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Name: Maas
Origin: Unknown
Position: Blacksmith
Maas is an apprentice Blacksmith under Mace, and was practicing his art at the Great Forest Village. He joined the Toran Liberation Army so that his skills could benefit a worthy cause.

Name: Mace
Origin: Unknown
Position: Master Blacksmith
Mace is a renown blacksmith in the Toran Republic. His skill in making sharp weapons is unsurpassed by anyone. He lived in solitude in Seek Valley, but was convinced by his apprentices, Maas, Meese, Moose, and Mose, to join the Toran Liberation Army.

Name: Makai
Origin: Two-River City, Dunan Republic
Position: Plenipotentiary
The plenipotentiary of Two-River City, Makai always appears too unsure and unconfident of himself. He is a gullible man who agrees to sign a peace treaty with Highland, believing it will spare his city from an attack. After Highland General Kiba Windamier goes back on his word and attacks Two-River, Makai accepts help from Riou and the Allied Forces.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Maki
Origin: Millet Village, Grasslands
Position: Villager
A childhood friend of Camus, Captain of the Red Knights of Matilda. Maki lost contact with Camus after he left for Matilda, but she heard of his accomplishments of becoming a knight and participating in the Dunan Unification War. She had assumed, however, that he fought against the Allied Forces. After reappearing in Milit Village and defeating the fake Fire Bringer army, Maki gave Camus a magical dagger that belonged to her late father, which he used to suppress the powers of the fake Flame Champion attacking the village.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Makumaku
Origin: Deep in the Forest of Greenhill
Position: Squirrel
Makumaku is a member of the five squirrel squad. He wears a blue cape, and is the strong, silent type.

Name: Mamie
Origin: Black Dragon Island
Position: Cook
The daughter of Bashok. As a child, Mamie fell terribly ill and the Black Dragon Group promised Bashok money with which to buy MamieÔ medicine. There was one condition, however--that Bashok challenge and defeat Hai Yo in a cooking match and obtain the Blue Moon Bird recipe. Though Bashok lost to the great chef, his daughterÔ illness was cured later on.

When Mamie grew up, she, too, became a good chef and set off to travel the world. She ended up at the village of the Duck Clan where she was searching for a Crab Rice Bowl. When presented with one, she promptly joined the Fire Bringer. Afterward, she opened her own restaurant in Budehuc Castle where her burgers and other dishes were well loved by many. She set off on yet another voyage after the war.
This entry written by Gaara and Kobold

Name: Manu
Origin: Unknown
Position: Elevator Inventor
Manu is the creator of an invention he calls the elevator. He installs one in Obel and another in Hero4Ô ship. Though he worries about people playing around with his invention, Manu generally hates it when they opt to use the stairs instead. After the war, he starts working on a new invention.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Mao
Origin: Unknown
Position: Mycologist
This weird and suspicious man appears on Hero4Ô ship uninvited and is seen in the forbidden room, a room that even the inventor of the ship, Tov, does not recall building. Mao loves mushrooms and starts cultivating them onboard the ship. He is very opposed to mint, which his twin brother, Nao, grows. After the war, he runs off, not wanting to stay in sunlight.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Marcel Atreides
Origin: Kyaro
Position: Aristocrat
Marcel Atreides is the step-father of Jowy Atreides. He never quite liked Jowy because he is the son of Rosa's former husband. Marcel likes ancient history, and has a collection of books on the Sindar, however, he is himself an uninteresting man. After he is told the Jowy is a spy of the Jowston Alliance, he casts him out of the household and tells him he is no longer an Atreides. However, after Jowy accumulates power and marries Jillia Blight, and eventually becomes King, he fears of retaliation and flees elsewhere with his family.

Name: Marco
Origin: Rockland
Position: Gambler
An orphan who makes money by making people gamble on "where's the coin?" He has seen many things for his age and has great vitality. He joins the Toran Liberation Army after being beaten by Hero McDohl in a gamble.

Name: Marco Atreides
Origin: Kyaro
Position: Aristocrat
Marco Atreides is the son of Marcel Atreides and step-brother of Jowy Atreides. Because he is a blood-related son of Marcel, Marcel took better care of him than Jowy. Marco himself is not very attached to Jowy at all, and when Jowy was kicked out of the Atreides household, all he said was, "Bye, brother... oh you are no longer my brother. Bye, Mr. Jowy."

