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Name: Taggart
Origin: Toran
Position: Servant
Taggart is a servant of Warren. When Warren's manor was attacked by the Scarlet Moon Empire during the Gate Rune Wars, Taggart informed the Liberation Army of his whereabouts, which allowed the Liberation Army to rescue Warren. After the war, Taggart continues to serve Warren.

Name: Tai Ho
Origin: Unknown
Position: Fisher/Smuggler
Tai Ho is a fisherman and well-known smuggler who has traveled much on the high seas. Many owes favors to him and he himself owes favors to many as well, such as Kun To. He has been partners with Yam Koo for a very long time, and they have sworn the oath of brotherhood.
During the Gate Rune Wars, Tai Ho helps Hero McDohl very early in the conflict--even before he was the leader of the Liberation Army. Naval power was important in this war, and his skill in naval warfare aided the Liberation Army greatly. He could also be credited for helping the Liberation Army pacify and assimilate the lake pirates led by Anji.
After the Gate Rune Wars, Tai Ho went north in order to escape from Kimberley, who has made herself a live-in "wife." Tai Ho takes a job under Kun To and heads to Dunan. There he again gets involved in a conflict--the Dunan Unification War--and joins with the Allied Forces.

Name: Taisuke
Origin: Unknown
Position: Bathmaker
This bathmaker likes to take a dip whenever he gets the opportunity and nobody else is around. He was taking a bath on the Deserted Island when he encountered Hero4, who asked him to build a bath on his ship. Later, he was known to have built great bathhouses throughout the land.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Taki
Origin: Lakewest
Position: None
Taki was born in Lakewest and has lived there ever since. She has accumulated much conventional wisdoms during her years, and many from the surrounding area visit her to get advice from her. She has children, but they have all moved to Two River. She sometimes goes to visit them.
During the Dunan Unification War, Taki joins the Allied Forces because she thought her conventional wisdom would be of aid to the army. In fact, she becomes a part of the Strategist's Retinue. After the war, she returns to Lakewest.

Name: Tal
Origin: Razril
Position: Marine Knight
Taki was born in He graduated as a Gaien Marine Knight along with his friends. When Commander Glen had mysteriously died and the blame was put on Hero4, Tal always had faith that he was innocent. He loves eating fish and became so fascinated with Shiramines fishing abilities that after the war, he quit being a knight and became a simple fisherman.

Name: Tanya
Origin: Unknown
Position: Vice-Strategist
This young girl thrives to become like the great strategist, Elenor Silverberg and wishes to become an apprentice of hers. She also likes looking after books in the library and reading. She is traveling across the seas looking for Elenor Silverberg when she runs into Hero4 at the Pirates Den. He invites her aboard his ship, where Elenor is staying. Tanya considers Agnes her rival and tries as much as she can to belittle her in hopes of being Elenors only protge. She later hopes to write a book on the history of the Island Nations.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Taro
Origin: Unknown
Position: Sheep
Taro is Yuzus sheep and best friend. Yuzu insists that Taro is not an animal for eating and instead rides around on him.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Ted
Origin: Village of the Hidden Rune
Position: None
Ted was born in the Village of the Hidden Rune, and was the sole survivor of an attack on the village by Windy, Neclord, and Yuber.
Since then, he has wandered the world as the bearer of the Rune of Life and Death--Souleater. His rune was stolen at one time, but he found it once again after a few years, which made him age a few years during his 300 years of wandering.
During the Scarlet Moon Empire's war with Jowston, Teo McDohl found Ted in the battlefield. Thinking that Ted is an orphan of war, Teo invited him to his household. Ted gladly joined Teo McDohl, but instead of living in the McDohl household, he borrowed a small house close to the McDohl household.
It didn't take much time for Ted to become friends with Hero McDohl. The two got along as if they have known each other all along. Ted even accompanied Hero McDohl in his earliest quests when he joined the Scarlet Moon Empire Army's Royal Guards under Kraze. However, his Souleater was discovered by the Court Magician Windy, and Ted suffered a heavy wound when he escaped from Windy's clutches.
After arriving at the McDohl household, he passes the Souleater onto Hero McDohl while he himself stayed behind as a decoy. This in the end forced Hero McDohl to fight against the Scarlet Moon Empire.
Despite this, Ted was kept alive by Windy, slowly losing control over himself through Windy's Conqueror Rune. Windy summons Ted at Seek Valley and forces Ted to ask Hero McDohl to surrender his rune. However, due to the fact that the Souleater still considered Ted to be its owner, Ted was able to communicate to Tir McDohl through the Souleater. Then, Ted commands the Souleater to take his soul, and his life ended at that moment.

