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Name: Madame Borisa
Classification: Flora & Fungi
Owner: Milich Oppenheimer
A huge red rose with yellow polka-dots cultivated by Milich Oppenheimer. He mated a few different types of roses to create this variant.

Name: Man-eating Spores
Classification: Flora & Fungi
Owner: Milich Oppenheimer
Spores developed by Milich Oppenheimer that are able to rapidly devour human flesh, leaving no trace behind. Milich Oppenheimer used this to attempt the murder of Tir and his entourage, but they were saved by the sacrifice of Gremio--who faced the fury of the spores alone.

Name: Marie's Chore
Classification: Recipe
Owner: Lester, Sunset Lake
Lester's most acclaimed stew at his restaurant, "Sunset Lake." Lester has a deep respect for Marie's cooking abilities, and thus named his stew after her.

Name: Masamune
Classification: Weapon
Owner: Humphrey Mintz, Futch
A huge double-edged sword used by Humphrey Mintz and then given to Futch. The sword is unbelievably huge, and would require incredible strength to wield with any effctiveness. "Masamune" is the name of a clan of famous smiths in Japanese history. The name was passed on from master to apprentice, but the most well-known is the seventh Masamune. His sword is known as exceptionally sharp and flexible--becoming a treasure of the Tokugawa clan. It became their heirloom, held by its leader until the end of their rule in 1868.

Name: Matilda Knights
Classification: Military Organization
Owner: Gorudo, Miklotov Camus
A group of knights that reside in the Matilda region of Dunan. They were originally created by the Jowston Alliance as a military force to protect their domain. However, as they gained more political say, they gained independence and became a city-state of their own. Using their military strength, they applied pressure to other members of the alliance to further their own agenda.

As a military force, the knights are execptionally well trained, and are separated into blue, red, and white knights depending on their overall experience and prestige.

During the Dunan Unification War, the Matilda Knights were led by Gorudo, who utilized the knights purely to further his personal ambitions. When Highland attacked Muse, Gorudo delayed the deployment of the knights, helping the quick defeat of Muse. Later on, he refused to join forces with the New Allied Army--which led to a schizm where a siginifcant portion of the blue and red knights defected to the New Allied army along with their respective captains, Milotov and Camus. Gorudo eventually surrendered to Highland under the threat of military action. In an ensuing battle with the New Allied Army, Gorudo is killed, and the Matilda Knights recieived Miklotov as their new leader.

Name: Maximillian Knights
Classification: Military Organization
Owner: Maximillian, Fred Maximillian, Sancho, Rico
A group of Knights originally started by Maximillian. The group has always existed independent from the Scarlet Moon Empire, helping the empires in battles deemed as a "battle for justice." The group was ordered to disband after they helped Jowston fight against Highland during the Jowston-Highland War.

The group was revived after Maximillian joined the Toran Liberation Army. Hearing that Maximillian joined the liberation army, 1200 former members came to Maximillian's aid, becoming the most formidable regiment in the Toran Liberation Army.

Maximillian also participated in the Dunan Unification War, but by then most of his colleagues have become too weak or passed away--making his regiment quite weak in that war.

After Maximillian passed away, his grandson, Fred Maximillian, took his place as captain.

Name: Milian Armorer Guild
Classification: Organization
Owner: Milian, Melia
An armorer guild located in Muse. It was run by two sisters, Milian and Melia. The shop provided excellent armor, and business was bustling in the advent of the Dunan Unification War. After Muse was captured by Highland, Muse citizens were mostly sacrificed to the Beast Rune, and Milian was unfortunately one of the victims. After Muse was liberated by the New Allied Army, Melia reopened the guild and donated her most prized possession--a silver armor--to the New Allied Army.

Name: Miner Guild
Classification: Organization
Owner: Gustav Pendragon
A guild of miners based in Tinto. Historically, the miner guild has always functioned as an adminsitrative entity for the entire Tinto Region. For that reason, the guild master has traditionally served as the head of the region. After the independence of Tinto from the Jowston Alliance, the guild master also doubles as the president of the republic.

