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  • Lucretia is Hugo's Dad
    A startling discovery concerning the myserious Suikodeb V strategist and the unlikely lineage of the future Flame Champion. (Written by unknown Nameless Lands resident).

  • Guillaume is Not Human
    Read this shocking speculation by iscalio about the nature of the enigmatic Guillaume, and whether he is human or not human. (Written by iscalio)

  • Neclord was a kind man!
    Read this eloquent piece written by Bahamutt0 on the possibility that Neclord may have been a man of compassion, only misunderstood by dumb humans! (Written by Bahamutt0)

  • The Chief of Dwarves is an Imperial Collaborator!
    Find out the secret treachery that secretly brewed in the heart of this man of short stature! (Written by Bahamutt0)

  • Sheena is Apple's Ex-Husband
    In Suikoden 3 we are told that Apple has gone through a marriage and a divorce after Suikoden 2. Find out who! (Written by Jeane the Vampire)

  • Ace's Identity during the Dunan Unification War
    A convincing argument on what Ace may have been doing during the Dunan Unification War under the command of Gilbert.

  • Rikimaru is a Silverberg
    Many have wondered who the missing Silverberg (Odessa and Mathiu's younger brother) is--here is the answer.

  • Who is Nash's Wife?
    A study on all the women Nash has been involved with and which one of them can be his wife.

  • Queen from Suikoden 3 is Jillia Blight
    A convincing theory that Queen from Suikoden 3 is actually Jillia Blight.

  • Duke is Kreutz's Son
    A few people have been saying that Kreutz must be Duke's father. Find out why!!

  • The reincarnation of Crowley and Mazus
    Many people have been confused with the story surrounding the magical duel between Crowley and Mazus which takes place before their birth. Find out how this may be possible!

  • Reed is an Agent of Harmonia!
    Read the scoop on how Reed is an agent of Harmonia, plotting the assassination of Lilly Pendragon.

  • The Jowy Wisemail Theory
    Here is a rather convincing theory on how Jowy can possibly be a Wisemail.

  • Tagaart is a Highland Spy!
    See how Tagaart singlehandedly brought much chaos and mayhem to Toran and Dunan with his nepharious plotting.

  • Who is Hugo's Dad?
    Look at some of the possibilities on who may be Hugo's father.

  • Yuber is the embodiment of chaos!
    Yuber is an engimatic character within the series, here is a popular theory concerning his nature.