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Name: Celadon Urn
Classification: Antique
Owner: Lebrante
A Celedon is a type of percelain ceramics made in China with a green glaze. Why is it called Celadon? Celadon is the name of the protagonist of the novel L'Astre, written by the French writer Honore d'Urfe. Celadon was often depicted wearing green clothing, and along with his youthful appearance, became very famous in Europe. Soon, the elite were wearing green clothes just like Celadon. Around that time, these Chinese greenish glazed porcelain first arrived in France and was received with fanfare. Due to the color, the porcelain was called "Celadon," and the name has stuck ever since. In the game, the Celadon urn is an item that Lebrante collects, and it can be sold or traded for a hefty price.

Name: Chariot
Classification: Weapon
Owner: Rina
Chariot is a weapon used by Rina in battle. It is a card that Rina throws at her enemies. Chariot is actually a real card from the tarot deck.

Name: Children of the Runes
Classification: Military Organization
Owner: Luc, Crowley, Lotte
A magic unit put together during the Gate Rune Wars, composed of three extremely powerful magic-users. They were obviously the most powerful magic unit within the Liberation Army.

Name: Circle Rune
Classification: One of the 27 True Runes
Owner: Hikusaak
One of the 27 True Runes representing "Order" and "Stagnation," its powers remain a mystery just like its bearer who has not been seen in public for decades. The Circle Rune is also a symbol of Harmonian rule, and it's insignia can be seen on Harmonian banners.

Name: Cleo's Diary
Classification: Writing
Owner: Cleo
A locked journal kept by Cleo. It's contents are a mystery, and those who approach it are met by Cleo's wrath.

Name: Conqueror Rune
Classification: Rare Rune
Owner: See Below
The true name of the Black Rune. This rare rune has the awesome power of allowing a powerful magician to control those who bear this rune. Bearers of this rune also gain the ability to control monsters, but the more they use this power, the more they fall under the spell of those who control them. Windy used this rune on Kwanda Rossman and Milich Oppenheimer to force them to committ terrible atrocities. Ted was also under this rune's influence, but was able to keep it at bay for a limited time due to the Souleater's power. Windy though she also had Barbarossa under control with this rune, but Barbarossa was immune to its effect due to his Sovereign Rune, although he did feign himself as being affected by the rune.

Name: Coven Mistress
Classification: Title
Owner: Sierra Mikain
A title given to the original vampire, namely Sierra Mikain.

Name: Crystal Ball
Classification: Trade Commodity
Owner: Traders
A clear ball that glows in the dark. Kobolds are known to be amused by this for hours on end, making this a highly sought commodity in kobold villages.