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Name: Odessa
Classification: Weapon
Owner: Flik
A one-handed sword of simple design owned by Flik. As per the tradition of the Warrior's Village, Flik named his sword after what is most important to him--his lover Odessa. From the looks of it, the sword is a broadsword with a simple crossguard that's smaller than average in size. The hilt is simple with a slip-resistant pommel. This shows how this sword was designed for no purpose other than actual use in combat. Its no-frills design showcases the personality of its bearer.

Name: Onimaru
Classification: Weapon
Owner: Rikimaru
Onimaru is a huge one-handed sword that looks more like a huge butcher knife. It's size would seem to make it impossible to wield with one hand, but Rikimaru is somehow able to pull it off.

Historically, Onimaru was a sword owned by Minamoto no Yasutsuna, a noted demon hunter during the Heian Era (10-12th century). He used this single-bladed sword to slay the Shuten Douji who was abducting women from Kyoto city. After that, the sword became known as Doujikiri. Onimaru is one of the very few swords from folklore that actually exists, and is currently enshrined in Atsuta Shrine. The sword is described as being an early-generation katana, noted for being mostly straight and single-bladed while having a slight curve towards the tip. Japanese swords were all straight swords until the heian era due to its manufacture being inported from Korea by the "tatara smiths." Onimaru is a valuable artifact that shows this transition phase and the birth of katana swords.

Name: Opal
Classification: Ornament
Owner: Esmeralda
A rare gemstone that forms when mineral-bearing waters seep into fractures within rocks over thousands of years. The minerals are gradually accumulated and solidified, creating multi-hued stones.

In the game, Esmeralda requests an opal when Tir McDohl asks her to join the Liberation Army. Oddly, the opal is carried by a common monster within the Soniere Prison.