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Name: Caesar Silverberg
Origin: Gregminster
Position: Strategist
Coming from the well-known Silverberg Family, Caesar has been taught military strategy from his youth. He is the grandson of Leon Silverberg and the son of George Silverberg. His education as strategist, however, largely comes from the tutoring of Apple and from attending school in Harmonia. He has a natural grasp of military strategy and tactics despite his relative youth during the Second Fire Bringer War.

During the Second Fire Bringer War, Caesar teams up with the Fire Bringers to fight against the Harmonian army lead by Sasarai, who was being served by Caesar's older brother, Albert Silverberg. Although Albert always has the upper hand, Harmonia ends up joining the Fire Bringers after the emergence of the Destroyers. Caesar successfully helps lead the Fire Bringers to victory over the Destroyers.

After the war, Caesar pursued further studies due to his realization that his knowledge is still far less than his brother, Albert.

Name: Camille
Origin: Toran
Position: One of the Six Great Generals
A fiery redhead, Camille was nicknamed the "She-Devil" during the Gate Rune Wars. She was a debt collector and was pursuing McDohl's servant Gremio who owed money for a banquet he arranged for Teo McDohl. Unable to collect his money, she joined the Liberation Army until she can collect the debt. She sticks with the Liberation Army as the debt collectors motto says: "I'll collect from your grave". After the Gate Rune War ended she became one of the Six Great Generals of the New Toran Republic.
This entry written by Neclord.

Name: Camus
Origin: Grasslands
Position: Captain of the Red Knights
Born in Kamaro, Camus comes from a family of knights. However, due to tradition only is older brother would have been allowed to follow the family's path. Thus, after some training as a squire in the Free Knights of Kamaro, he applied to enter the Matilda Knights in an exchange program. There he was accepted easily, and advanced through the ranks very rapidly. He also showed a natural talent in the use of fire runes, and was given a Rage Rune upon his promotion to Red Knight Captain. He is fiercely loyal to his friend Miklotov, and he represents the "ritual" side of knighthood.

During the Dunan Unification War, he fought under Gorudo initially, but was swayed by Miklotov to defect and join the New Allied Army. After the war he left the army and traveled with Miklotov for a while, helping his childhood friend Maki from bandits and saving the village of Milit.

Name: Carrie
Origin: Obel
Position: Nurse
Doctor Yus assistant who one day went out to gather herbs for medical purposes and discovered Yu was missing when she returned. After the liberation of Obel, Yu ran into Carrie and asked her to come onboard Hero4s ship to help out with the patients. She continues to work under Doctor Yu even after the war.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Cecile
Origin: Budehuc Castle
Position: Guard Captain
A young girl who was a self-appointed guard captain of Budehuc Castle, Cecile officially became the Guard Captain after the appointment of Thomas as governor. Under Thomas' guidance, Cecile helped protect Budehuc from Zexen Council's attacks and supported Thomas in times of need. Her oversized armor belonged to her father, Braun, who was the former Guard Captain.

Name: Cedric
Origin: Unknown
Position: Thief
A fugitive who is known to run away from inns and restaurants without paying. The innkeeper of Obel even asks Hero4 and Rachel to track him down. Trying to escape from Hero4, he ends up in his ship and asks Louise to help him hide. Although Louise ratted him out to Hero4, she also recommended that he be allowed to join the forces as his swiftness could come in handy. After the war, he resumes his usual habit of running away from paying for his meals. He was also born with the Godspeed Rune, a unique rune which helps him run incredibly fast.

Name: Chaco
Origin: Two River
Position: Winged Horde
Chaco was a notorious winged horde thief, using his quicksilver speed and wings to evade those who pursued him. However, he is also the grandson of de facto Winged Horde leader Susu, and shows his latent ability as a leader during Highland Kingdom's attack on Two River. During the conflict, he leads Winged Horde fighters to attack, inspiring the humans and kobolds to fight with all they have.

