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Name: Gabocha
Origin: Two River
Position: None
A young and highly adorable kobold from Two River, he absolutely idolizes Gengen and aspires to be like him in all aspects. After seeing Gengen on a mission with Riou, Gabocha tags along and joins the Allied Forces. He uses a slingshot in battle, but during his free time, he diligently practices wielding a sword, a skill taught to him by his Captain Gengen. He and Gengen apparently also practice an interesting dance, which they occasionally perform on stage at North Window Castle. This performance, done with perfect coordination, brings joy and laughter to many.
This entry written by Kobold

Name: Gadget/Karakurimaru
Origin: Juppo's Lab
Position: None
A machanical entity created by Juppo. He travels with Meg and even though he is a machine, he has a tough time being patient with Meg.

Name: Gadget Z
Origin: Unknown
Position: Robot
A robot created by Meg based on Gadget. He has a very lively personality, and is armed with superior weaponry compared to his predecessor.

Name: Galahad
Origin: Zexen Confederacy
Position: Knight Captain
Galahad was the captain of the Six Zexen Knights along with Vice-captain Pelize. However, he and Pelize were killed in a battle with the Grasslands when Lizard warriors had them surrounded. Galahads death brought much grief to many of the Knights, but due to the Council's motives and ambitions, a proper funeral for him and Pelize was not achieved for a long time. Chris Lightfellow later succeeded Galahads position as Captain of the Six Knights.
This entry written by Gaara and Kobold

Name: Gantetsu
Origin: Qlon Temple
Position: Excommunicated Monk
He is a monk who puts great emphasis on physical strength. He was excommunicated from Qlon by Fukien, but he wishes to return to Qlon, and after the Dunan Unification War, he was allowed to return.

Name: Gants
Origin: Unknown
Position: Hired Thug
Gants was a thug hired by Schtolteheim Reinbach II to track down a girl named Millay, who had been arranged to marry the lords son, Schtolteheim Reinbach III. Gants and his partners managed to track Millay down to the beaches of Na-Nal and attempted to kidnap her, but they were defeated by Hero4 and Schtolteheim Reinbach III himself.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Gareth
Origin: Unknown
Position: Sculpter/Jeweler
This famous artisan fashioned the Rose Crest for Schtolteheim Reinbach III and later joined Hero4s army where he sculptured a statue in the saloon of the ship, with Louises permission. He later engraves sculptures for the tourist attraction on Mordo Island.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Gary
Origin: Unknown
Position: Traveler
This firm believer of justice travels around with his wife, Ema. He acknowledges the beauty of Obel and the kindness of the people there; therefore, he decides to stay behind when Kooluk invades the peaceful kingdom. Although he and his wife are not originated from Obel, he helps Princess Flare to protect her people and helps rally them to liberate the island. Tired of traveling, he journeys to the Scarlet Moon Empire in hopes of finding a place to settle in with his wife.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Gaspar
Origin: Kaku
Position: Gambler
He often gambled with Tai Ho, so once he found out Tai Ho joined the Toran Liberation Army, he joined as well. He is a capable fighter as well, excelling in defense. Shilo is his rival.

Name: Gau
Origin: Kobold Village (Toran)
Position: 14th Harmonian Border Guards
A kobold warrior with a huge scar on his face, Gau is a loyal member of Duke's unit. Duke saved his life when he was attacked by former comerades, and since then he has served under Duke. Gau used to be a member of a shady society, which required him to cut off his tail in exchange for leaving the group. He uses a "key spear" with masterful skill.

Name: Gau
Origin: Unknown
Position: Barbarian
It is unconfirmed how this barbaric man in demon wolf skin ended up in Elenor Silverbergs Hermitage Island or even when he ended up there. Growing up amongst animals, he became like them, relying only on his fists and legs as weapons. He attacked Hero4 on the Hermitage Island along with his pack of demon wolves. After he lost, he realized Hero4 is very strong and decided to follow him. Although he cannot speak many words, it appears he does know how to write. After the unification of the Island Nations Federation, he returns to the woods.

Name: Geddoe
Origin: Unknown
Position: 12th Harmonian Border Guards Leader
Geddoe is the leader of the 12 Harmonian Border Guards, easily recognizable by his eyepatch. Although he hides it most of the time, he is also the bearer of the True Lightning Rune, and is thus ageless. His past is largely unknown, but he participated in the First Fire Bringer War alongside the Flame Champion and Wyatt Lightfellow. He states he was a member of a kingdom that was destroyed by Harmonia, and that he was left with the True Lightning Rune. He has been with the Border Guards for seven years at the point of year 475, and by then was a respected leader of his own unit.

