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Dunan is a temperate region situated north of Toran and East of the Grasslands. Northern Dunan is occupied by the Highland Kingdom, which has the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia as its northern neighbor. The first kingdom to claim this territory was the Dunan Monarchy led by King Bernand. However, the Dunan Monarchy steadily declined in power, giving rise to numerous republics which took the form of city-states. The fragile balance of power was tilted when Maroux Blight established the Highland Kingdom in Solis 237 as an aggressive military power. Maroux Blight invaded the Dunan Monarchy and easily defeated them, annexing eastern Dunan in the process. Soon later, rebels captured South Window Palace and brought an end to the Dunan Monarchy. Since then, the city states learned to cooperate in order to resist attacks from the Highland Kingdom--leading to the formation of the Jowstone Alliance in Solis 314.

The most noticeable feature in Dunan is Lake Duran, a saltwater lake with its waters feeding in from the eastern mountains. The entire region is surrounded by tall mountains to all directions other than the Northeast, South. However, the vast Karakas desert and the "badlands" lie South, and a huge cliff lines Highland's border with Harmonia, forcing travelers to travel on select pathways that are often infested with bandits.

Muse Principality
The Muse Principality is the largest region in Dunan, divided into a central region and an eastern region. The two regions are somewhat different in culture. The capital, Muse, is located in the central region along with Coronet, an important port city. Trade routes between Matilda, Greenhill, and Highland all converge at Muse. However, the eastern region is largely neglected due to its low strategic and economic value, which makes the area a safe haven for bandits. This region has a relatively temperate climate. Muse Principality has traditionally been the leader amongst the Jowstone Alliance, partly due to history, but largely due to the fact that they are at the frontline against the Highland Kingdom. The flag of Muse depicts a huge tree which used to grow on Jowstone Hill.

SARSadmin's Comment: The Land of Arlus of Dunan, it even has Gouran attached to it on the east side. However, this place is a lot more hostile with Highland and Matilda to the north.

Population: 13000
Industry:Commerce, trade
Muse is the largest city among the Jowstone Alliance, and is a center of trade. The city existed from before the formation of the Jowstone Alliance. Muse beat back attacks led by Maroux Blight of Highland nearly 200 years ago by the bravery of General Jowstone. This was the reason for the naming of Jowstone Hill and the Jowstone Alliance. Since the formation of the Jowstone Alliance, the conference hall at the summit of Jowstone Hill has been the symbol of unity between the allied city-states.

During the Jowstone-Highland war, in the year 434, Jowstone Hill was the place of truce between Mayor Darel and King Agares Blight of Highland. The two nations decided to end the conflict by a duel between their respective heroes, Genkaku and Han Cunningham. Han Cunningham won the duel, which resulted in Kyaro belonging to the Highland Kingdom.

Since then, the office of mayor passed to Darel's daughter, Annabelle. However, the Highland Kingdom increased its aggression against Jowstone starting around the year 460. The very same year, Highland attacked Muse, resulting in severe defeat and the death of Annabelle. The death of Jowstone's leader devastated the unity of the Alliance, and resulted in Highland having easy victories over Greenhill and South Window. However, due to the newly formed Allied Army, Muse was eventually taken back.

Sadly, soldiers who returned to Muse often had no family waiting for them due to Luca Blight sacrificing many of the citizens to the Beast Rune. Because of this massive slaughter, Muse's population decreased by two-thirds by the end of the war.

SARSadmin's Comment: One of the things that saddened me the most in Suikoden is when I was told that Milian, the owner of Muse's Armory, was killed by Highland due to Luca's mad sacrifice. After the war her sister, Melia, takes care of the shop.[Picture: Back streets of Muse City]

Population: 2200
Industry: Fishing
Coronet is a port city where a lot of goods from the south are brought in for further shipment to the north. During the Dunan Unification War, the city was occupied by the Highland Army for a few months, and it was one of the cities that were liberated towards the very end of the conflict.

