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Name: Nabokov
Origin: Unknown
Position: Appraiser
This serious appraiser had a shop in Obel before Kooluk invaded. During the invasion by the Kooluk Forces, he hid himself to avoid conflict and returned later when Obel was liberated. When Hero4 appeared at his shop, he begged to be taken aboard his ship as he knew people traveling on the sea were sure to come across great treasure, and he wanted to be the one to discover the treasures worth.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Nade
Origin: Greenhill
Position: Custodian
Nade is the custodian of the Newleaf Academy. He spends most of his time in the basement of the dormitory, organizing the inventory of the academy. During the initial siege of the Highland Army against Greenhill, Nade helped by providing the volunteer army with rune crystals so they could be turned into scrolls for easier use. Later on, after Greenhill is liberated by the Unification Army, he gives a book to the Hero.

Name: Nadir
Origin: Unknown
Position: Impresario
Nadir is a passionate impresario who wears a mask at all times. It is said that he used to be an excellent actor, but he became too good that he became unable to distinguish himself from his role--which lead to him wearing a mast at all times. He has worked with Gordon and another person as a traveling trio in the past.

Name: Nalkul
Origin: Nay-Kobold Settlement, Island Nations Federation
Position: Pickpocket
This shady nay-kobold lives his life robbing travelers along with his partner in crime, Champo. He steals the Golden Seal from Hero4 and Chiepoo but regrets it after realizing who they are. Nalkul then requests to come onboard Hero4s ship along with Champo. After the war, he starts up a business with Champo in the Nay-Kobold settlement.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Nalleo
Origin: Unknown
Position: Pirate
Nalleo is the son of Louise but ends up being raised by Dario, who loves him very much. He gets along well with Rakgi and is often seen eating with him. He later becomes a great pirate.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Nanami
Origin: Kyaro
Position: Martial Artist
Nanami is the step-sister of the Hero and adopted daughter of Genkaku. She is an adept user of the three-piece-rod, and her agility in battle is rarely bested. Following Genkaku's death, she tried hard to reestablish his dojo, but this did not work, which resulted in the Hero's decision to join the military. Upon the Hero's return, she is imprisoned along with the Hero, but escapes and joins Viktor's Mercenary. Since then, she is always by the Hero's side as his protector, but after the Hero accepts his role as the leader of the Unification Army, she starts wondering why her brother must be the leader. Since then, she tries to convince the Hero to quit fighting and run away many times, but the Hero kept on fighting. Eventually, she decided to simply let the Hero fight out his war, but secretly she was hurt by the fact that her brother had to fight against their childhood friend, Jowy Atreides. During the siege on Rockaxe, Nanami was heavily injured by an arrow shot by Gorudo's Knights. She was thought to have died shortly, but this was her ploy to get away from the war. She was tired of having to watch her brother suffer and she didn't want to fight against Jowy. Thus, she stayed in Kyaro until the end of the war. After the war, she is traveling with the Hero and Jowy.

Name: Nao
Origin: Unknown
Position: Horticulturalist
This mint-growing man is the twin brother of Mao, and also his rival. As opposed to his brother, he grows mints and hates mushrooms. He unexpectedly comes to the forbidden room on Hero4s ship and starts cultivating mints. He runs away after the Island Nations-Kooluk war, trying to avoid dry places.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Nash Latkje
Origin: Crystal Valley
Position: Special Ops
Nash is the eldest son of the powerful and well-known Latkje family. As a first class citizen, Nash grew up with no lack, surrounded by the love of his parents and his sister, Julie. He also grew up with Lena Suphina, who is technically Nash's aunt, but only three years older than him. The Latkje family had a very strict view on education, and this Nash was sent to the Howling Voice Guild for training on combat skills under the tutelage of Master Sauro.