Name: Ted's Grandpa
Origin: Village of the Hidden Rune
Position: Village Elder
Ted's Grandpa held the Rune of Life and Death--Souleater--before Ted. When the village of the hidden rune was attacked by Windy, Yuber, and Neclord, he game the Souleater to Ted and fled into the forest to attract the attackers. He died after being caught by Windy, but was successful in keeping the Souleater hidden.

Name: Templeton
Origin: Kanakan
Position: Cartographer
Templeton grew up with the dream of mapping the whole world. He has been told that the world is huge, so he decided to set out on mapping the world from the age of 11. Since then, he got involved in the Gate Rune Wars and also the Dunan Unification War. He hates wars because it forces him to change his map. In fact, he joined the Toran Liberation Army because he witnessed the destruction of Lukiae Ende Towayo, and wished to end the war so that he won't have to update his map.
After the Gate Rune Wars, he travels to Dunan, bumping into Viktor and Flik many times on the way. He arrives at Muse and shares a room in an Inn with Nash Latkje to save some potch, and then heads to South Window, and then to Radat and beyond. He reaches the fortress of Viktor's mercenaries to update his map, but Highland soldiers forbids him to enter. He then heads to Toto and discovers that Toto has been reduced to rubble. He then decides to join the Allied Forces in order to help end the Dunan Unification War--so that his map won't need to be updated. After the Dunan Unification War, he went south again back to Toran.

Name: Tengaar
Origin: Warrior's Village
Position: None
Tengaar is the daughter of Zorak, the chief of the Warrior's Village. She has been completely spoiled by Zorak, and to others it would seem that she treats her boyfriend, Hix, like a slave. However, her consistent nagging towards Hix is just her way of showing her affection towards him and her wishes for Hix to become a great warrior. Tengaar herself has strong magical abilities due to magical training being an essential part of a warrior and also due to the bloodline of Klift which she is a part of.
During the Gate Rune Wars, she was kidnapped by Neclord, but with the efforts of Tir McDohl, Viktor, and Hix, she was rescued from his evil clutches. Since then, Tengaar has been with Hix, and even after the war, she accompanies Hix on his "journey of manhood."
She gets involved with the Dunan Unification War during this journey of manhood, due to how Riou helped her test Hix by lifting the "curse of the Unicorn" that Tengaar faked.
After the Dunan Unification War, she leaves Dunan with Hix, hoping that she will some day become Hix's wife.

Name: Tenkou
Origin: Crom
Position: Window Maker
Tenkou is one of the members of the "Clan of Window Makers," and has lived in Crom for a very long time. He was retired from his trade, but after seeing Hero 2 with a window set, his spirit was stirred to help out with the war effort. After the war he returned to Crom to live in peace.

Name: Teo McDohl
Origin: Gregminster
Position: One of the Six Great Generals
Teo McDohl was the father of Tir McDohl, and the head of the McDohl household. As one of the Six Great Generals, he was also one of the pillars of the Scarlet Moon Empire's strength. His Armored Cavalry, which consisted of gul-horses, was known to be undefeated. After his own son defected and became the leader of the rebels trying to overthrow the Empire, Teo McDohl continued his duty as a general for Emperor Barbarossa. When Teo led his Armored Cavalry to attack the Liberation Army themselves, his superior force caused the rebels to withdraw. During this time, Teo was challenged to a one-on-one fight with his former servant and soldier, Pahn, who somehow ended up the victor.

Later on, the Liberation Army obtained Fire Spears--artifacts designed by the dwarves themselves--and managed to bring down Teo McDohl's undefeated Armored Cavalry. Following the defeat, Teo challenged his own son to a duel. He lost the fight and ended up dying at the hands of Tir, but he had no regrets due to having seen how grown-up and strong his son had become. In his final moments, Teo instructed his two most able and loyal right hand men, Alen and Grenseal, to join the Liberation Forces and aid them thereafter. His death brought about incredible grief to Sonya Shulen, whom he had been romantically involved with for some time.
This entry written by Kobold.

