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Name: Pahn's Diary
Classification: Writing
Owner: Pahn
As the name states, a diary kept by Pahn. Its content mainly consists of what he ate that day.

Name: Passport
Classification: Writing
Owner: Alex
Documentation required to enter Muse City during times of increased security. During the Dunan Unification War, Muse require all its citizens and other approved persons to carry passports when leaving or entering Muse City. Riou was able to enter Muse by borrowing a passport from Alex and Hilda (although soldiers at Muse were able to see through the fraud).

Name: Pentagram
Classification: Family Heirloom
Owner: Wyatt Lightfellow
An insignia belonging to the Lightfellow family. Wyatt Lightfellow carried this with him, even under the guise of Jimba. However, when Hugo is sent to Zexen for a diplomatic mission, Jimba asks Hugo to return the Pentagram to the Lightfellow Household.

Name: Phonologist
Classification: Profession
Owner: Melodye, Connell
A specialized profession that involves analyzing and manipulating sound. This field is only taught in Crystal Valley, and practitioners carry a "sound rune" that gives them power to control sound. Their service is in limited need, specifically by musicians.

Name: Platinum Spear
Classification: National Treasure
Owner: Highland Kingdom, Blight Family
A ceremonial spear given to the Highland Kingdom by Harmonia as a reward for their service in quelling a rebellion within Harmonia. It represents how Highland is the "Guardian of Law" in its role as a vassal state for Harmonia.

Name: Plenipotentiary
Classification: Title
Owner: Makai
A title given to the head diplomat who represents Tworiver in all official matters. Due to that fact, they have powers equivalent to mayors. However, because they are supposed to represent the views of the triumvirate, they tend to be forced to not take sides and instead focus their strength on maintaining the status quo.

Name: Potch
Classification: Currency
Owner: N/A
The unit of currency used in the Suikoden world, regardless of nations. It seems like different nations mint their own coins for potch, but different coins seem to be usable in different nations.

Name: Prakk
Classification: Weapon
Owner: Barbarossa Rugner, Teo McDohl
A sword of exceptional quality used by Barbarossa Rugner during the Succession War. Barbarossa claimed that the sword brought him luck, and thus awarded this sword to Teo McDohl when he assigned him to fight insurgents in the Dana Region. Teo uses this sword when he duels his son, Tir McDohl.

Name: Priest General
Classification: Title
Owner: Sasarai, Luc
Fan translation of the title Bishop before the US version was released, spreading dismay within the small bilingual Suikoden fan community with its poor translation.

Name: Protectors
Classification: Organization
Owner: Ayda
An equivalent to rangers (in the Tolkein sense) within the Suikoden world. They live within the forest and fight off poachers and others who "take more than they give." They tend to have difficulty dealing with townsfolk.