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Name: Valeria
Origin: Great Forest
Position: One of the Six Great Generals
Valeria was born in a small village in the Great Forest. She always wished to make it big in the real world, and has been practicing swordsmanship since her youth. By luck she was able to study the "Falcon Style Fencing" under master Roundier Haia in Kanakan and perfected the style. After that she entered the Scarlet Moon Army and was placed under Kwanda Rossman as a Lieutenant. However, when Kwanda started burning the forest with the Burning Mirror, Valeria decided to defect, and tried to convince the Elves to stand up against Kwanda. However, she was instead captured and imprisoned by the elves.

In prison she meets Hero McDohl and decides to join forces with the Liberation Army. The party escapes with the help of Sylvina, and the party was able to win the trust of the Dwarves. As the party was heading back to Toran Castle, they were ambushed by Imperial Soldiers. The soldiers demanded that the rebels hand over Valeria, and Valeria volunteered to leave. However, the Imperial Soldiers break the agreement and try to capture the Hero.

Just when all hope was lost, Mathiu Silverberg brings the Liberation Army with him to attack Pannu Yakuta. The Imperial Soldiers scurry off in terror. Valeria was freed and after the Liberation Army defeats Kwanda's army in battle, Valeria volunteers to enter Pannu Yakuta to defeat Kwanda Rossman. Shortly after, Pannu Yakuta was liberated.

Since then, Valeria was a powerful force within the Liberation Army, and after they were victorious, Valeria is named as one of the new Six Great Generals for the Toran Republic. In her new capacity, she participated in Toran's war against Tinto and South Window, and was also chosen as the general for the military aid sent to the Dunan Allied Forces by the orders of President Lepant.

After she comes to Dunan, she meets with her rival, Anita. Anita was also a student of Roundier Haia, and the two often got into fights due to their different ideas on being a swordmistress. However, they could always be found in the bar, drinking together.

After the Dunan Unification Wars, Valeria went back to Toran to continue her duties.

Name: Vandam
Origin: Holy Kingdom of Harmonia
Position: Commander
Vandam originated from Harmonia and was in charge of the Harmonian Southern Frontier Defense Force. He had to leave on a mission and left Parge in charge while he was away.
This entry written by Gaara.

Name: Varkas
Origin: Unknown
Position: Captain of the Border Guards
Varkas was a leader of the Mt. Seifu bandits along with Sydonia. Varkas considers Sydonia as his best friend, and is in fact the only person Sydonia trusts. Under the leadership of these two, the Mt. Seifu bandits have been robbing convoys of the Imperial Army only, and has never robbed from the villagers of Rockland. However, the two are defeated by a squad of the Royal Guards (Hero McDohl) and crucified at Rockaxe. However, to their surprise, they are liberated by the Toran Liberation Army led by their ex-captors.
They shortly join the Liberation army, and fight in many battles until the end of the war. After the war Sydonia disappears. However, Varkas accepted the position of the Captain of the Border Guards, and guards the Banner Pass.

Name: Viktor
Origin: Northwind
Position: Mercenary Captain
Viktor grew up at the fort of Northwind. His father died in war when he was serving in the 4th Northwind Unit, and was raised by his mother, Helen, and grandmother, Martha. He had a brother called Will and also with Daisy, a war orphan who Viktor's family took in. She was like a sister, but his family wanted him to marry her so that he would settle down. However, this never happened.

One day Viktor was heading to South Window to buy some medicine for his grandmother. When he returned, Northwind has been sacked by Neclord, and all his family has been turned into zombies by Neclord's power. Viktor fought Neclord but was no match to him. If not for the Sacrificial Buddha that Daisy gave to him, he would have died.

Viktor searched for Daisy but she was already dead. Apparently she committed suicide thinking that Viktor was dead, and she also wished to die rather than being Neclord's wife. Viktor was the only survivor of this attack, and was rescued by those who arrived from Kuskus. He was taken to Kuskus at death's door and nursed by Barbara, who was also from Northwind. Viktor healed fast and took off immediately to search for the target of his vengeance. He trained furiously, and sooner or later he has turned into a formidable swordsman who wields his sword with brute force and fine skill. During his quest, he ran into many adventures which honed his instinct for survival and his rogue-like tendencies. One thing led to another and he ended up in the Toran Liberation Army.

