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Name: Kage
Origin: Unknown
Position: Ninja Mercenary
Kage is a contract ninja. Rumors say that he will kill his own family if the right price was given. He has no loyalty to anyone, but if he is paid to do a job, he definitely gets it done. In that respect he has his own sense of ethics. He is highly competent as well, and many of his acts have affected history. For example, he was the one who brought the blueprints for the Burning Mirror to Pannu Yakuta when he was hired by the Scarlet Moon Empire, and on the other hand, he was hired by the Toran Liberation Army to deliver the blueprints for the Fire Spears to the Rebel Factory. During the Dunan Unification War, he was hired by Highland to work as an messenger between Luca Blight and Jowy Atreides before Jowy's murder of Anabelle. It is also said that Kage is a member of a group of ninjas loosely connected to the Highland Kingdom, known as "Kage" or "Black Wind." Thus, his name is likely an alias.

Name: Kahn Marley
Origin: Crystal Valley
Position: Vampire Hunter
Kahn is a member of the Marley family, who has been hunting vampires for centuries. The Marley family used to govern an area in Harmonia, but centuries ago, vampires started to turn people in the Marley domain into zombies. Since then, the Marley family have been trying to develop ways to destroy vampires. Kahn's grandfather was the first to fight with Neclord, and he was killed. Kahn's father was able to find a way to seal Neclord's "secret of corporeal form" but was killed as well. Kahn was with his father as an apprentice, and met Neclord for the first time then. Since then, Kahn's life has been dedicated to training in order to destroy Neclord. It was not merely vengeance that he sought, but destroying Neclord has become his livelihood and obsession. He is able to fulfill his desire after destroying Neclord with the help of Viktor and Sierra. However, he was strong enough to not lose perspective after he accomplished his goal, and is now thinking of becoming a mineralogist.

Name: Kai
Origin: Unknown
Position: One of the Six Great Generals
Kai was Tir McDohl's bo stick instructor. As an instructor, he was ruthless, and Hero McDohl still calls him "master." When he was still living with the McDohl's he one day said, "I'll go out for a walk," and never came back. During the Gate Rune Wars, he joins the Toran Liberation Army and helps the Hero in many battles. After the war he is chosen as one of the Six Great Generals, and becomes an army instructor for bo sticks. Records state that he has retired from this position by the year 475, and has become an "honorary general."

Name: Kamandohl
Origin: Unknown
Position: Alchemist
Kamandohl is an alchemist who is of the mainstream Dennis Taurer school and bases his studies on "Conversa Pnumae et Terrae." His theme if study is to "create motion by burning fuel." He accomplishes that by making an "engine." Using this engine, Kamandohl helps the Toran Liberation Army possess better ships.

Name: Kanaan
Origin: Unknown
Position: Vice-Captain of the Royal Guards
Kanaan was the Vice-Captain of the Scarlet Moon Royal Guards under Captain Kraze. He embodies the corruption within the Scarlet Moon Empire by accepting bribes from rural magistrates. He also was the one who told Windy that Ted has the Souleater, which led to Tir McDohl becoming a fugitive.

After the Toran Liberation Army gets the upper hand of war, Kanaan becomes the Vice-Commander of the Scarlet Moon Military under Yuber. However, this position is short lived due to the victory of the Toran Liberation Army.
After the formation of the Toran Republic, Kanaan reduces himself to becoming a petty criminal, but is caught and imprisoned.

Name: Kanak
Origin: Unknown
Position: Lake Pirate
Kanak is a Lake Pirate in Lake Toran who works under Anji. He is very mild-mannered, but in battle he is furious. He joins the Toran Liberation Army when Anji decides to join. After the Gate Rune Wars, he helps Anji's business ventures.

Name: Karen
Origin: Kuskus
Position: Dancer
Karen is a dancer from Kuskus. She studied dancing under Mina, and is very famous in Kuskus. When she is not dancing, she is shy and mild-mannered, but once she starts dancing, her personality changes completely. She joins the Dunan Unification Army after seeing that the Hero was pretty good at dancing as well.

