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Name: Lanchet
Origin: Zexen Confederacy
Position: Zexen Knightr
Lanchet is a Zexen Knight leader who was killed in an ambush by the Lizards and Kayarans during an armistice at the Amur Plains. He was attempting to break through enemy lines to free the allies.
This entry written by Gaara and Kobold

Name: Landis
Origin: Two River
Position: Wanderer
Landis is an eccentric Winghorde who joins the Fire Bringer without anyone's knowledge. He tall, slim, and his eyes are filled with madness. He loves to tell horror stories and scare kids with the gory details. In addition, he uses a giant scythe as his weapon, adding to his eerie demeanor. He often speaks of being friends with the grim reaper, but it is unknown if his claim is genuine.

Name: Ledon
Origin: Unknown
Position: Bandit
Ledon is a member of the Tigerwolf Bandits. He preys upon travelers who stop at his inn. If he thinks the travelers are rich, he offers them "bandit tea" which puts them to sleep. He then robs the anesthetized customers. In once instance, he prayed upon Odessa Silverberg and her party, but fortunately, the head bandit, Kessler, found him and made sure he did not rob her. Later on, Ledon joins the Toran Liberation Army, and after the war, he becomes an owned of a genuine inn.

Name: Lebrante
Origin: Zexen
Position: Appraiser
Lebrante is an appraiser from Zexen. He is well known for his vast knowledge, and offers his service to the Dunan Unification Army. He is a collector of Celadon Urns, and is close to collecting 1000 of them.

Name: Leknaat
Origin: Gate Rune Village
Position: Seer
Leknaat is the keeper of the Gate Rune and the "overseer of balance" She came into possession of the Gate Rune when the village of the Gate Rune Clan was attacked by Harmonia (she lost her sight during that attack). The Gate Rune was separated into two parts--Front and Back--and given to Leknaat and her sister Windy. Since then, Leknaat disappears from history, but after the formation of the Scarlet Moon Empire she becomes their Seer to provide them with monthly "Star gazing reports." For many years she shields herself within the Magician's Island to protect herself from her sister, Windy, who wishes to gain power by getting the other half of her rune. During the Gate Rune Wars, she often appeared in front of the Hero and aided the Toran Liberation Army in times of need, such when she sent back Windy's monster army back to the netherworld with the help of Joshua Levenheit. After the Gate Rune Wars, she gave her position as Seer to Hellion, and her whereabouts since then are unknown, but she has appeared in front of the Hero of the Dunan Unification Army and Jowy Atreides during the Dunan Unification War.

Following the Dunan Unification War, Leknaat moves to a different location along with Luc. The two then went to Crystal Valley and found a girl called Sarah imprisoned within the Circle Palace. Sensing tremendous magical powers from her, Leknaat and Luc rescue her and takes her to their home. The two taught her runic magic, and years went by. Leknaat did not realize that Luc was hatching his own plan to wage war against the True Runes and Balance itself. By the time Leknaat realized, it was too late for her to stop Luc. Luc goes off and starts a war in the Grasslands, and Leknaat was unable to do anything but watch. However, after Luc is defeated and dies in the process, she welcomes his spirit back, accepting his human soul.

Name: Lena Suphina
Origin: Holy Kingdom of Harmonia
Position: Temple Guard
A temple guard of Harmonia and also the aunt of Nash and Julie Latkje. She was also Sasarais subordinate. At one point, Lena had to track down Nash and arrest him. She managed to capture and bring him to Caleria, where he was badly tortured. Lena later helped Nash escape.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Leo Galan
Origin: Vinay Del Zexay
Position: Knight
Leo is one of the "Six Might Knights" of Zexen. He is well known for his prowess in battle and is sometimes referred to as "The Iron Knight." He serves under Chris with unswerving loyalty without becoming too groupie-ish like Borus.