SARSadmin's Comment: The Highland Army was nice enough to allow you visitation with Genshu whenever you felt like hearing words of bliss from the master swordsman. [Picture: Coronet harbor]

Population: 1300
Industry: N/A
Ryube is a small hunting village located towards the eastern edge of the Muse Principality. The village functions as one of the few travel stops for the few travelers that travel between Highland and Dunan through the North Sparrow Pass. A well known spear master by the name of Tsai is said to live in the forested hills behind Ryube. The forest adjacent to Ryube is an excellent hunting ground for wild boars, and hunters are often seen in the woods. The village was destroyed by raiding Highlanders during the Dunan Unification War. Efforts for reconstruction continue.

SARSadmin's Comment: When I first met Tsai in the forest, I thought he would be the Tenki star because he had no eyes just like Mathiu.[Picture: Riou runs through Ryube]

Population: 800
Industry: N/A
Toto is a small village that bridges the two regions of Muse Principality. Although the village links two regions, it is considered to have little importance due to the low strategic value of eastern Muse.

This village housed the Rune of the Beginning, sealed by Genkaku and Han Cunningham after the Highland-Jowstone War. During the Dunan Unification War, the halves of the rune ended up in the hands of Riou and Jowy Atreides; shortly after the village was destroyed by Luca Blight's White Wolf Army.

SARSadmin's Comment: Not to be confused with a toilet manufacturer brand, the place where the "Pilika mystery" takes place. What triggers her appearance? Many Suikoden fans struggle over this perplexing mystery.

Mercenary's Fortress
The Mercenary Fortress was built recently by Viktor. The fortress was built at the request of Annabelle to make sure the eastern portion of Muse Principality was adequately protected from Highland.

During the Dunan Unification War, this fortress came under attack by General Solon Jhee. The mercenaries successfully defeated the first wave, but Luca Blight ambushed the mercenaries during the second attack, resulting in their defeat.

The fortress was then under the Highland Army's control for a while until Luca Blight was defeated by the Allied Army. The fortress became the final battlefield for Kiba Windamier, who protected it as a decoy to lure Leon Silverberg out of Highland.

SARSadmin's Comment: More like a free mason lodge hidden in the woods. This is one flimsy fort, screaming out, "please burn me!" [Picture: Exterior of the Mercenary Fortress]

North Sparrow Pass
The North Sparrow Pass connects eastern Muse to the Kyaro region of Highland. Recently the area was plagued by a mist monster, but the monster has been defeated by travelers. Due to the very small amount of security present at both ends of the pass, this is an ideal way for people to enter Highland illegally. However, low security also invites bandits, and many of them prey on unprotected travelers.

SARSadmin's Comment: A place where many rabbits are slaughtered for their double beat runes.

White Deer Inn
An inn located between Muse, the Muse-Highland Border, and Toto. It is an ideal location for travelers who are traveling between Highland and Muse. A Sindar Ruin lies behind the inn, where the Sindar's most precious treasure is said to be hidden.

SARSadmin's Comment: Not many people realize how those pigs inside the stables slowly decrease in number. [Picture: White Deer Inn exterior]

Muse-Highland Checkpoint
An important Checkpoint between Highland and Muse. This was the place where many of the battles between Jowstone and Highland took place. In the year 432, the forces of Darel came through this checkpoint, pursuing the defeated army of Robert Blight. Kiba Windamier ambushed Darel's forces from the flank and drew him to Fort Retto, which allowed Robert Blight to escape.

SARSadmin's Comment: A checkpoint manned by an easily bribable soldier (Nash Latkje passed through here with 2000 potch).

Muse-Matilda Checkpoint
The Muse-Matilda Checkpoint was erected shortly after the formation of the Knightdom of Matilda. Security at this checkpoint is known to be very tight due to Matilda's proximity to Highland.

SARSadmin's Comment: A checkpoint where the gates can be pushed open by any lay person. The knights don't seem to notice...