Name: Karl
Origin: Unknown
Position: Martial Artist
This tattooed martial-artist wants to physically perfect himself, spending all his time meditating and honing his skills. He decides to join Hero4�s team in order to fight, and later, he journeys around the world to become even stronger than before.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Karnach Rugner
Origin: Unknown
Position: Emperor
Karnach Rugner was the emperor of the Scarlet Moon Empire before Michelan Rugner. Besides Michelan Rugner, he had another son--Georg Rugner, who later changed his name to Geil Rugner.

Name: Kasim Hazil
Origin: Southlands
Position: One of the Six Great Generals
Kasim Hazil is a seasoned General. Known as "Kasim of the Blue Moon," his skill as a swordsman is second only to Georg Prime. He has protected the Senan Area with Moravia as his base, and during the Succession War, he had Mathiu Silverberg as his subordinate officer. During the Gate Rune Wars, he tried to defend Moravia from the Toran Liberation Army, but due to Mathiu's tricks, Jowston attacked from behind and overran Moravia. Defeated, he joins the Toran Liberation Army and fights against Barbarossa in order to convince him to stop fighting.

After the Gate Rune Wars, he asks President Lepant to send him north to fight with Jowston, and without rest heads out to another war, and this time, he is victorious. He uses a sword called Emerald Moonlight, which is made with a secret technique known to a esoteric tribe in the north.

Name: Kasios
Origin: Unknown
Position: Meistersinger
Kasios is a meistersinger under the service of Milich Oppenheimer. Kasios is completely loyal to Milich due to Milich's understanding and appreciation of music. He joins the Toran Liberation Army only because Milich also joined, and continues to play music for Milich after the Gate Rune Wars.

Name: Kasumi
Origin: Rokkaku
Position: Vice-Leader of Rokkaku
Kasumi is a young ninja from Rokkaku. During the Gate Rune Wars, she brings news to the Toran Liberation Army of the destruction of Rokkaku by Teo McDohl's forces. After joining the Toran Liberation Army, she develops a crush on Hero McDohl, but is too shy to do anything about it. After the Gate Rune Wars, she is appointed as Vice-Leader of Rokkaku, and during the Dunan Unification War, she is sent to Dunan to aid the Dunan Unification Army by the orders of President Lepant.

Name: Kate
Origin: Unknown
Position: Assassin
This deadly assassin was hired by someone in the capital of Kooluk to scout the island of Iluya. While she was there, Kooluk fired the rune cannon at the island and destroyed it. Having survived the devastation, Kate ran into Hero4 and Mizuki, a former associate who was also from Kate�s homeland. Kate then made a contract with Hero4 stating that she would not betray him to the Kooluk but would simply vanish if things got ugly. Seeking revenge on her employer, she later set out for the capital of Kooluk.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Katarina
Origin: Razril
Position: Commander of the Razril Knights
While she was Vice-Commander of the Razril Knights, she could always be seen by Commander Glen�s side. What a lot of people do not know is that she is actually his daughter, but he is unaware of that. She blamed Hero4 for Glen�s death and hated him for it although somewhere inside herself, she doubted the accusations. When she ended up in Kika�s pirates� den, she explained to Hero4 and the other ex-knights of Razril about the situation in Razril. She later realized that it was not Hero4 and rather the Rune of Punishment which took Commander Glen�s life. She still wanted to reinstate the knights of Razril and accomplished this after the war, gaining herself the position of Commander of the Knights.

Name: Kathy
Origin: Unknown
Position: Horse Farmer
Kathy is a horse farmer wandering around the Grasslands. She is actually a daughter of Billy, but this fact is unknown to Melville, who would be her step-brother. She joins the Fire Bringer during the Second Fire Bringer War and takes care of the horses.

Name: Keen
Origin: Unknown
Position: Assassin
An assassin hired by Schtolteheim Reinbach II to execute all the people who have uncovered the secrets of the Middleport Fleet. One specific fugitive he was sent to hunt down was the pirate, Sigurd, who was once part of the Middleport Fleet. He decides to let Sigurd live until after the Island Nations-Kooluk war. Although after the war, he gets tired of his job and retires to Middleport.