Name: Teresa Wisemail
Origin: Greenhill
Position: Acting Mayor of Greenhill, Allied Forces General
Teresa Wisemail is the daughter of Alec Wisemail, who became sick and let Teresa take over his post. Teresa is well educated and is a well-respected leader, liked by everyone in Greenhill. However, due to Greenhill, unique position as a academic city-state, it eats away at Jowston Alliance's budget, and has been unable to submit fees for the Alliance for two years. Due to this, Teresa has very little say in the Alliance.
During the Dunan Unification War, Greenhill was attacked by Rowd, who led the 3rd Highland Army for a while after Solon Jhee's execution. With the help of Nash Latkje, Teresa was able to defeat this first onslaught of Highland soldiers. After the war, Highland released soldiers captured from Muse, and Teresa accepted them in despite warnings by Nash Latkje that letting them in will deplete Greenhill's resources. Teresa knew this, but her kindness was unable to make her torn down the Muse soldiers.

Sooner or later, food became scarce, and the soldiers from Muse started to demand food and Greenhill citizens clashed with them. In the end, the Muse soldiers took some children hostage and took over the food storage. They demanded that Teresa surrender herself to them so that they could sell her to the Highland army. Teresa surrenders herself, and is captures. Fortunately she is rescued by Shin, Nash, Connell, Jeane, Nina, and Yuri, cunning plan and was then hidden in a small cottage in the Greenhill Forest.
Since then, she survived in the forest with the help of Shin and Nina, but in her solitude, she blamed herself for the downfall if Greenhill.

When a squad of the Allied Forces led by the Hero and Flik infiltrated Greenhill to look for Teresa, she was so distraught that she refused to leave and even threatened to kill herself. However, after she realized that hiding doesn't solve anything, she agrees to join the Allied Forces and leave Greenhill.
After joining the Allied Forces, Teresa was appointed as a general and led troops in various battles. Teresa accompanied the hero to the "Peace Conference" at Jowston Hill where they were ambushed but saved by Shu's contingency plan. Later on she participated in the liberation of Greenhill, and after the war became the Mayor of Greenhill.
Throughout the war and even before that, she had feelings about Shin, and Shin did as well, but these feelings were never communicated.

Shortly after becoming Mayor, Teresa faced a huge challenge--Riou left the Allied Forces, and there was a vacancy in leadership. Many asked her to become the Acting President of the Dunan Republic until a formal election can take place. This resulted in Tinto breaking off from the Dunan Republic, but Teresa nevertheless enjoyed wide support. After a year as an Acting President, she was elected as President.
During the Higheast Rebellion in the year 472, she acted decisively and successfully quelled the rebellion, beating Harmonia out of the Higheast Region.

Name: Tesla
Origin: Antei
Position: Scribe
Tesla is a scribe who lives in Antei. He was an acquaintance of Mathiu Silverberg in the past, but doesn't want to have anything to do with Mathiu again. He uses a fake name, "Albert," in order to make himself unavailable to Mathiu, but his ploy is easily seen through by Viktor, and he is more or less forced to serve the Liberation Army. He was recruited specifically to make a forged document to allow the Liberation Army to enter Soniere Prison to rescue Liukan. However, Tesla was unwilling to be a part of the Liberation Army till the end, always insisting upon "going home." After the war was over, Tesla is appointed as the secretary of state for the Toran Republic by Lepant.

Name: Tessai
Origin: Kuskus
Position: Blacksmith
Tessai is a blacksmith who has a shop in Kuskus. He has the dream of tempering a sword of legendary status, such as the Dragon King Sword or the Star Dragon Sword. By luck Viktor brings the Star Dragon Sword to Tessai's forge--Tessai begs to join the Allied Forces so that he world have a chance to temper the Star Dragon Sword.

