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Name: Jabba
Origin: Rikon
Position: Appraiser
An appraiser in Rikon who claims to be able to identify anything. However, when the Hero brings a Nameless Urn to him, he is unable to identify it, and thus joins the Liberation Army.

Name: Jacques
Origin: Unknown
Position: 12th Harmonian Border Guard
Jacques is a silent sniper who is a rookie within Geddoe's unit. He was originally a hunter living in the mountains, but one day Geddoe's unit entered the mountain being pursued by enemies. Jacques sniped the enemies pursuing Geddoe, and was hired on the spot. He has been a member of the unit ever since.

Jacques has a tendency to be silent, but he is neither shy nor pensive--instead he simply just says what needs to be said, and his lack of exposure to the world leads to some humorous comments although he does not realize this. Jacques has never seen the ocean until he joined Geddoe's unit, and thus he is entranced by large bodies of water. He also likes animals and kids, and has a keen interest in improving his weapon--a giant crossbow. He treats Aila like a brother treats his sister, protecting her from certain death from time to time.

Name: Jango
Origin: Unknown
Position: Pirate
This brash pirate is often seen alongside Brec. During the war between the Island Nations and Kooluk, he and Brec appeared in Hero4s room and demanded to be allowed to stay onboard. This freelance pirate decided to join because he heard of Kooluks invasion and realized it would be harder sailing the seas while under Kooluks control. After the war, he decided to catch bandits in the seas.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Jeane
Origin: Unknown
Position: Runemistress
Jeane is a mysterious runemistress. No one knows her age, origin, or past, and all who try to find out her identity never get a clue about who she is. All that is certain is that her name has appeared throughout history.

She apparently was involved in the war between Kooluk and various islands of Obel, Razril, etc. in the year the Island Nations were established. She owned a shop in Na-Nal, where she was recruited by Hero4 and served as the runemistress on the ship. She was active in battles during that period of time, and her appearance remained the same. Viki, who was also present during that war, seemed to have vaguely recognized her.

Jeane also had a shop in Antei during the Gate Rune Wars, but she later moved to Greenhill to teach runemastery at the New Leaf Academy. Although she helped to defend Greenhill from Rowd, she fled after Greenhill fell and went back to a shop in Two River that she owned. She then joined Rious army and became the runemistress there.

During the Second Fire Bringer War, Jeane was found working in the rune shop at Brass Castle. She was recognized by several people, some of whom wondered why she hadnt changed in the last fifteen years. Many suspected her to be a bearer of a True Rune, but it was confirmed that she wasnt. Lilly Pendragon, who recognized Jeane, even performed a body search for a possible True Rune while the two were bathing, but she came up empty.
This entry written by Gaara and Kobold

Name: Jefferson
Origin: Unknown
Position: Giver of Titles
Jefferson is a middle-aged man who looks like a drill sergeant. He appears at Budehuc Castle and joins the Fire Bringers without being asked. He has the skill to give "titles" to people, which in some cases actually increases skill. He has an arrogant personality, and often causes problems at Budehuc. Beyond that, he is a complete mystery.

Name: Jeremy
Origin: Unknown
Position: Swordmaster
This swordsman excels in the Flowing Strike Sword technique after many years of experience. Although he is a great swordsman, he falls for Reinhold and Mitsubas tricks and loses in a duel to Mitsuba. He decides to ignore her bragging and joins Hero4s army. After the war, he passes on his sword techniques in Obels army.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Jess
Origin: Muse
Position: Chamberlain
Jess is the Vice-Mayor of Muse. After the death of Anabelle he fled Muse with 5000 soldiers thinking that it was the Hero who killed Anabelle. Thus, later when he arrives to help Tinto destroy Neclord, he leads his troops on his own and refuses to cooperate with the Hero, leading to the deaths of many soldiers. After the Hero defeats Neclord, he asks for forgiveness and joins the Dunan Unification Army. After the Unification War, he becomes the acting mayor for a while, but quits after appointing Fitcher as mayor.

Name: Jewel
Origin: Na-Nal
Position: Marine Knight
Originally from the island of Na-Nal, she left because it was a hard place to live in, especially because of the cocky Island Chief. She went to Razril to join the marines, where she befriended a lot of people and developed a crush on Snowe Vingerhut. After Hero4 was accused of killing their commander, she decides to place her trust in him and believe he is innocent. She has a few minor issues with how Lino En Kuldes and Elenor Silverberg look and dress up. After the war, she decides to return home to Na-Nal.

Name: Jillia Blight
Origin: L'Renouille
Position: Princess
Jillia is the Princess of Highland and sister to Luca Blight. She tries whatever she can to stop Luca from continuing the war, but she is unable to stop him. Later on, she meets Jowy Atreides who has been promoted rapidly through the Highland military structure. Jowy asks her to marry him and she accepts, thus allowing Jowy to become the King of Highland. After Highland is defeated, she runs away to a manor in Harmonia prepared by Jowy where she lives with Pilika.