Name: Kelly
Origin: The Tower
Position: Guild Master
Kelly was born within the Howling Voice Guild and was raised within "The Tower." He has always been good friends with Clive and Elza, and despite the often fatal training, the three managed to preserve a certain humanness and loving-kindness. However, when the three of them all become Knight Class gunners, everything changes. Due to Guild rules, the newest Knight Class gunner must become the Guild Master. The Elders chose Kelly because they thought Kelly would be the easiest to manipulate. However, Kelly was unable to use Sturm, while Elza was chosen by Sturm as its owner. Because the Guild Master had to be able to use Sturm, the Elders ordered Kelly and Elza to duel. The Elders told Kelly that the dueling gun, Stern will be loaded, while Mond will not be loaded, and told Kelly to choose Stern. However, Kelly chose Mond, knowing that that will mean his death, he was tired of being a puppet for the elders and most of all, he did not want to kill Elza. As he died in Elza's arms, his last words were, "I loved you and Clive."

Name: Keneth
Origin: Razril
Position: Vice-Captain
He started out as a Knight Trainee under Commander Glen Cott along with his friends. He manages to stay calm and keep his cool in dangerous situation. After his friend, Hero4 was accused of killing their commander, he still had faith in Hero4 being innocent and did everything in his power to help him. After the war, he was promoted from a knight to Vice-Commander of the Knights of Razril.

Name: Kenji
Origin: Unknown
Position: Trainer
Kenji is a physical fitness trainer who happened to be in Yaza Plains. He was recruited into the Fire Bringer, and perplexed other members with his maniacal devotion to physical fitness. He owns a mysterious rune called the "Full Moon Rune" which gives him the ability to deliver a powerful attack.

Name: Kent
Origin: Highway Village
Position: Milk Delivery Boy
Kent is the son of a milk distributor in Highway Village. He becomes friends with Futch when Futch and Humphrey happen to be staying at Highway Village for a few days. Kent is taken by Futch's story of how he used to be a dragon knight. Inspired by that story and rumors that dragons live in Mt. Rakutei, he climbs the mountain alone (who knows how he navigated though all those monsters). Fortunately he is rescued before a harpy eats him. After he is rescued, he starts working hard in hopes that he will see Futch on a dragon one day.

Name: Kessler
Origin: Unknown
Position: Head Bandit
Kessler is the Head of the Tigerwolf Bandits. When his subordinate, Ledon, poisoned Odessa Silverberg and her party while they were traveling to Srady, Kessler found them and identified Odessa. He then immediately forced Ledon to make an antidote. Later on, he joins the Toran Liberation Army, and joins the Toran Republic Army after the end of the Gate Rune Wars as the captain of the border guards. It is known that he has returned by the year 475.

Name: Kevin
Origin: Iluya, Island Nations Federation
Position: Caf� Owner
Kevin was a resident of Iluya before it was devastated by Kooluk�s Rune Cannon. He used to run the inn with his wife, Pam. The two survived the attack and ended up washing up on Nay Island, where they were looked after by the Island Chief. Kevin later came onboard Hero4�s ship and helped cook food for the army.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Kianu
Origin: Karaya
Position: Chief
Kianu was the chief of the Karaya Clan and father of Lucia. He was summoned by Gorudo and Alec Wisemail for a "peace conference" but was instead murdered by poison.

Name: Kiba Windamier
Origin: L'Renouille
Position: General
Kiba was the General of Highland's 3rd Army. He gained his position after successfully defending the fortress of Retto from an attack by Muse, where he used 100 soldiers to defend against 2000 enemies. Because of that he is well known for his ability in defensive tactics. His son, Klaus, serves as the Tactician for his army. During the Dunan Unification War, he attacked Muse along with Luca. He was not in full agreement with how Luca preferred to sack entire villages, but he did not express any outright contempt. Later on after the New Allied Forces defeated Solon Jhee, he was ordered to attack Two River, but this failed due to the solidarity of the Two River citizens along with reinforcements from the Allied Forces and the Kobold Village. Later on he attacked Radat and captured it. He defeated an attack by the Allied Forces after Ridley Wizen abandons the battle. He then rushed in for the kill but is attacked from the rear by Ridley, who abandoned the front to feign his defection. After that Kiba's forces surrendered.