Muse-Greenhill Checkpoint
The Muse-Greenhill Checkpoint is known to be the most lax checkpoint. Due to the fact that Muse and Greenhill have good relations, people rarely require paperwork to cross this checkpoint. However, during times of unrest, even this border would close its gates to all travelers.

SARSadmin's Comment: Vaguely known as "the place where Meg and Gadget are recruited."

Greenhill Principality
Greenhill is one of the newest city-states, and was a part of Muse until about 100 years ago. Greenhill Principality has always been known as a place of study due to its academy. Historically, the academy was created to educate future politicians, diplomats, and other government officials for the future of Jowstone. The academy is currently known as the New leaf Academy, but it used to be called the Greenleaf Academy. The principality was formed due to cries of "separation of education from politics," and the region broke off from Muse, joining the Jowstone Alliance simultaneously.

The region relies heavily upon the academy, but enrollment has fallen due to recent political tensions between Jowstone and Highland. This, coupled with recent droughts has hit the finances of Greenhill Principality very hard, weakening their political influence.

Greenhill borders the Grasslands to a certain degree, and has had small skirmishes with the Karaya clan. Ex-mayor Alec Wisemail and Gorudo of Matilda invited the Karaya Chief Kianu to a peace conference, but instead poisoned him. This weakened the Karaya, but led to the eventual alliance between the Karaya Clan and the Highland Kingdom.

Greenhill's flag depicts the New Leaf Academy emblem.

SARSadmin's Comment: A region of academics and forests--sounds like Ann Arbor, Michigan... I wonder how this place exactly borders the Grasslands. Even Nash seems to have used this secret pass into the Grasslands.

Population: 8000
Industry: Academics
Greenhill is most famous for the Newleaf Academy. Many students come not only from Dunan, but also from neighboring countries. The academy is the main source of income for the city, and the headmaster of the academy has traditionally also been the mayor of Greenhill.

During the Dunan Unification War, Greenhill was initially attacked by Highland's 4th Army led by Rowd. However, Rowd's attacks were countered by Greenhill citizens led by the cracker-box strategies of Nash "Silverberg" who was "hired by Greenhill for a million potch." However, the city fell later on due to the strategy of Jowy Atreides.

The acting mayor, Teresa Wisemail, escaped Greenhill and became an important ally to the new Allied Army. Under her leadership, the Allied Army attacked Greenhill and captured it towards the end of the Dunan Unification War. Since then, Teresa Wisemail has been the mayor of Greenhill.

SARSadmin's Comment: Greenhill is one of my favorite locations in Suikoden, largely due to the academic ambience. The academy has some problems though if they allow their teachers to be scantly clad.

Forest Village
Population: 1400
Industry: Agriculture
The Forest Village lies deep within the forest at the western edge of Greenhill Principality. It is located close to the Grasslands, but not many people take this route to get there. Many griffins live in this area, attacking humans in rare cases.

SARSadmin's Comment: An entire town that has nothing to do with the main plot of the game. The naming of this village reminds me of the "Great Forest Village" in Suikoden 1. Does this mean we will have something very similar in Suikoden 3?

Erud Forest
A short forest pass that connects Greenhill and Matilda. Despite routine patrols by the Matilda Knights, the pass is infested with hostile monsters.

SARSadmin's Comment: A place where you can get "Dragon Armor" very early if you use the Matilda Trick. Why the hell is Badeaux standing there all the time?

Southwindow Principality Southwindow Principality has the longest history amongst the Jowston Alliance. The region used to be ruled by the Dunan Monarchy, which at one time expanded to encompass present-day Two-River Principality and eastern Muse. However, the Dunan Monarchy steadily lost power after the creation of Highland. The Dunan Monarchy ended when citizens of Southwindow rebelled against their Monarch, establishing a city-state. South Window was among the first members of the Jowston Alliance, and has always had great political influence.