Initially he wasn't well trusted within the Liberation Army because of his rogue-like tendencies. However, he recruits Hero McDohl into the Liberation Army, which ultimately allowed the Liberation Movement to emerge victorious.

During the final assault on Gregminster, Viktor was thought to have died along with Flik. However, the truth was that he managed to escape with Flik, but forgot to inform others of that fact.

Since then, the two traveled towards Jowston due to a promise that Viktor made with Anabelle--he promised that he will lead a mercenary group for Muse. It took a few months for him to get to Jowston, but he managed to create a mercenary force and a new fort in Southeastern Muse.

However, during the Dunan Unification War, his force is defeated by Luca Blight's White Wolf Army, forcing him to retreat to Muse. There, he helps Muse defend itself from Solon Jhee's 3rd Highland Army, but is forced to retreat again after Jowy assassinates Annabelle and opens the gates of Muse. He flees to South Window, where he hears of Neclord, and tries to defeat him at Northwind, but Neclord escapes. However, Viktor finds out that Neclord is trying to take over Tinto, and with the help of Kahn Marley and Sierra Mikain, manages to destroy Neclord. After the war, Viktor takes off with Flik to a new adventure.

Name: Viki (big)
Origin: Somewhere on the Planet
Position: None
Viki is a magician specializing in teleportation. She is one of the few who possess the Blinking Rune. No one knows where she has come from, but in her sleep, she has been known to say "Waffu...Reffu," which seems to have something to do with where she is from. She is trying to return to her homeland but has been unsuccessful for a long time.

She apparently participated in the war between Kooluk and the Island Nations in the Solar Year 305. She was recruited in the same manner as with all other wars when she teleported in front of Hero 4 on Nay Island. It was not known if she had teleported back in time after the Second Fire Bringer War. However, she seemed to have recognized Jeane, which was evident from a conversation they had during a bath.

Viki also participated in the Gate Rune Wars, the Dunan Unification War, and the Second Fire Bringer War. Due to her ability to teleport through time (as well as her own bad luck), she hadn't aged at all between these wars. In all three wars, she was recruited when she suddenly appeared in front of the leaders of their respective forces.
This entry written by Gaara and Kobold.

Name: Viki (small)
Origin: Somewhere on the Planet
Position: None
A little girl with the same name and similar appearance to Viki (big). She is also skilled in teleportation, but unlike her bigger "version," she is mature in speech and demeanor. When Viki along with Nash Latkje teleported into a mysterious domain that Viki (big) called her "home," Viki (small) appeared and told them how to return. She also appeared during the Second Fire Bringer War, initially disoriented from being sent through a rift in time-space caused by Viki (big). She quickly realizes that she is in the year 475 based on her encounter with the new Flame Champion--showing her deep knowledge of history. Based on that, it is clear she is able to travel through time. She stayed with the Fire Bringer while waiting for an opportunity to travel back through a rift in time-space. However, she instead follows Viki (big) after she sneezes and teleports herself away.

Name: Vincent de Boule
Origin: Gregminster
Position: Aristocrat
Vincent de Boule is a member of an aristocratic family in the Scarlet Moon Empire. He has been wandering as a part of "learning" for a long time, and in the course has participated in the Gate Rune Wars and Dunan Unification War. Vincent has the tendency of thinking that he is friends with someone, and he has these "friends" everywhere. He is a narcissist, but he doesn't praise himself all that much. He also thinks that it is natural for him to avoid "peasants" due to the fact that he is an aristocrat, which is why he avoids bathing with other "lower ones" when possible.

Name: Vincent Vingerhut
Origin: Razril, Island Nations Federation
Position: Duke
The duke of Razril and a kind man who raised the orphaned, Hero4 as if he was his own son. Thanks to him, his son, Snowe received special treatment in the marines. Although he is a kind man, he is also quite selfish and believed that Hero4 actually did kill the commander and decides to exile him. After Razril was liberated, he was chased out for not doing anything to eradicate the Kooluk forces.
This entry written by Gaara.