Leo is one of the oldest members of the Six Mighty Knights, and has fought alongside former captain Galahad many times. It was during then that Galahad recommended Leo to use an axe instead of a sword, because his brute, unrefined strength would have been better suited with an axe instead of a sword. That recommendation proved to be a turning point for Leo, turning him into a whirling hunk of metal.

Leo regrets for being unable to save Captain Galahad during the advent of the Second Fire Bringer War. During the battle he was at Galahad's side, but Galahad was ambushed by lizard warriors and got cut off from Leo, resulting in a very swift death. Leo considers it his duty to protect Chris to repay for what he considers to be his own incompetence.

Name: Leon Silverberg
Origin: Gregminster
Position: Strategist
Leon Silverberg is one of the most well known strategist in the world. He brought victory to Barbarossa during the Succession War and the Scarlet Moon-Jowston War that followed. During the Scarlet Moon-Jowston War, Leon orchestrated the Kalekka Incident in order to legitimize Scarlet Moon's war against Jowston. After the victory in the war, Leon gradually pulled himself away from the limelight, and took residence at Kalekka, which still lay in ruins. He kept on living at Kalekka until the end of the Gate Rune Wars when Mathiu Silverberg, his nephew, asked him to join when attacking the fortress of Shasarazade. After the Gate Rune Wars, he went back to Kalekka, but after three years he became Jowy Atreides' strategist and orchestrated the death of Luca Blight. His strategic skill was more apparent when trying to defeat Highland from within rather than when fighting against the Dunan Unification Army. In the end, he stayed till the end at the castle of L'Renouille to keep the Beast Rune sealed until those capable of destroying it came by. Some speculate that it was Leon's plan to bring Highland down from within by using Jowy Atreides, due to the destructiveness of Luca Blight and the Beast Rune. After escaping L'Renouille, he returned to Toran, and lives in a small village.

Leon has a son, George, and two Grandsons, Albert and Caesar.

Name: Leona
Origin: Toto
Position: Innkeeper
Leona was the Innkeeper at Viktor's Mercenary Fortress, but after they were defeated, she became the Innkeeper at the Dunan Unification Army's Headquarters. She was born in Toto, and was shocked when she heard Toto was sacked by Luca Blight.

Name: Leonardo
Origin: Unknown
Position: Pirate
Leonardo is a member of the Toran Lake Pirates along with Anji and Kanak. He joined the Toran Liberation Army along with Anji and Kanak. After the Gate Rune Wars, he joined with Anji's business venture.

Name: Lepant
Origin: Kouan
Position: President
Lepant is the current President of the Toran Republic. Before the Gate Rune Wars, he was a successful merchant at Kouan, but he secluded himself so that he won't have to get involved with the Gate Rune Wars. However, due to the cunning plans of Hero McDohl and the subsequent abduction of his wife, Eileen by the Imperial Guards, he decided to join with the Toran Liberation Army. Lepant is a fierce warrior, and with his sword, Kirinji, he was second to none in battle.
After the Gate Rune Wars was over, Tir McDohl leaves without a word. This sent shocks throughout the Toran Liberation Army, but everyone asked Lepant to become the President. Lepant agrees, and became the first president of the Toran Republic.

During the Dunan Unification War, Lepant makes amends with Dunan Forces, lending Toran's military to them in their battle against the Highland Kingdom.

Name: Lester
Origin: Kirov
Position: Chef
Lester is a chef under the service of Kun To. His specialty is making stews, and he is trying to make something that could match Marie's stew. He joined the Toran Liberation Army after realizing that Hero McDohl had an uncanny understanding of stews, thanks to Gremio. After the Gate Rune Wars, Lester was sighted in the Hero's Headquarters in Dunan, where he challenged Hai Yo to a cooking battle.

