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Name: Daisy
Origin: North Window
Position: Civilian
Daisy was someone important to Viktor who was killed by Neclord. When Viktor returns to North Window to fight with Neclord, Neclord creates a fake Daisy to tempt Viktor. However, Viktor decapitates the fake Daisy with the Zodiac Sword.

Name: Darel
Origin: Muse
Position: Mayor
Darel was the Mayor of Muse before Annabelle and was also her father. The Highland-Jowston war that happened about 30 years ago was caused by him attacking Highland. His initial defeats were later turned around by Genkaku, but due to jealousy Darel forced Genkaku out of the Jowston Alliance after the war was over.

Name: Dario
Origin: Island Nations
Position: Pirate
This short man owns his own ship and crew of pirates, but he sails the oceans of the Island Nations under the flag of Pirate Kika. He has a son called Nalleo, whose mother is actually Louise. He is fond of mermaids and ruthlessly attacks the people who hunt them down. After the war, he dedicates his whole life to serving Kika.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Deborah
Origin: Middleport
Position: Fortune Teller
This old fortune teller enjoys sitting in the inn of Middleport along with Oskar, sipping tea. After meeting Hero4, she is enthralled by his fortune and decides to accompany him on the ship, where she offers him tips to recruit other valuable people.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Dennis Taurer
Origin: Unknown
Position: Alchemist
A Sindar alchemist who wrote "Conversa Pnumae et Terrae" which became the basic text of alchemy.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Desmond
Origin: Obel
Position: Adjutant
Desmond is the shy adjutant working under the royal family of Obel. He is assigned as Hero4s liaison by Lino En Kuldes, and he is very helpful. It seems he has a crush on Louise and becomes depressed when she disappears. He later became determined to work hard under Setsu.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Dios
Origin: Harmonia
Position: Strategist
Dios is a first class Harmonian, born and bred in the highest tier of Harmonian society. However, he has had little luck in his career despite his sharp intellect, and had a dead-end career in Harmonia's regional army. His luck turned up during the Higheast Rebellion when Sasarai recognized his skill and promoted him and took him under his wings.
During the Second Fire Bringer War, Dios helps Sasarai's battle against the Grasslanders, reducing unnecessary casualties with his shrewd tactical sixth-sense. He later joins the Fire Bringer along with Sasarai to fight against < a href="">Luc, and defends Sasarai from Luc's attack using his body as a shield, showing undaunted courage and loyalty. He continues his career under Sasarai after the war.

Name: Dolentz
Origin: Highland
Position: Captain
Dolentz is a commander under the employment of Kiba Windamier, who has fought by his side for over 20 years since Kiba's first battle. During the battle at fort Retto, Kiba held off the entire Muse army led by Darel at Fort Retto, using only 100 soldiers. During this battle, most of Kiba's men perished, and Dolentz was one of the few who survived. Dolentz also showed great kindness to Kiba's son Klaus, and told him various stories of military valor. Dolentz is described as muscular and wearing plate armor at all times with a horned helmet, using a broad axe as his weapon of choice.

Name: Dominguez
Origin: Caleria
Position: Intel Op
Dominguez is an intelligent parrot who works for the Harmonian Southern Fringe Security Force. His main task is to carry letters from the headquarters to other ops, and due to his "disguise" he is never suspected as a spy, and could deliver messages even during the head of battle.

Name: Dominguez Jr
Position: Intel Op
Dominguez Jr is a "nasel pigeon" who acts as a messenger between Nash and Sasarai. As with all nasel pigeons, he is able to talk. Not only can he memorize speech, but he actually conveys his thoughts through speech, revealing a high level of intellect. During one mission, he delivers a message from Nash to Sasarai. He then tells him, "Nash was saying you're a corrupted kid," which amused Sasarai greatly.

Name: Dominic
Origin: Vinay Del Zexay
Position: Armorer
Dominic is a hard-headed armorer born and raised in Vinay Del Zexay. He has been an armorer all his life, and is fiercely proud of his skill. He has a tendency to prefer exotic pieces of armor, and his preference seems to be somewhat impractical from a purely functional perspective.

Name: Dowango
Origin: Great Forest
Position: Smith
A Dwarven Smith who made many magic items. It is said that a silver feather he made floated in air.

Name: Duke
Origin: Unknown
Position: 14th Harmonian Border Guards Leader
Duke is the hot-headed leader of the 14th Harmonian Border Guards. His father used to lead the unit, but he took over after his father's death. Nicol has been serving since his father's time. Duke also has an obsessive one-sided rivalry between Geddoe, and often harasses the members of the 12th Border Guards; however, he usually ends up being defeated by Geddoe's wit or combat skills.
During the Second Fire Bringer War, Duke helps Geddoe's unit when they are completely cornered by monsters and exhausted from continuous battles. After the war, Duke is said to have married Elaine.

Name: Dupa
Origin: Great Hollow
Position: Clan Chief
Dupa became the chief of the Lizard clan after the murder of chief Zepon. Thinking that Zexen committed the act, Dupa led his Lizard warriors to fight Zexen troops, which started the Second Fire Bringer War.
He continued to attack Zexen, torching the village of Iksay during its harvest festival. However, situations change after Harmonia invades the Grasslands. Faced with a superior force, Dupa gradually acknowledges the need to gather forces with Zexen, and under the leadership of the new Flame Champion, fights under the banner of the Fire Bringers.

Name: Durabum
Vinay Del Zexay
Position: Council Member
Durabum was a member of the Zexen Council who attempted to remove Thomas from his position as governor a few times. He was one of the members of the council secretly connected with Harmonia. After having severe difficulty removing Thomas from Budehuc, he is ordered back to Vinay Del Zexay due to accusations that he is a traitor. Upon return, he was arrested for conspiring against the government in a coup by the Zexen Knights.