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Reincarnation of Crowley and Mazus
The mountains shook, the skies were shattered, and the ground was torn in IS 340. In the land that is now called the "Badlands" that lies between Toran and Dunan, two powerful sorcerers, Crowley and Mazus, had a magical duel which permanently destroyed the landscape. The force was so extreme that these two sorcerers were themselves destroyed.

The mystery starts five years later in IS 345 when the official timeline states that Crowley is born. Mazus is also born 19 years later in IS 374. Some think this is an error in Konami's part. However, Konami has stated that this is no error. Then what exactly happened? No, it wasn't people with the same name bring born, who also became rivals after beicoming powerful sorcerers. What I speculate is, these two sorcerers reincarnated.

Before proceeding, let me explain reincarnation. As opposed to resurrection which aims to restore life to a dead body, reincarnation aims to transfer a person's soul into another body, or at times into an unborn child. Thus, it doesn't matter if the original person's body is destroyed completely--the person will be able to reincarnate as long as their soul is intact (and they tend to be, unless affected by powerful runes such as the Souleater.

In the case of Crowley and Mazus, the fact that they are powerful sorcerers makes it possible that they would know the secret to reincarnation. Not only that, these two sorcerers are known to be interested in achieving a power equivalent to true runes without the use of one. Thus, it is simple to deduce that conquering their mortality has been one of the main focuses in their decades of research.

Furthermore, Crowley is known in history as the one who invented unite magic. In an "old book" from Suikoden 1, it is said that the "ancient sorcerer Crowley" invented unite magic. Typically, ancient refers to more than a millenium ago--definately not a mere century.

However, the greatest proof that the Crowley and Mazus are the same as the Crowley and Mazus who destroyed Senan in IS 340, is that Crowley and Mazus are rivals now and then. How can people with the same name, same profession, and the same relationship exist unless they actually are the same people? It is silly to say that the Crowley and Mazus from IS 340 are different from the ones we have seen in the games, there simply are too many evidences pointing towards them being the same person--and if that is the case, reincarnation seems to be the method they used.

Written by SARSadmin
June 18th, 2003