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Name: Pablo
Origin: Kingdom of Obel, Island Nations Federation
Position: Cannoneer
A magician under the services of Lino En Kuldes, Pablo is fascinated with Rune Cannons and ignores people who speak about anything else. He looks up to Warlock, the man who invented Rune Cannons, and persistently asks him questions about them. After the war, he continues to research Rune Cannons even though they have been eradicated.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Pahn
Origin: Unknown
Position: Soldier
Pahn served under Geil Rugner during the Succession War. However, he was defeated by Teo McDohl in hand-to-hand combat during the war, and since then has served under Teo McDohl, almost as a live-in servant/bodyguard. When Ted was being pursued by the Imperial Guards, Pahn told the Imperial Guards where Ted was in fear that the incident will being trouble to the McDohl's in Teo's absence. Since then he continued to work for the Empire, but when Kraze abducted Lepant's wife, Eileen, he turned against Kraze. Later on when Teo McDohl attacks Toran Castle and defeats the Liberation Army, Pahn buys time by dueling with Teo. After the Gate Rune Wars, he travels elsewhere to perfect himself, but he returns a few years later when he runs out of money.

Name: Pam
Origin: Iluya, Island Nations Federation
Position: Baker
Pam and her husband used to run the inn at Iluya where they used to sell delicious buns. When Kooluk attacked, they ended up in the sea and eventually washed up on Nay Island, where the island chief looked after them and treated their wounds. After Iluya was rebuilt, Pam returned with her husband and once again started selling her famous steamed buns.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Parge
Origin: Unknown
Position: Aristocrat
Parge is a low ranking Harmonian aristocrat who was assigned as a temporary administrator of the Harmonian Southern Frontier Defense Force during the year 460. He was sent temporarily while Commander Vandam was off on a mission. However, the truth is that he was sent there through bribes from Zaj, and he was specifically asked to make sure Nash Latkje is intercepted and killed. He successfully captures Nash and imprisons him. However, Nash escapes and comes upon Parge who was knocked out from drinking too much. Nash threatens Parge at knife-point and he fesses up who was behind his actions. After that, Parge was removed from his position and nothing is known of him since.

Name: Paula
Origin: Na-Nal
Position: Marine Knight
The mango loving elf had never even been to her homeland because her mother was banished from there before she was even born. She decided to join the Gaien Marine Knights and made great friends. When Hero4 was accused of their commanders murder, she had complete faith that he was innocent and did all she could to help. She plans to eliminate the racial barrier between humans and elves and believes she must become stronger no matter what or else she would become a liability to Hero4. She was forgiven by the Elven Chief and returned home with Selma.

Name: Pecola
Origin: Middleport, Island Nations Federation
Position: Interior Designer
This woman was in charge of the interior design craze in Middleport before people lost interest and gained another in cultivating herbs. Pecola wrote a book on interior designing, which Hero4 later came in possession of. He also asked her to come onboard his ship to redecorate some of the rooms. After the war, she traveled south to study new trends in designing.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Peggi
Origin: Great Hollow
Position: Blacksmith
Peggi is a lizardman smith who lived in the Great Hollow. He used to be a warrior like most other lizard clan members, but he hurt his shoulders and since then took up the blacksmith trade. He is an exceptional smith, who can sharpen anything from swords, axes, lizard spears (Glides), and even puppets. He is known to speak very loud, and is overenthusiastic at all times.

Name: Pelize
Origin: Zexen Confederacy
Position: Vice-Captain
Pelize was the Vice-Captain of the Zexen Knights and worked alongside Captain Galahad. He and Galahad were killed in a battle with the Grasslanders.
This entry written by Gaara and Kobold.

Name: Percival Fraulein
Origin: Iksay
Position: Knight
Percival is one of the Six Mighty Knights of Zexen, and is also known as the Gale Knight. He was born in Iksay Village, but aspired to become a knight. He passed the test to enter the Zexen Knights and quickly proved himself with his exceptional swordplay as well as his talent with runes. Soon he became known as one of the Six Mighty Knights.

He was one of the few knights who accepted Chris from her time as a squire. During the Zexen anniversary ball where Chris got into a fight with Lilly Pendragon, Percival helped Chris escape the mess. He also was at Chris' side after the death of Captain Galahad, supporting her as the new captain.

During the Second Fire Bringer War, Percival was initially involved more with Zexen affairs instead of fighting against the Grassland clans. He was sent to Budehuc by councilman Durabum to forcibly escort Thomas back to Vinay Del Zexay. However, his loyalty was not with the council, and knowing that Salome Haras was investigating Durabum and Lowma as Harmonian sympathizers, he intentionally failed to complete the council's orders.