Name: Chadli
Origin: Obel
Position: Merchant
This young merchant sells all sorts of items in his shop onboard Lino's ship including medicine, armory, and accessories. Being obsessed with helmets, he used all the money he earned to buy himself a new helmet.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Champo
Origin: Nay
Position: Pickpocket
Champo is Nalkul's younger brother and partner in crime, and is often seen with him. He likes shiny objects and takes a liking to the Golden Seal, the heirloom of the En Kuldes royal family of Obel. He considers Chiepoo his role model and thrives to be like him. He started a business with Nalkul and Noah in the Nay-Kobold settlement which was not very successful. Nevertheless, he did not give up.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Chandler
Origin: Unknown
Position: Merchant
He was a traveling merchant, but was recruited by the Toran Liberation Army to run their Item shop.

Name: Chapman
Origin: Antei
Position: Merchant
Chapman had an armor shop in Antei, but was recruited by the Toran Liberation Army to open an armor shop at Toran Castle.

Name: Charlemagne
Origin: Middleport
Position: Inn Owner
A chivalrous young inn owner who offered his help to Helga, who was responsible for thrashing up his inn at Middleport. He was invited onboard Hero4s ship, where he got along well with Schtolteheim Reinbach III and the two of them quickly became close friends. Despite his charming, graceful demeanor, he is also quite skilled at fencing. He was granted aristocratic status in Middleport by Reinbach III after the war.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Chief of Dwarves
Origin: Dwarf Village
Position: Chief
This leader of dwarves played an important role during the Liberation Wars due to his "Fire Spears." If he did not arrive to help the Liberation Army at Pannu Yakuta, the whole Liberation movement would have perished due to Kwanda's "burning mirror." His flame spears were then used by the Liberation Army to defeat the armored cavalry of Teo McDohl, and is used by Tsai in the Allied Army in Dunan.

Name: Chief of Elves
Origin: Lukiae Ende Towayo
Position: Chief
This leader of elves ruled the Elven portion of the Great Forest for decades, and was staunchly opposed to working with other races. During the Gate Rune Wars, he opposes Kirkis' idea to get help from the other races to fight against Kwanda Rossman. When Kirkis brings Tir to Lukiae Ende Towayo (The Elven Village), he imprisons them in the village. They manage to escape with the help of his daughter, Sylvina (who was also Kirkis' fianc, but the village is later consumed by flames caused by Kwanda's Burning Mirror. The chief died in the conflagration.

Name: Chiepoo
Origin: Nay
Position: Merchant
He left his hometown of Nay to become a great and famous merchant in the seas someday. He snuck onboard the boat when Hero4 was exiled from Razril in hopes of journeying the world. He had formed a friendship with Hero4 and to his surprise, when he returned on a trip to his hometown, he realized how famous he had become already. After the war, he continued traveling the seas in hopes of becoming the worlds greatest merchant.

Name: Chris Lightfellow
Origin: Vinay Del Zexay
Position: Knight Captain
Chris was born between Wyatt Lightfellow and Anna Lightfellow. When she was still a child, Wyatt Lightfellow left to protect Chris and Anna from Howling Voice Guild agents. Officially, Wyatt was said to have died in battle, and Anna died shortly after from grief. However, Chris was told that Wyatt died in battle, and since then she had dedicated her life to becoming a knight. Thus she became a squire under Captain Galahad.

Initially she was shunned by other knights because many of them thought she was accepted as Galahad's squire because her father was Wyatt Lightfellow, and also because she was a woman. However, she gradually gains respect through her excellent sword-skill. She even holds her own when chided by Lilly Pendragon during the Zexen national anniversary ball, throwing chairs at her.

In war she was a deadly fighter, cheered by her countrymen as the "Silver Maiden," or the "White Knight," and feared by enemies as the "Silver-haired demon," and "Goddess of Death." However, internally she loathed being called a hero, and the fact that she took the life of Lulu haunted her mind numerous times during the Second Fire Bringer War.