Southwindow has been at war with Toran quite often, fighting against the Scarlet Moon Empire during and after the Succession War, during the Gate Rune Wars, and against the Toran Republic after the Gate Rune Wars. The causes of these conflicts are largely territorial due to the badlands between Toran and Southwindow being masterless. In the most recent conflict with the Toran Republic, Southwindow fought alongside Tinto, but withdrew from the war, which angered Tinto. This resulted in bitter resentment between the city-states, creating the foundation for the eventual fragmentation and destruction of the Alliance.

South Window's flag symbolizes the four rivers that flow into Lake Dunan.

SARSadmin's Comment: Looking at the history, you would think that Granmeyer must have been one blood-thirsty mayor. How can he have been a pacifist if he has been involved in four different conflicts?

Population: 9000
Industry: Tourism, commerce
Southwindow is a fortified city with much history. Having been the capital of the Dunan Monarchy, it is actually the oldest city in Dunan. The city is rich in culture, with many different types of artwork being traded in the market. It is also the first city visited by travelers from Toran, which makes Southwindow one of the busiest cities in Jowston.

During the Dunan Unification War, Southwindow defeated and occupied by Solon Jhee, who executed mayor Granmeyer. Southwindow was won back by the new Allied Army, but fell again to Kiba Windamier, taken back again, and fell again to Luca Blight. After the death of Luca Blight, Southwindow enjoys peace.

SARSadmin's Comment: This city changes owners so often that no sane person would want to be living here. Not many people know that the Darkness Rune goes on sale here later in the game."

North Window
North Window is an abandoned ruin which used to be a busy town. Having a history of defeating invading Scarlet Moon troops, North Window was well known for its strong soldiers. However, it became a target of Neclord's bloodlust, reducing the once-affluent town into a massive graveyard.

Since then, North Window has been abandoned for more than a decade until citizens of South Window started to disappear. Granmeyer sent a team to investigate the ruins. The team included Viktor, the sole survivor of Neclord's massacre. The team discovered Neclord and defeated his summoned minion. Southwindow fell to Solon Jhee during this investigation, and Southwindow forces fled to Northwind. Northwind was quickly made into a fortress, and soon became the focal point of the new Allied Army.

SARSadmin's Comment: They must have had a hell of a time exhuming all the corpses from the courtyard and moving them to the underground cemetery. [Picture: North Window aerial view]

Population: 6000
Industry: Fishing
Radat is a town built at the mouth of the Dunan River, which flows into Lake Dunan. This town also serves as an entry-point to Toran for those taking the Banner Pass. Not many travelers go into Muse through Radat.

Radat fell to the hands of the Highland Army three times during the Dunan Unification War just like Southwindow. However, no atrocities were committed by the Highland Army during those incidents.

SARSadmin's Comment: There is a small section between the main town and the sluice gate section that requires some CD load time, what is that short section there for?

Population: 7400
Industry: Fishing
Kuskus is a port city located on the southern shores of Lake Dunan. The city has a busy fish market due to the rich fishing grounds to the north of the city. Consequently the port is always filled with fishing vessels. The town also has skilled smiths, and the inn is well known for its dancers.

Due to all the activity, crime has become an issue in the back streets of the city.

SARSadmin's Comment: A town that houses ruffians who are capable of beating up a group of hardy female warriors who defeated Luca Blight. [Picture: Riou running through the docks of Kuskus]

Population: 1400
Industry: N/A
Banner is a small fishing village located along the Dunan River on the southern fringes of South Window Principality. Its existence is unknown to many, and villagers rarely leave the village.

SARSadmin's Comment: A place where many people wonder how to recruit Ellie. Yeah, all you have to do is defeat holly fairies 255 times and then rest at the inn 50 times. (just kidding, you can't recruit her)

Banner Pass
A pass that runs through the Banner Forest and Banner Mountains, connecting Dunan and Toran. The pass is known to be infested with bandits and hostile monsters.

SARSadmin's Comment: What the hell are those samurais you fight against? Any background info on who they are!?

Rokkaku is a village of ninjas hidden in the Banner Pass. Those who enter the village unwittingly are usually apprehended by patrolling ninjas and cast out.