After surrendering, Kiba requests to be executed, however, a letter from Luca Blight arrived at the same time, which Klaus interpreted as meaning that Agares Blight was killed. Because Kiba has sworn his loyalty to Agares and not Luca, he agreed to surrender to the Allied Forces. He then proves to be an invaluable addition to the Allied Forces--when the Allied Forces were planning an attack on Matilda, Shu asks Kiba to lead a group and take the old Mercenary Fortress as a decoy. This was clearly a suicide mission but Kiba accepts, and completes his purpose in his final battle.

Name: Kidd
Origin: Unknown
Position: Detective
Kid is a self-proclaimed "genius detective" who wanders around despite his age. During the Second Fire Bringer War, he is sighted at the Duck Village, trying to resolve a murder of a duck, who appeared to have been mangled beyond recognition. However, the murder is revealed to be the duck simply falling asleep while practicing yoga. Kidd manages to convince himself that he is a genius despite the fact that the entire "murder" was an unintentional hoax that he made himself. He later on joins the Fire Bringer, and provides the Flame Champion with various information about other Fire Bringer members, although his information was often obvious, or inaccurate.

Name: Kilawher Shulen
Position: One of the Six Great Generals
Kilawher Shulen was the general in charge of the navy during the Succession Wars. She was an expert swordsman and skilled with runes as well. When Jowston invaded northern Toran, Leon suggested the Kalekka massacre to the Six Great Generals and Barbarossa, but it is recorded that Kilawher called Leon "despicable," when she heard the strategy. In the end she agrees as there was no other option. Later, she died in an accident a few years after the Succession War was over. Sonya, her successor, is her daughter.

Name: Killey
Origin: Queendom of Falena
Position: Treasure Hunter
Killey hails from a tribe that lives in northern Falena. His crimson clothing symbolizes the legendary "red bird" in his tribe.
He has been tracing the Sindars for a very long time, and has crossed paths with Lorelai a few times. In fact, he was trapped by her once by being given false information. This forced him to live within the dungeons of Falena for three years. However, he escaped in the end. It is also said that he took part in the assassination of the Queen of Falena by Georg Prime.

Killey joins the Allied Forces to interrogate Alex on his findings in the Sindar Ruin near Muse. Alex tells him what his "treasure" is, and Killey understand what Alex meant. However, he still continues to search for the elusive Sindars.

Name: Kika
Origin: Unknown
Position: Pirate Leader
A notorious pirate on the seas of the Island Nations. Although wanted by Gaien, she gets along well with the king of Obel, Lino En Kuldes and has worked with him on various occasions. She lost two very important people known as Edgar and Brandeau to the Rune of Punishment. After Lino En Kuldes fled from his kingdom, being attacked by the Kooluk forces, Kika decided to lend him and Lino En Kuldes a hand. She also did the liberty of asking Elenor Silverberg to meet Hero4. She lived the rest of her days after the war as a pirate and finally met her end in the high seas.

Name: Kimberley
Origin: Antei
Kimberley is a forger who lives in Antei. Normally she makes a living making small crafts, but her true skill lies in forging official seals. She is illiterate, but her attention to detail allows her to make exact duplicates of seals that are used on public documents.
She is a friend of Mathiu Silverberg, and was asked by Mathiu to help him during the Gate Rune Wars to construct a document to allow Hero McDohl to enter Soniere Prison. Her work was perfect, but the seal supplied to her was an old version, which alarmed Milich Oppenheimer.