During the Second Fire Bringer War, Geddoe receives orders to gather information about the Flame Champion. He travels across the Grasslands with his unit, observing the conflict from a distance until he inevtiably gets involved. During the conflict, his rune is stolen by the magician Luc but he manages to win it back. After the war, he returns to Caleria with his unit, hiding his rune once again.

Name: Geil Rugner
Origin: Gregminster
Position: Emperor
Geil is the uncle of Barbarossa. While Barbarossa was on a mission to fight Jowston, Geil lead the council of th Scarlet Moon Empire to have a "Trail to remove the Crown Prince."Geil then seized the throne and became Emperor of the Scarlet Moon Empire. Barbarossa fought back, and although Geil had the upper hand at the beginning, he was ultimately defeated and killed.

Name: Gen
Origin: Antei
Position: Carpenter
Gen is a shipwright living in Antei. During the Gate Rune Wars, he helped the Toran Liberation Army by helping them build better ships along with Kamandohl.

Name: Gengen
Origin: Kobold Village--Two River Municipality
Position: Soldier
Gengen is a well-known kobold warrior from the Kobold Village located south of Two River. He joined Viktor's mercenary group long before the onset of the Dunan Unification War, making him one of the original members of the New Allied Army.

Name: Genkaku
Origin: Kyaro
Position: Hero
Genkaku was a hero during the Highland-Jowston war which happened about 20 years before the Dunan Unification War. He led a small number of troops to capture Highlan'd supply base after Muse was beaten badly, and then lead the entire Muse army against Highland. This cased the two forces to enter a stalemate. However, after he was framed to lose in a duel, he was cast out of the Jowston Alliance and lived out his life at Kyaro.

Name: Genshu
Origin: Unknown
Position: Ex-Sellsword
Gensu used to be a sword-for-hire, living as an assassin. However, he quit that profession and decided to take his swordsmanship seriously by honing his mind. He has an obsession with powerful swords, and is particularly obsessed with the Zodiac Sword (star dragon sword).

Name: Georg Prime
Origin: Queendom of Falena
Position: Ex-General
Georg was a famous swordsman known to have been wandering the lands. His skills with his sword were recognized, and he was recruited as one of the Six Great Generals by Babarossa Rugner during the War of Succession. After the war, he apparently left and traveled to the Grasslands and became an Ebony Moon Knight. What exactly he did there was not clearly known.

Later on, he traveled to the Queendom of Falena and served as the Queen's Knight. However, he was accused of assassinating the Queen and was forced to escape Falena as a fugitive. (It was thought that Killey was somehow involved in this as well.) Later on, Georg fled to the City State of Jowston during the Dunan Unification Wars. Georg was recruited by the Allied Army at the mountain pass between Drakemouth and Tigermouth, and he was praised as one of the strongest swordsmen in the land.
This entry written by Gaara and Kobold

Name: George Silverberg
Origin: Gregminster
Position: Aristocrat
George Silverberg is the son of Leon Silverberg. Not much else is known about him other than the fact that he is the father of Caesar Silverberg and Albert Silverberg.

Name: Georges
Origin: Kirov
Position: Gambler
Georges is a gambler living at Kirov, he led an archer squad after he joined the Toran Liberation Army.

Name: Gijimu
Origin: Tinto
Position: Head Bandit
Gijimu is the leader of the Lampdragon Bandits who live in a fortress called Sai which lies north of Tigermouth Village. Gijimu is a ruthless fighter, and has fought in many battles including the Dunan Unification War and the various wars Tinto has waged with the myriad tribes of the Grasslands.

Name: Gilbert
Origin: Zexen
Position: Mercenary
Gilbert lead a group of mercenaries and was hired by Highland during their attack on Muse in the early stages of the Dunan Unification War. However, he defected after being convinced by Viktor and Flik to change sides. He has a wife and a son in Zexen.

Name: Gin
Origin: Radat
Position: Fisher
Gin is a fisher who works with Amada. When the Hero and Apple come to Radat to recruit Shu and need to close the dam, Gin refuses, and then Amada fights with the Hero.

Name: Giovanni
Origin: Kouan
Position: Butler
Giovanni is Lepant's Butler. He joined the Gate Rune Wars with his master, and used his skill of stealth to perform espionage on enemies.