Name: Tesshu
Origin: Unknown
Position: Swordsman
Tesshu was the younger brother of Genshu who grew up together learning the way of the sword in their homeland. Tesshu was physically weak due to an illness, and was never quite as skilled as Genshu. Because of this, he stopped pursuing the way of the sword, and shunned his brother who has become increasingly driven by bloodlust. After he hears rumors that Genshu has turned into a sword-for-hire who gets jobs just to test the sharpness of his sword, he decides to challenge his brother in a duel. Dressed in an outfit to disguise his identity, Tesshu confronted his brother. Despite his weakness, he was a good match for Genshu. However, Genshu deals a fatal wound to him in a swift iai blow. It was then that Genshu realized he has just killed his brother. In his dying breath, Tesshu told Genshu that he should stop living the way he does as a sword-for-hire.

Name: Tetsu
Origin: Lakewest
Position: Bath Maker
Tetsu is a bath maker from Lakewest, who likes people who share his passion for good baths. He joins the Allied Forces when he is impressed with how Riou is a bath connoisseur like himself. As a result, he builds a huge bath at the Hero's Headquarters.
He has a son called Gorou, who became a bath maker--and eventually a rival.

Name: Thomas
Origin: Nameless Lands
Position: Governor
Thomas was born between the Zexen merchant guildsman Louma and unnamed mother who died during an attack by Grasslanders. Thomas never knew of his father's true identity until his mother told him with her last breath. With that knowledge, he headed to Vinay Del Zexay to meet Louma. However, fearing a scandal, Louma appoints Thomas as the governor of Budehuc Castle and sends him away.

Appointed as the governor of the decrepit and financially strained Budehuc Castle, Thomas struggles to make ends meet. This leads him to the idea of opening the castle for businesses, waving the need for merchant licenses. This idea however caught the ire of the Zexen Council, leading to an armed confrontation with Zexen marshals. Although Thomas managed to find documents proving that Budehuc belongs to both Zexen and the Grasslands, the marshals lead by councilman Durabum continued attacking. However, at the last minute it was declared that Budehuc was sold to Lucia of the Karaya Clan by the authority of Thomas for 500 potch. At the same time, the Zexen Knights arrived with news that Durabum is being arrested for conspiring with Harmonia. Thus, Thomas became a permanent governor of Budehuc.

Later on after Harmonia starts attacking the Grasslands, Budehuc Castle is chosen by the Fire Bringers as their headquarters after Thomas makes an offer. Fortunately, the Castle never had to go under siege during the months that the Fire Bringer were stationed there. After the war, Thomas continued to be governor of Budehuc.

Name: Thomas
Origin: Zexen Confederacy
Position: Civilian
The son of the mercenary, Gilbert. He awaits his fathers return home.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Thomas2
Origin: Nor
Position: None
Thomas is a little boy who met Juan in his village when Juan was visiting (in hopes of taking a nap). Juan told him stories about how he slew a tiger at Mt Hei-Tou. This prompted the child to run to Mt Hei-Tou himself, something very dangerous to do. Worried sick, Thomas' mother heads to Budehuc in order to obtain help in locating her missing son. There, the master of the castle, also named Thomas, heard from Juan the story, and the group headed out to Mt Hei-Tou. They found the child cornered by an angry wild boar, completely frightened. The group then proceeded to beat up the wild boar and saved young Thomas.
This entry written by Kobold.

Name: Thrash
Origin: Dragon's Den
Position: Dragon
A dragon that bonded with Milia. When all the dragons were poisoned during the Gate Rune Wars, Thrash was one that did not fall ill. In order to obtain moonlight weed, an ingredient for the poison antidote, Thrash carried Milia and Tir McDohl to Seek Valley. Thrash later proved useful in the attack on Shasarazade--this dragons breath was used to freeze a fleet of 500 boats solid.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Tomo
Origin: Unknown
Position: None
Tomo is Tsai's daughter, and is equally skilled with the use of spears. She has been looking for her father in order to make him reconcile with her mother. She doesn't understand why her father invests so much time into his skill with the spear and not invest time in his family. She constantly tries to get Tsai to come back to her home, and in the end, she succeeds in convincing him.

Name: Tony
Origin: Matilda
Position: Farmer
Tony is a farmer who originally had his own farm in Matilda. However, he lost his field due to war when Highland invaded Jowston. He took refuge in the Forest Village, working for the mayor of the village. However, when Riou comes to him, he is compelled to help the Allied Forces.