Name: Marie
Origin: Gregminster
Position: Innkeeper
The innkeeper of the biggest inn in Gregminster. She had relations with the McDohl family for a long time, and when Hero McDohl was chased after as a fugitive, she allowed him to hide in her attic. After Hero McDohl escaped, it was discovered that she was hiding him, and thus she fled Gregminster as well. Later on she establishes an inn inside Toran Castle. After the Gate Rune Wars, she returns to her old inn in Gregminster and resumes her business.

Name: Marie
Origin: Zexen
Position: None
Gilbert's wife who waits for him in Zexen.

Name: Marlowe Cody
Origin: Tinto
Position: Scholar
Marlowe is the tutor of Gustav's daughter, Lilly. Marlowe is a bookworm, and reads often about high adventure and wishes to be a part of such a saga. He is given this chance when Neclord attacks Tinto with his zombie army. hen attacked, he holds off the zombies with Koyu to let the hero escape. After joining the Dunan Unification Army, he starts writing a novel with the Hero as the protagonist.
After the war, Tinto becomes independent from the Dunan Republic. Marlowe was chosen as a minister within the new Tinto Republic.

Name: Maroux Blight
Origin: Harmonia
Position: King
Maroux was the first King of Highland. He was given that position after defeating a civil uprising. As a reward, Hikusaak allowed Maroux his own land as the "defender of the faith" and gave the Blight family the Beast Rune.

Name: Martha
Origin: North Window
Position: Villager
A villager of North Window town and also ViktorÔ grandmother, who was turned into a zombie by Neclord when he destroyed the town. It was her wish to see Viktor marry Daisy one day.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Martha
Origin: Grasslands
Position: Lottery Vendor
Martha is a cranky lottery vendor who lives at Budehuc Castle. No one knows how long she has been there, but what is certain is that she has been at Budehuc for decades, and knows a fair bit about its history.

When Thomas is assigned as the new governor of Budehuc, Martha initially treats him very coldly. However, Thomas' passion and honesty in trying to make Budehuc succeed convinced Martha that Thomas can be trusted. She came up with a number of plans to save Budehuc from bankruptcy and councilman Durabum's ploy to ruin Budehuc's prosperity. When Durabum's forces surrounded Budehuc, Martha secretly raced to see Lucia to "sell" Budehuc to the Karaya clan so that Zexen can no longer lay its claim on them. Martha succeeds, and Budehuc was able to gain independence.

Name: Mathiu Silverberg
Origin: Gregminster
Position: Strategist
Mathiu is the nephew of Leon Silverberg, and brother of Odessa Silverberg. He started his career as military strategist early by serving under Kasim Hazil during the Succession War. After that he served under his uncle, Leon Silverberg, as Vice-Strategist, and reluctantly followed through with the Kalekka Incident. However, he resigned from his position following the incident, and decided to become a tutor for children at the rural village of Seika. There he acquires Shu and Apple as his pupil (Shu was later expelled for "using his knowledge for selfish motives"). After the death of Odessa Silverberg, Hero McDohl asked Mathiu to help the Liberation movement, but Mathiu initially declined. However, when Kasim Hazil sent soldiers to force Mathiu back into his service, Mathiu decided to join with the Toran Liberation Army. Mathiu used his tactical genius to bring the Toran Liberation Army to victory, but also allowed Jowston forces composed of Tinto and South Window armies to occupy the Senan Area, forcing the new Toran Republic to war against Jowston immediately after its formation. Mathiu was mortally wounded during the siege on the "floating fortress" of Shasarazade due to the betrayal of Sanchez, and died shortly after the liberation of Gregminster.

Name: Maximillian
Origin: Unknown
Position: Ex-Captain of the Maximillian Knights
Maximillian is the ex-captain of the Maximillian Knights which fought many battles during the Succession Wars. The group was disbanded by the Scarlet Moon Empire, however, due to their involvement with the Jowston-Highland wars. During the Gate Rune Wars, Maximillian joins the Toran Liberation Army. His name draw significant numbers of recruits into the Liberation Army, and his unit became a formidable force within the army. After the Gate Rune Wars, he also helped the Dunan Unification Army, but because he was less known in Dunan, he wasn't able to attract very many recruits. He died sometime between the years 460 and 475, but his grandson, Fred, took his place and became the captain.