Late on, he joined the Fire Bringer along with Chris until the end of the war. After the war has finished, he remained serving for Zexen, and was involved in the Zexen-Tinto war that followed a few years later.

Name: Perrault
Origin: Unknown
Position: Journalist
A journalist who takes residence in the Nay-Kobold settlement. When asked to write his papers onboard Hero4s ship, he happily agrees and starts writing about the news transpiring. He is also the author of Madam Depression, which is not a huge success. After the war, he settles in Obel where he continues to write articles about the Island Nations.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Pesmerga
Origin: Unknown
Position: Black Knight
Pesmerga is a Black Knight in search of the Black Knight Yuber. He uses a Crimson Sword, which is a sword imbued with runic power. His name means "He who chases after Death" in Kurdish, and is age, history, and where he is from is all but a mystery--all we know is that he makes no noise when he moves despite his armor, and that he is not human.

He joins the Toran Liberation Army and later the Dunan Unification Army in hopes of finding Yuber. He does find Yuber at Gregminster following the defeat of the Imperial Army outside Gregminster. There Yuber uses the "Eight Devil Formation" which was a magical formation that would have forced the Liberation Army to become confused during battle. Pesmerga was able to see through this and lead a charge against the only weak spot in the formation, disrupting Yuber's ranks. He found Yuber and a duel ensued, but Yuber ran away after only a few strikes. During the Dunan Unification War, he joined the New Allied Army to find Yuber, but he was unable to face off with him because Yuber ran away before he reached his unit. Since then, Pesmerga's whereabouts are unknown.

Name: Pete
Origin: White Deer Inn, South Window
Position: None
Pete is the son of Hilda and Alex, the couple who owned the White Deer Inn near Muse. Only a child, he loved to play but did not have many friends. Pete and his parents fled the Muse region due to the Highland invasion and ended up in South Window. Shortly afterward, they were reunited with Riou, who allowed them to join his army. Though there were many children at the castle, Hilda often worried about Petes inability to make friends.
This entry written by TheNeclord.

Name: Phil
Origin: Unknown
Position: Tailor
This formally dressed young man takes great pride in his work--tailoring. He refuses to work for a small number of people because he wants his designs to be seen by as many people as possible. He is regarded as the greatest tailor in history.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Piccolo
Origin: Unknown
Position: Soothsayer
Piccolo is a self-proclaimed "Great Sorcerer," as well as a third student of Crowley. His skill with magic doesn't betray his claim--his skill is indeed exceptional. However, he makes a living as a soothsayer and his fortunes tend to be irrelevant or completely off. He also has an agreement with Martha so that he recommends his clients to buy more lotto tickets. During the Zexen council's siege on Budehuc Castle, he proves to be an asset to the people of Budehuc by blasting Zexen marshals with his magic.

Name: Pico
Origin: Unknown
Position: Musician
Pico is a musician who performs with Annalee and Alberto. While traveling in Harmonia with Alberto many years ago, he found Annalee, and they adopted her ever since. For that reason, Pico considers Annalee as her sister/daughter. Pico also has a "Don Juan Syndrome" which brings great grief to women, one such being Meili, the inn maid at Greenhill. She was dumped by him when he finds out that Annalee has joined the Dunan Unification Army.

Name: Pilika
Origin: Toto
Position: None
A daughter of Marx and Joanna, she saved Jowy from drowning after Jowy and the Hero leapt into the river off of the Tenzan Pass. When Luca Blight attacked Toto, she was on of the few survivors, making her into an orphan.
When Luca attacked the fortress of Victor's mercenaries, Pilika was almost killed by Luca Blight. She was saved but the shock from that incident made her mute. Since then she was taken care of by Jowy, Nanami, and the Hero, until the fall of Muse. She was then taken care of by the newly formed Allied Dunan Unification Army, and stayed there until the peace conference that followed the death of Luca Blight. There she was used as a deterrent by Shu to protect the Hero and Teresa Wisemail from being killed. Since then, Pilika was taken care of by Jowy and Jillia Blight.
After the war, Jowy asked Jillia to take care of Pilika at a manor in Harmonia prepared by Jowy.

Name: Pohl
Origin: Unknown
Position: Mercenary
Pohl was a member of Viktor's mercenary. When the Hero was captured by Viktor, Pohl gave the Hero various chores to perform. After the Hero and Jowy escaped, he asked Viktor and Flik to go find them because he was worried. Thanks to that, Viktor and Flik was able to rescue them just as they were about to get executed. However, when the mercenary fortress is attacked by Luca, he stays inside the fortress to protect Pilika, but is instead killed by Luca.