During the Gate Rune Wars, Rokkaku was destroyed by the armies of Teo McDohl. However, the village was reconstructed after the creation of the Toran Republic. Rokkaku has since had good relations with Toran, and sends its leaders to Toran to train their troops on a regular basis. During the Dunan Unification War, they helped the Allied Army by the request of President Lepant.

SARSadmin's Comment: Means "Hexagon" in Japanese, they are the intelligence/special ops of the Suikoden world...

Cave of the Wind
A cave named after powerful winds that blow within. It is said that the winds make it sound like a woman is wailing inside the cave. The cave is host to powerful monsters, including griffins. Despite that fact, children from Southwindow are often seen playing inside the cave.

The depths of the cave are difficult to get to due to the extremely strong winds. However, it is said that carefully guarded secrets lay at the end of the cave.

SARSadmin's Comment: The old man in the cave that can teleport you must be one powerful magic-user... He does say that he no longer needs those things in the treasure chest... which included a Blue Gate Rune. [Picture: Riou pushing boulders inside the cave]

Matilda Knightdom
The Matilda Knights were first created to protect members of the Jowston Alliance. However, they soon became a political force within the alliance and formed their own region in northern Muse, which became known as the Matilda Knightdom. The Knightdom has both Highland and the Grasslands as its neighbors, and has engaged in much conflict with both of them throughout its short history. In particular, they used to have routine border skirmishes with Highland.

Under the leadership of Gorudo, Matilda strengthened its voice within the Jowston Alliance, and refused to help Muse when Highland Attacked. This inevitably led to the deterioration of the Jowston Alliance.

Gorudo eventually surrendered to the Highland Kingdom, but due to the eventual victory of the Allied Army, Matilda became a part of Dunan once again after the end of the Dunan Unification War.

The region is known to be arid and somewhat colder than Muse. The Matilda flag symbolizes the three colors of the Knights as well as the pen and the sword--symbols of knighthood.

SARSadmin's Comment: The typical case of "The owner getting bitten by their own dog."

Population: 7400
Industry: Art
Rockaxe is a castle built into a hillside, making it very easy to defend. It is the headquarters for the Matilda Knights, and many knights are seen training in the courtyard every day. The town shows a high level of sophistication due to the knights' taste for fine arts. The trade center is always filled with fine artifacts brought from other countries.

SARSadmin's Comment: Yes, it is possible to recruit LCChan here, although it is very difficult...

Highway Village
Population: 1400
Industry: Trade
A village located on a highway linking Matilda with Muse. This village is a center of trade between the Grasslands, Muse, Rockaxe, and Highland. Due to that fact, the inn is always booked with travelers from various nations, and the trading center is filled with exotic commodities.

SARSadmin's Comment: Why Futch and Humphrey were staying in this village for such a long time is a mystery. I mean, what purpose did this village have in their search for dragons?

Matilda-Highland Border
A location only mentioned in the Suikoden Short Stories Anthology, a small village exists at the border between Matilda and Highland. This village has been taken, retaken, taken, retaken, ad infinitum between Highland and Matilda. The Highland Kingdom had mercenaries stationed in this village when Matilda Knights stormed the village, ending up in much of the village getting burned down. Camus and Miklotov were unable to stop the carnage.

SARSadmin's Comment: Lesson--Never live in border towns.

Mt. Rakutei
Mt. Rakutei is a small mountain, measuring 370 meters in altitude at its summit. The mountain is perpetually surrounded by thick mists, which often confuse and misdirect travelers. It is said that a dragon lives on the mountain, but none actually survive to tell the tale.

SARSadmin's Comment: "Rakutei" means "The Emperor Fell" in Japanese. The same name is seen in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, where a mountain is actually named after the fact that Liu Bei or Cao Cao actually fell from the mountain... I can't remember which one it was--they both fall from a mountain.

