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Name: Kage
Classification: Military Organization
Owner: Highland Kingdom, Kage, Ayame, Watari
A group of ninjas secretly employed by the Highland Kingdom. Their primary responsibility was espionage, and their organization continued to exist after the fall of the Highland Kingdom, serving the Dunan Republic. A portion of their group supported the Highland royalists during the Higheast Rebellion.

Name: Kamui
Classification: Weapon
Owner: Kreutz, Genshu, Duke
A sword owned by Kreutz, Genshu, and Duke. Its shape is inconsistent with these three characters--it is a two-handed, double-edged sword under Kruetz and Duke, but is a two-handed, single-bladed katana under Genshu. Unlike its lower level names Denta and Big Denta, Kamui is not based on any historical blacksmith or sword. It comes from the Ainu language, and means "deity."

Name: Kanakan Wine
Classification: Agricultural Product
Owner: Kanakan
Wine produced in the Kanakn region, known for its exquisite bouquet and quality. The wine is mentioned a number of times during Suikoden's plot, notably during Anabelle and Viktor's meeting before Anabelle's murder. Seeing that Viktor risked his life to take a few bottles whith him when his fortress burned down, the wine must be very valuable.

Name: Karaya Clan
Classification: Tribe
Owner:Kianu, Lucia
One of the Six Clans of Grassland, located roughly half-way between Zexen and Caleria. The clan was previously nomadic, but settled down to start an agrarian lifestyle after the Dunan Unification war. The people are generally war-like, and all members of the clan are considered combatants in some capacity. The culture is centered on being a warrior, and most members wield a broad, curved sword and also carry a Jambiya (short curved sword). They tend to be lightly armored if armored at all.

The Karaya Clan has been in an uneasy relationship with Dunan since their chief, Kianu, was assassinated by Alec Wisemail and Gorudo. This led them to help the Highland Kingdom during the Dunan Unification War. The clan reconciled with Dunan following that war, focusing on developing the land they already had. They cooperated with the Lizard Clan and Duck Clan during the Tinto-Grassland War, and were at the core of the Grassland forces during the Second Fire Bringer War.

Structually, they are lead by one single chief, and have no other discernable hierarchy.

Name: Keyaki Inn
Classification: Landmark
Owner: Lenankamp
The inn in Lenankamp. The basement of this inn was the hideout of the fledgeling Toran Liberation Army. The hideout's location was revealed to Kraze by Sanchez, leading to the death of Odessa Silverberg.

Name: Kirinji
Classification: Weapon
Owner: Kirinji, Sheena
Kirinji is a prized sword owned by Lepant. The swpord itself is shaped like a flambegre sword, having a wavy blade.

Kirinji means, "child of the chi-rin," (Chi-rin is a mythological beast in Chinese folklore), which is obviously referiing to the Tengou Star's nickname in the Shui Hu Zhuah, "The Jade Chi-Rin."

Name: Kobolds
Classification: Race
Owner: Kuromimi, Gon, Gengen, Ridley Wizen, Boris Wizen, Muto,Gau
Anthropomorfic canines who are the #2 populous race in the Suikoden world. They are generally combative and are naturally suited to be militaristic due to their predisposition to for groups and follow orders. They are also extremely loyal to their leader and cause, rarely retreating from combat. Despite that fact, kobolds tend to be civil and fun-loving, and have a natural curiosity for their surroundings.

Kobolds typically live shorter lives than humans, averaging 0.7 times long as their human counterparts. They tend to live separately from humans, and kobold villages are seen in various parts of the world. Their culture doesn't emphasize education, and thus most kobolds are not very eloquent in their speech. However, kobolds are capable of acheiving equal intellect as humans as long as they are educated--some kobolds become engrossed in their studies. A few become wandering scholars, studying human civilization.

Name: Kroani Powder
Classification: Flora & Fungi
Owner: Nash Latkje
Kroani Powder is a poweder made from a poisonous pollen. When blown towards someone, it induces immediate sleep. Nash Latkje uses this against Stella when he is attacked by her in Crystal Valley.