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Name: Falcon Style
Classification: Martial Arts
Owner: Roundier Haia, Valeria, Anita
A fencing style perfected by the swordmaster Roundier Haia. The style is composed of fast, powerful thrusts dealt against an enemy in rapid succession. However, the highest form of the falcon style involves a secret method which can deal swift death to an enemy with one attack. Students who achieve proficiency in this style are given a Falcon Rune as a symbol of their accomplishment.

Name: Father of Dragons
Classification: Rank
Owner: N/A
The highest rank within the dragon knights, which have gained a mythical reputation due to the fact that it is perpefually opened. No dragon knight is known to have had this title as of yet, and it would be difficult to see how anyone can get to this rank. Because the captain must be the bearer of the Dragon Rune, the only way a captain can ascend in rank is by somehow removing the Dragon Rune. Because such methods are normally unknown, it is hard to imagine how anyone can attain this rank.

Name: Feast of Hooves and Reed Flutes
Classification: Tradition & Culture
Owner: Milit
An annual harvest festival in the village of Milit. Many merchants from the area come by to erect stalls and entertainers from afar also drop by to show their skill. However, the festival during the year 460 was frought with disaster due to the fake flame champion Clant and his bandits. Fortunately, travellers who happened to be in the village, such as Nash Latkje, Camus, Miklotov, Gilbert, Gijimu, Lo Wen, Koyu, Rina, Eilie, and Bolgan managed to defeat them.

Name: Fire Spears
Classification: Weapon
Owner: Dwarves, Viktor, Tsai
A mechanical weapon designed by the dwarves, which spews out fire from the end of a spear-like shaft. The design to this weapon was purchased by Odessa Silverberg for the Toran Liberation Army, and subsequently manufactured at the Secret Factory. The spears were a critical factor in their battle against the Iron Cavalry lead by Teo McDohl, allowing them to win easily. Viktor took the spears with him after the end of the Gate Rune Wars, neglecting its maintenance in the process. In the advent of the Dunan Unification War, Viktor's mercenaries commission the help of spear-master Tsai to repair the spears. Using them, they manage to hold off the Highland Army for a while, but they were grossly outnumbered and defeated in the end. The fire spears stayed with Tsai's infantry unit ever since.

As a sidenote, fire spears were actually used in medieval China, invented in the 10th century and used for cenuries since along with other precursors to modern firearms.

Name: First Mother
Classification: Mythology
Owner: N/A
The first mother is a mythical dragon who is said to exist within the World of Wings and Scales. She supposedly travels through rifts in time-space to lay eggs in other parallel worlds. Dragons who hatch from these eggs atypically become "renegade dragons," terrorizing the area.

Name: Fishermen
Classification: Military Organization
Owner: Tai Ho, Yam Koo, Kimberley
A military unit within the Toran Liberation Army during the Gate Rune Wars composed mostly of fishermen from Kaku. Led by reckless Tai Ho, the unit was one of the most powerful infantry units within the rebel army.

Name: Five Great Generals
Classification: Title
Owner: Teo Mcdohl, Kwanda Rossman, Kasim Hazil, Kilawher Shulen, Milich Oppenheimer, Sonya Shulen
A changed title for the former Six Great Generals after Georg Prime left.

Name: Flour
Classification: Agricultural Product
Owner: Kalekka
A common commodity traded across the Suikoden world, typically used to make food items such as bread. Kalekka started making flour after the Gate Rune Wars, and is known for their high quality.

Name: Flowing Water Root
Classification: Magic Item
Owner: Dwarves
A mysterious artifact sealed within the dwarven vault. Its powers and purpose are unknown. During the Gate Rune Wars, the chief of dwarves challenges Tir Mcdohl to sneak into the safe and steal this item. Tir succeeds and manages to gain the assistance of the dwarves.

Name: Forged Documents
Classification: Writing
Owner: Kimberley, Tesla, Tir McDohl
A document created by Kimberly and Tesla so that Tir McDohl can sneak into Soniere Prison. Kimberley forged the seal, and Tesla forged the handwriting. However, the Imperial Army realized that the document was forged, and trapped the rebels inside the prison, dooming them with certain death using man-easting spores. However, with the selfless sacrifice of Gremio they escape.

Name: Former Imperials
Classification: Military Organization
Owner: Griffith, Valeria, Kasim Hazil
A military unit within the Toran Liberation Army during the Gate Rune Wars, composed mainly of former imperial officers. Due to exceptional leaders within this unit, they were very effective in all military engagements with the Imperial Army.

Name: Free Knights of Camaro
Classification: Military Organization
Owner: Camus, Mua
An order of knights based in the nation of Camaro located north of the Grasslands. Although they do not serve a particular master, they have a rigid structure where only the first son of a knight family can become a full-fledged knight. Due to this, younger sibligs tend to become knights in other nations after completing their tenure as squires under another knight in Camaro. Free Knights of Camaro are easily noticed by their orange and green tabard and are known to roam the world to complete their individual sagas. Once they complete their saga, they are allowed to return and wed.