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Name: Beast Rune
Classification: One of the 27 True Runes
Owner: L'Renouille Palace, The Blight Family
One of the 27 True Runes which symbolizes the beast-like passion for life as well as feral fury and brutality. The rune was originally in the possession of Harmonia, but was given to the Blight Family as a gift for their service in quelling Harmonia's internal rebellion. However, this rune actually was not a gift, the rune moved to L'Renouille by its own will, and Harmonia simply made up an excuse to cover up the fact that they lost control of onf of the True Runes.

Since then, the Beast Rune has been attached to the Blight Family's palace in L'Renouille. The Blight Family has viewed this rune more as an ornamental object, oblivious to its hidden power - until the rise of Prince Luca Blight. Luca Blight found out the hidden power of the Beast Rune and how to unleash its incarnations. In order to wreak havoc upon Dunan, he sacrificed thousands of Muse citizens to the Beast Rune, giving it enough power to materialize itself as an incarnation. However, Jowy Blight used his Black Sword Rune to keep the Beast Rune at bay after the death of Luca Blight. At the end of the war, the Beast Rune's incrnation was unleashed and defeated by the Allied Army, striking the Beast Rune into dormancy.

Name: Binoculars
Classification: Mechanical Device
Owner: Ivanov
An odd device that can be used to shift view angles during battle (You have to put a control pad into the second player slot to manipulate the binoculars though). Ivanov gives this to you after you give him enough paint to finish his mural.

Name: Bishop
Classification: Title
Owner: Luc, Sasarai
The higest rank within Harmonia directly under that of Head Bishop Hikusaak. A Bishop is both a political figure and a military commander. Theye are known to take command of Harmonia's Regional as well as Central Armies, or even lead special forces into the heart of enemy territorry. They are also known to act on their own in order to achieve orders given directly from Hikusaak.

Name: Bits
Classification: Currency
Owner: N/A
The currency used in the US version of Suikoden 1. The name was translated into Potch in the US version of Suikoden 2. However, the Japanese version for all Suikoden games have always used "Potch" as currenct. Why they translated it into "bits" in the US version of Suikoden 1? That is because "Potch" can be a word ending to emphasize small quantities. Thus, "bits" is not a bad translation per se, but inappropriate considering the context.

Name: Black Dragon Chef Society
Classification: Organization
Owner: Jinkai
A somewhat neurotic group of chefs who seek to find the receipe that can bring joy to anyone, so that chefs can rule the world. The group found the secret to the Blue Moon Bird Recipe. However, Hai Yo's lover, Shun Min, stole the receipe and ran away. Before being assasinated, she gave the receipe to Hai Yo, who was one of the "four guardians" of the clan. He vanished with the rceipe, and numerous clan chefs challenged him to cook-offs. Their fanaticism was such that some of them committed suicide after they were defeated. However, in the end Hai Yo defeats Jinkai, and the two reconcile.

Name: Black Dragon Orchid
Classification: Flora & Fungi
Owner: Barbarossa Rugner
A huge black orchid, which was one of the ingredients necessary to create an antidite for a sleeping illness that struck all the dragons in the Dragon's Den. The Apprentice Dragon Knight, Futch, ran off to steal this from Barbarossa's Hanging Gardens. He was successful in stealing this from the garden, but was discovered by Windy. Windy attacked Futch as he flew away from Gregminster, flummeting to the ground. His dragon, Black, buffeted his fall but died in the process. The Black Dragon Orchid survived the fall, and was delivered to Liukan, who concocted the antidite to save all the dragons.

Name: Black Lion Brigade
Classification: Military Organization
Owner: Zamji
An elite brigade within the South Window Army. They are known to have fought furiously during the Jowstone-Highland War, and also participated in the Jowstone-Scarlet Moon War. Their name brought fear to many enemy soldiers, and they were therefore the most highly decorated soldiers of the South Window army.

Name: Black Rune
Classification: Rare Rune
Owner: Windy, Milich Oppenheimer, Kwanda Rossman, Barbarossa Rugner, Ted
Another name for the Conqueror Rune.

Name: Black Sword Rune
Classification: Rare Rune
Owner: Jowy Atreides, Han Cunningham
One of the components of the Rune of the Beginning, symbolizing the power to judge war. The rune is destinied to fight against the Bright Shield Rune so that the two can be united to create the Rune of the Beginning

Name: Blinking Mirror
Classification: Magic Item
Owner: Hellion, Lepant, Viki
A mysterious artifact that allows its bearer to teleport back to their "home." "Home" is determined by the location of the "mother mirror." A bearer can use the "child mirror" anywhere, and be transported back.
During the Gate Rune Wars, Hellion gave this artifact to Tir McDohl. When Tir left on a journey after the war, he left the mirror in the care of Lepant. Lepant then gave the mirror to Riou during the Dunan Unification War. At one point in the war, when Riou runs away from Tinto, he leaves this mirror behind. This shows the importance of this item, as it is an item that practically determines the leader.
During the Second Fire Bringer War, the mirror is handed from the smaller Viki to the new Flame Champion.

Name: Blue Moon Bird Recipe
Classification: Recipe
Owner: Shun Min, Hai Yo
A recipe that is said to be able to please anyone. It is said that anyone who experiences this recipe would shed tears from the wondeful taste and continue to come back for more. Shun Min, daughter of Retso took the recipe and ran away in fear that it will give to much power to the chefs. However, agents of the clan caught up with her, resulting in her death. Before she died she gave the recipe to Hai Yo, who in turn ran away from the Black Dragon Island. Soon, he setlled down and opened a restaurant in the North Window Castle with the aid of the new Allied Army. However, agents of the Black Dragon Clan caught up with him, challenging him in cookoffs. Hai Yo managed to defeat all of them, and in the end he tore the recipe into pieces, saying that the best recipe is any receipe cooked from the heart.

Name: Blue Moon Rune
Classification: One of the 27 True Runes
Owner: Sierra Mikain, Neclord
A True Rune symbolizing curelty and compassion. Thr rune turns its bearer into a vampire, and grants immense power as well, as an initial unsatiable desire for blood. After the bearer gains mastery over the rune, the desire for blood becomes controllable. The bearer will then be able to spread the influence of compassion to other vampires, curbing their desire for blood as well.

Name: Bright Shield Rune
Classification: Rare Rune
Owner: Riou, Genkaku
The Bright Shield rine is one of the components of the Rune of the Beginning. In contrast to the other piece, the Black Sword Rune, the Bright Shield Rune symbolizes the power to protect everything. Although the rune provides great power to its bearer, it also robs the bearer's life the longer it is held without being engaged in conflict with the Black Sword Rune in an effort to unite and form the Rune of the Beginning.

Name: Burning Mirror
Classification: Weapon
Owner: Dwarves, Kwanda Rossman
A weapon created by dwarves using alchemy. This mirror allows its user to instantly incenerate a large area from afar, granting great power to those who command it. Unfortunately, the burning mirror is extremely fragile, and can be easily destroyed by those who use another drarven invention--the Firewind Cannon.