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Name: Qlon
Origin: Antei
Position: Guard
Qlon is the gate guard for the town of Antei. It is uncertain why such a young boy is a gate guard at Antei. During the rule of Milich Oppenheimer, he had to say, "Welcome to Blumier L'Amour" and hated it, but after the Kunan Area was liberated, he was so happy that he agreed to join the Toran Liberation Army. After the war, he still remains in Toran Castle.

Name: Queen
Origin: Sanadia
Position: 12th Harmonian Border Guard
Queen is a realistic member of the 12th Harmonian Border Guards. She comes from a place she calls "Sanady," which was apparently destroyed by Harmonia. It is unknown how she became a mercenary, but she is educated in literature and music, which seems to be evidence that she used to be a person of high rank.

In the unit, she supports Geddoe as much as she can due to the tremendous respect and trust he has for him. She often sets other members straight when they go out of line. She is a graceful fighter who uses a light, single-bladed saber specifically so that she can use the flat side to stun enemies.

Name: Quincey
Origin: Unknown
Position: Hunter
Quincey is a master hunter who has been hunting in the Great Forest. He was angry of all the destruction the Empire has caused in the forest, but didn't join the Liberation Army until he was certain that they could win. Although Quincey is a master at using bows, he uses bows only for hunting. In combat he uses throwing knives.