Name: Mond
Classification: Weapon
Owner: Elza
One of the pairs of dueling pistols belonging to the Howling Voice Guild, symbolizing betrayal. This weapon was historically used by the guild to settle disputes (although in a violent manner). Each side was to choose either Mond or Stern, the other pistol, and shot at each other after reciting a gunner's litany.

This gun was used during a duel between Elza and Kelly due to Sturm's refusal to accept Kelly as its bearer, while accepting Elza. This was a problem because the elders' chose Kelly as the new Guild Master. The only way to convince Sturm was with a duel. Despite the fact that Elza and Kelly were friends, they went with the duel--Kelly choosing Mond, and Elza choosing Sturm. What Elza didn't know is that the elders have filled Mond with blanks, telling Kelly to choose Stern. Knowing that, Kelly chose Mond and let Elza kill him.

The killing resulted in Elza becoming a fugitive. She used Mond and Stern as her weapon to evade guild assassins. However, she became increasingly tired with the fugitive life. Once she learned that Clive was after her, she gradually came to accept death by the hand of her friend. In the final duel with Clive, Elza chose Mond, just like how Kelly did.

Name: Moon Flower Rod
Classification: Weapon
Owner: Nanami
A three-piece-rod used by Nanami. It is a martial arts weapon that requires a high-degree of mastery to use with effectiveness. The fact that Nanami can use this both for attack and defense shows her skill as well as Genkaku's ability to train his students.

Name: Moonlight Weed
Classification: Flora & Fungi
Owner: Seek Valley
A special plant that only grows in Seek Valley. It has the odd quality of growing by moonlight instead of sunlight.The plant is known as a powerful healing herb, which can be used to awaken people from any form of deep sleep--even if it is magically induced.

When the dragons of the Dragon's Den were put to sleep by Windy's magic during the Gate Rune Wars, doctor Liukan stated that the moonlight weed was needed as one of the ingredients to awaken the dragons. After collecting the other ingredients, Tir was able to awaken the dragons, allowing the dragon knights to join the Toran Liberation Army.

Name: Muramasa
Classification: Weapon
Owner: Humphrey Mintz, Futch
A huge double-edged sword used by Humphrey Mintz and then given to Futch. The sword is unbelievably huge, and would require incredible strength to wield with any effctiveness. "Muramasa," like "Masamuna," is a name of a group of smiths who passed on their names from one to another. Muramasa was not only a smith for the katana, but also created many spears and tanto (daggers), which were all highly acclaimed by the samurai class during Japan's sengoku era.

However, due to an odd history, Muramasa blades were banned by the Tokugawa clan after they became the rulers of Japan. The reason for the ban was this--when the father of Tokugawa Ieyasu (the first shogun of the Tokugawa clan) was ordered to commit seppuku by Imagawa Yoshimoto, the sword used for the mercy blow (kaishaku) was a Muramasa. Also, Ieyasu's uncle was killed by assassins using a Muramasa sword. Finally, when Ieyasu was viewing his troops, he saw a particularly well-crafted spear on a spear-rack. Ieyasu went close to take a look, and suddenly the spear fell from its rack and wounded Ieyasu. The spear was a Muramasa spear.

All this led to the belief that the Tokugawa clan was cursed by the Muramasa swords. This lead to some of the daimyo (warlords) to actively seek Muramasa weapons. The Tokugawa clan ended up banning the posession of Muramasa weapons, punishable by death. Because of this, anti-bakufu samuri loved to carry a Muramasa, and replicas were popularly carried by pro-emperor ronin during the bakumatsu era.

Name: Murasame
Classification: Weapon
Owner: Humphrey Mintz, Futch
A huge double-edged sword used by Humphrey Mintz and then given to Futch. The sword is unbelievably huge, and would require incredible strength to wield with any effctiveness. "Murasame" itself is a mythical sword which first appeared in "Nanso Satomi Hakkenden," a novel written by Takizawa Makoto during the Edo era. In the novel, Murasame is owned by the novel's hero, Inuzuka Shino. The sword is called a "possessed sword" due to its magical properties. Its blade perpetually dripping with water, washing off any blood on the blade.