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Name: Rabid Fang Rune
Classification: Rare Rune
Owner: Bob, Lycanthropes
A special rune owned by lycanthropes. Although many think this rune allows lycanthropes to turn into their were form, it actually keeps them from shifting into were form. This rune basically allows its bearer to control when and where they shift their form.

Name: Red Wind
Classification: Natural Phenomenon
Owner: Senan Region
Strong winds that blow in the Senan region that carries red sand from the Karakas Desert.

Name: Robber's Tea
Classification: Weapon
Owner: Ledon, Krin
A tea made of herbs that immediately cause numbness and leads to a slow death. Ledon of the Tigerwolf bandits used this to rob travelers who stopped at his inn. When he used it on Odessa Silverberg and Tir McDohl's party, however, he was ordered by Kessler to make an antidote immediately or his "head will separate from his body."

Name: Royal Guards
Classification: Military Organization
Owner: Scarlet Moon Empire
The royal guards served directly under the Emperor of the Scarlet Moon Empire as the last force of defense, and also to act as a police force to arrest those who are against the Emperor's rule. Gadually they have become corrupt due to bribery and the Emperor Barbarossa's disinterest in ruling his own country. This resulted in unscrupulous characters such as Kraze and Kanaan to take prominent positions within the Royal Guard. With the end of the empire, this group also ceased its existence.

Name: Rune of Change
Classification: One of the 27 True Runes
Owner: Sindars
One of the 27 True Runes said to belong to the leader of the Sindar. The rune symbolizes change, and curses its bearer to wander from place to place for all eternity.

Name: Rune of Life and Death
Classification: One of the 27 True Runes
Owner: Ted's Grandpa, Ted, Tir
One of the 27 True Runes symbolizing the cycle of life and death. It is also known as "Souleater " due to its tendency to bring death to those close to its bearer. As its name suggests, it grants its bearer power over life and death, and many of its spells cause instant death to victims.

Historically, the rune has been carefully protected in the "Village of the Hidden Rune," and despite the village being destroyed by Windy, the rune has been protected by the last survivor of the village, Ted, for over 300 years. During the Gate Rune Wars, Ted gives the rune to Tir McDohl so that he himself can be a decoy against Windy. Since then, Tir McDohl loses people close to him, such as Odessa Silverberg, Gremio (although later revived), Teo McDohl, and Ted.

After the Gate Rune Wars, Tir McDohl disappeared from Toran in fear that his rune would cause more death to those who he cares about.

Name: Rune of the Beginning
Classification: One of the 27 True Runes
Owner: N/A
One of the 27 True Runes representing the power to judge war. Symbolically, it also represents the "brothers" of the creation mythology, who shatter each other in a duel--the sword becoming the heavens and the shield becoming the earth.

This rune is always fragmented by default, separated into the Black Sword rune and the Bright Shield rune. These two runes have to be united before the Rune of the Beginning can exist. However, this also requires the bearers of the Black Sword and Bright Shield rune to fight each other until either side dies. If the bearers refuse, the rune slowly draws life out of them, prodding them to fight each other.

During the Jowston-Highland War, Genkaku and Han Cunningham were the bearers of these runes. They were the best of friends, and did not want to kill each other. Thus, the two chose to seal their runes in Toto--which results in Riou and Jowy Atreides finding the runes during the Dunan Unification War. As a result, the two friends end up at the helm of opposite forces in the war despite their friendship. However, in the end, the strength of their friendship defeated the will of the True Rune--allowing them to be bearers without the coersion for battle.