After enduring two years of training that at times made him throw up blood, he gained great skill in combat as well as the knowledge of the secret of gunpowder. With these skills, he entered the Temple Guards and mastered the use of his family heirloom--the Double Snake Sword, Grosser Fluss. Since then misfortune struck the Latkje family when Nash's father and mother both died of a mysterious illness. The only good news after this was the engagement and marriage of his sister Julie with her tutor, Zaj Quilos, an adopted son of the Quilos family.

However, Nash discovered the true identity of Zaj after taking a tissue sample of his dead father to Master Sauro. His father was poisoned by a type of slow-acting poison only known to members of the Howling Voice Guild. Nash then discovered of a squire class gunner called "Zaj of the black moon." On the night before his sister's wedding, Nash confronted Zaj about his true identity. Zaj at first acted as if he had no idea, but further probed he admitted that he gave the poison to Nash's parents. He regretted that his plans to take over the Latkje household didn't go as he has planned. Nash then saw a small pistol slide into Zaj's hand, and whether it was reflex or anger--he drew Grosser Fluss and gave Zaj a mortal wound. After that Nash fled Crystal Valley. Since then the Latkje family was virtually destroyed, and Julie was taken under the protection of a Harmonian high priest.

Nash then joined the Harmonian Southern Fringe Security Force at Caleria. The HSFSF was a place for similar people, most of them had no place to return to, and all of them had some sort of skill that made them uniquely powerful special ops agents.

Nash survived many missions within the HSFSF, but on one mission he was sent to Jowston to search for clues on True Runes. During this mission he learns that Zaj is still alive and trying to kill Nash. He runs into Zaj at Greenhill, where Nash was helping Teresa Wisemail fight against Highland. Nash then sets on a return journey to Crystal Valley to fight with Zaj. After many problems, he finally returns to Crystal Valley and after a deadly duel, defeats Zaj. Lena Suphina asks Nash to stay, but Nash simply disappeared.

In battle, Nash uses a wide arsenal of weapons. Nash is a psychological fighter who uses many tricks in battle to defeat his opponents. However, he also possesses inhuman fighting skills when wielding Grosser Fluss. He was able to fight with Seed and Culgan, both powerful Highland generals, at the same time using his sword. However, he prefers to use Grosser Fluss only when it is absolutely necessary due to a "curse" of the sword which makes Nash lose distinction between friend and foe.

However, after defeating Zaj, he seals Grosser Fluss and disappears, only to resurface 15 years later in the Grasslands under the employment of Bishop Sasarai. There he contacts Chris Lightfellow and convinces her to join him in an attempt to find Wyatt Lightfellow. This drags him into the Second Fire Bringer War, and he uses his connections to make sure the Fire Bringer has information in their enemy's whereabouts. Although technically enemies, Nash has kept contact with Albert Silverberg, and information received from him proved crucial in pinpointing Luc's whereabouts.

After the war, Nash returns to Harmonia to live with his sister, Julie, and aunt, Lena Suphina.

Name: Nataly
Origin: Iluya
Position: Window Maker
This young window maker is one of the few survivors of the attack on Iluya by Kooluk. Before the destruction, she used to sit at the window and look at the beautiful green scenery. No longer able to do what she loved, and also having lost her home, she was invited onboard Hero4s ship to help him build windows. After Iluya was rebuilt, her house had the most beautiful windows in the whole town.
This entry written by Gaara

Name: Nei
Origin: Unknown
Position: Entertainer
Nei is an elven entertainer who travels with Shabon and Toppo. Although she is an elf, she has been raised by human parents, and therefore doesn't have traditionally elven attitudes. She cares a lot about Shabon and Toppo, and is the de facto leader of the troupe. During the Second Fire Bringer War, the troupe was doing business in Vinay Del Zexay. However, they were not doing very well, and was looking for a new place when they were recruited by the Fire Bringer.