Name: Lilan
Origin: Island Nations
Position: Mermaid
Lilan is the youngest of the mermaids and also the shyest. Fleeing the mermaid poachers, she ends up in the seas between Nay and Na-Nal, where she is caught in Shiramines fishing net. She is then invited by Lilin to stay on the ship in the accessories atelier. Lilan and her sisters eventually come back to the Deserted Island.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Lilen
Origin: Island Nations
Position: Mermaid
Hunted by Cray Trading Company for her mermaid skin, she managed to avoid the poachers and returned to the Deserted Island in hopes of reuniting with her sisters. Eventually Hero4 appeared on the island and informed her of her sisters whereabouts. Lilen came onboard the ship and helped out in the accessories atelier until the war was over. She then returned to the Deserted Island with her sisters.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Lilin
Origin: Island Nations
Position: Mermaid
Lilin is a mermaid in search of her sisters, whom she becomes separated from due to poaching by Cray Trading Company. After meeting Hero4, Lilin realizes that not all humans want to hunt mermaids. While searching for her sisters, she is spotted by the Cray Trading Company around Obel but is rescued by Hero4. She is asked to stay onboard to avoid the poachers and manages to reunite with her sisters. After the war, she returns to the Deserted Island but leaves again in search of other mermaids who are still missing.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Lilly Pendragon
Origin: Tinto
Position: First Daughter
Lilly is the daughter of Gustav, Mayor of Tinto. During the Unification War, she was kidnapped by Neclord and was slated to become his 70th wife. However, she was luckily saved by Viktor, the holder of the Night Rune, Kahn Marley, the Vampire Slayer, and Sierra Mikain, the original vampire and holder of the Moon Rune.
After the Dunan Unification War, Tinto breaks away from Dunan and becomes the Tinto Republic. Gustav Pendragon becomes its president, and thus Lilly suddenly becomes a first daughter--making her further spoiled. Once during Zexen's anniversary ball, Lilly asked Chris Lightfellow for a dance. Chris refused because she was on guard duty. Infuriated by the refusal, Lilly slapped Chris. Chris slapped back, and a fight ensued that became legendary within the social circles of Zexen.

During the Second Fire Bringer War, Lilly hears that the "Fire Bringers" are attacking Tinto convoys within the Grasslands. Quick to anger, she goes to the Grasslands with her bodyguards, Samus and Reed. Her search turns out to be fruitless, and after traveling with Hugo briefly, she returns to Tinto. There she hears that the Flame Champion has resurfaced, and this time leads the Tinto Army into battle, helping the Fire Bringers defeat Harmonian forces at Brass Castle. She ends up joining the Fire Bringer and lends Tinto's military forces to fight against Harmonia, and later against the destroyers.

After the war, Lilly returns to Tinto and then decides to study at Crystal Valley. It is uncertain if she was involved at all with the Zexen-Tinto War.

Name: Lilon
Origin: Island Nations
Position: Mermaid
Lilon is the oldest of the mermaids to join Hero4s army and also the most outspoken one. After Cray Trading Company starts hunting for them, she got separated from her sisters and decided to look for her sister Lilin, who she found onboard Hero4s ship around the Pirates Den. Like her sisters, she is quite experienced in making accessories but unlike them, she is better than them when it comes to writing. She returns to the Deserted Island with her sisters after the war.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Liloon
Origin: Island Nations
Position: Mermaid
Like her sisters, Liloon is being hunted by the Cray Trading Company for her hide. She ends up in Iluya, avoiding the Kooluk soldiers there and runs into Hero4, whom she believes is acquainted with her sisters. She decides to go with him onboard his ship where she is reunited with all her sisters. After the war, she temporarily returns to the Deserted Island before going off in search of other mermaids.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Lino En Kuldes
Origin: Obel
Position: King
A king with a kind heart. He lost his wife and newborn son to the Rune of Punishment. He had instructed his chief engineer, Tov to create a giant ship in case of an emergency. He becomes determined to help Hero4 fight against the Kooluk forces and flees his kingdom for the safety of his people. He also helps Hero4 in gaining help from Middleport, Na-Nal, and Nay. He founded the Island Nations Federation and vowed to establish peace throughout the land.