Thrust into the Second Fire Bringer War in the advent of a Harmonian invasion, she discovers that her father, Wyatt, was still alive. After joining forces with the Grasslanders, and through the sacrifice of the Alma Kinan maiden, Yun, Chris is finally reunited with her mortally wounded father who lived as a Karaya tribesman under the alias of "Jimba." There she receives the True Water Rune, following directly in her father's footsteps.

After defeating the Destroyers, she returns to Zexen and later participated in the Zexen-Tinto War.

Name: Chuchara
Origin: Tinto Mines
Position: Navy
He/She/It is the child of the loving union of Abizboah and Rulodia. He is still small, but still pretty useful because he could be used in submarine attacks.

Name: Clado
Origin: Scarlet Moon
Position: Chief
The chief of Milit Village in the Grasslands. Shortly after the Dunan Unification War, his village was being plagued by the fake "Fire Bringer" lead by Clant, the ex-Matilda white knight. He was threatened to give them treasures and foodstuffs and was about to accept those terms. However, the bandits were defeated by some travelers such as Nash Latkje, Camus, Miklotov, Gilbert, Gijimu, Lo Wen, Koyu, Rina, Eilie, and Bolgan.

Name: Clant
Origin: Matilda
Position: Bandit Leader / Fake Flame Champion / Former White Knight Vice-Captain
Clant was a loyal Vice-Captain under Gorudo in Matilda's White Knights. When Miklotov and Camus left the Knights, Clant stayed with Gorudo and continued as his right-hand man. He was known as a bearer of the rage rune with skill that equals that of Camus. He fought alongside Gorudo until their defeat. He fled to the Grassland after that with a number of his men.
Once in the Grassland, Clant organized his men into the "Fire Bringer," using an old legend to his advantage to terrorize small villages in the Dunan/Grassland border regions. Using his skill with his rage rune, Clant was able to convince villagers that he was indeed the Flame Champion. The pillaging spree continued for months until he attacked Milit Village during the Feast of Hooves and Reed Flutes. There he threatens village chief Clado to hand over treasures and foodstuffs to the bandits within a few days or he will burn the village away. Clado initially agrees to that, but a band of travelers--Nash Latkje, Camus, Miklotov, Gilbert, Gijimu, Lo Wen, Koyu, Rina, Eilie, and Bolgan managed to defeat them. Clant lost his life in a duel against Camus and Miklotov.

Name: Claudia Rugner
Origin: Toran
Position: Empress
She was the wife of Barbarossa and he loved her very much. However, she died early, and this led to Barbarossa's love of Windy the court magician, who resembled Claudia (or so they say...).

Name: Cleigh
Origin: Gregminster
Position: Cadet
A cadet within the Scarlet Moon Imperial Army who studied with Alen and Grenseal. He was a friend of Alen who often told Alen to chill down.

Name: Cleo
Origin: Unknown
Position: McDohl's Servant
She was a soldier under the command of Teo Mcdohl during the Succession Wars. Being a veteran soldier serving under Teo Mcdohl for so long, she eventually ended up as the Mcdohl familys servant. She protects Tir Mcdohl while not being too overprotective like Gremio. She is a highly competent fighter who also possesses a talent for magic. This talent was recognised by Leknaat herself which prompted her to present a fire crystal to Cleo personally. She stayed by Tir Mcdohls side throughout the entire Toran Liberation Wars, and returned to guard the Mcdohl household even after the war.
This entry written by Kobold

