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Name: Jowstone Hill
Classification: Landmark
Owner: Muse City
A hill that ends as a cliff at the northern edge of Muse City. The city's conference hall is located on top of the hill, where ladeaders and delagates of the Jowstone Alliance meet regularly to discuss and debate the alliance's business. The hill was named after General Jowstone, who was the mayor of Muse some time bwteen the year 250-300. He is known to have defended Muse from Highland Kingdom's attack atop the Jowstone Hill.

The Knightdom of Matilda objected to having the alliance named after "The Mayor Jowstone," and thus the alliance is officially explained as being named off of "Jowstone Hill."

Name: Justice
Classification: Weapon
Owner: Kirke, Lorelai
A two-handed weapon used by Kirke in Suikoden 1, and a halberd used by Lorelai in Suikoden 2. Official information states that Lorelai got this weapon from Kirke because Kirke no longer needed it (he became a farmer). However, between Suikoden 1 and Suikoden 2, the weapon looks dissimilamr as two completely dissimilar things! In Suikoden 1, it looks more like a bardiche, while in Suikoden 2, it is clearly a halberd. Lorelai must have costomized the weapon almost completely.

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