Name: Little Daisy
Origin: Seas of Middleport
Position: Navy
The beloved pet of Schtolteheim Reinbach II, Little Daisy is vicious sea monster left in the care of Micky. Little Daisy repays Reinbach II by guarding the seas around Middleport from unwanted guests. Hero4 ends up killing Little Daisy on his way to ask Middleport for assistance against Kooluk.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Liukan
Origin: Unknown
Position: Medical Legend
Liukan is known as the "Medical Legend" in Toran, and his name is known in other countries as well. During the Gate Rune Wars, he was kidnapped by Milich Oppenheimer and locked up in Soniere Prison, but the Toran Liberation Army rescued him. After the Gate Rune Wars, he continues to serve the Toran Republic.

Name: Lo Fong
Origin: Unknown
Position: Civilian
Together with her blood-brothers, Lo Seng and Lo Hak, she used to charge people for the hot springs in Mordo Island even though it was not theirs. She joins Hero4s army after being defeated by him in a fight. She likes shopping and also has a rather unique taste in men as her favorite choices are Izak, Konrad, and Gunter. She parts ways with her brothers after the war and decides to live a normal life in the Kingdom of Obel.

Name: Lo Hak
Origin: Unknown
Position: Sailor
Along with his brother, Lo Seng and sister, Lo Fong, he used to charge people for taking a dip in the hot springs of Mordo Island even if it did not belong to them. After losing a fight to Hero4, his siblings and he decide to join his army. He prefers women older than himself rather than his own age. Some of his picks would be Katarina, Maxine, and Helga. After the war, he helped out his brother on Mordo Island but bought himself a ship as well.

Name: Long Chan Chan
Origin: Southlands
Position: Martial Artist
Long Chan Chan is the creator of the Dragon Style Martial Arts. He is an extremely powerful fighter, and it is uncertain whether it is his bare strength of the Dragon Style that makes him so powerful. Wakaba is his only student. He joined the Dunan Unification Army because he acknowledged that the Hero was a seasoned fighter.

Name: Lorelai
Origin: Queendom of Falena
Position: Treasure Hunter
Lorelai is a treasure hunter in search of the Sindar Treasures. She is an experienced adventurer, and has defeated many of her rivals who were also after the Sindar Treasures. For example, she was able to defeat Killey at Falena, which ended up in Killey spending three years in prison in Falena. She participated in both the Gate Rune Wars and the Dunan Unification War, but she only joins people who are strong enough.

Name: Lo Seng
Origin: Unknown
Position: Charlatan
Along with his siblings, Lo Hak and Lo Fong, he used to charge people who would visit the hot springs in Mordo Island. After losing to Hero4 in a fight, his siblings and him realize who Hero4 really is and decide to join his army. Lo Seng enjoyed being part of the army as it would get him free drinks from bars; he also tried stealing some of Elenor Silverbergs fine wine but got scolded at by Agnes. After the war, he returned to Mordo Island with his brother and turned it into a tourist attraction spot.

Name: Lotte
Origin: Kanakan
Position: Magician
Lotte is a magic user whose power betrays her age. She owns a cat called Mina who has the habit of wandering off extreme distances. She joins the Toran Liberation Army after Tir McDohl find her cat for her. After the Gate Rune Wars, she gets a small house in Gregminster, where she lives with her cats, Mina, and Momo (She got Momo recently).

Name: Louis Keeferson
Origin: Vinay Del Zexay
Position: Squire
Louis Keeferson is the son of a good friend of Wyatt Lightfellow. Because of this connection, Louis was chosen to become Chris Lightfellow's squire. He is in many ways an ideal squire due to his skill with cooking and home-keeping. He maintains Chris' quarters in impeccable order, making sure a bath is ready when Chris returns from battle, and providing words of support for his battle-hardened master.

Although Louis is a mere squire, he is known to talk back at other knights. His wit is well known amongst the Six Mighty Knights, and for that reason he is virtually a seventh member. After the war, he becomes a full knight.