Name: Maxine
Origin: Unknown
Position: Mercenary
This powerful mercenary, who is quite adept at rune magic, was hired by Ramada to challenge Hero4 to duels. She fought him twice, losing both times. Later, she journeyed to Razril where she ran into Hero4 once again and offered her services to him. Maxine was known to have beauty that rivaled that of the beautiful Ameria. After the war between the Island Nations and Kooluk, she disappeared.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Mazus
Origin: Unknown
Position: Arch Magi
Mazus was a student under Crowley, but his ambition has turned to defeating his master. He has been unable to achieve this yet, however. During a duel that took place over a hundred years ago, the force of their duel leveled three mountains and evaporated a lake, what remains of that duel is said to be the desolate Karakas Desert which covers 70% of the Senan Area. Mazus is obsessed with sorcery, and constantly experiments with magic, trying new ingredients and catalysts as well as combining different runes. He has been witnessed experimenting with magic in the forest between Muse and Greenhill, and has been experimenting within the Tinto Mines as well. He joined the Dunan Unification Army purely out of his wish to experiment with his magic. His magic proved a great help to the Unification Army.

Name: Meese
Origin: Unknown
Position: Blacksmith
An apprentice under the master blacksmith, Mace. Meese was training with the Dwarves during the Gate Rune Wars, but joined with the Toran Liberation Army after the Dwarves decided to help the Toran Liberation Army.

Name: Meg
Origin: Lenankamp
Position: Trickster
Meg is the niece of Juppo, and wishes to learn more about the art of making trickery devices. He constantly chases after him, but Juppo thinks she is not yet ready to pursue his art. She joined the Toran Liberation Army to steal Juppo's skills, but Juppo didn't teach her anything. Instead, Juppo told Meg to explore the world, and made his creation, Gadget/Karakurimaru accompany her on her journey. During her journey, she joins with the Dunan Unification Army, and after the Unification Wars, successfully modifies Gadget into a fighting machine.

Shortly after that, she travels to Harmonia to find Juppo. She also gives birth to a daughter, Belle. She raises her for a while, but one day she is struck by lightning. She survives, but the incident gave her new ideas for an invention. She takes Gadget apart and creates Gadget Z. After that she runs off without explanation, leaving Belle behind.

Name: Meili
Origin: Greenhill
Position: Inn maid
Meili is an inn maid at the inn at Greenhill. She is a victim of Pico's "Don Juan syndrome," and is crushed when Pico leaves her to care for Annalee.

Name: Mekumeku
Origin: Deep in the Greenhill Forest
Mekumeku is the green-caped member of the five squirrel squad. A constant joker, he is always smiling and is the best at magic out of the five.

Name: Mel
Origin: Unknown
Position: Puppeteer
Mel is a puppeteer who believes, or acts like her puppet is alive. She makes her puppet say extremely rude things, and punishes the puppet as if she had nothing to do with it. She owns a unique rune called the Demonic Puppet Rune, which has formidable firepower. Besides that, her purpose and reason for joining the Fire Bringer is a mystery.

Name: Melia
Origin: Muse
Position: Merchant
Melia is the sister of Milian and one of the shopkeepers of the Milian Armor Corporation. Her parents thought highly of her, but during the occupation of Highland, she became a victim of the Beast Rune.

Name: Melodye
Origin: Kirov
Position: Phonologist
Melodye is a novice phonologist who has been looking for a "Sound Crystal." She was told by a runemaster that she was born to use the Sound Crystal, and joins the Toran Liberation Army when Hero McDohl gives her the Sound Crystal.

Name: Melville
Origin: Vinay Del Zexay
Position: Child
Melville is Billy's son, who has pretty much been raising himself due to his father's profession. Because Billy is a treasure hunter (also known as "thief"), Melville has learned how to cook and has been working to support himself. Thankfully, Eliot's mom helps him out when there is extra need.

