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Name: Odessa Silverberg
Origin: Gregminster
Position: Aristocrat/Rebel Leader
Odessa Silverberg was born in the noteworthy Silverberg family, and is the niece of the genius strategist, Leon Silverberg. Her time spent as an aristocrat made her somewhat ignorant to the corruption of the empire. However, after meeting with Achilles, a young rural aristocrat who was involved with the Anti-Imperial Movement, she started to realize how corrupt her homeland has become. Soon after Achilles became Odessa's fianc. She then tried to convince Mathiu Silverberg to help her cause, but he refused due to his wish to be uninvolved with war. She called him a coward for letting his skill rot. However, Achilles was attacked by the Scarlet Moon Empire for crimes he did not commit. During a raid, he was killed--his last words to Odessa being, "defeat the Empire!" Odessa fought against the soldiers in her aristocratic dress and sword in hand. She was able to escape from the soldiers, and formed the Toran Liberation Army with the Anti-Imperial Movement as the foundation. She then acquires members such as Flik, Humphrey, Sanchez, Viktor, Mose, and Ronnie Bell.

The Toran Liberation Army starts with small successes, but the location of their hideout was leaked to the Imperial Guards (The leak was done by Sanchez, who was a spy). During this attack, Odessa is killed by imperial soldiers, and before she dies she tells others to throw her body into the sewer to avoid the news of her death to spread, which would affect the morale of the movement. She then tells the Hero to meet Mathiu Silverberg, and dies. Her last actions allowed the Liberation Army to succeed in the long run, and her strategy as a leader was always aimed at success at the long run.

For example, she purchased the prints for the Fire Spears from the dwarves long before its need arose, and the spears were done in time for the Liberation Army to fight Teo's Armored Cavalry. Although she didn't have much contact with her uncle, Leon Silverberg, she had an amicable relationship with Mathiu, and she has been taught military strategy from him.

Name: Oleg
Origin: Nay Island, Island Nation Federation<
Position: Inventor
Oleg is a passionate inventor. He invents something called a camera, a box that records events that occur within its view. He offers to show this invention to the king of Obel, Lino En Kuldes, and decides to work for him. He later attempts to sell his inventions with little luck.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Onil
Origin: Unknown<
Position: None
Onil is a gossip monger who was recruited into the Toran Liberation Army for unknown reasons. It is said that she has many sources within the Toran Republic, and has an intelligence network that allows her to know what her neighbors are having for dinner as well as the Scarlet Moon Empire's next strategic plan.

Name: Ornan
Origin: Unknown<
Position: Warrior
This warrior is in search of a woman he was once acquainted with, and he joins Hero4s forces in hopes of finding her. Ornan, however, is unsuccessful. He often stares at the barkeep of the army, Louise, who greatly resembles the one he is searching for.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Oskar
Origin: Middleport, Island Nations Federation<
Position: Gossiper
This gossip enjoys the company of Deborah, and the two are often seen at the inn in Middleport sipping on tea. Oskar, who cannot bear to part with his gossiping partner, later follows Deborah after she decides to come onboard Hero4s ship. After the war, he is back at Middleport sipping tea with Deborah.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Oulan
Origin: Unknown
Position: Bodyguard
Oulan is a veteran bodyguard and martial artist. She has a passion for defending the weak, and is in constant search for people who are worth defending. She has been investigating a group of ruffians who were harassing women in Kuskus, and when the Hero's party was attacked, she appeared to defend them. She promptly joins the Dunan Unification Army.
After joining the Allied Army, Oulan proves to be a huge asset, protecting Riou when in need. She ignored Sheena's attempt to woo her, but being a realistic mercenary, she accepted Sheena's offer to hire her as his bodyguard after the war. While on the journey to Harmonia for Sheena's study abroad at Crystal Valley, Oulan fights against a renegade dragon along with Nash Latkje and Humphrey Mintz. She helps greatly with the battle using her exceptional martial arts moves.