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PostPosted: Thu Oct 20, 2005 11:59 pm    Post subject: F.E.A.R. Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

Now I'm not a FPS buff, in fact the last FPS I enjoyed was probably back in the days of Sin and SHOGO... okay Half Life and No One Lives Forever were after those, but that's still been a few years since a good single player FPS has been release IMO.

Since then its just been lots of unimaginative "blow up the monsters", "lets make the graphics better without improving the game..." mentality and therefore I havent' been impressed with any of them.

F.E.A.R however is the mark of a new generation of FPS, not only do they take all the things that have been introduced into more recent boring games like deformable objects and ragdoll physics, but it goes beyond that into a seriously difficult game.

The AI isn't like most "walk to here and this mob will spawn and attack you" FPS, in FEAR the AI works in teams and they have no 'spawn points'. The AI is set to know its surroundings and use any way it can to effectively pin you down and flank you, making for some really intense battles. Beyond that the blaze of guns often quickly results in masses of debris and dust flying around and blocking visibilty competely for a time. Thus far all the enemies have been humans ( well clones ), which suits me better because I lose interest when all you're doing is blowing up weird and wonderful demons and the like. Throw a grenade at a demon and they blow up, throw one at FEAR soldiers, they yell "GRENADE" and scatter to take cover.

Enough on the AI, that's only half the game - the BETTER half IMO is a strong storyline with a lot of twists, and its horror. Basically you feel like you're in a movie like The Ring complete with a disturbed little girl. All sorts of unexplained and freaky events occur, often making me jump in my seat or hastily try to back out of a room to find the door I came through no longer exists. Probably the best part of this horror and how it differs from movies is that you don't have that "the main character will be fine" knowledge, since in a game they can do whatever they want to you.

All in all this game is what FPS has been waiting for, graphics are amazing, story is gripping with lots of twists, AI is great and the game just feels really polished.

In contrast the other FPS released this week ( Quake 4 ), this one has a much firmer standing from my personal single player story loving perspective. Quake seems like just another "lets hash together a story and market our new multiplayer FPS", another in the previous generation of graphics and multiplayer FPS. Hopefully when FEAR blitzes the charts developers will start making more story based FPS.

FEAR has a strong story and is genuinely scary. If you're looking to restore your faith in the FPS genre, give this one a try.
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