Melville is also the leader of the make-believe St. Loa Knights. Alanis and Eliot are also members, and they often gather at a secret hideout within an alley in Vinay Del Zexay. He considers Guillaume to be his enemy due to him calling his father a liar. He manages to expose Guillaum's secret bandit business, and later joins the Fire Bringer after finding out his father is with them. Kathy is his half-sister, but Melville does not know this.

Name: Miau
Origin: Coronet
Position: Cat
A kitten that is adopted and raised by a boy in Coronet, who lives at the docks.

Name: Michelle
Origin: Unknown
Position: Orphan
A war orphan who was adopted by Achilles and Odessa Silverberg. He called Odessa "mommy," and was treated very kindly by both Achilles and Odessa. Due to Michelle's innocence, he is tricked by Kraze Miles to reveal that Liberation Army soldiers were hiding in Achilles¡¦manor. As a result Achilles was killed and Odessa ran away from Gregminster. Before running away, she asked Marie to take care of Michelle, but no one knows what happened to him since.

Name: Micky
Origin: Middleport, Island Nations Federation
Position: Servant
This unconfident man was once the servant of the lord of Middleport, Schtolteheim Reinbach II, but was fired after the death of the lordÔ pet, Little Daisy. His devotion to the family of Reinbach was visible as he devoted himself to the lordÔ son, Schtolteheim Reinbach III, and spent his days serving him. He also contributed the story of the Rose Swordsman to PerraultÔ papers onboard Hero4Ô ship, which was known to be a classic long after his time.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Mike
Origin: Unknown
Position: Unknown
Mike is a mysterious man who likes to play cards. He always has a smile on his face and is polite. However, a few people say that he has a "stench of darkness" about him. He is seen during the night with men clad in black, who are carrying strange looking weapons. Kidd reports that these men were saluting Mike. The ninja Watari also knows Mike, and Mike also knows Watari for some reason. He also shows secret disdain for Koroku, although superficially he greets Koroku with words of affection. When he is in Caleria, he introduces himself as a weapons merchant to Luc, which further increases the mystery surrounding him.

Name: Miklotov
Origin: Rockaxe
Position: Captain of the Blue Knights
Miklotov the young captain of the Blue Knights in the Knightdom of Matilda. He is a straightforward person, and is rather hot-headed for a knight. However, he personifies the sense of justice necessary in a knight, and will do whatever possible to do what is right. He witnesses Muse citizens being sacrificed to the Beast Rune, and asks Gorudo to rescue them. However, Gorudo does not rescue them, and thus Miklotov renounces his knighthood and joins with the Dunan Unification Army. After the Dunan Unification Wars, he travels to the Grasslands. There he meets Clant, and ex-Matilda white knight, who has been pillaging the village of Milit. Together with Camus, Miklotov defeats Clant. After that, he returns to Matilda, and becomes the Captain of the Matilda Knights.

Name: Mikumiku
Origin: Deep within the Greenhill Forest
Position: One of the five squirrel squad
Mikumiku is the only female member of the five squirrel squad, and wears a pink cape.

Name: Millie
Origin: Unknown
Position: None
Millie is a highly eccentric girl who owns an eight-eyed groundhog called Bonaparte. She uses a boomerang in combat. No one knows where she came from, or why she was wandering around in Ryube Village. She joins Viktor's Mercenary after the Hero helped her find Bonaparte, but she insists that she joined to "play" with everyone. She could sometimes be seen poking Bonaparte in the eyes, or sleeping inside Bonaparte's mouth.

Name: Milia
Origin: Dragon's Den
Position: Vice-Captain of the Dragon Knights
Milia is the Vice-Captain of the Dragon Knights. When the dragons fell asleep due to a mysterious disease caused by Windy, only her dragon, Thrash, was unaffected. With Thrash, she helped the Hero find necessary ingredients for an antidote from Seek Valley. She joined the Toran Liberation Army after the dragons were healed.

Following the Gate Rune Wars, Milia took Joshua's place as the captain of the Dragon Knights, becoming the bearer of the Dragon Rune. Sharon is her daughter.