Name: Louise
Origin: Unknown
Position: Bartender
Louise is the bartender who opened up her bar on Lino En Kuldes ship before it set sail. She has a shady past and is also Nalleos biological mother, but she ran away from her responsibilities as a mother and gave him up to Dario. She disappeared after the war.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Lo Wen
Origin: Two River
Position: Head Bandit
Lo Wen is one of the Head Bandits of the Lampdragon Bandits. She was originally a petty criminal in Two River where she conned money off of bureaucrats. She was discovered, however, and joined the Lampdragon Bandits. However, she was abducted by Neclord after the Lampdragon's fortress of Sai was invaded by Neclord's zombie army. She was rescued later along with Lilly and joined the Dunan Unification Army.

Name: Lowma
Origin: Zexen Confederacy
Position: Chairman of the Council
The father of Thomas is the Chairman of the Merchants Guild. He left his wife while she was pregnant in the Nameless Lands and came to Zexen. After Thomas mothers death at the hands of Grasslanders, he went to his dad. Lowma, not wanting to have anything to do with him, sent him to be in charge of the rundown castle, Budehuc. He later disowned Thomas for turning Budehuc into a free trading area for Zexens and Grasslanders alike.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Luc
Origin: Harmonia
Position: Magician
Luc is the holder of the True Wind Rune, and is an apprentice under Leknaat. He participated in both the Gate Rune Wars and Dunan Unification War upon Leknaat's command, and grudgingly fights in these wars. However, when he confronted Sasarai, a Harmonian Bishop, he showed rare enthusiasm to fight, and caused the Harmonian forces to flee.

He remains a relative mystery to all who have known him except Leknaat. However, his identity is revealed during the Second Fire Bringer War as a clone of High Priest Hikusaak and a clone-brother of Bishop Sasarai. He was created purely to become a vessel for the True Wind Rune, and was kept in seclusion compared to Sasarai, who was being raised as a Bishop. Leknaat took pity on him, and took him under her wings and educated him in the ways of sorcery.

However, the passing years and unanswered questions cultivated doubt within Luc's mind over the curse of his True Rune. Desperately searching for an answer, he is struck with a vision through his True Wind Rune about the inescapable fate of the world--a world of total order and gray stagnation.

With this knowledge, he decides that he must tip the scales of balance to avoid this future. He decides that he must destroy a True Rune in order to accomplish this. It did not take much thought for him to choose his own rune. However, he did not have any means to destroy true runes, and thus went to the One Temple to find ways to accomplish his goal. There he meets Albert Silverberg, who helps Luc find the answer. Albert summons Yuber using a method he learned from Leon Silverberg, and Luc calls to Sarah for her assistance. The four start making plans to destroy Luc's true rune, which possibly would have resulted in the destruction of the entire continent.

Their plan involved causing a war in the Grasslands between Zexen, Harmonia, and Grassland Tribes to force true rune bearers to emerge. Once they emerged, Luc planned to take the runes away from their bearer using a method he learned in Harmonia. His plan also required him to become a Bishop in Harmonia. Through Hikusaak, he managed to become a Bishop while hiding his identity with a mask that used to belong to Leknaat. With this newfound authority, he led Harmonian troops into the Grasslands.

His attempt to gain other True Runes was met with initial resistance, but in the end he succeeded. He placed the other elemental true runes in the four corners of the Ceremonial Site to start the ritual of his own destruction. However, his plan is halted by the efforts of the Fire Bringer lead by the Flame Champion. He uses the combined powers of the five True Runes, but is defeated. His body ravaged by the future of the true runes, he dies in Sarahs laps--his soul being accepted by his master Leknaat as "all too human."