Two River Principality
Being one of the original members of the Jowston Alliance, Two River is an old city. Originally a part of the Dunan Monarchy, Two River eventually separated to form its own city-state. Originally, Two River was inhabited only by kobolds and humans, but the Wingers settled into the strip of land between the two branches of Lana River. The Wingers were brought there by the invitation of Genkaku due to Tinto's strip mining destroying their original habitat. The original citizens of Two River look upon the Wingers with suspicion, giving Wingers less voice in politics.

Tworiver is governed by three different Houses, each represented by the three races. The three houses are in turn represented by the Plenipotentiary, who represents Two River in all Jowston Alliance matters. The military branch has always been headed by the kobold side of Two River. The Two River flag represents the "unity between the three races."

SARSadmin's Comment: Yes, the answer to racial problems is to create a new enemy!

Two River
Population: 9000
Industry: N/A
The name of the city comes from the fact that this city is built on the two branches of Lana River. The city is divided into three sections--the kobold side, winger side, and human side. Each section is governed by separate branches of the city government, and the standard of living varies greatly among these three sections.

The kobolds function mainly as a military force, while the wingers are simply stratified and discriminated against due to their short history in Two River and for their strange customs. The human section of the city is well-developed, with the Wakaba-inn being known for its excellent service.

The city has a well developed sewer system which runs under all sections of the city. However, it is infested with hostile monsters.

SARSadmin's Comment: The sophisticated sewer system boggles my mind--and it runs under two huge rivers! [Picture: Riou standing in the Winghorde section of Two River]

Population: 2000
Industry: N/A
Lakewest is a small fishing hamlet located at the western edge of Lake Toran. It is well known for its production of seaweed and various forms of dried fish for export.

SARSadmin's Comment: In my first game, it was 113 days since Elza left the letter at the inn, how about you?

Kobold Village (Dunan)
Population: 4000
Industry: N/A
A village of kobolds who have decided to live outside Two River. This village supplies hardy warriors in times of need. A forest lies behind the village where unicorns are said to live.

During the Dunan Unification War, kobold warriors from this village flanked Kiba Windamier's forces, forcing him to retreat.

SARSadmin's Comment: The mayor definitely needs some training if he is capable of being bossed around by Tengaar to the point that he sends his own townsmen to various dungeons for stupid errands.

Population: 1000
Industry: N/A
A small village that is built at the foot of the Lamp Dragon Mountains. It is known as having a very mild climate, making it an ideal place for summer retreats.

SARSadmin's Comment: An unlikely place for the oft unseen alternate ending. Also known as the "place Shu gets violent."

Lana River
A river that flows from Tinto all the way into Lake Dunan. Two River City is built on top of this river.

SARSadmin's Comment: Yep, it's a river alright...

Higheast Province
Formerly known as the Highland Kingdom, Higheast Province is a sub-section of Muse Principality. There is much history in this land, mostly to do with war. Due to its proximity to Harmonia, this piece of land holds great strategic value. This province is neighbored by the Great Sea to the East, and pirates often raid the coast.

SARSadmin's Comment: This new name was revealed in a small entry in the Suikoden Encyclopedia, what a surprise!

Population: 21000
Industry: Trade, art, commerce
Formerly known as L'Renouille, this city was renamed "Higheast" after the Dunan Unification War. It is the capital of the province, and is the largest city in Dunan. The city bustles with activity as various artifacts are traded in the markets. Higheast is also a major trade center between Harmonia, Grasslands, and Toran due to its location and size.

During the Dunan Unification War, the city was unaffected by the Allied Army's final campaign due to most of the battle happening inside the palace.

SARSadmin's Comment: Many players were disappointed with this city due to there being no actual "city." It's basically a glorified "dungeon." [Picture: Higheast aerial view]

Population: 7000
Industry: Tourism
Kyaro is a small town located within the mountains south of Higheast Province. This town used to be a popular summer retreat for Highland aristocrats under the rule of the Highland Kingdom. Due to this fact, Kyaro is a popular destination for tourists.

SARSadmin's Comment: Man, I want to see what it's like inside that royal summer-house...

Rude Forest
A forest that lies north of Kyaro.

