoned. Fortunately, Hero4 had found him once again and allowed him to stay onboard his ship. He later starts understanding why Hero4 is adored by everyone, yet he still misses the old days when he and Hero4 were still knight trainees. After being forgiven for his actions, he returned to Razril and started living as a normal citizen.

Name: Solon Jhee
Origin: L'Renouille
Position: General of the 4th Highland Army
Solon Jhee is a member of the powerful Jhee family of Highland, and was promoted fast through the military ranks due to his status. After Luca Blight became the commander in chief of the Highland Army following Agares's resignation from that duty, Solon was promoted to the General of the 4th Highland Army, and spearheaded Highland's attack on Jowston.
He had many successes in the start and had momentum. Destroying Viktor's mercenaries and defeating Muse and then taking South Window and executing Granmeyer. However, throughout the war he lacked caution, and small setbacks happened at various times. This became clear when he attacked the old fortress of Northwind. He assumed too much, thinking that the "rebels" have no place to run, exposed the rear of his army and allowed the Allied Forces to attack from the rear. This, angered Luca Blight and cost Solon his head.

Name: Sonya Shulen
Origin: Gregminster
Position: Navy Admiral
Sonya Shulen was the head of the Scarlet Moon Navy--a position she inherited from her mother, Kilawher Shulen. She is a formidable warrior with her spear, bow, and magic. She used to be stationed in the old Toran Lake Castle before the construction of Shasarazade. After the move, pirates often took control of the old castle, so she summoned a dragon zombie to guard the old castle from marauders using an ancient Sindarin technique.
During the war, she strictly adhered to her orders--to protect Shasarazade, and thus she did not mover her navy at all during the Gate Rune Wars. However, after the death of Teo McDohl--her lover, she only had one mission--to kill Hero McDohl. However, she is defeated at Shasarazade by the Liberation Army, and she fights single-handedly against the Hero's team. She is defeated there as well, and tries to kill herself due to the fact that she wasn't able to take her revenge. However, Viktor forcibly stops her from killing herself and takes her captive.
After that, Sonya is put in the prison in Toran Castle. However, after the Hero talks to her, she agrees to fight with him so that she could "see him die in battle." However, by the end, she sees the spirit of Teo McDohl coursing through the Hero's veins, and realizes the futility of her vow for revenge.
After the war, she served as the head of the Toran Republic Navy, and was named as one of the Republic's Six Great General. She participated in the campaign to regain the northern lands of Senan that was taken by the armies of Tinto and South Window during the Gate Rune Wars and scores many victories.
She still laments the death of Teo, and even in her most recent entries in her diaries, she writes about the short but satisfying moments she spent with him years ago.

Name: Stallion
Origin: Lukiae Ende Towayo
Position: Runner
Stallion is one of the few elves who have survived the Gate Rune Wars. Stallion owns a unique rune, the "Godspeed Rune" (I refuse to call this rune the "True Holy Rune" because it is a stupid mistranslation), which gives him the power to run at incredible speeds. Using this skill, he was able to rescue Sylvina from Lukiae Ende Towayo when it was destroyed by Kwanda Rossman's Burning Mirror. After the Gate Rune Wars, Stallion goes to Dunan, running around aimlessly. At one point, he rescued Teresa Wisemail from an incoming arrow during the Highland Army's initial siege on Greenhill. Later on, he joins the Allied Forces after being beaten in a race by the Hero. After the Dunan Unification War, he runs elsewhere.

Name: Star Dragon Sword
Origin: Unknown
Position: Legendary Sword
An incarnation of the Night Rune (one of the 27 True Runes), this talking sword is an expert on slaying vampires. For a long time, it resided in the Cave of the Past in the Lorimar Region of the Scarlet Moon Empire. It was later claimed by Viktor, who used it to slay Neclord. Despite having the same goals, Viktor and the sword did not get along at all. Tired of carrying it around, Viktor left the sword in the Cave of the Wind but was forced to retrieve it once he discovered that Neclord was still alive. With the help of Kahn Marley and Sierra Mikain, Viktor used the Star Dragon Sword to slay Neclord once and for all. Viktor later gave away the sword to the young warrior named Edge.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Susu
Origin: Tinto
Position: Great Wing of the Winged Horde
Susu is the Great Wing--or leader, in human terms--of the race known as wingers. She and her people reside in Two River City. One day, when Riou is visiting the city, Susu meets with him and asks to see his Bright Shield Rune. She tells him how she once saw the same rune shining from afar on the hand of Genkaku, whose generosity allowed her people a place in Two River. When Riou returns later, Susu presents him with a spinach seedling.
This entry written by TheNeclord.

Name: Sydonia
Origin: Unknown
Position: Bandit
Sydonia is one of the heads of the Mt. Seifu Bandits. He is a reclusive fellow who doesnt open his heart to anyone other than Varkas. He apparently has endured some horrible fate in the past, and possesses the strange ability of "The Art of Far Moving," which allows him to teleport short distances. This power is not due to any rune or magic, and is inherent to Sydonia.
During the Gate Rune Wars, Sydonia, along with Varkas, is defeated and captured by Tir McDohl and handed over to Grady to be crucified. However, after the Hero joins the Liberation Army, they are rescued by their original captors. Sydonia could have escaped easily on his own if he used his special skill, but he was being watched all the time by guards and was unable to run away while rescuing Varkas. Thus, he decided to stay behind with his friend. After the Gate Rune Wars, he disappeared, and even Varkas has no idea where he has gone.

Name: Sylvina
Origin: Lukiae Ende Towayo
Position: None
Sylvina is the daughter of the Elder of the Village of Elves and also the fiancEof Kirkis. She is quite naive and does not comprehend why her fiancEwants to make peace with "lowly humans, dwarves, and kobolds." However, she trusts Kirkis anyhow and helps him escape from captivity.
After the destruction of Lukiae Ende Towayo (The Tree), Silvina was believed to have died, but luckily Stallion saved her before the Burning Mirror singed Lukiae Ende Towayo. After that, Sylvina joins the Liberation Army. After the warm she marries Kirkis and is helping him rebuild the Village of the Elves.