Name: Milian
Origin: Muse
Position: Merchant
Milian is the owner of the Milian Armor Corporation, and is sister to Melia. Her business is successful, but she loses her sister during the Highland occupation of Muse. After that she donates a rare Silver Armor to the Dunan Unification Army to avenge her sister's death.

Name: Milich Oppenheimer
Origin: Gregminster
Position: One of the Six Great Generals
Milich Oppenheimer was known as the "Flower General, due to all the flowers he had in his garden. He is good with sword and magic, but his eccentric sense of fashion tends to overshadow his skills at combat. During the Gate Rune Wars, he was given a Black Rune by Windy, and lost his mind to its power. Under its influence, he created the monstrous poison flower, Fran¡¦ise, which made his Scarleticia Castle impenetrable. With Liukan's help, the Toran Liberation Army was able to create an antidote for Fran¡¦iseÔ poisonous pollen, but during the process of rescuing Liukan, Milich uses his "man eating spores" to kill Gremio.

After he is defeated, he was liberated from his black rune, and apologizes for everything he has done under its influence. The Liberation Army forgives him and allows him to join the Liberation Army. After the Gate Rune Wars, he retires from the military to protect the graves of Barbarossa and Claudia.

Name: Millay
Origin: Middleport, Island Nations Federation
Position: General of Obel
This young woman fled her homeland of Middleport after the lord, Schtolteheim Reinbach II, arranged for her to marry his son, Schtolteheim Reinbach III. She ended up on the island of Na-Nal with Gants, the lordÔ hired thug, hot on her trail. Fortunately, Hero4 and Reinbach III appeared at the scene and rescued her. Impressed by Hero4Ô bravery and Reinbach IIIÔ honesty, Millay joined them on the ship and dedicated her services to guarding Hero4Ô room along with Gretchen and Helga. She later became general of Obel after the war was settled.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Mina
Origin: Unknown
Position: Dancer
Mina was a dancer at Antei, she was very famous for her dance, but she joined the Toran Liberation Army because Tir McDohl danced with her. After the war she went back to Antei. Karen is her pupil.

Name: Mina (the cat)
Origin: Unknown
Position: Cat
She is Lotte's first and possibly favorite cat. She is very prone to running away at great distances. During the Liberation Wars, Tir McDohl helps Lotte painstakingly catch Mina, who has run away quite far from her mistress. Mina runs pretty fast because Tir requires the help of a holy (speed?) rune in order to catch her. After he catches Mina and returns her to her mistress, Mina is prompted to join the Liberation Army.
This entry written by Kobold

Name: Min Min
Origin: Unknown
Position: Waitress
Min Min is a waitress who works in Hai Yo's Restaurant.

Name: Mio
Origin: Dunan
Position: Nurse
Mio is a nurse working with Tuta. She met him during the Higheast Rebellion, where Tuta tried to save Mio's husband. Unfortunately, Tuta was unable to save Mio's husband, but Mio nevertheless appreciated Tuta's effort, and decided to become his assistant. Mio is excellent at her craft, being able to take care of people not only physically, but emotionally as well.

Name: Mitsuba
Origin: Unknown
Position: Swordswoman
An amazing swordswoman, Mitsuba uses her skills into fooling young warriors that she has beaten up Reinhold and makes deals with warriors to do whatever they want if they win, and give her a total of 10,000 potch if they lose. She has pulled these pseudo-fraudulent on many innocent warriors including Jeremy and Hero4. Hero4 was the only one who managed to defeat her and asked her and Reinhold to join him on his ship. Mitsuba agreed to work for him. After the war though, she continues to play her tricks on innocent warriors along with her partner in crime, Reinhold.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Mizuki
Origin: Unknown
Position: Bodyguard
This ninja worked in the same organization as Kate and learned a few tricks from her, but MizukiÔ loyalty lies with Ramada and Akaghi. Mizuki was ordered to assassinate Hero4 in hopes of taking the Rune of Punishment to Graham Cray. After the attempt failed, Ramada asked her to serve Hero, and she gladly accepted to do so. Later, she found Kate in Iluya and invited her to join Hero4Ô forces. After the war, she became Lino En Kuldes¡¦personal bodyguard along with Akaghi.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Momo
Origin: Unknown
Position: Cat
Momo is another cat Lotte acquires after the Liberation War. She lives happily together with Mina and Lotte in Gregminster. Apparently, like her friend Mina, Momo tends to run away as well. Momo has great climbing ability since she manages to wander into Milich's manor, which means she would have had to climb those tall, rose-covered gates.
This entry written by Kobold

