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Name: Adventurers
Classification: Profession
Owner: Lorelai, Quincy, Mina
Although "Adnevturers" in Suikoden 1 was a name of a unit within the Toran Liberation Army, it is a quasi-profession within the Suikoden world. They are akin to mercenaries, albeit disorganized and having individual agendas and purposes. The most commonly seen adventurers in the Suikoden world are Sindar Treasure Hunters, as seen with character such as Lorelai and Killey. Adventurers are generally shunned and distrusted in the Suikoden World due to the fact that they are wanderers and often secretive. Some adventurers are ruthless, gutting tombs and exterminating monsters and wild animals for their treasure or fur.

Name: Alchemist
Classification: Profession
Owner: Kamandohl, Adlai, Bora Atkins, Dennis Taurer
Alchemists are those who practice the seldom pursued art of alchemy. Those who study alchemy are often looked upon as eccentrics, especially in a world where runes can perform similar functions with greater ease.

Name: Alchemy
Classification: Discipline
Owner: N/A
Alchemy is a field of study developed by the ancient Sindars, notably by the Sindarin engineer, Bora Atkins The aim of alchemy is to create a power similar to runes without the use of runes. This lead to the creation of mechanical devices as well as non-runic forms of magic. The study of alchemy branches out into other disciplines as well, such as blacksmithing, trickmaking, and sorcery. The dwarves are known to be extensively involved with the upkeep of Sindarin technology due to their relative lack of proficiency with runes. The secret of gunpowder manufactur, which is a closely guarded secret of the Howling Voice Guild, is also a derivative of alchemy.

Name: Allied Army
Classification: Military Organization
Owner: City States of Jowstone, Riou
The Allied Army was an amry created in IS 460 by remnents of the City States of Jowston after their sour defeat at Muse by the hands of the Highland Kingdom. The army was established at the ruins of North Window Castle, which was reconstructed into a mighty fortress as the forces of the Army grew, later including the forces of Tinto and the Toran Republic. After the War, this army was disbanded and became known as the Dunan Republic Army.

Name: Ancient Scroll
Classification: Writing
Owner: Traders
Ancient Sindarin text that is traded at very high prices at certain towns. Kobolds see very little value in these writings, and are willing to let go of them at a ridiculously low price. No doubt, it is a favorite trade commodity among all players who wish to recruit Gordon.

Name: Antoinette
Classification: Flora & Fungi
Owner: Milich Oppenheimer
A grotesque flower capable of releasing powerful posionous pollen, which can descimate armies. Milich was able to grow this flower with the aid of the Black Rune, and this flower proved to be a difficult foe during the Toran Liberation Wars. Thanks to Flik's ruthlessness, the Toran Liberation Army suffered a huge defeat when attacking Scareleticia Castle. However, with the help of medical saint Liukan the Toran Liberation Army was immunized against the poisonous pollen. This allowed them to burn down Antoinette, much to Milich Oppenheimer's dismay.

Name: Armored Cavalry
Classification: Military Organization
Owner: Teo McDohl
A fabled unit of the Scarlet Moon Empire lead by General Teo McDohl, known to have never been defeated. This cavalry is composed of a unique steed called Gul-Horses, which are wingless dragon-like creatures that can run at incredible speeds and possess great strength. The armored cavalry was used in the final battele in the Succession War, easily defeating the combined cavalry of General Bergen and General Schmidt. During the Toran Liberation War, this unit delivered a humiliating defeat to the Liberation Army. However, in the second confrontation, they were annihilated when the Liberation Army used Fire Spears that have been manufactured secretly.

Name: Atreides Ring
Classification: Ornament
Owner: Jowy Atreides
A ring that has been passed onto Jowy. The ring is highly valuable, and can fetch more than 1000 potch if sold. When the player shirks to pay their own potch to purchas the Wooden Amulet for Pilika, Jowy will volunteer his own money by selling this ring. It is uncertain why Jowy has this ring, but he supposedly got it from Rosa Atreides. However, because Rosa was not originally an Atreides, it is assumed that the ring was given to her by Marcel Atreides.

Name: Axe of the Oath
Classification: Weapon
Owner: Gremio
Gremio's axe of of special significance due to the fact that Gremio used it to hack bandits to death when Tir was abducted by Tigerwolf Bandits hired by Geil Rugner during the Successin War. After rescuing Tir, Gremio engraved the words, "I will always protect young master," on his axe, thus making an oath to eternally protect Tir. After Gremio is killed by the Man Eating Spores of Milich Oppenheimer, only hix axe and cape remains, symbolizing how he kept his oath.