Name: Luca Blight
Origin: Highland
Position: Prince/King
Luca is the son of Agares and Sara Blight. He is known as the "Mad Prince," and is generally feared for his unequaled cruelty and bloodlust. His inextinguishable anger is caused by an incident where Highland Royalty was ambushed by ruffians. Agares fled, while Luca and Sara were captured. Sara was violated by the ruffians in front of Luca's eyes until Han Cunningham came to rescue them. After learning that the ruffians were hired by Muse, he harbors lasting resentment towards the Jowston Alliance, and also toward his father who fled, leaving Luca and Sara to the ruffians. The only person in highland who Luca allows to speak equally with him is Jillia, who resembles Sara.

Just before Highland started invading Jowston, Luca Blight was given complete control over the Highland Military as Agares stepped down to take responsibility for the cease fire he signed with Jowston. However, Luca took this as a chance to start another war with Jowston, and this time he was ready to use the Beast Rune, which has been passed along the Blight bloodline. He first set up the Unicorn Brigade Massacre to validate a war on Jowston. Then he rushed into Muse, and cunningly plotted Anabelle's death by convincing Jowy Atreides, who was a member of a mercenary group hired by Muse, to assassinate Anabelle. He then sacks Muse, and quickly takes over Radat, Coronet, South Window, and Greenhill (with the help of Jowy Atreides).
Then, with Jowy Atreides' help, he assassinates Agares and becomes King. He then leads his White Wolf Army to destroy the Dunan Unification Army. He is initially unstoppable, but due to the strategic cooperation between Leon Silverberg, Shu, and Jowy Atreides, Luca Blight is ambushed during a night raid by the strongest fighters of the Unification Army, and is killed in the end.

Name: Luce
Origin: Karaya Village
Position: Villager
Luce is a member of the Karaya clan and the mother of Lulu. She is also the adoptive parent of Jimba. She used to have many children, but three of them are lost in battle, and even Lulu ends up dying during the Second Fire Bringer War. Mourning her son's death, she decides to take care of other children whose parents have been killed in the war.
Luce has a husband who is traveling in the south, who was away during the war.

Name: Lucia
Origin: Karaya
Position: Chief
Lucia is the daughter if Kianu, who was murdered by Gorudo and Alec Wisemail. She joins forces with Jowy Atreides by the promise that the Karayans will be given land. She also wishes to fulfill her revenge against those who murdered her father. She is a fierce warrior, and once tried to assassinate the Hero after sneaking into the Headquarters. She protects Jowy till the end, but retreats after being defeated at L'Renouille. Later on, after Teresa Wisemail makes her father's crimes public, Lucia forgives Greenhill for her father's death.

After returning to Karaya, she gives birth to Hugo, which means "arrow feather" in the Karaya language. She raises Hugo on her own while managing her clan. During a battle with Tinto, she befriends Jordie, and asks him to train her son to become a warrior. Since then, Jordie has been a very close friend of Lucia. Lucia is also very good friends with Dupa, making the Karaya clan tightly united with the Lizard clan.

During the Second Fire Bringer War, the Karaya Village is torched by Zexen Knights, forcing the Karaya clan to flee to the Great Hollow. She later on leads an attack on the Village of Iksay, damaging the village severely. Her war against Zexen abruptly ends, however,after Harmonia attacks the Chisha clan. She arrives to help them, but Harmonian forces proved to be more than a fair match. Although she was offered to join forces with Zexen, she refused to join arms with them. After her forces were beaten from Chisha and, then at the Duck Village, she agrees to join forces with Zexen, and joins the Fire Bringer.

After the war, Lucia has decided to retire from being the chief--giving the title to Hugo.

Name: Lulu
Origin: Karaya Village, Grasslands
Position: Warrior
Lulu was Luces son and Hugos best friend, despite the difference in age. All his siblings had died when they had gone to war, making him the only child of Luce left. Lulu ended up accompanying Hugo on his first mission to Zexen. When they returned to find their home razed, Lulu went berserk and attacked the first knight he saw, Chris Lightfellow. Chris, however, killed him in self-defense.
This entry written by Gaara