Name: Mondo
Origin: Rokkaku
Position: Ninja
Mondo is a veteran ninja, specializing in close quarters combat. He is highly trained, and keeps on training every day to maintain his skills. He joins the Dunan Unification Army by the orders of Hanzo, and returns to Rokkaku after the war. Because he was born as a middle-classed Ninja, he can never become a leader within the ninja organization.

Name: Mokumoku
Origin: Deep within the Greenhill Forest
Position: One of the five squirrel squad
Mokumoku is the yellow-caped member of the five squirrel squad. He is a jolly fellow and a lover of curry.

Name: Moose
Origin: Unknown
Position: Blacksmith
Moose is the best apprentice under Mace. He was perfecting his art at the Warrior's Village, but was convinced by Maas, Meese, and Mose to join the Toran Liberation Army. After the war, he takes Mace's position after his retirement and becomes Master Blacksmith.

Name: Morgan
Origin: Queendom of Falena
Position: Warrior
Morgan is originally from Falena where he was a gladiator. As a slave swordsman, he was too powerful that he always won. Thus, his eyes were removed to equal the odds in the gladiatorial arena. However, even after he became blind, he was equally powerful due to his focus into his inner being. Because of that, Falena sold him to Harmonia, but during the voyage, the ship he was on was destroyed by a storm, and Morgan luckily washed up in Toran. He then joined the Qlon Temple where he tried to hone his inner being. He joined with the Toran Liberation Army for a while, but after the war he returned to Qlon Temple for further meditation.

Name: Mose
Origin: Unknown
Position: Blacksmith/Plant Manager
Mose is an apprentice under Mace, but he also was one of the original members of the Toran Liberation Army. As the plant manager of the secret rebel factory, he was given the task to make Fire Spears based on the blueprints acquired by Odessa Silverberg before her untimely death. He produced thousands of Fire Spears while the Toran Liberation Army tried to establish itself, and thanks to his effort, the Toran Liberation Army had enough Fire Spears to defeat Teo McDohl's Armored Cavalry.

Name: Mua
Origin: Kamaro
Position: Knight
Mua is a member of the Free Knights of Kamaro, a band of knights situated at Kamaro, a nation located in northern Grassland. Mua was on a quest to complete his saga, and fighting alongside the Flame Champion was his goal. He meets with Hellec who had roughly the same goal, and sets out to find the legendary hero. By chance he gets involved with the Second Fire Bringer War, and witnesses the birth of the new Flame Champion. He then helps the newly reborn Fire Bringer by asking for reinforcements from Kamaro, arriving in time to push back Harmonia from Brass Castle.

After the war, MauÔ saga was completed. He returned to Kamaro and got married.

Name: Mukumuku
Origin: Deep Within the Greenhill Forest
Position: Leader of the five squirrel squad
Mukumuku is the leader of the five squirrel squad. Dressed in a red cape, he is honest and just, and many squirrels trust him. Mukumuku was found and named by Nanami when they were younger, and he became childhood friends with Riou, Nanami and Jowy. He grew up to establish the five squirrel squad in Greenhill, and after an episode in Kyaro, he went with Riou to join ViktorÔ mercenary.
This entry written by Kobold

Name: Muto
Origin: Unknown
Position: Warehouse Keeper
Muto is a kobold who takes care of the vault at Budehuc Castle. He came to Budehuc after having suffered terrible treatment elsewhere--the scar on his face is testament to that. Despite whatever terrible past he may have had, he is happy-go-lucky and his brain is not quite there a lot of times. He tends to lose items stored in his vault, making him a cause for concern for the denizens of Budehuc.

Name: Myriam
Origin: Zexen Confederacy
Position: Zexen Knight
Myriam is a Zexen Knight leader who was killed in an ambush by the Lizards and Kayarans while guarding the flanks. It happened during a Grasslands-Zexen peace treaty at the Amur Plains.
This entry written by Gaara and Kobold