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[Phase 18] New Armes vs. Falena @ Sable

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, 2008 4:53 am    Post subject: [Phase 18] New Armes vs. Falena @ Sable Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

[New Armes vs Falena at Sable]
New Armes forces engage Falena forces on the high peaks of Sable!

Zero of New Armes and Daniel Blackhand of Falena each are sent out to gather intelligence. They meet each other outside of Sable.

Daniel Blackhand swiftly takes the initiative!
Daniel Blackhand shifts into duel mode DESPERATE!

Zero shifts into duel mode ATTACK!
Zero is protected by True Earth Magic!

---=<[Round 1]>=---
Daniel Blackhand delivers a DESTRUCTIVE blow!
Zero is blasted by the mighty strike, suffering 540 points of damage!
Daniel Blackhand attacks again!
Daniel Blackhand attacks Zero and inflicts 100 points of damage!

Zero is knocked out!
Daniel Blackhand: 1795 | Zero: 0

Daniel Blackhand is the winner!

Daniel Blackhand continues his operation and lays defencive traps around the region.

Eggman regiment suffers 375 casualties!
Timbo regiment suffers 2375 casualties!
Tony Stark regiment suffers 2375 casualties!

The New Armes army having regrouped from the trap continue on to battle.

Troops on both sides let out a warcry!
New Armes
Eggman: For the glory of Eggs
Timbo: Hey! Who said that? We aren't killing Falenans! That would be horrible! What do you think we are? We're liberating them.
Tony Stark: Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!

Ikano: HMM...what kind of furry should I call upon today...
Lord Vader: On my command, unleash hell.

Vextor challenges New Armes to duel for the turn, declined

----=<Round 1>=----
Eggman's Ordo Lusus (Archers) and Ikano's Master Demon Chaos Angel (Beastmaster) engage in battle!

Ordo Lusus attacks with the Hiding Within The Shell formation while Master Demon Chaos Angel attacks with the Fast Arrow Pierces formation!

Ikano's regiment suffers 37 casualties, leaving them with 6893 soldiers, while Eggman's regiment suffers 1012 casualties, leaving them with 0 soldiers.

Eggman: must have lost from this hunger
Ikano: Fufufu...You'd make a fine meal for my pets.

Ikano's regiment wins!

----=<Round 2>=----
Timbo's The Wandering Prophets (Sons of Sobki) and Lord Vader's Lord's Minions (Undead) engage in battle!

The Wandering Prophets attacks with the Back Against Open Water formation while Lord's Minions attacks with the Crane Opens Its Wings formation!

Lord Vader's regiment suffers 10500 casualties, leaving them with 0 soldiers, while Timbo's regiment suffers 651 casualties, leaving them with 5761 soldiers.

Lord Vader: You may have defeated me and my minions, but lets see how well you do against Blackhand.
Timbo: Freedom prevails!

Timbo's regiment wins!

----=<Round 3>=----
Tony Stark's War Machine (Sons of Sobki) and Angelus's Osito (Mounted Archers) engage in battle!

War Machine attacks with the Hiding Within The Shell formation while Osito attacks with the Dragon Coils Around A Pearl formation!

Angelus's regiment suffers 1782 casualties, leaving them with 13218 soldiers, while Tony Stark's regiment suffers 141 casualties, leaving them with 6271 soldiers.

Angelus: Allow me to express my despair through interpretive dancing!
Tony Stark: His blade which smok'd with bloody execution.

Tony Stark's regiment wins!

New Armes: 2 wins.
Falena: 1 wins.

New Armes wins this turn!

[New Armes]
Round 1: Eggman (Archers) 1012 - 1012 = 0
Round 2: Timbo (Sons of Sobki) 6412 - 651 = 5761
Round 3: Tony Stark (Sons of Sobki) 6412 - 141 = 6271

Round 1: Ikano (Beastmaster) 6930 - 37 = 6893
Round 2: Lord Vader (Undead) 10500 - 10500 = 0
Round 3: Angelus (Mounted Archers) 15000 - 1782 = 13218

Vextor: Duel victory
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