Name: Glen Cott
Origin: Razril
Position: Commander
As Commander of the Gaien Knights, he was a lenient commander who was very fond of his underlings. He had high hopes for Hero4 but was disappointed with Snowes recent achievements. When he learned of the pirate Brandeaus attacks, he quickly went in to rescue Hero4 and the other knights, but thanks to Brandeaus True Rune, Hero4 was the only survivor of the attack. The Rune of Punishment consumed Brandeaus life and passed on to Glen. When more pirates attacked Razril, Glen used the rune to eradicate them, losing his own life to the cursed rune.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Goetsu
Origin: Unknown
Position: Chef
A travelling chef who chellenges the "famous" Hai Yo. A very properly mannered challenger who is not affiliated with the Black Dragon Clan.

Name: Gon
Origin: Kobold Village--Toran
Position: None
Gon is a kobold who lives in Toran's Kobold Village. He was the second strongest kobold in the village next to Kuromimi, so he joined the Toran Liberartion Army after hearing that Kuromimi has joined.

Name: Gordon
Origin: Gregminster
Position: Merchant
Gordon is the ownr of the Gordon Trading Company based at Gregminster. He is a skilled trader, and has been looking for an opportunity to expand his business. He joined the Hero's side in order to establish a new trade center for free and expand his business.

Name: Gordon (S3)
Origin: Unknown
Position: Item Vendor
A well-dressed "gentleman" who ran the item shop in the village of Iksay. He previously belonged to a theatrical troupe, and has worked with Nadir in the past. He is also divorced, and has two daughters who does not live with him. He seeks those with a "gentleman's aura." After finding the right person, he joins the Fire Bringer, opening an item shop at Budehuc Castle.

Name: Gorou
Origin: Lekewest
Position: Bathmaker
Gorou is a bathmaker from Lekewest in the Dunan Republic. He is the son of Tetsu and sees his father as his rival. He is passionate about bathmaking, saying that the perfect bath would have to make one feel like they are back in their mother's womb. He was in the Grasslands looking for some good wood for a new bath when he was recruited by the Fire Bringer. He then made a bath at Budehuc Castle, providing stress-relief and improved hygine to the Fire Bringers.

Name: Gorudo
Origin: Matilda
Position: Captain of the White Knights
The commander of the Knightdom of Matilda. He was responsible for the death of Karayan Chief, Kianu, along with Alec Wisemail of Greenhill. He was involved in the Dunan Unification War and withdrew his forces from helping Muse against Highland Forces. He even refuses the refugees of Muse access into his land, causing their massacre at the hands of Luca Blight and Highland. When Highland plans to invade Matilda, Gorudo surrenders to Highland and agrees to fight under them. During the attack on Rockaxe by the Allied Forces, he planned to ambush the leaders of the Allied Forces and Highland, Riou and Jowy Blight. Riou's sister, Nanami was seriously wounded in this ambush. He was slain by Riou & Jowy.

Name: Grady
Origin: Rockland
Position: Governor
Grady was the governor of Rockland under the Scarlet Moon Empire. He embodied the corrupt Empire by taking money from the weak and bribing the powerful. However, due to the Toran Liberation Army, he lost his job.

Name: Graham Cray
Origin: Scarlet Moon Empire
Position: Merchant/Strategist
Graham Cray is the owner of the Graham Trading Company, known for their shady businesses and poaching mermaids. He was once a subordinate of Elenor Silverberg and used some kind of great power to murder the faction of nobles in the Scarlet Moon Empire. He later came in possession of the Rune of Punishment, which he used to destroy a village on the borders of the Scarlet Moon Empire and Kooluk. He cut off his hand to rid himself of the rune. Unfortunately, the cursed rune chose Grahams son as its next bearer and consumed his life. Ever since then Graham Cray has been trying to get his hands on the rune once again to offer it to Harmonia in return for Military Strength.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Granmeyer
South Window
Position: Mayor
Events: Gate Rune Wars, Toran-Jowston War, Dunan Unification WarGranmeyer is known as the peace-loving mayor of South Window. During the Gate Rune Wars,
Mathiu Silverberg sent him a letter telling him of an impending attack by the Scarlet Moon Empire. He led troops into Toran's Senan Area with the Tinto Army and defeated Kasim Hazil's army. After the formation of the Toran Republic, their armies were defeated and Granmeyer decided to retreat, which cause friction between South Window and Tinto. During the initial attack on Muse by Solon Jhee, Granmeyer was the only one who immediately helps Anabelle defend Muse. However, when South Window was attacked by Solon Jhee, he simply surrenders instead of making his citizens suffer. He was executed by Solon Jhee the next day.