Name: Nina
Origin: Greenhill
Position: Student
Nina is a student at the Newleaf Academy. During the Highland Army's siege on Greenhill, she led the students to fight against the Highland Army. After Greenhill's defeat, she secretly brought supplies to Teresa's hideout in the forest. When the Unification Army infiltrates Greenhill to rescue Teresa, Nina convinces the citizens to let Teresa escape, and Nina herself escapes from Greenhill with the help of Fitcher. Despite all this activism, Nina's achievements are overshadowed by her tendency to get attracted to foreign men. First she was attracted to Shin, who is from the Southlands, then to Nash, a Harmonian, and then to Flik, who is from Lorimar.

Name: Neclord
Origin: Village of the Blue Moon
Position: Vampire
Neclord is a rune-using Vampire who has spread much fear amongst the lands. He was originally a member of the Village of the Blue Moon. He was young when he wandered into the village, and was initiated into the order by Sierra. He was well liked due to his friendly nature and great talent and was Sierra's favorite. However, he had a secret lust for power, and during a festival, he stole the Moon Rune from the altar at the middle of the village. Due to this, all of the vampires at the village died, except a few who decided to sustain themselves by preying on humans. Neclord joined hands with Windy and Yuber to gain greater power, and was one of the members who raided the Village of the Hidden Rune to steal the Rune of Life and Death (Soul Eater).

Since then, he remained as an ally of Windy for centuries, and caused much pain and suffering and married many women whom he made into vampires. One example of what he has done is the destruction of Northwind. He happened to be bored one day, and decided to just destroy a village, so he destroyed Northwind and sucked much blood.

Later on, with Windy's influence, he is hired as a General for the Scarlet Moon Empire and is assigned to govern Lorimar. He then builds a castle in Lorimar and destroys the garrison at Lorimar to make the soldiers into undead. He then requests the Warrior's Village to send a young girl to him every year. One year, Tengaar, who was the daughter of Zorak, the village chief, was chosen as his "bride." Tengaar was abducted by Neclord, but with the help of Viktor (One of the few survivors of Northwind) and the Zodiac Sword, Neclord was defeated (although it was only his duplicate that was defeated), and Tengaar was saved. After the Gate Rune Wars, he appeared at Northwind once again and started abducting young women. However, Viktor, with the help of the Zodiac Sword and the vampire Hunter Kahn Marley, was able to make him retreat again.

Later on, Neclord appeared once again in Tinto and abducted the daughter of Gustav, Lilly, as well as Lo Wen, one of the heads of the Lampdragon Bandits. However, he was defeated and destroyed for good this time with the combined efforts of Viktor, the Zodiac Sword, Kahn Marley, and Sierra Mikain.

Name: Nicholas
Origin: Unknown
Position: 14th Harmonian Border Guard
Nicholas is a member of the 14th Harmonian Border Guard. He was in the unit since it was lead by Duke's father, and has unswerving loyalty towards Duke. He is a seasoned veteran in battle, and his skill with his shield makes him impenetrable in battle.
Although he shares a similar disdain towards the 12th Border Guards as other members, he shows proper respect and decorum towards Geddoe, and at times tries to defuse the tension. In many ways, he is the pillar of the unit. In his free time, he likes to make wooden sculptures.

Name: Nico
Origin: Unknown
Position: Lookout
Nico is the sharp-eyed lookout onboard Lino En Kuldes ship. Nothing ever gets past him except for the Fog Ship, which appears out of nowhere. He is so good at his job that he also has a fan, Wendel, who thrives to be just like him. However, Nico tends to avoid Wendel, claiming he does not need any apprentices.
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Name: Noah
Origin: Unknown
Position: Prankster
This young orphan girl who resides in Obel loves to pull pranks on people. Wearing cat-like ears and paws, she pretends to be a nay-kobold. One day, when she sneaks into Lino En Kuldes palace in search of food, she is discovered by Hero4, who invites her aboard his ship. After the war, she quits being a prankster and thief and helps Champo out with his business on Nay Island.
This entry written by Gaara