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Name: Hanging Gardens
Classification: Landmark
Owner: Barbarossa Rugner, Gregminster
A garden located at the top floor of the Gregminster Palace. Many exotic plants and flowers are grown in this garden, and it was Barbarossa Rugner's favorite place.
During the Gate Rune Wars, Futch sneaked into this garden to steal the Black Dragon Orchid. He was seen by Barbarossa, who let Futch go. However, Windy found Futch and pursued him, resulting in the death of Black.
Later on, this became the final battle-ground between Tir and Barbarossa.

Name: Harmonian Central Army
Classification: Military Organization
Owner: Holy Kingdom of Harmonia
A Harmonian military force stationed in the vincity of Crystal Valley. The soldiers in this force is mainly composed of 1st class citizens, and thus have greater pretige than regional forces.

Name: Harmonian Regional Army
Classification: Military Organization
Owner: Holy Kingdom of Harmonia
A Harmonian military force stationed in peripheral regions. This force is composed of 2nd class and 3rd class citizens, and have been involved in most all conflicts involving Harmonia in the recent times.

Name: Head Bishop
Classification: Title
Owner: Hikusaak
The title of High Priest in Suikoden 3.

Name: Heaven Star Staff
Classification: Weapon
Owner: Jowy Atreides
The highest sharpening level for Jowy's staff. It is impossible to see this weapon by normal gameplay because by the time Jowy leaves the player's side, only level 6 blacksmiths are available.

Name: Hex Doll
Classification: Antique
Owner: Various
A wooden doll used by practitioners of voodoo to hex their enemy. It has no discernable purpos ein Suikoden other than as accessories to adorn the bathhouse.

Name: High Priest
Classification: Title
Owner: Hikusaak, Sasarai
A title given to Sasarai during Suikoden 2 by mistake (even in the Japanese version). Later this title became exclusive to Hikusaak, and Sasarai was then called Bishop. In Suikoden 3, this title was changed to Head Bishop.

Name: Howling Voice Guild
Classification: Military Organization
Owner: Holy Kingdom of Harmonia, Clive, Elza, Kelly, Nash Latkje, Sauro, Stella, Zaj
A guild specializing in the protection of Harmonian VIPs and the assassination of their enemies. They are known for their use of "guns," which is a signature, exclusive technology only available to them.
The guild "recruits" members while they are very young, usually from slave-traders or from children born within the guild. Members are raised within the guild's compound known as "The Tower," from which they are not allowed to leave (unless on a mission). They all go through intense training, often pitted against each other in a survival of the fittest, dog-eat-dog world. The few who have the personality and physical abilities to survive are allowed to become apprentice class gunners, whereupon they receive guns.

Not all guild members become gunners, however, as some specialize in other disciplines, such as espionage and toxicology--some prefer to use conventional weaponry instead of firearms.
Apprentice class gunners can progress to the squire class, and then to knight class depending on their skill level or political power within the guild. A knight class gunner is often chosen as the Guild Master, but such choice often depends on the politics of a council of elders--all whom are guild master emiriti.
Although the guild exists to server the temple of Harmonia, they clearly have their own agenda to influence Harmonian politics from behind the scenes. Thus, there is a long-lasting rivalry between its leadership.