Name: Greg
Origin: Harmonia
Position: Mercenary
Greg is the older brother of Eliza Windamier. He has been a good uncle to Klaus and was the first person to encourage him into the military strategist vocation. Greg himself was a mercenary working within Harmonia, barely making his ends meet for some reason. He visits the Windamiers often, and in some cases helped Kiba during military campaigns.

Name: Gremio
Origin: Kirov
Position: Servant
Gremio was a soldier under the command of Teo McDohl during the Sueccession War. However, he decided to become a servant of Teo McDohl after Teo saved his life in battle. Gremio raised the son of Teo McDohl due to his father being busy and because his mother died after giving borth to him. Thus, Gremio acted as a parent to Hero McDohl. Gremio followed Hero McDohl into the Gate Rune Wars and protected him wherever he went. He even lost his life protecting him, but was miraculously brought back to life by the powers of the Gate Rune and the 108 Stars of Destiny. After the Gate Rune Wars, Gremio left Toran with Hero McDohl, and was briefly involved with the Dunan Unification War.

Name: Grenseal
Origin: Gregminster
Position: Co-Commander of the Royal Guards
Grenseal worked under Teo McDohl during the Gate Rune Wars, but after the death of Teo McDohl, he joined the Toran Liberation Army as per Teo's dying wishes. He is both a swordsman and a user of powerful magic.

Name: Gretchen
Origin: Unknown
Position: Swordmistress
A swordmistress whose ultimate wish was to join the forces that were battling against the Kooluk forces. Before she had joined the force, she believed herself to be the strongest swordsman alive but later realized how wrong she was after meeting the people onboard the ship. She felt indebted to Hero4 for fulfilling her desire to join his group and spent her days on the ship guarding his room, alongside Helga and Millay. After the war though, she went on to teach her skills with the sword in the Marines Academy in Razril.

Name: Griffith
Origin: Gregminster
Position: Commander
Griffith is the commander of the Northern Fortress that protects the border between the Kunan and Senan Areas. He works under Kasim Hazil. During the Gate Rune Wars, he was tricked by Mathiu Silverberg and was forced to defend the fortress with very few numbers of soldiers. Although he tried to stall the Toran Liberation Army, Mathiu attacked neverthless, and captured Griffith. Griffith then helped the Toran Liberation Army due to Mathiu's threat that his men will be kileld if he doesn't help them. After the Gate Rune Wars, he quit the military and started his own business.

Name: Guillaume
Origin: Unknown
Position: Apparaiser/Thief
Guillaume is a petty criminal living in Vinay Del Zexay. He normally makes a living as an appraiser, but he often makes fake appraisals, buying artifacts at a cheap price and selling them at a rediculous price. He is also a theif, and stole treausre that belonged to Billy while searching for him after his disappearance. He also has an unhealthy habit of wanting to play with small girls. Although his habit is generally innocent in intention, it neverthless disturbs others. He also has many other quirks in his personality, making some wonder if he is really human.

Name: Gunter
Origin: Unknown
Position: Gambler
Gunter used to spend all his days gambling and traveling the seas. He gambled in many places such as Middleport, Na-Nal, and Obel until he decided to join Hero4 and his crew. Later, he became fed up with gambling and opened up a restaurant in Middleport with all the money he had earned.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Gustav Pendragon
Origin: Tinto
Position: Guild Master/Mayor
Gustav is the anti-alliance mayor of Tinto. He believes that the Alliance is weak-willed and is not very interested in keeping Tinto a part of the Jowston Alliance. During the Gate Rune Wars, he cooperated with the Southwindow Army to invade the Senan Area of the Scarlet Moon Empire. After the formation of the Toran Republic, they were defeated by the Toran Republic Army. Gustav blames Granmeyer of Southwindow for the defeat (Granmayer retreated his troops). Gustav also has led many attacks into the Grasslands, which is seen as a necessity by his citizens. Gustav is also the head of the miners guild at Tinto, and has a daughter called Lilly, whom he cares for greatly.

Name: Gyokuran
Origin: Unknown
Position: Chef
Gyokuran is one of the four grand master chefs of the Black Dragon Clan. She manipulates various chefs to challenge Hai Yo in cooking matches. However, in the end even she was defeated by Hai Yo's excellent cooking.