During the war, Kimberley became Tai Ho's "wife," or so she thinks. Tai Ho eventually escapes to Dunan with the help of Kun To, and now Kimberley lives in Kaku on her own. No one knows that she approaches Tai Ho so that she could get closer to Yam Koo, who is her real target.

Name: Kinnison
Origin: Unknown
Position: Hunter
Kinnison is a hunter who lives in the forest around Ryube. No one knows where exactly he came from, but he grew up with Shiro, his wolf-dog, and has been hunting for a very long time. He is concerned with the balance between nature and man, and joined Viktor's mercenaries in order to help get rid of Highland Soldiers who were ravaging the lands.

He continued to serve in the Allied Forces until the end, and by that time he has developed a crush on Ayda, who also was a hunter and protector of nature.

Name: Kirke
Origin: Unknown
Position: Executioner
Kirke is an Executioner who was employed at Lorimar. However, he was out of his job after Lorimar was destroyed by Neclord. When asked, he easily joins the Liberation Army so that he could "find the right place to die." After the Liberation Wars, he gave his weapon to Lorelai and became a farmer.

Name: Kirkis Shana Ques Laviankaana
Origin: Lukiae Ende Towayo
Position: Archer
Kirkis is an elf who tried to unite the elves. dwarves and kobolds of the Great Forest to fight against Kwanda Rossman at Pannu Yakuta. He was aware of the destructive power of the Burning Mirror and wished to save the Great Forest. He asked the Toran Liberation Army for help, and was finally able to get the cooperation of the Dwarves, but was too late to save the Village of the Elves after the great tree--Lukiae Ende Towayo--was burned down with the Burning Mirror. However, after the Gate Rune Wars, he became the Chief of the Elves.

Name: Klaus Windamier
Origin: L'Renouille
Position: Strategist
Klaus was the Army Strategist for the 3rd Highland Army and the son of General Kiba of the 3rd Army. He is mild-mannered but for his age, his skill in strategy is highly acclaimed. Like his father, his loyalty is pledged to Agares Blight, and not Luca. He joins the Dunan Unification Army after he is defeated and captured by them and told that Agares Blight was killed by Luca Blight. Later on, Klaus becomes a pupil of Shu.

Name: Klift
Origin: Unknown
Position: Paladin
Klift is the paladin who founded the Warrior's village 400 years ago and fought off a Harmonian invasion, allowing the Warrior's Village to exist autonomously from surrounding nations. He is a legendary figure in the Warrior's Village, and Zorak and Tengaar are of his bloodline.

Name: Kogoro
Origin: Unknown
Position: Dog
Kogoro is one of the dogs that takes residence at Budehuc Castle. He was found in the Sindar Ruins, standing on his hind legs and "dancing." His howl is noticeably abnormal, and some say that he is no dog at all.

Name: Koichi
Origin: Unknown
Position: Dog
Koichi is one of the dogs that takes residence at Budehuc Castle. He was found in the Northern Cavern. Who knows why he was there..

Name: Kokuto
Origin: Tinto
Position: Guard
A guard that guards the path from Drakemouth Village to the mountain path. He allows Koyu in because Koyu game him money when his mother was in labor.

Name: Konrad
Origin: Razril
Position: Magic Instructor
The experienced magician once even taught Katarina the skills of magic but he retired even before Hero4 and his friends became trainees in the marine. Katarina was among his best students and he cares a great deal about her. He is also one of the few who knows the real relation between her and Glen. After the liberation of Razril, he decides to help Hero4 against the Kooluk forces and joins his cause against them. After the war he once again decides to teach magic at the marines of Razril and becomes famous throughout the whole world for his skills.

Name: Koroku
Origin: Unknown
Position: Dog
Koroku is one of the dogs that take residence at Budehuc Castle. He was found at Mt. Hei-Tou, with a stone-laden scarf around his neck. He is the leader among the other dogs at Budehuc, and is also a member of Budehuc's guards.

Name: Kosanji
Origin: Unknown
Position: Dog
Kosanji is one of the dogs that take residence at Budehuc Castle. He was found at the ledge of a cliff at Mt. Sinai, about to fall off.