Name: Tov
Origin: Unknown
Position: Shipwright
Tov entered a contest for shipwrights in Obel and came in second, yet King Lino still entrusted him to build a remarkable ship. Oddly, there was one room onboard the ship he did not remember building--a room where Mao and Nao took residence and began growing mushrooms and mint. After the war, Tov started building another ship under the kings orders.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Travis
Origin: Unknown
Position: Wanderer
A mysterious man who does not like being around people and prefers being alone in quiet places where he can stay in solitude. In the absence of the King of Obel, he decided to venture into the Ruins of Obel, where he tricked Hero4 into leaving the ruin. Later, feeling bad for playing the prank on him, he decides to help him on his journey. Once he got tired of being around people again, he went back to the Ruins of Obel for reasons unknown.

Name: Pablo
Origin: Kingdom of Obel, Island Nations Federation br>Position: Royal Guard
A resident of Obel, he is a hypochondriac who relies heavily on Doctor Yus medication. Not only is he healthy, he is actually quite a good swordsman, but he constantly believes that he is severely sick. After the war, he becomes the captain of Obels royal guard.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Troy
Origin: Kooluk
Position: Commander
Commander of the Kooluk Fleet and also the Child of the Sea God, he was often seen in the company of Colton. He single-handedly defeated a whole Gaien Fleet when he was young, causing the knights of Gaien to aspire to be as strong as he was so they would not be shamed again. Although dedicated to serving his country, he would sometimes spare the lives of his enemies if he believed they were harmless. After losing the war against the Island Nations, he went down with his ship.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Tsai
Origin: Unknown
Position: Master Spearman
Tsai is well known as a master in using the spear, and is often called "Tsai of the Divine Spear." He got his nickname after he pierced an iron helmet with a jab of his spear. Not only is Tsai skilled with the use of spears, he is also capable of making and repairing spears. His knowledge is vast enough to be able to repair sophisticated spears, such as the famous "Fire Spears." Tsai was hired by Viktor's Mercenaries in order to repair the Fire Spears that Viktor brought from Toran. Tsai was able to repair the spears within a day, allowing them to defeat Solon Jhee's initial attack on the mercenary fortress. However, the Fire Spears broke in the second wave of attack. Tsai continued to fight for the mercenaries, and eventually joined the Allied Forces after they established their headquarters at the old Northwind Fortress. After his daughter, Tomo joined the Allied Forces, he starts thinking about his he has abandoned his family in favor of training his skill. His guilt ultimately makes him return to his wife and reconciliate after the Dunan Unification War was over.

Name: Tuta
Origin: Muse
Position: Medic
Tuta is an assistant of Huan. Tuta is the son of Huan's former patient, and the patient wished that Huan take Tuta in as an apprentice, and Huan agreed. Since then, Tuta has been assisting Huan in his clinic in Muse. His task was mainly delivering medicine to Huan's clients, and sometimes Tuta made very long journeys from Muse.
At Muse, Tuta is told by Huan to join Viktor's Mercenaries in order to gain some experience. Since then he became a part of the Allied Forces as a field medic. After the war, he continued his apprenticeship under Huan.
After seven years of training under Huan, Tuta started practicing independently. His skill was put to the test during the Higheast Rebellion, where he served as a military surgeon. He treated many wounded soldiers, some whom he was unable to save. Among them was the husband of Mio, a nurse he met while treating patients. Since then, he has traveled with Mio to aid those in need of medical attention.
Hearing that there is a severe shortage of doctors in the Grasslands, Tuta and Mio set to the west, visiting villages and towns within the Grasslands. By chance he meets the new Flame Champion and joins the Fire Bringer, feeling that it was his fate to be involved in such struggles. After the war, he continued his journey with Mio.

Name: Twaikin
Origin: Village of Dwarves
Position: Digger
Twaikin is a dwarf obsessed with digging holes in the ground. He is very good at what he does, and has helped in expanding the Lizard Clan's Great Hollow. He joins the Fire Bringer by whim after being told he can dig as much as he wants.
Twaikin is considered an oddity among dwarves, due to their tendency to keep within their own domain deep within the Great Forest in the Toran Republic.