SARSadmin's Comment: Riou once got lost in this forest when he was small. Jowy cried because of that, if anyone cares...

Population: 700
Industry: N/A
A small village at the border between Higheast Province and Highland. It is a very secluded village, and news of the outside world rarely gets here, and when it does it is often twisted.

SARSadmin's Comment: The end of the road for travelers, and for the life of one gunner.

Tenzan Pass
A pass that runs through Mt. Tenzan, which connects Higheast to the Kyaro area.

SARSadmin's Comment: Not many players use this pass to get into Highland do they... Also the place where the game begins and ends.

Fort Retto
A small fortress located at the Muse-Highland border. This was the place where the "Battle of Fort Retto" took place. Kiba Windamier fought valiantly in this battle and defeated 3000 Jowston troops with only 100 soldiers. That battle made him into a general at the age of 19.

SARSadmin's Comment: Remember the Alamo!

Penenberg Manor
A manor owned by the vampire, Rean Penenberg. He frequently preyed upon those who traveled through Highland. However, after he was destroyed by Sierra Mikain, the manor also disappeared.

SARSadmin's Comment: Only seen in Suikogaiden, the manor has a church inside it as well as a pipe organ! Suikoden vampires seem to prefer being inside churches and play pipe organs. [Picture: Penenberg Manor exterior at night]

Tinto Republic
Tinto used to be a member of the Jowston Alliance, but decided to seek its own destiny after the Dunan Unification War. It virtually no arable land, but generates tremendous income through mining. The Tinto minds also produce extremely rare gemstones called "Water Gems," which are necessary for various magical applications, such as the fabrication of rune crystals.

The Tinto Republic has been in conflict with Grassland tribes many times in the past, and continues its campaign of aggression into the Grasslands.

SARSadmin's Comment: A nation that is selfish to the end. Interestingly the government is run by the miner's guild, which makes it sort of like a socialist republic.

Population: 8000
Industry: Mining, metal working
The capital of the Tinto Republic built right into a cliff. The city is run by the Miner's Guild, and the Guild Master is also the President of the republic. The city produces various rare forms of metals, and has its own population of metal working tradesmen. For that reason Tinto is not only known for mining, but also for high quality weapons and armor.

During the Dunan Unification War, Tinto was attacked by Neclord's zombie horde. However, Neclord was defeated by the combined efforts of Sierra Mikain, Kahn Marley, and Viktor.

SARSadmin's Comment: Why does there have to be a church!?

Population: 4000
Industry: N/A
Another mining town inside the Tinto Republic, Crom produces gold by sifting through the Lana River. For that reason, gold is often traded in the trading center.

Crom was attacked by Neclord's zombie horde during the Dunan Unification War, and was briefly the headquarters for the Allied Army after their retreat from Tinto.

SARSadmin's Comment: This is where the "running away from Tinto" alternative event starts. It is worth trying if you have never attempted it, because you can see Marlow wielding a sword.

Population: 1000
Industry: N/A
A small village at the foot of Mt. Lampdragon. The village was once attacked by Neclord's zombie horde. The villagers fought back, but the zombies eventually gained the upper hand, taking over the village.

SARSadmin's Comment: If you want to be cruel, fight against the zombies as long as you can to see villagers die one by one.

Tinto Mines
The Tinto Mines is host to many monsters, but is also the source of the massive wealth that the Tinto Republic hoards. The depths of the mines lead to a cave where a mysterious race of intelligent Octopi lives in relative peace. It is also rumored that a powerful Wizard lives in the depths of the cave.

SARSadmin's Comment: Why does that golem have its own FMV?

Lamp Dragon Pass
A mountain pass that connects Tinto to Two River. It used to be the territory of the Lamp Dragon Bandits, but after the Dunan Unification War it became safe for all travelers.

SARSadmin's Comment: A place of intense events depending on what path you take.

A fort owned by the Lamp Dragon Bandits, which was burned down by the hands of the bandits themselves when Neclord's zombie horde attacked them.

SARSadmin's Comment: Literally means "fortress."