Name: Clive
Origin: Howling Voice Guild
Position: Guild Master
Clive was born in "The Tower" of the Howling Voice Guild-- the place where all Gunners live and train.One day, fellow gunner and friend Elza killed his friend Kelly in a duel. When Clive found out he assumed Elza betrayed the guild and Clive began a pursuit to see that she paid the price for her crime. Clive is able to use "Sturm" which is a strange weapon known as a "gun". During the Gate Rune Wars he joined the Liberation Army in hopes of finding Elza. In the town of Rockland he found a grave marked as Elza's; however Clive was not fooled and realized this to be a decoy. During the Dunan Unification War he finally caught up with Elza in Muse City. The two had a standoff but Elza slipped away. Later on, Clive tracked her from Muse to Lakewest, Forest Village, Rockaxe, and then to Radat where Clive was shot by Elza; Clive survived thanks to Dr. Huan. He then found Elza at the top of Jowston Hill-- there Sturm refused to fire at Elza and she once again escaped his grasp. Finally, after relentless perseverance, Clive finally cornered Elza at herhometown of Sajah Village in Highland and killed her in a duel, ending his pursuit. He however realized he made a terrible mistake, after learning of his own guild's treachery. He is currently the Guildmaster of the Howling Voice Guild.
This entry written by Neclord.

Origin: Gregminster
Position: Trader
Gordon's son who takes care of Gordon's trading center at Gregminster after Gordon left for Dunan.

Origin: Toto
Position: None
Colin was a boy who Templeton befriended before he joined the New Allied Forces. Colin planned to join Viktor's mercenary, but insisted that he protect Templeton until he got to Muse. Templeton had no use for Colin, but wasn't able to shake him off. On the way, Colin helped Templeton with his cartography, and the two became friends. However, because Templeton wanted Colin to realize his dream of sending his sisters to the Greenhill Academy, he lied to make Colin leave him. Colin left for Toto before heading to the Mercenary Fortress. He gets back to Toto just when Luca Blight's army attacked, and is killed.

Name: Colton
Origin: Kooluk Empire
Position: Admiral, 2nd Kooluk Fleet
Colton is the commander of the second Kooluk fleet and the father of Helmut. He is a very dedicated man and serves Troy while giving him valuable advice. He was in charge of occupying Obel along with Troy and was later captured by the resistance and imprisoned. He stayed true to his country and did not defect. After the war, he disappeared with his son.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Connell
Origin: Forest Village
Position: Phonologist
He studied phonology in Crystal Valley in Harmonia. His father was also a phonologist. It seems like he has the ability to listen to the music of the mind. Perhaps this is useful when we are trying to judge the true intention of some of the more dubious characters. He is also good at using runes because he studied Runemastery when he was in Crystal Valley. With his knowledge, he helps Teresa defend Greenhill during Highland's initial siege on Greenhill.

Name: Connie
Origin: Unknown
Position: Dog
One of the "scarved dogs" of Budehuc Castle. She is the only one without rocks inside her scarf--she instead has strawberries.

Name: Crowley
Origin: Unknown
Position: Arch-Magus
Known to be the most powerful Magician in all times. He specialises in runic magic, and is said to have over 100 runes attached all over his body. His research focuses on achieving powers equal to True Runes without possessing a True Rune. Indeed, his magical capabilities far exceed anyone in the world, including his student and rival, Mazus. It is thought that he somehow re-incarnated after being destroyed along with Mazus and the entire Senan region during their epical magic battle.
This entry written by Kobold

Name: Culgan
Origin: Highland
Position: Captain
Culgan served as officer under Solon Jhee's Highland 2nd Army. Later on, he served under Jowy Atreides who took Solon Jhees position. He is a competent fighter and is calm and collected unlike his counterpart Seed. Being steadfastly loyal to Highland, Culgan was unwilling to see Highland destroyed under the maniacal hands of Luca Blight. Thus, he along with Seed secretly pledged fealty to Jowy. He continued to serve Jowy and Highland loyally after Jowy became Highland King. His loyalty was unwavering all the way to the final battle along with Seed where he faced the leader of the Allied forces and was buried along the LRenouille and the Highland kingdom.
This entry written by Kobold