Name: Jimba
Origin: Unknown
Position: Warrior
An alias used by Wyatt Lightfellow while he hid within the Karaya Clan. It is unknown how long he has been with the clan, but Lucia allowed him to stay and had Luce adopt him as her son. Most villagers do not know that Jimba is a foreigner, and he meshed in well with the culture and ways of the Karaya clan. He acted as an older brother to both Lulu and Hugo, but also traveled frequently to other clans, including the mythical Alma Kinan clan, where he tells Yun about his daughter, Chris. Although he tried to unseal the True Water Rune to prevent the onslaught of the Destroyers, his attempt was intercepted by the Destroyers. He loses his life in the process, but manages to keep the rune from getting into the hands of the Destroyers.

Name: Jinkai
Origin: Black Dragon Island
Position: Master Chef
Jinkai is the leader of the Black Dragon Clan and has been looking for Hai Yo to get the Blue Moon Bird Recipe. He sends many chefs to defeat Hai Yo, but Hai Yo defeats all of them, including all the other "Four Master Chefs." This forced Jinkai to challenges Hai Yo, but he loses. Then, Hai Yo tears the Blue Moon Bird Recipe apart and tells Jinkai that a recipe that causes suffering is no recipe at all, and that as long as a meal is prepared from the heart, nothing else matters. Jinkai realizes is folly and repents.

Name: Joanna
Origin: Toto
Position: Villager
Pilika's mother. She helps Jowy after he almost drowns, but is killed by Luca Blight's White Wolf Army when Toto is sacked.

Name: Joker
Origin: Marid Village, Holy Kingdom of Harmonia
Position: Villager
An alias used by Wang.

Name: Jonah
Origin: Unknown
Position: 12th Harmonian Border Guard
The daughter of the innkeeper in Marid Village who gets abducted by the wild dragon that attacks her village. She is later rescued by Futch.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Joshua Levenheit
Origin: Unknown
Position: Captain of the Dragon Knights
Joshua is the bearer of the Dragon Rune which allows dragons to exist in this world. He helped Barbarossa during the Succession War and become friends with both Humphrey and Kreutz. During the Gate Rune Wars, he agrees to help the Toran Liberation Army after they helped him cure the disease that made dragons sleep. At the final siege on Gregminster, he helps amplify Leknaat's Gate Rune by using his Dragon Rune, which helped Leknaat send all of Windy's monster army back to the netherworld. After the Gate Rune Wars, he gave the Dragon Rune to Milia and retired from his position as captain.

Name: Jowston
Origin: Muse
Position: General
A Mayor and General of Muse who defended a few attacks on Muse. Jowston Hill was named after him, and the Alliance itself was also named after him.

Name: Jowy Atreides/Blight
Origin: Kyaro
Position: Aristocrat/King of Highland
Jowy was born in the Atreides family who are a member of the Highland aristocracy. He was not very liked by his father, but found comfort in the friendship he had with the Hero and Nanami. He later joins the Unicorn Brigade, and after the brigade is destroyed by Luca Blight, he joins Viktor's mercenary along with the Hero. He helped them briefly but fled after Luca attacked the Mercenary Fortress.

However, he decided to destroy Highland from within after witnessing the power of Luca--and thus he murdered Anabelle in order to win Luca's trust. Slowly but surely Jowy gains power within Highland, and with the marriage with Jillia, this becomes a certainty. However, after the death of Luca, the effect of the Black Sword rune starts to rob Jowy of his life due to the fact that he constantly needed that power to keep the Beast Rune at bay. In the end his army is defeated, and he flees L'Renouille without a word.

Name: Juan
Origin: Budehuc Castle
Position: Martial Arts Instructor
Juan is a perpetually sleepy martial arts instructor at Budehuc. Although he is devoid of any sort of work ethic, his skill is true, which made him one of the most formidable warriors within the Fire Bringer. He grew up learning martial arts under his father, but his father was defeated by a traveling martial artist. Since then he trained himself so that he can one day avenge his father's death. However, that serious side never shows--or has eroded away. He prefers to sleep his time away, and constantly chews on a grass that acts as a sedative.

Name: Jude
Origin: Greenhill
Position: Sculptor
He is a sculptor in Greenhill who teaches the art of blacksmithing. He helps Nash when protecting Greenhill by melting all the weapons in Greenhill and making them into spears and by impersonating Shin to allow Teresa and Shin to escape.

Name: Julian Silverberg
Origin: Holy City of Rupanda
Position: Army Strategist
Julian was the Army Strategist under Kranach Rugner who helped Kranach gain independence from the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia.

Name: Julie Latkje
Origin: Crystal Valley
Position: Aristocrat
Julie is Nash Latkje's sister. She grew up surrounded by people she loved, such as Nash, her aunt Lena Suphina, and her parents. Everything changes when Zaj is hired as her tutor. She falls in love with Zaj, and her parents agree that she can wed him. However, Zaj was an agent sent into the Latkje household to murder her parents, a powerful aristocrat of the people's party. Zaj succeeds in killing them using a special, slow-acting poison. Nash manages to find this out, and attacks Zaj, nearly killing him. Julie witnesses this and runs away to live with Lena Suphina, and Nash flees, later joining the Harmonian Border Guards. Since then, Julie lived in seclusion until Nash returned shortly after he settled his score with Zaj.

Name: Juppo
Origin: Kouan
Position: Trickster
He is a trickster who worked under Lepant to make gadgets to protect Lepant's house. After the Gate Rune Wars he wanders off somewhere. He is also Meg's uncle.