Name: Kou
Origin: Banner
Position: None
A boy at Banner Village who is the Hero's fan. He wears the same clothes as the Hero. He was the one who told the Hero that McDohl was in Banner. He thinks up of a plot to get rid of Gremio so that the Hero could meet McDohl, but is caught by Bandits instead. However, the bandits lose him to the caterpillar monster in Banner Pass. After McDohl and the Hero rescue him, he is found poisoned, requiring Liukan's help at Gregminster. After being treated by Liukan, he regains health and is taken back to Banner Village.

Name: Koyu
Origin: Tinto
Position: Bandit
Koyu is the younger brother of Gijimu and Lo Wen, and is a member of the Lampdragon Bandits. He was the one who requested help on behalf of Tinto when they were attacked by Neclord's undead horde.

Name: Kranach Rugner
Origin: Gregminster
Position: Emperor
Kranach Rugner is the first emperor of the Scarlet Moon Empire. He was originally a Harmonian knight known as the "Knight of the Scarlet Moon." During civil unrest in Harmonia, he led his troops in an uprising and declared independence from Harmonia. At the same time, the Sovereign Rune became the possession of the Rugner Family.

Name: Kraze Miles
Origin: Gregminster
Position: Captain of the Imperial Guards
Kraze was the Captain of the Imperial Guards towards the end of the Scarlet Moon Empire. He embodied the corruption of the empire. The only reason he got his position was through brown-nosing.

Name: Kreutz
Origin: Unknown
Position: Swordsman
Kreutz served Geil Rugner during the Succession War, and since the defeat of Geil, his whereabouts were unknown. However, during the Gate Rune Wars, it was revealed that he was being protected by the Dragon Knights when the Toran Liberation Army sought their help. Kreutz joined the Toran Liberation Army to fight against Barbarossa, and after the war, he disappeared.

Name: Krin
Origin: Unknown
Position: Thief
Krin is a thief that operates widely in Toran. He considers most people to be slow. However, when he tries to steal the sword Kirinji from the Hero by feeding him and his party "robber's tea," he is forced to drink it himself. He then joins the Toran Liberation Army, and helps out when infiltrating Moravia Castle. After the Gate Rune Wars, he is continuing his art.

Name: Kun To
Origin: Kirov
Position: Merchant/Smuggler
Kun To is a powerful merchant based in Kirov. He owns many ships, and is well known as a smuggler as well. He has old ties with Tai Ho, and joins the Toran Liberation Army due to past favors he owes to Tai Ho. His help was necessary when transporting Fire Spears to defeat Teo McDohl's army. After the war, he helps Tai Ho run away from Kimberley by employing him and sending him to Dunan.

Name: Kuromimi
Origin: Kobold Village--Toran
Position: Warrior
Kuromimi was the only kobold who did not go insane after Kwanda Rossman used his Black Rune to control the kobolds. Since then, Kuromimi tried to figure out ways to cure the crazed kobolds and liberate other kobolds who were captured by the Scarlet Moon Empire. After the Toran Liberation Army invaded the great forest by the request of Kirkis, Kuromimi joined forces with them as well, and successfully defeated Kwanda Rossman. After the Gate Rune Wars, he became the chief of the Kobold Village.

Name: Kwanda Rossman
Origin: Gregminster
Position: One of the Six Great Generals
Kwanda Rossman was one of the original members of the Six Great Generals and is also known as "Iron Wall Rossman," due to how he protected Barbarossa Rugner at times of trouble during the Succession War. During the Gate Rune Wars, he ruthlessly slaughtered elves in the Great Forest using the Burning Mirror. However, his cruelty was caused by the Black Rune forced on him by the Scarlet Moon Court Magician, Windy. After being defeated by the Toran Liberation Army, he is liberated from the Black Rune, and joins forces with the Toran Liberation Army. After the Gate Rune Wars, he becomes one of the Six Great Generals for the Toran Republic and the Commander in Chief of the Toran Republic Army.