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Name: Zaj
Origin: Howling Voice Guild
Position: Squire Class Gunner
Zaj is a squire class gunner of the Howling Voice Guild. He specializes in espionage and torture, and he has been chosen by Talgrund the gunsword as its wielder. He has been involved with many plots, and has his own connections within Harmonia, giving him a certain autonomy within the Howling Voice Guild.

Zaj has a personal grudge against Nash Latkje due to a severe wound he suffered during a fight with Nash. Zaj was sent into the Latkje household during a mission, and during that mission he was almost killed by Nash. Zaj is a proud gunner, and can not let the fact that he was almost killed go unavenged. Since then he has been trying to kill Nash indirectly.

Name: Zamji
Origin: South Window
Position: Innkeeper
Zamji was an innkeeper at South Window during the period when Neclord attacked North Window. He used to be a member of South Window's elite unit, the "Black Lions," and fought in numerous battles between South Window and the Scarlet Moon Empire. He has since retired and opened an small pub/inn inside the walls of South Window.

During the political turmoil that was caused between Two River and South Window following allegations that North Window was destroyed by Two River, the possibility of war loomed over the two city-states. Under that political climate, Viktor "rolled into" Zamji's bar, drunken and disillusioned from the fact that all his family was killed. Zamji rescues Viktor from a bar brawl where he was outnumbered, and offers him a job to help out with the bar. Zamji then learns that Viktor is working with Anabelle to uncover the truth behind the destruction of North Window. Zamji helps out by collecting information through his connection with the military. Soon, the three realize that weapon merchants were behind the whole scheme. The three raid their hideout, and Zamji proved to be a formidable fighter, taking on two enemies at once with his spear. Despite his leg injury from battles long ago, Zamji dispatches his second foe with a powerful throw of his spear. After that incident, Zamji returns to running his pub.

Name: Zamza
Origin: Unknown
Position: Magic Instructor
< No one knows where Zamza came from, but Zamza has his own take on magic. He believes that magic users must also be strong in body, and not only in intellect. Due to this approach, he was banned from the magic academy he was in, and started to experiment with a magic of his own. This is how he created his Fire Dragon method, where he fuses magic with his punches in order to unleash powerful blows onto enemies.
Due to his originality he is highly narcissistic, and thinks that he is incredibly powerful and beautiful. However, he actually is indeed powerful, but it is hard to understand his power, to say the least.

Zamza gets involved with the Dunan Unification War early on, and proved to be a powerful force within the army. For that reason, Shu made him the magic instructor. This was actually due to the fact that Zamza had the most normal personality out of all the other magic users (such as Luc and Viki). He happily accepts this position, thinking that it is a logical and obvious choice given his own greatness.

Name: Zen
Origin: Qlon Temple
Position: Gardener
Zen is a gardener who took residence at Qlon Temple. He is highly skilled in growing flowers, and wishes to fill the world with more flowers. He joined the Gate Rune Wars in order to make his dreams come true, and for that reason, the old Toran Liberation Army Headquarters is filled with flowers to this day.

Name: Zela
Origin: Unknown
Position: Rebel Fighter
Zela was the leader of a rebel cell that operated in Gregminster during the early days of Odessa Silverberg's liberation movement. He was a powerful swordsman who kept his men and women hiding in Gregminster as harlots. In fact, Zela himself donned women's clothes and acted and spoke like a woman. Unfortunately, Odessa falls into a trap and leads imperial soldiers to Zela's rebel cell. Zela realizes this quickly, and helps Odessa and Flik run away while holding off the imperial soldiers. His fate since then is unknown.

Name: Zepon
Origin: Great Hollow
Position: Chief
Zepon was the chief if the Lizard Clan, and an important figure in Grassland politics up until the Second Fire Bringer War. His brutal murder was the direct cause of spiraling violence between Zexen and the Grassland clans, and signaled the start of the Second Fire Bringer War. Zepon was known to have participated in the First Fire Bringer War, and is an acquaintance of Geddoe. Before his death, Geddoe visits him, and they share their perspective on how they feel that something is about to happen in the Grassland.

Name: Zorak
Origin: Warrior's Village
Position: Chief
Zorak is the chief of the Warrior's Village. He is fiercely proud of his heritage, and loves to talk about the history of the "sons of Klift." He inherited his position from his father, Kalak. Due to his warrior's formidable power, his village has been able to retain a degree of autonomy from the Scarlet Moon Empire. However, after Neclord was assigned as the magistrate of Lorimar, things changed. Neclord demanded that the village send him "brides" as a sacrifice. Zorak's daughter, Tengaar, was chosen as Neclord's sacrifice during the Gate Rune Wars. Thankfully, Tir McDohl, along with Viktor of Northwind arrive at the scene, and with the aid of the Star Dragon Sword, manage to defeat Neclord. With her daughter freed from evil, Zorak agrees to aid the Liberation Army, and his warriors proved to be a powerful addition to the military might of Tir's army.